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The Power Of Flowers

A is for Aster dancing in the wind
B is for Begonia as many as you can find

C is for Cornflower adorning a maiden’s hair
D is for Dandelion waving in the air

E is for English Daisy shining silver along the brook
F is for Fairy Wings kept in granny’s book

G is for Geranium in our pretty garden
H is for Hollyhock atop the Afghan’s turban

I is for Impatiens a carpet beneath the tree
J is for Jewelweed visited by the bee

K is for Kalimeris white as the snow
L is for Lily that in the church glow

M is for Marigold all over the hills
N is for Naranjilla without any frills

O is for Orchids that the pretty lady got
P is for Pansy drawn on the riverside yacht

Q is for Quail bush bright in the summer sun
R is for red rose in the senora’s bun

S is for Sunflower thousands in the field
T is for Tailflower out of its shield

U is for Uncarina deep in Madagascar
V is for Verbascum shaped like a star

W is for Wisteria soft as satin dress
X is for Xyris which grows without a fuss

Y is for yew fresh as spring dew
Z is for Zinnia that once in the yard grew

These flashes of colours in our everyday life
Gives meaning to that endless strife

By- Tahera Mannan

Copyright © Tahera Mannan | Year Posted 2013

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She is light skin
blonde hair with curls
a perfect mixture of our different racial spring.
A gap in between her front teeth
and two tiny dimples on her cheeks.
She is so beautiful and fragile
very intelligent and sweet.
She has a castle in the garden
she believes she is Cinderella.

My unborn princess Mia.
I dreamed of her ever since i was sixteen.
at nineteen i thought this was it
only i had no groom.
so when he put a ring on it on my 21st birthday
i knew it would be anytime soon.
But when we went our separate ways an year after that
it was another doom.

Now am 24,turning 25yrs soon
and i think i have found the right Mon.
But with all the distance and miles separating us
i think it will take a few passing of the moon.

Each night before i drift off
i close my eyes
place my hand on the tummy
and listen as her tiny legs tries to kick it off.
Each dawn when i wake
i kiss 'Mia the teddy' on the forehead
as i shall each day when we wake.

I live for that soft wail
when doctors cut that tail.
I live for the bite of her first set of teeth
announcing she is about to outgrow my tits.

I breath for the day she calls me 'mama'!
I breath for the day she runs down those stairs
without my arms as her guide and armor.
I breath for that scared innocent look
when i let go of her hand on her first day to school.

I fight for the day she comes home crying
with her first heart break.
I fight for the day those tall legs makes a win on the run way
granting her a career through break.

I live for the day she reach the teens
start to see me as her evil twin.
I breath for the day my baby girl walks down the aisle
with pride besides her father all glamorous and in style.
I fight for the day she hit forty
and everything she feels becomes a fight.

I live for the day she will comb my gray hair
tuck me to bed with a kiss on my forehead
as i once did to her.

I breath for the day i shall dies
old,toothless and with a smile
because i know she will be standing by.

I live, breath and fight to live
till she is live
right here in my life.

Copyright © PENINNAH NGANGA | Year Posted 2014

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They Shall Be One

When The Lord called to His angels
there was thunder from the throne
He said there is a child of mine down there
who's been too long alone
So He called one precious angel
out from all the rest
He said I'm sending you my child
for you're my very best
Now there are no words to say how much
to Him this child was worth
for The Lord to send an angel here
to walk upon this earth
And then when they were married
there was thunder from the throne
He said you see my child now
no longer is alone
Do harken to my story
for we all know that it's true
that God does answer prayer you see
there is nothing He can't do
Now I know this precious angel 
who lives a mortal's life
for I was that lonely child of His
and that angel is my wife
                                    Diesel Dan

Copyright © Dan Blake | Year Posted 2006

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Dear Mother

Dear Mother who are you?
To your children your life wasn't true.
You sent us out the door to play,
And made it a point to tell us to stay,
So you could do your cocaine,
To get rid of the struggles of your pain.

Dear Mother who are you?
You and your husband beat us black and blue.
As children all we felt was fear,
And every lash was an extra tear.
To us you constantly lied,.
And you were never there by our side.

Dear Mother who are you?
Did you not ever get the clue,
That what you were doing to us was wrong,
And in your home we didn't belong.
Your husband constantly told us to be quiet,
You should have told him to be the one to try it.

