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A day in Kampala

A flight of birds
Flaunt their enormous wings
Spying the light blue skies,
Of a city protected by trees
Whose sheer leaves 
Dance with the January breeze
That hovers over
A people of different origins

A chrysalis unborn,
Wrapped tightly with love
Soon to flourish into a butterfly
This city is,
Of men and women
That toil in light and darkness
In strife for success 

Thousand cyclists dot the downtown alley 
Where potholes wait still,
Like crocs in a shallow river,
Preying a stray leg,
Or a taxi from a valley of hundreds
From atop their harbor 
Evokes in me
The feel of a king facing his people

Twilight sluggishly descends 
Upon a tired city,
Ushering in the night lights 
That glow of cedar upon the girls of the night,
The streets are quiet yet lively,
With music, liquor stores,
and casinos,
Stray dogs and vagabonds Populate the night,
Clearing the streets of the day's trash

I could still wake,
Oblivious of the morning sun,
Dazed from last night
And still know I'm in this lovely city
That bares untold stories 
Of men that fostered it's blossom.


Copyright © Isaac T Okurut | Year Posted 2015

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Listen to the gossip of the rain,
dancing on my windows and jumping on the pavement,
thrumming  and battering on the roofs,
plays a little sleep-song on my roof at night,
when it hits the ground, becomes a rivulet. 

Listen to the rain falling from the sky,
tracks blending into the fresh sky-fallen trickles,
crackle dry verandah like an old walkie-talkie coming to life,
beat the panes like timorous wings,
and quench our endless thirst.

Listen to the pouring rain,
pouring from dark skies, 
crashed deafeningly on the corrugated metal roof,
fell down constantly like an endless bucket of water being 
poured down from the heaven,
sounds like the heavens are knocking on my door,
droplets thrashed at the ground, with ferocity matchless,
beat upon my heads with silver liquid drops.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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A Melting Winter

Once every winter as spring, approaches you hear the wintery snow melt,
as it drips off the buildings,
just as you're walking, 
down the sidewalk you hear the watery drip, drops,
falling, falling, to the 
cement or on the snowy, 
cold grass, melting, melting,
snow uncovers the grassyness underneath,  
as you walk by you'll
see the fresh, 
new grass apear, as the
flowers pop out and 
they bloom as a beauty of

Copyright © Julie Mckoon | Year Posted 2017