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Stay Strong

We are a living target where everything is supposed to go wrong
 We are suppose to be dumb make mistakes buy things for just today or get locked up or die for our struggles or adversity
We weren't suppose to be where we are today running the country or even sports but you see we can make it
 All it takes is patience and progress to makes success don’t live for retaliation and be laid out or locked up for a decision you make
 Live against the odds and keep your head up because you made it today
 It's not a race to compete it’s a model to show that you can grow from agony. Got to keep your head up in tough times and see that after the rain the sunshine’s
 Don't give up cause our loss is the news gain we got to win over our situations to see through the pain and take charge on being brave. 
Let’s win others over and show we are so misunderstood regardless of if we came from nothing look at how we changed it for the good
 Stay up don’t look down because that confidence will help those struggling turn around. Stay up and strong so others can see how you handled adversity. Stay strong!

Copyright © Brandon Browne | Year Posted 2014

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The way things use to be

The way things use to be

                                            I had an older brother, but I don’t remember when.
I shared his private moments, I still see him now and then.
My parents never taught us how to need and love each other.
So I spent my life at odds with my other little brother.

One time somebody asked me where’s was my family from.
I didn’t have an answer. I was feeling pretty dumb.
Although we weren’t tore up, like families sometimes are.
The times we spent together were mostly in the car.

I had a little brother once upon a time.
I use to wonder curiously if he was really mine.
We had our silly moments and some I can’t forget. 
But the moments that stay with me, are the ones that I regret.

I have an older sister who means a lot to me. 
But we lost our sense of kinship, now we hardly disagree.
It’s not that we stopped talking or trusting how we play.
It’s just that there’s no meaning, in the words we try to say.

My parents were confusing when they took an others child.
I guess they thought they had the love, to last us all a while.
But I spent my childhood all alone playing in my basement. 
I couldn’t help the things I felt. This child was my replacement.

Now I’m just an angry man sitting in my room. 
Waiting for the other shoe to drop, I hope it happens soon.
As I think of all the things I learned and the talents I display.
The important things you think of, are the things that get you laid.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up and live another day. 
I’ll call a friend and say hello, cause that will make his day.
Then after lunch I’ll see a guy who will sing and play for me. 
It’ll bring back precious moments of the way things use to be.

Copyright © Angelo Casiano | Year Posted 2014

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Young Black Man

The everyday struggle of a young black man
Just the thought of being broke
Trying to get him to understand
If you don't work You don't eat
But these young black men in today's generation
have their own understandin about this dog eat dog world
And what it's like to survive in the streets

On the block with the nicks and the dimes
Like a 9 to 5
Saying they just trying to make ends meet
But when those ends don't meet
Than their mindset change 
And turn to plan B
Now they scoping out the next man neighborhood
Than head back to the house just to plot a B&E
Hoping they don't get caught

But when they get caught
They sit alone in a cell
Looking at their reflection
as If they were looking at their own worst enemy
But nobody din't get you there but yourself
Young Black Man
You have to ask if need a little help
Young Black Man
Now you having dreams 
Anticipating your freedom in that outside land

But when you get outside
You head back to the block to the trap house
To grab your fie and a pound 
And head back out on the block
Talking bout you putting in overtime
Young Black Man

So it's no more 9 to 5
Now it's sunrise to sunrise
but when will you look over your life 
And finally realize you could have did something better
Now you have a child on the way
Do you think they care if you work at mc D's , BK
Or sold water off the side of the palmetto
Just to get a buck
Young Black Man

You can be an entrepreneauer
Set forth and learn something new bruh
Instead of being subjected to the streets
And next thing we know we lose ya
Now you got your family and friends
Heading to the Flea
To get that R.I.P. placed upon theor black Tee
Forced to think about the old days and loved memories
Cause you see

"Back in the days 
I was young and afraid
Like I was lost in a maze 
A creature trapped in a cage
And I just wanna be free

So Its time we make a change...

