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Universal Language of Love

Alabaster beaches, carrying dreamer's evening footprints, glisten heavenward.
Impatient Jupiter kisses lingering moon.
Neptune's ocean pulse quickens, rising slowly towards utopia.
Virgo's wondrous Xanadu yeilds zenith.

Contest: Sensual ABCs
Sponsor: Jade Puddifoot

Copyright © Arlene Smith | Year Posted 2015

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Dance With Me

His fingers trace down her cheek
While inhaling her scent and smiles
She slips one hand on his shoulder
The other in his hand
They dance a sweet rumba
Hip to hip conversation
Their eyes meet
Lips an inch apart
Her leg wraps around his
He starts to melt
She whispers
Make love to me with this dance
He looks at her lovingly 
Places his arm around her
Pulls her close
Their bodies moving as one
Passionately, elegantly across the floor
As the dance slows
Coming to an end
She twists in his hands
Presses her back
Against his body
He covers her arms with his
Slowly around her waist
In a warm embrace

Copyright © Carissa Kopf | Year Posted 2015

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Never in a million years

Never in a million years would i have thought 
this to be,
my bestfriend, companion, and so special
to me.
if i wouldnt have opened my eyes,
she could have just passed by and walked right 
outta my life.
but in Gods weird since of loving humor way,
today he brought Brittany Back to stay,
a life from my past that i had lost,
never knowing what would be Gods cost.
Now i sit hear always waiting to see,
her simple smile brighten up for me.
The friendship, hugs, smiles and the tug at my heart,
now i know it was just the start.
I may not always be the best,
but yet she still chooses me above all the rest.
all i ask is please let this be I love you Brittany,
and God please bring her home to Me...

By:Devin Frost

Copyright © Devin frost | Year Posted 2013

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Amagic rose

A beautiful magic rose
hypnotized my eyes
I can't move them or close...

Among the flowers so far
I'm smelling it now
but i want its nectar..

It's harder little bit
to reach my magic rose
than to observe it...

I dream to have just two wings
and i know most of people
are dreaming to be kings...

I wish i were a bee
I can fly to my rose
that's all what i hope to be...

Stay in its heart and live there
leave all for one day
or eternity , i don't care ... 

Copyright © Kadi Amine | Year Posted 2013

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Lust in Alphebetical Order

Again, alone awake accidental?  
barely by blunt brain burdens  
curtains... cut crooked carefully  
draped dangerously during dusk,  
every emotion enhanced euphoric 
from finger, face & freckle.... 
gingerly grasping gestures growing gracefully.  
hesitant hands hold his heart's hastily. 
I imagine important 
jitters, jetting, jumping, 
knocking knees knowing.... 
luscious , lustful lips longing… 
makes more magic memories... 
nighttime necessity never neglects... 
open obsessions of our objectives  
prevail... pleasure, pure puzzle piece poison.  
Quiet questions quench quarries...  
random, rare, rational realities,  
suggestions so stimulating senses savoring sex, 
smooth skin... 
timeless tales, the tactic touch. 
Ultimately unclothed unknown & unavoidable  
valuable venom varies vindictively. 
We wait within wind whirls, wondering  
xenophile in xanadu xeroxing  
your youthful years yearning  
zestful, zany & zone free 

Copyright © KRYSTA RYAN | Year Posted 2015

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My gift of love

To my beloved, this is not just a gift 
i'm giving to you it is my token of love 
for you, my gift of love for you. 

I love you so much from deep inside 
my heart with utmost sincerity & 
respect. My love for you is true & pure 
in all aspects of life. 

A heart which was broken, is today 
mended only for you , cz I trust you. 

A heart which once cried and suffered 
pain is today once again smiling & 
feeling happy cz you entered in my 
lonely life giving me the love , care & 
happiness which once I dreamt of. 

This gift of love may not be that you 
wanted from me , still i'm giving this to 
you with my heart full of love for you. 

With tears full of happiness & love, 
i end my words here, hope you like it.... 
My token of love...my gift of love.....

Copyright © Sujish Kandampully | Year Posted 2014

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Morning Breath

Often in the mornings
My woman warm & lusty,
Approaches me amorously
With eyes still glued & crusty.

To offer not a breakfast, 
Not a coffee but a flood of feverish caresses,
She says will do me good.