Dear Mother who are you?
Did that same man beat you too?
So ashamed you hung your head in defeat,
And let that man throw your kids in the street!
As children we felt very alone,
We were beat,
And from room to room we were thrown.

Dear Mother who are you?
Why didn't you take care of us when we had the flu?
You were to busy trying to get high,
While DFS was there telling us to say good-bye.
Was that man worth the dance and song,
That caused you to loose us for so very long?

Dear Mother who are you?
Did your father rape you to?
My step father raped me,
And that you refused to see.
He did it every night,
You said I was wrong and he was right!

Dear Mother now do you see?
How we would cry and plea!?
Now we are older,
And alot more bolder.
We can speak up and tell you,
To your children just how you were really untrue!

Copyright © Angela Nowell | Year Posted 2016

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An Angel In Disguise

Water rushing through the brook
leaving drowned out laughter
and a blooming lilypad

A mother with a weary look
as she wades through, feet clad
It’s her children she’s looking after

Hair threatens to fall in her distant eyes
She remembers when she hadn’t worried
stealing kisses under barnyard roofs

She begins to chastise
“Children put on your boots”
She raised the voice, and they scurried

But inside she was grinning ear to ear
Thinking of sweet-smelling memories
and grass-stained linen

As her children crawled near
She said, “Now listen,
I must share some stories…”

Copyright © Mckenzie Boyer | Year Posted 2015

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My Daughter and Son-in -law

So beautiful they are in their hearts soul and mind
Sweet laughter and logic they will never leave behind

Each one as unique as a precious gem
Of a special love that only they can give

Their minds on an endless flight
Will always soar high and out of sight

As the stars start to light the sky at night
and you see a star flash that has gone by

Remember the love that I give you
To my daughter and son who will always be one.

T Reams   for my sweet daughter Amber and son in law Adam

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend

As a child, I didn't understand,
The love that fills my mother’s hand.

In a childhood world,
Everything is carefree,
Your eyes are wide open,
Yet you do not see.

In a motherhood world,
Things can get pretty insane,
Every day comes with joy and pain.

Teaching your child new things,
Dreaming of what tomorrow brings.

Leaving days of pig tales and nursery rhymes,
Loosing Seconds and minutes of these precious times.

Now, with children of my own,
Mother, your feelings are not alone.

Only now do I understand,
Feeling helpless to times demand.

Mother, I just didn't realize,
How I looked in your eyes.
33 years gone in a whirl,
Yet I know you still see your little girl.

I love you Mother.
More than you know.
I know it was hard letting me go.

My childhood life was wrapped up in you,
But my adult life holds something new.

Growing up so fast and free,
I felt your eyes always watching me,
I didn't have to worry,
Because I knew you'd be there.
Now my own children feel MY stare.

Never knowing that in my heart,
I feel the sadness awaiting their future depart.

For one day, I will have to say good bye,
Just as you did with my sisters and I.

But with this sadness, there is happiness too,
For they will always need me,
Just as I will always need you.

My childhood is over but my need for you will never end,
You are a Mother, Grandmother, Guide and Friend.

Copyright © Melissa Mercado | Year Posted 2013

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 Is her name,
getting into everything,
is her game,
she's as bright,
as sunshine,
and as fresh,
as new fallen snow,
and I love to watch her,
as she grows,
her curiosity beats it all,
even though,
she's 3 feet tall,
her blue eyes sparkle,
when she's done something wrong, 
and you can never be mad at her,
all that long,
her beautiful smile,
will make you weak,
even when,
she's being a sneak,
you can't help but love,
that sweet little girl,
with straw colored hair,
and bouncing curls.

Copyright © RobieLynn Collins | Year Posted 2014

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Special Girl

You looked at me, with your eyes so blue,
        freshly born like the morning dew,

The doctors placed you in my arms, 
  a little bundle full of beauty and charms,

Tears began to fill my eyes,
   for the sight of your face had me mesmerized,

I am the luckiest mommy – yes it’s true,
   All because I have you,

God gave me a gift- more precious than any
    Diamond, ruby, or pearl,

For has he blessed me with the most beautiful

Copyright © Melissa Mercado | Year Posted 2013

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Echoes of days gone by
Dreams once held high
Disgrace now fills that space
 Desolate ... 