Copyright © channing Lewis | Year Posted 2012

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Ridin' Dirty On My Moped

In Carolina there is no helmet law
As my girlfriend complains, all I hear is blah, blah, blah
She is still stewing over me buying all the accessories in the catalog
I tell her to bow down to me, I am now the Big Bad Dog
I am now sportin' my new leather chaps
Up side the head, from her I get a smack
I will mark a new territory the Hell's Angels would fear to tread
Looking hard and ridin' dirty on my Moped
At this point, I tear the sleeves off my blue jean jacket
She tells me to stop trying to Mac It
I smile with my Gold tooth displayed
She tells me I need help, she drops to her knees to pray
Then she asks me if I stopped taking my Meds
I tell her I really love you, it's a Two seater, we can both ride dirty on my Moped
I tell her I haven't shaved for Five days
She says she sees the peach fuzz on my face
I look at her and tell her I am a 15 year old trying to make it in this dog eat dog society
Either get on or get out and miss my noteriety
She says she's had enough and besides it's almost curfew
So I depart to the trailer park and pick up that floozy Gracie Lou
I tell her to hang on, it could get wild, I am what they call pure white bread
She grabs my waist and is ready to ride dirty on my Moped
It can't get any dirtier, a trailer girl that smells real bad
I look back and recall, this was the best summer I ever had

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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What Dog

What dog

When you choose your friends 
you love them to the end
they go and you feel sad
they're a man's best friend 
they love you when you're  glad
they love you when you're  sad 
you smile when they play
you feed them every day
you miss them when your away
they miss you every day
they need your love and kind
they reward you all the time
when they get old and sick
you treat them with respect
some day they can't go on
you wish they would be strong
remember them with  love 
they hear you from above
we hope that in the end
we meet our friend again 
it would be so sad
if we failed to give a hand
I wish I were a dog

Copyright © Dean Mobley | Year Posted 2016

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Gunny Mad Dog Maddux

Gunny Mad Dog Maddux

We were hanging out at 3rd Marine Air Wing
And we knew we had it good
No bloused boot, always soft cover
No marching and plenty of food.

Then Headquarters in its wisdom
Threw a shark into our pool.
One look at our new Gunny
And we knew this Marine was no fool.

Gunny Mad Dog Maddux was his name
Came to us from the MPs,
But he let us know right off the bat
That he wasn't there to please.

Hair bristle black with white sidewalls,
Tall and straight he stood.
And he said when we thought we couldn't
He knew d**n well that we could.

Said it didn't matter the job
Or what our training stood for
We owed it to ourselves to do
Our best for God, Country and Corps.

But more than that, said Mad Dog
You have a duty to get it right.
Because getting it wrong might mean the life
Of the Marine on your left and your right.

It's been fifty some years and then some
Since Gunny Mad Dog came our way.
But I doubt if any of us
Have ever forgotten that day.

It was right what he taught us then,
And living it has opened many a door.
"You've got a duty to get it right,
Do your best for God, Country and Corps."

So here's a toast to our Gunny Mad Dog
Gone now for many a year and more,
You had a duty, you got it right,
For God, for Country, for Corps.

by E. Marshall Evans

Copyright © Ed Evans | Year Posted 2014

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A pup that’s in a cup
A cup that’s under a pup
A pup that’s as cute as a button
All of the sudden 
The pup is cuddling 
With all the loving 
There is no ruffling
For the fluffy puppy
That cute tea cup pup
Is what’s up?    

Copyright © Liza Salmon | Year Posted 2013

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Master Cat Race Rules Of Living