But if it's far too early,
I just don't want to know 
My angel's lewd manoeuveres,
On a bouncy bed and so.

Laying still & farting
Or simply feighning death,
Are the only sure solutions
To my sweetheart's morning breath!!

Copyright © Sujish Kandampully | Year Posted 2014

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Story of Sex

   Note: Every person has it's own view
              Not to distract any. 


Source of 
Energy, in forum, 
of deepest love when time also stop 
I believe processing till extreme,
end with new energy :if gets pregnant  is

   story of sex.... 

With love all
jagdish bajantri

Copyright © jagdish bajantri | Year Posted 2016

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Gods beautiful loan

Your a beautiful soul more precious then any gold.

Your a diamond in the rough
And heaven's missing angel 

Its as if the Almighty God has given me his most beautiful  as a loan and so I  claim you as my own..

Pixie poet 

Copyright © threase robinson | Year Posted 2016

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I will bruise your lips and Scar your knees
Pull your hair and grind your hips
Grab your neck and Pull you close
Till you gasp for air on torn out blouse
When I push my lips and hold you tight
There’s no bar for the limits tonight
For how those sweet lips they taste
As you pull away to catch your breathe
Your moans will be the music tonight
For the dance of the souls in love
As I go down and dim becomes the light
There is no Stopping us Tonight
There is no stopping us tonight

Copyright © Sajak Upadhyaya | Year Posted 2015

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Just a dream I dream

I don't know how to say it,
Express all it and believe it, 
I don't know if this would be true, 
This dream, last night's dream of us two. 

A lady dressed in green comes up, 
Close to my ear and whispers soft, 
Did you ever hear of my lost pearl, 
That was carried away decades past? 

No, I say with heart in hand
No, I mutter with fear in mind, 
Don't you my readers realize, 
That I was justified to be scared? 

She came closer, smelt of cherry, 
Her voice beautiful, talk of no alike, 
Vividly remember that soft touch, 
On my forehead, but don't you judge! 

I am
A human within an alien, 
Dreams within a reality, 
But wait, 
That's just a dream I dream.

Copyright © hudhaifah siyad | Year Posted 2015

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Our Night At The Beach

Hand in hand 
walk along the beach 
Calming sounds of the ocean
feel that zephyr breeze
Secure n Content
Mind is at ease 

Cant stop smiling
never felt like this before 
In heavenly bliss 
as we lay upon the shore

The scent of his cologne
His gentle caress 
Sweet n tender kisses
Head rested against his chest

Good conversation
He stimulates my mind 
Could it be that my heart has 
finally consigned?

A moment in paradise 
It all seems so surreal 
Perfect moments like these,
are the ones that truly suffice

This may be the beginning 
of something beautifully real 
The union of two souls 
That were meant to congeal. 

Copyright © Beverly Vera | Year Posted 2013

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Maybe it's the way you kiss that never leaves my lips feeling cold.
Maybe it's the vital attraction that has my heart sold.
Maybe it's the scent of your body that won't allow me to stray.
Maybe it's the sun, moon and stars as they brighten the path to my love for you as I await and sit.
Maybe it's the way you talk, hold and move my body, by the light grab of the hips.
Maybe its the way you look at me with glistening eyes I can daze at for days.
Perhaps I'll never truly know just why I'm falling for you.
All that sums up at the end of the day is that your worth it all.... Amazed

Copyright © Samantha Simmons | Year Posted 2013

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The Lady

The Lady
Lionel Derbyshire

The lady walks ..
The lady colours
Me bright
The lady in navy slack
And jacket navy
Her blouse is white
Her see through brassiere
Is satin teal I think
Her blush is pink
I want to wink
The lady swings ..
Her scent is butterfly
In black ash
I inhale the magic
Sensational  .. seductive
She sways to me
Like expresso
The lady's eye's
Flutters wide
Her lady eye’s 
Ice my craving
Bold I shy
The lady pass me by
I am on high
The lady smiles
The lady walks.

Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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Let my heart meld with yours.
Wrap me in your sheets of love.
Hug me tight , I need your warmth.
Like the moon never leaves its stars
nor the strings wants to fall apart from the guitar.
Will you embrace me and my heart?
Together , can we make a new start?
Who knows! what will happen tomorrow?
but an empty space will always remain
till you stride through the path and reach my heart.