Of all the roads to choose
A dead end
As we pass around the bend

A chosen  thrill
As you came in for the kill 
Every Man Has Free Will


Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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Why does it have to be , ABCD and not WXYZ

Zooming at the very end
Yelling around I find my way
Xtremely touchy and tearful
Why does it always have to be
                      ABCD and not WXYZ!

Copyright © sima mittal | Year Posted 2013

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My Two Sons

I am blessed to have two wonderful sons that are very good to me

To say I am proud of them both is most definitely,

My eldest son is very independent

And my younger son is very driven to commitment,

They are both very Unique in their own ways

I am so lucky to have them both everyday,

Their futures are both very bright

And just knowing that I sleep very good at night.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Sadness of the slaves

Tied up in chains and fear
I want my mummy as she shed a tear
Only three years of age and in her own
At the bottom of the ship wanting to go home 
Up for auction that very next day 
She couldn't understand a word they would say
Sold to the man at the back of the crowd
Who came to greet her grinning and proud
The stranger grabbed her hand leading the way
To were she would be working night and day

When she was exhausted and could work no more
She would get a whipping and fall to the floor 
A year past and still know sign of mum
But she still had faith praying she would come
Her body so small in pain you could tell
All this torture it felt like hell
The hatred she felt sadness in her heart
She just wanted her mummy and not to be apart 

Still she stayed strong through her nightmare days 
She thought all this horror may just be a phase
So thin she was no food for her
She realised how life could be so unfair
Because they thought she was different black was her skin
But she new the nasty men were living in sin

She had had enough it was time to say goodbye
She new her mummy would be waiting in the sky 
She closed her eyes and imagined mummy's face
Knowing she was going to a much happier place 

Copyright © Dominique Ryan | Year Posted 2016

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Just a day
“Good Night Mom and Dad” I said before I went to bed. “We love you” they said as they closed the door
Mom comes in and wakes me up “Time to go to school” as my feet hit the floor
I got dressed and ate breakfast and got my book bag and now we are on the go
We sit in the car listening to music “It’s Friday I think I’m a little excited tho
“Alright baby we here” as mom open the door to let me get out
She closed the door and kissed me on the head told me she loved me before she pulled off
Another day of school and it close to Christmas
I can’t wait to see Ashley and Alexus, today is show and tell as I said in a whisper
We had learning center day and Boy! Was it fun!
Today was a free day and on Friday there isn’t much to learn
The room was quite when the was a knock at the door, the door opened
A man with a big gun was standing there; my classmates panicked and started to run
I heard a lot of noises and a lot of screams
I felt a sharp pain in my back as I dropped to my knees
In the distant I heard more screams and then everything went silent
Then I closed my eyes it went dark and on the cold floor I was dying
The other side
It’s Thursday night and off to bed we go 
I kiss my 5 year old son Jaden and told him I loved him so
Alarm clock goes off and it’s around 6:15 in the morning 
I shower got dress and woke up Jaden my little darling
Its Friday, I fixed him breakfast and we headed out for the this last day until the weekend
I enjoyed our little drives to school as we sat in the car singing
I opened the door to let him out once more
Kissed him on the head and told him I loved him ill pick him up around four
I’m at work drinking coffee just talked to my husband on the phone
Got at my desk started to work and the my office phone rung
It’s about 9:30 and it was Jaden’s school
I got the news he was dead and I started to puke
I’m crying uncontrollably don’t know my next move
My son is dead, I can’t believe this news
I hurried to the school in the best of my ability 
I saw the school surrounded by medics, reporters, and police
I ran to a officer and demanded to see my son
He said “I’m sorry ma’am” I can’t do this at this time
At 9:32 my one and only son Jaden was pronounced dead
The shooter was 20 and took my son’s life in his own hands
The questions continue to flow through my head as I search for answers
I don’t need answers I need my son and his laughter
I am now sitting on his bed trying to swallow tears
My husband holds me close as reality nears
My little boy is gone among the other 19 kids
Heaven has 20 new angels now I hope he knew how much I love him  as much as  I did

(To the innocent lives that were lost in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting)

Copyright © Stefanie Jones | Year Posted 2012

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My Daughter and Son

The world spins around so very fast;
Gone are the days of my past.

When I was young and free;
Nothing ever seemed to get ahold on me.

Then God placed 2 angels in my path;
My love for them covers my life like a hot bath.

Soaking my world in loves eternal flame;
With my 2 angels by my side,
Nothing will ever be the same.