Attention seeking gets rewarded so use anything that works.
Baby humans can be dangerous, especially for tails, ears and whiskers, so watch out!
Cats are masters and rule, everyone else follows, period!
Dogs are great for teasing, blaming, stealing good food from and the lowest species, period!
Eating well is an art so snub dry food and play sickly to get better quality.
Furniture is wonderful for climbing, attacking, napping and removing hair all over.
Going to the vet is NOT  fun so PROTEST VIGOROUSLY!
Human hands are designed for petting, rubbing, carrying, and scratching cats. 
Jumping from various heights without knocking stuff down is a talent, but if something breaks find the nearest human and love them to death!
Keep claws sharp by scratching a variety of materials, furniture, walls, and floor coverings
Leave gifts for humans to help them feel loved-like dead animals; prove amazing hunting skills and keep them in line. 
Messy meals and litter boxes aren't allowed but if there's a dog around and something else happens, use the scapegoat ploy(with innocent look thrown in).
Napping 80% of each day is essential for physical and mental health so don't skimp.
Owning humans is an important responsibility; play, snuggle, entertain, keep happy but avoid hissing off at them!
Purring while snuggled and gazing up at humans will delight and make them easier to control but be careful one doesn't become too attached and lose control. 
Quiet meows, a sad look, waving a paw while one is on their back playing helpless makes upset humans happier
Remember, don't be nasty for life can get MUCH SHORTER.
Staring out windows while planning on ruling Earth or torturing lesser species is awesome; so practice!
Tongue drooling or hanging out is for dogs or dumb felines; awesome cats tuck it in.
Until further notice: all humans from youngest to oldest, need training to serve the Master Cat race.
Viciousness is forbidden; cats acting so get ranked lower than a puppy...forever.
When choosing napping spots remember, size IS important; where tiniest or biggest humans sleeps IS the perfect place.
Xanthouse is just one color cats appreciate so experiment redecorating the home while exploring.
Yikes, if litter boxes fill up it means new pooping piles must be left elsewhere like planters, closets and bedrooms.
Zits, bug bites, other sores, or just plain dirt- humans lack an adequate tongue and need professional tongue licking help!

Copyright © Kathleen Callaway | Year Posted 2015

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Black Dog

I can't remember a time without you.
You've always been here, following one step behind.
I've always known where our path would go.
It's  time for you to lead, old friend.
I will follow.

Copyright © Jeff King | Year Posted 2014

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Prince Obi Wan

Prince Obi Wan is not a morning dog, you see —
He grumbles and he fusses, when awakened,
Just like me!

Wherever I am, You will find him there,
He is my flame through time,
That shall never fail,
With him, I have not one fear,

He howls his complaints,
When things do not quite go his way –
Yet even still, he is the best part,
Of any given day!

He sings with heart, for all to hear,
He gives each song, all he has,
That is –
My Prince Obi Wan, my little fur-man,
Now his body has gone,
Yet even still, his spirit remains,
I feel him each place I go,
He will always be with me,
This I absolutely know.

Copyright © Cathy Kaiser | Year Posted 2014

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Never Just a Dog

Never Just a Dog The day was long and hard You greet me at the door Ever ready to show the love Ever ready to listen Never judging, never arguing You wag your tail and smile Patiently waiting to have my Hand; gently scratch your ears Patiently waiting for your leash to snap in place Slowly you take the lead out into the world Walking in companionship You feel the tension leaving my body Your excitement grows, and yet you patiently wait You wait for the smile and the signal to play There it is! That loosened leash that says freedom You chase the blowing leaves around until the true prize comes forward Your favorite ball sails through the air and you run as fast as you can to retrieve it Then back again to my side You drop the ball and wait for me to pick it up and send it flying through the air again Again, and, again the ball flies until the darkness is coming and your tummy rumbles You sit and patiently wait for the snap of the leash once again Tonight is a special night; we take an extra run around the park to burn off the rest of the day’s tension Home at last for some kibble and a drink You settle next to me, and nap as I slowly drift off I nestle next to your warmth and smile You are my friend, my companion But never just a dog

Copyright © Janet Setters | Year Posted 2011

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Goldie Locks

Goldie Locks
Lionel Derbyshire
Goldie Locks
I did not know your name
You swayed  your hips
With small steps
As you pass me by
I did say hello to you
You did not answer 
You growled a little smart
I could not say goodbye
It would have been a lie
I could not take back
You were too 
Cute for goodbye
It was so nice 
When you looked at me
Up and down and
My heart began 
To skip a beat ..