Copyright © Raarya Kuanr | Year Posted 2015

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My heart still calls your name

We were young and fell in love
We did all the things new lovers do,
We dreamt of building our family and home
Spending every hour as our love grew,
You loved dancing,all I needed was you
You had a soul with grace and love to match,
I was assured that our future would be forever
You were my first and I was yours,a perfect catch,
I made some mistakes I cannot lie
Sadly,we had to go our separate ways,
I missed you so much,the years were cruel
Knowing I'd never hold you anymore days, 
We made lives with lovers then
We saw each other,split seconds glance,
Bringing back all the memories and dreams
Holding you again I knew,there was a slim chance,
I thought about and missed you most every day
I look back at a chance,should never slip away,
Why did I make mistakes I did,I ask
Missing you all those years had faded everything grey, 
I hope you're happy and he loves you as I do
I still carry for you a special place in my heart,
For all this time my heart screams your name
I still have the memories at depth inside me,everyday from the start.

Copyright © lee rendle | Year Posted 2015

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Trapped In Love

I can no longer go here or go there;
My heart disallows me.
Unless, you command it differently.
Methodically, anxiously, my will goes to waste.
I cannot do without you.  
My heart is yours, indefinitely.

Copyright © Wendydawn Brindley | Year Posted 2015

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My Love

My Love

        Above all hills to a far away land
        Down the valleys to a distance land
        Above the ocean, creatures, lakes and all nature
        A cool breeze, soft whispering wave of love blows from my heart
        To a far away land where my angel lives

      Cold,darkness all combined with loneliness has become part of me
      As I always sit outside watching the moon and far away stars
      As I think about you my love, my angel, a beautiful creature sent from heaven
      Loving you will not only be my desire and responsibility but also my calling
      My love to you cuts my chest like a double edged sword reaching for my heart
       My love, not only do you deserve my heart, but my whole self
       The distance between our hearts was reduced to zero when we met
       Sparks of love illuminated my heart as you reached for my hand to say Hi
       Your glittering eyes, beautiful face all combine with love
       Takes everyman to the faraway lands of King Solomon

       I promise, I will not only protect you but also hold your hand
       Lift you up and take care of you at all times
       My love, my words may say a lot but my heart has more
       Created for each other were we, so let flames of love
       Continue lighting our hearts now and forever

                              ( By Waweru Ngugi)

Copyright © Waweru Ngugi | Year Posted 2015

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bhari mehfil m kr rhe te tarif unke noor-e-tataluf ki
wo b khuda ki paimaishi ka khubsurat nazrana de rhe te
yu to unki har gustaki ki mafi di ti unhe ishq ki jo kabra bna cuke te hum
unhone b kuch eaka-ek chilman ki khusboo barsayi ti hum pe
yaad kiya krte h aksar tanhayi m unko jub b 
chere pe ek ajeeb ki musrahat ka nazrana pesh hone lagta h 
na jane kis nusrat ka khuda ne le liya badla
sochte h aksar yahi apne paigam se ishq ko mukmil na kr paye hum kabhi.

Copyright © Hrithik Agrawal | Year Posted 2016

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For you

For you my loves like a chasm,
It's deepness cannot be defined.
For you my feelings are protective,
Like a angel always by your side.

For you my heart beats a rhythm,
Where my passion and fire is found.
For you my kisses are but simple,
Like the universe they know no bounds.

For you my thoughts contentedness,
For all that you are and you do.
And so just to re-cap on everything,
I'm so happy to make it with you. 

Copyright © Richard Priestley | Year Posted 2016

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Cute way ask Nerd out

Now that I have found you 
I am willing to do anything keep you
So I hope my force is strong enough
To Please and Keep you 
I don't want to steal your covers 
I just want take your time 
because when I have to wait hear from you
Only pulls me in that much more
So what do you say
Would like to see if our force is strong enough for the both of us.
So let's attack the world together 
Like the attack of the Clones 
Because I want to see where our adventure and Excitement begins and ends
Like the empire strikes back
Now Let me stop the star wars pouns 
and just ask would you be my Luke Skywalker and I'll be your Maria Jade..