The universe could cease to exist;
But my love for them will always persist.

There is no force that could ever undo;
The power of my love for the 2 of you.

I promise you, it cannot be done;
For nothing could ever come before a 
Mothers love for her Daughter and Son.

Copyright © Melissa Mercado | Year Posted 2013

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To my grown up son

My hands were busy through the day I didn't have much time to play the little games you asked me to, I didn't have much time for you. I'd wash your clothes and your hair, then I'd sew and cook with a care, but when you'd bring your picture book to share the fun look in your eyes as I dare say a little later son. I'd tuck you into your warm bed all safe and sound. I would read you a bed time story and then gently stroke my hand across your head slowly, I'd sit there beside you listening to your heart beating while you sleep then I'd turn out your light and whisper in your ear I love you good night my son. For life is short and the years rush past us, and my little boy grows up so fast. So all the picture books are put away and there are no longer games to play, and no more good night kisses. My hands once busy, but now are still, the days are long and hard to fill without you it's lonely in heart but another day will pass that I wish the little things you asked me to I should of done, I'm sorry I love you my son.

Copyright © Julie Mckoon | Year Posted 2016

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Collection of Poems

The Little Heart
by layman on Nov 8, 2011. © Madhusoodanan Kizhakkepattiath, All rights reserved THE LITTLE HEART
A little, little girl
Looking very smart
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
She is like a rosy rose
Dancing like a lovely plant
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Her voice is like a cuckoo bird’s,
Her speech is like a little parrot’s
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Her world is like a princess’ world,
Her parents, like a king and queen
Come, come, come
Dear little heart.
Though, her world is like a princess’ world
Her parents like a king and queen,
Dark, dark, dark,
Every ,every where.
The Innocent Culprits
by layman on Jan 25, 2012. © Madhusoodanan Kizhakkepattiath, All rights reserved
Except you and me,
Everyone slept in midnight.
O, lovely, Nolhivaram,
... what is left, me alone.
Vultures of universe,
Flying around,
Left a little,
for you and me.
The innocent children,
Mind tortured,
Roaring at me,
A taste of passion.
Me, a lover of thy beauty,
Never pinched a little,
In shadow lights.
Beauty of ocean,
Beautifies not,
The men of broken heart,
A lost paradise.
The roaring tides,
Blows at beach,
Never be happy,
In vultures peak.
The unknown beautiful,
To the known painful,
Does it in nets,
A little in seas.
The soldiers of seas,
Solitary in heights,
Webs their morrows,
In night's paradise.
A Little is left,
To me, a unknown,
By the heart of beauty,
With innocent culprits.


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My Life, My Choice

    As I sit here all alone, nothing on t.v. and nobody on
the phone. 

    As crazy as it may sound, my heartbeat is the only
noise around.

    While living here in town, I should just enjoy the 
peace. I often hear in the distance, the sirens of police.

    One man down, the other takes flight. This is the ruins
of another senseless fight.

    A child loses a father, a mother loses a son, all to a
coward who chose to use a gun.

    A void in their hearts no one can fill. Only in time, their
pain will heal.

   As this coward sits to unwind, he's haunted by his past. It's
fresh in his mind.

    As he ponders on the choice he has made, this is one 
memory that will never fade.

    All he could think of was his family and what he's done. His
child loses a father, his mother loses a son...All behind his
choice to use a gun

Copyright © Anissa Turner | Year Posted 2015

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words words
is what you need 
words words 
help you talk
words words 
help you sing

Copyright © brian wood | Year Posted 2014

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Heaven in the Face of a Child

The first tear of joy
The first smile of life
The first words of thought
The first prayer to God

The glow upon their face
The lips that speak at Grace
The eyes of crystal glass
That see all in God's place

Look quickly, watch closely
For even in a glance
Carry it deeply and never forget
Know that there is Heaven in the face of every child.

T reams  Dedicated to my sister: Leslie
Copyright 2014

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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In her home I suffer,
Rationed food and rationed wood,
Bread slices and rationed butter,
Scorns and all the words they utter,
Are some deepest of secrets you won't hear.

For I take that only form,
Of a lost child in my own home,
Assuming this has been the only norm,
Of having water and a plate of corn.

Her eldest kid sits by me and asks,
Do you have anything you own,
No, I say with a little frown,
Do you have parents,
No, they are long gone.
Do we do you bad,
No, I say.