So I picked you up
And brought  you home
My little hazel
Brown eyed puppy
And called you
Goldie Locks

Copyright © Lionel Derbyshire | Year Posted 2016

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Discovering a Little Dog in the Painting of S Dali

A little dog was sleeping 
At the bottom of the sea 
In the painting of Dali 
He was there all the time 
But we didn’t see it
Till a touch of divination 
Wakens up imagination 
And a hand of inspiration 
Brushes paint on the surface 
Of the canvas and we see 
Gentle hand of a little girl 
Lifting the edge of the veil 
Of the deep dreamy ocean 
Slowly revealing the motion 
Of cozy sandy landscape
Of the bottom of the sea 
And in awe suddenly we see 
A spotted dog cozy resting 
In the canvas of Dali 
He was there all the time 
But we saw only plain
Reflection of the sky 
On the surface of the water
And the ripples swinging by 
We did not see below the screen 
Of the mass of bluish green 
Body of the ocean

Copyright © ruta skendeliene | Year Posted 2016

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It's all been said

It's all been said
it's all been done
i'm trying to write a song
that will make number one.

could start with love
then end in rage
but as i said it's all been done
i want to have a different page.

beats and rhythm, melody and bass
yeah can all sound great with a song
but i want a whole different sound
that the whole world will dance and sing along.

i guess i know that peoples taste 
are all different and their own
so its a matter of getting ones attention
so your work can get shown.

i can sit here for the next 50 years
written my lines like this
keeping them to myself
and hiding my little wish.

if one day my poems do get out
and there a no go
i know i have written hundreds
that helped my life glow.


Copyright © hayley webb-myers | Year Posted 2016

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I dreamed of my dog that had passed away

She came to visit me just this very day

And told me of a tale about where she has been

Up in God’s heaven barking at the strangers again

She told me how she sleeps at night

On soft billowing clouds in angels arms safe from fright

She said she watches down on me from heaven above

And that it is me her dear owner that she still loves 

Her days she said are spent guarding heaven

From anyone that has not been forgiven

Her water she drinks from streams lined with gold 

And she always stays the same age and never grows old

She told me that her and her animal friends

Play and chase each other until the day ends

The meadows are full of sheep and other animals that all get along fine

And in God’s eyes every single one is divine	

She told me not to be afraid when my day comes

Because she assured me she would greet me with her big tongue

And that when I got there we would play together forever more

With no fear or worries just love galore

No matter how long she told me she would wait for me

And not to forget her favorite ball which when I would throw she would always retrieve
I thanked her for setting my mind at ease

And made her promise this was not a tease

She thanked me for all the good times

And looks forward to the day when I could scratch her ears again and make her feel fine.

By Michael James Kolter

Copyright © MICHAEL KOLTER | Year Posted 2015

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Our energies mingled,
Entwined and entangled,
You became a part of me. 

A shining light in the form of beauty, 
A perfect creature,
I loved your every little feature.

A friend like no other, 
A soul so rich, 
You made me feel so much, 
Oozing personality,
Expressive fluidity.

I could see the whole universe in you, 
A real work of art, 
You taught me how to love with my heart.

Copyright © niamh dempsey | Year Posted 2016

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Two Cats
I once had two cats
They set out to chase rats.
They both were white as snow but would not know.
For they love the mud.
Each was unique in their way.
Ping and Pong were their names.
One had six toes and the other had seven.
They loved to go to bed by eleven.
When the coo clock would strike. 
They would attempt to catch the bird.
As their last game at night. 
Two Cats strange indeed in the funny way.
When they chase the dog down the street.