Copyright © Kristina Gilpin | Year Posted 2015

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Lost love

Lost of love,lots of words
Lost of bliss,lots of pain
Wake up everyday with a jagged dagger in my heart
Recalling you are gone and gone forever
Sometimes I sit and wonder 
If angels took you as they were jealous 
Or wanted to take you to heaven
Cause you had a heaven of your own in my arms
Am told to move on,but where do I go to?
Yet you were my one and final destination
Remember when we met 
You thought I was a bit off
An oaf from a very old oater
Then you smiled and I fell 
In a pool of your love 
Basked in the light of your smile
Couldn't live without you
A few years of hard to get
Lots of laughter,lots of romance
Then "I do" in the dress you so treasured after
I remember your voice,so soft so sweet
I hope angels beg you to sing for them
And I do
I do remember the warmth of your body
I do remember your soft hand on my cheek
I do remember the scent of your skin
I do remember the feel of your hair
I do remember our moments of ecstasy
I do remember running to the hospital
to see angels snatch you away from me 
And I do,I do love you now until forever
My dearest obstruction,my favorite obsession

Copyright © Solomon Ndichu | Year Posted 2016

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baby u got

baby u got i want
oh my oh my 
ur soo beautiful i cant help my self
damn baby u got what i want
ur independent
ur personality match ur looks 
plus ur sweeter then candy
yes i a writer 
i hope u like that
dont let my looks fool u
im pretty sneaky
not in a bad way
say hello to the bad guy
nice guys finish last 
u heard that saying
well im good/bad
i can play both well
i should win a oscar
but back to u mami
please let me know where ya head at
please dont play games cause i dont have time for that
i wont never hit a women
i would hurt a man if i seen him do it
i would treat u good
like a woman should be treated 
i aint tryna rush nothing
if u want to get to know me more
we can do that
damnn baby u got what i want
a young brother mind is going crazy right now 
i dont see this often
but i aint complaining 
let's see where this journey takes me

Copyright © jalani jenkins | Year Posted 2013

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I Did Not Know

I did not know I had a heart,
Till we met, that was the start.
I did not know how life could be,
Till we began our memories.
I did not know life was so sweet,
When both heard one drumbeat.
I did not know the joys of life,
Till we became a man a wife.
I did not know the joy of kids,
Till we began our pyramid.
I did not know that they transcend,
Into our lifelong trueblue friends.
I only know life is a blast.
Only wish, go slow not fast. 

Copyright © Rod Morris | Year Posted 2017

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Truly true

Without hope I've been living 
Having been hurt before, with 
my heart being empty!
But then I stumbled on your 
light and now for the first time 
I could see.
How can I explain what 
you've done to me lucy?
All this who could foresee?
Now I have hope of moments 
in my life I like to call..happy!
Ever since I met you-
I've been scared of these 
feelings because they are
still new.
I severally catch myself 
thinking of the best way to 
Hoping one day you’ll return 
my confession showing that 
you care!
After deep thoughts of you, 
sadly, comes the reality
And I keep wondering, Does 
this happen only to me?
Many poems I write everyday,
I cant sleep neither night nor 
I keep lingering the moments 
we've met
How much longer do I have 
to write,
After how long will I tell you 
This feeling is indulged so 
deep inside
But still I've tried my best not 
to show, yet I cant hide!
There are many times I steal a 
moment to come and see you
Because everytime I do it I 
experience something new?
Please tell me what to do,
Now that my love for you is 
truly true.
Tell me please lucy,
I'm I late or timely?
If only I could hold you and 
have you next to me-
This aching that I feel would 
finally set me free!

-Kirega Titus©

Copyright © Titus Kirega | Year Posted 2013

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merry x'mas

I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas
December is the month
You have eyes Nagina
one for the sake of your appearance
Winter is the heart of discomfort everyday Titurta
That's why you see Para- Begahe
Inexplicably the right ,
Tongue is silent
Within the cry arises in the heart
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

Sigh fills takes breathe
The heart is the heart , the heart is big plain
Simplicity on the dies
If you do not find anywhere else
That did nothing but rehearse like parrots lives
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

Not around,
How would stir
Then pass
At the heart of the ocean
Tlatum of feelings
Become arises
Does noise
Will hear hear ....
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

The heart is big artisan
The workmanship is veneer of relationships
Smiling be made
Smiles of the palaces is Nkhshkari
Love of syringe
The spray comes in fun singing
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas
The heart is the greatest wizard
Strange is Jadugriya
Has lived in me
Beats on you is to
Dhak Dhak throbbing
That tune is Dhdkata
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

The heart is big artisan
The workmanship is veneer of relationships
Smiling be made
Smiles of the palaces is Nkhshkari
Love of syringe
The spray comes in fun singing
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas
The heart is the greatest wizard
Strange is Jadugriya
Has lived in me
Beats on you is to
Dhak Dhak throbbing
That tune is Ddkata
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

The heart is big illusionist
Does Bajigriya
Day and night, day and night calls
Ever tells you the moon
Ever tells you the sun
Moment to moment of feelings
Makes many pictures of dreams.Yeah
Worships you
And ritual sings
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas

The heart is big weak
Do not endure separation
Bekhyali stars Counts
To write on a blank paper cuts
Which is descends tide soar
Rundhi c voice call comes in
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christmas
The big colorful heart
Does Rngiliya
Does disport
Adorned on the face Chaubare
Your eyes
In the courtyard of the heart when Jhakti
Corner of the heart
Happily erupts
Say something
Something does
Makes things Puzzles
You only pay Dies
You only have the S?vrta
Smelling like perfume arises

Have you got heart
And love the color Buckle
Then lap in the air
Anklet feet Nigodi
Dancing up and say,
O  that  tambourine playing tambourine
.My punishment quickly stretcher
Then I heart by playing tambourine
To sing the same melody say .....
I love Spectacled
I love Spectacled
And Merry Christmas
And Merry Christma

Copyright © sangam verma | Year Posted 2016

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On Christmas Eve

Darkness is drawing near while you are far away.
Loneliness fills the day,like the smog of today.
Wandering in the street not knowing where to stay,
like a bird lost its way,like a song that is off key.

Cut off from the crowds,not feeling part of the universe,
Everybody expect on the eve of Christmas,I expect nothing less.
A glimpse of bliss,that you and I bask in love and happiness,
is the drive that lead me on this path.

I tried to see the logic behind certain things,only failed to perceive,
I have nothing special to give,a true heart is all I have.
Through all the ups and downs of our daily life ,I still believe,
The realness of our love, and the confidence I have to preserve.

Copyright © Shepherd Tang | Year Posted 2016

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flowers planted in a row 
red orange yellow green blue indigo 
out of their bush you pull and tear 
just to stick them in your hair 

their beauty is so flagrant 
evolution has made them so 
and they smell oh so fragrant  
bees and the breeze spread their pollen as they go 

they are plenty and a worthy foe 
to human destruction, worry and woe 
for the flowers shed no tears 
i’ll pluck them for you when we’re 

sitting close and when i whisper 
i miss you, i need you
i got you baby, for sure
my pretty flower, my love true 

Copyright © Francis Castaneda | Year Posted 2016

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Some where out there

Some where out there my heart is beating, some where out of reach, but being half way makes me complete. Some where out there your heart is beating to me. I believe that your gonna be right there, next to me some day. I can be real and I cant be fake but most of all I'm me, I'm not fake and I'm not pretending to be someone else. I'm "real" and my heart beats some where out there for you. I'm incomplete with out your heart beating right next to my heart. When we find each other we will be living, and loving eachother side by side with two hearts beating next to eachother as one heart beat. Smiling at each other side by side blooming like wild flowers in a meadow running free side by side each other. Some where out there where thinking about what each others doing this very moment. Now the moon has set and the stars are shinning bright but some where out there I know some how were both looking at the same moon and the same bright stars some where out there, will be together again.

Copyright © Julie Mckoon | Year Posted 2016

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Nubian Queen

I know a woman whom resembles a Queen 
Her eloquent features inspire me 
A mellow song she sings with her voice 
And radiant eyes to give a heavy dose 

I know a woman who appeals to me 
Her slender build so graceful to see 
A walk with poise, style and dexterity 
A gentle aura so simple she seems 

I know this woman as a Nubian Queen 
Yet I love her dearly for she is simplicity 
Her strength and courage I praise indeed 
For I will always stand by you my Nubian Queen

Copyright © David Bates | Year Posted 2017