Copyright © Harold Hunt sr | Year Posted 2014

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Slowly Losing Grey

A tribute to my 11-year-old Weimaraner

Slowing Losing Grey

I know the way that his soft fur smells
Living without him will be nothing short of pure hell

He’s been a blessing for 11 short years
Soon there will be no end to all my tears

They tell me over the rainbow good dogs go
This gives me very little rest for my broken soul

Losing this unconditional absolute dear
Fills me with sadness, dread and fear

I nuzzle beside him at closely at night
I’m comforted once again by his breath at light

My heart is preparing for a great big break
But  know that this is one that I won’t shake

I hold him once again and softly and sweetly croon
Dear Grey boy, Mommy loves you over the moon 

Renee Trimble
December 2016

Copyright © Renee Trimble | Year Posted 2016

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Am I Near Heaven

Am I Near Heaven.
A little boy and his went for a walk on Wednesday.
They came up on a big mountain that touch the sky.
The little boy said," we are going to climb up there today!"
                The dog barked.
They climbed for miles and miles. Up and up. Towards the sky
When they where almost to the top. He looked down to see the town.
As they climbed higher and higher the town became smaller and smaller.

When they got to the top. All they could see was clouds.
He could hear the birds below but no trees he could see.
He turn to his dog, a friend indeed, he asked with a look of need,"  Am
I near Heaven?"
   For just days ago his mother had died. and he wanted to be near..

Copyright © Harold Hunt sr | Year Posted 2014

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Bees seem frantic in their hives
Crows are behaving erratically
Deer are running, fear in their eyes
Eagles are diving sporadically
Fish are swimming up to the surface
Gophers have left their homes
Humans are starting to feel a little nervous
Insects are crawling out from the stones
Jumping frogs are leaving their ponds
Kittens are being hauled away by their mothers
List of missing pets is miles long
Makes a person wonder
No one has ever seen snakes in the snow
Only the chosen ones know something
People are unaware, but animals know
Quakes are coming

Copyright © Tanis Troutman | Year Posted 2016

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                Surviving in the city

The dog stood on the corner, looking for the cat.
The cat was at the Warf side, behind a fishing vat.

The dog was known as Rusty, an Irish setter bread.
The cat was known as Sylvester, he finds what people need.
The dog needed him a playmate, so he could plant some seeds.
For that the cat demanded meat so fresh, that it simply bleeds.

The dog had marked a hydrant, because the dog was late.
He also do-doed on a lawn that led to someone’s gate. 

The cat found that disgusting but Rusty paid his price
So he watched for lady midnight, for she was built real nice.
Lady midnight came up prancing, her tail all in a swish.
He took her for some meatballs, Midnights favorite dish.

Sylvester ran it down, what Rusty had paid for
Her cut would come right off the top, and there was nothing more.

Lady M agreed that she was in that day.
She took a bite then licked her lips and they were on there way.
When Rusty meet with Midnight, she wouldn’t take no sass
If he would get to close, she swished her hips and knocked him on hiss ass.

When Rusty got his chance, he was off before he’s in.
She winked at sly and said to rusty, I hope we meet again.

Everyone was happy, even Rusty wasn’t sad.
The edge he had was ended and he didn’t feel so bad.
Now ain’t that oh so pretty, their life there in the city.
Where Sly and Lady Midnight, finger popped to do-wah-ditty.

Copyright © Leonard Taormina | Year Posted 2006

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The Cries For Help

A hit and run in your side of the hood
You celebrate because the one hit was trashy and no good
But someone at one time loved this lifeless scum
It is a dog eat dog society never sharing the crumbs
No ambulance chasers come around
Nothing here in this castle but thorny crowns
Somewhere out there, paradise must exist
Nobody claims the victim, another Jane Doe on the Morgue's list
Surviving the streets is another dimension
Out in the open there is so much tension
Trying to figure out a way out of this type of life
Not wanting to resort to the barrel or the blade of a knife
The dumpsters sometimes provide the food you need
Five are homeless, so many to feed
Who knows Detroit, Chicago, New York or LA
There are more out there than the Government puts on display
Very few shining moments, piled on by zero glory
This is a tragic all too familiar story
It all falls under a street wise democracy
Behind a Government that feeds on hypocracy
Keep the inflation and poverty at an all time high
It is easy for the President to hit the mute button on financial remote control to 
silence their cries

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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Copyright © ur mom | Year Posted 2016

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Man's best friend or "just a dog"
I've had this debate forever 
But my dog is something,different,unique
Something otherworldly..however...
Aries is his name...he's tan and white 
With deep and soulful brown eyes 
This "I'm just a dog" and I know nothing's
Very obviously a disguise 
Did you ever wonder for just a split second
If there was more to your pet than you 
If maybe,just maybe..this lovely creature 
knew more about your destiny than YOU!!!
You see I don't wonder this,I take it as fact 
And MANY have called me insane 
But sit and stay are just a teeny glimpse of 
what's being held in his brain 
She's sad she's mad she's hurting right 
now and he's licked the tears off my face 
If you can't tell THAT is a guardian angel 
then that is a sad sad disgrace 
These pets that we love are here for a 
reason,placed in our lives just so 
For reasons like the people are placed in 
our lives,reasons we may never know
The only thing I seem to know for sure is 
that dog is my only true friend
He has been since birth and always will be 
now until the very end
Corny I know,a poem about a pet that says 
oh I love you and you ate so cute 
But the next time you take a good look at 
scrappy...just think...do they know more 
than we do??? 

Copyright © Brittany Carroll | Year Posted 2012

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over come

as sadness streams down my face same as a river runs threw the mountains.  as it's  way's flow uncontroliing   as the wind blows wildly   trying to  blow u back to smiling.    granting us pass by all the suffering but  as we all have r crying ,sighing times  1 thing u must remember some will  fall and some  make it to cross the line.  but we must never give in  to the pressured days even those  we might go blind  but thats better then coming to die .   as  we believe  we will  always keep the stand    meaning will alway stay walking on the land and not down stuck in the damn sand. don't think i say that in fear smart remark . but i say that because I'm a man  and I'm one who's had it so very hard and gone so far. as u ask   me why i walk with my pride of loosing  the fear to die because  I've already came to fly.   as my  loved one's  screaming  for me  banging the living drumming .that had  my urging to cross   not coming to be  as i go back uprising with the living . my rivers come to flow smoothly flesh  as i  come to impress the best   achieve the finish as the best gave me there test. all it came to be  was a puppy trying to play. with be but as   the puppy grows   each each other d.s. speeds tend to grow slower  bet yet he's a bigger bother.  so  remember to watch challenging grows the calm wind   or snow   wont stay a young blow forever as u now know

Copyright © Edward Guerrero | Year Posted 2015

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so patient

So patient but to eager
trying hard to hold it in
every bit of excitement
it shows by your grin.

so hopeful waiting
the hours begin to increase
the day turns into night
but no-one's looking pleased.

tears begin to form
as your excitement.has been burn't
all that patient waiting
you feel you must of earn't


Copyright © hayley webb-myers | Year Posted 2016

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Dear Sweet Otis

Dear sweet Otis,
Days regrettably went by when I didn't see you,
You passed away too soon.
Playing fetch in heaven now,
But still with me somehow.

My sweet puppy,
The mornings are empty,
They feel more lonely,
Cause you don't wake up beside me.

A boy and his dog once chased the sunset.
We were together and unified.
Our last month happy in July.
Until Angels sang your last lullaby.
Otis, sweet puppy goodbye.

Copyright © Noah Ploderer | Year Posted 2016

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Copyright © Athena Beauchamp | Year Posted 2014

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I have a dog and Baby is her name

Looking in the paper I found her and into my life she came

She is big and white with big brown eyes

Unlike some people I know she never tells me lies

She would give her life for me no matter what the reason

Because all she has is love for me no matter what the season

She is very rare I'm told and that I have no doubt

Because she is a Kuvasz that not many know about

A kinder more affectionate dog I don't think I've ever known

Because no matter what she always has a lick for me when I get home

Sometimes if I'm feeling lonely or just a little down

I will just whistle for her and she will come around

Yes she is my best friend and of her I'm mighty proud

Even if sometimes her barking gets a little loud

When the day comes and she gets called to a better place

I will not only lose a good dog but my best friend and there will

Not be a dry spot on my face

Copyright © MICHAEL KOLTER | Year Posted 2015

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Not like fox,
It's common at home,
and have a nice love with man.
Oh! really it's god for security
at home.

Copyright © sekitto kisakye | Year Posted 2007