Copyright © hudhaifah siyad | Year Posted 2016

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The Alligator Poem

I was asked why I don’t pet alligators
Well, I replied
I petted one once
I petted one twice
Now I may need a hand

( The ABC's of what not to do )

Copyright © arthur vaso | Year Posted 2013

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God's special angel

Two hearts dreaming to become one
Wedding bells,and blessing chimes
To cherish and fulfill the happiness Sooner there going to be three
Hoping for a glorious gift from the heaven…
I was sewing a pink frock And he was caressing a tiny blue sock  
With hearts pouring out immense love
Waiting to welcome the little angel….
An unexpected call from the doctor, words cutting like a knife
You will have to choose ,
Either special or non,
Choice is yours…
but remember,Its just a lifeless soul yet..
Looking outside the window,lightening and thundering
A rain never poured, Worsening the throbbing breathes
‘God never creates accidents, the gift for our heavenly love
Is wrapped as a little miracle…gazing at his tearful eyes I whispered,
Yes,we are ready’…
shaken voices sighed…
‘Extra concern ,extra tenderness and extra warmth, needed
You may have to wait the life time to see the reasons with your eyes
Its worth waiting for a miracle.
Because, God’s special baby is sooner will be in your arms’
Doctor’s emphasizing words echoed…
Days of breathless hopes flying in a spur of the moment,
Beautiful eyes,pink skin,little more speciality,
a little wonderland you are..
God’s dearest little angel , gifted to us, ensuring we can take care of..
Daddy’s and mommy’s little gem
We welcome you to the world,
there would be all years of struggle
But its always worth waiting for a happy miracle,
walking towards the horizon  looking at the sunset of glory,
Because we were counting fingers to see your lovely face,
Now that you are here,
making mommy and daddy closer than ever.
And, that vow of love will make you the luckiest baby in the humankind….

Copyright © yashodara embogama | Year Posted 2014

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Vito the Kitten

There could be no other name for a Kitten like this one .
He is Brave , his black , silky hair , Vito has won suitors marking his claws .
This tiny little Cat , very soon all kittens on this street,  will be kissing his paws .

for he earned his name Vito , the Kitty Godfather you know.
with whispers from other Cats "There He is " There he goes "
His Tail wavy like a dog he strides. Tall but yet low.

Vito is a tiny proud cat and likes his pasta made a special way
I make a red sauce , but it is the white clam he craves 
He picks his claws fine , then with a full belly he plays 

Vito with eyes of the finest blue and green , that will stare at you when you sleep. 
It has been said by some female cats , do think he will go out with me some day ?
A Fine cat and kittens he will make ~meow meow, says a jealous girl kitten , no way !

Vito loves to play on the wood floors at night , he runs fast , 
he is not silent ..he is the young Godfather , Vito has earned the right.

Vito , the tiny kitten , Vito the young cat ,
Vito keeps our blocks free from any nasty rat.

No ..a Rat will not confront Our Vito at all 
He will be pushed aside and evicted with one lift of his paw 

One thing this kitten has that makes him so unique ...
He his adored by this owners . He is happy , and warm , safe in our sheets !

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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At 200 mph, you have no friends

    I grew up at a very fast pace and I wasn't slowing down for
    As a child, I was tired of being told by the adults what I could
and couldn't do.
    I was the child, yet they were having all the fun. I wanted to
have fun too, so I did what they did.

    I was smoking cigarettes and having sex at eleven. Started
drinking and smoking weed at twelve.
    I was a single mother at sixteen, married at seventeen and
wanting a divorce at eighteen. I buried my third child at twenty.

    By this time in my life, being an adult didn't seem all that fun

    I am fortytwo now and can't erase none of the above. So if
you're reading this and still at a fairly young age...

    Slow down. You're only a child for seventeen years and then
you will have the rest of your life to be an adult and do as you 

Copyright © Anissa Turner | Year Posted 2015

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A child called IT

A tear roles down my face
As I try to forget about time and space.
I count the bruises, the broken ribs.
And I think about the life I live. 
These marks and scars will never leave
And I will still have the terrible memories.
As I ponder over what my mother says
The words "you are a bad boy" run threw my head.
I do everything my mommy asks
But she still wont love me back.
She makes me sleep in the basement
This cold, dark room is where my sleeping time is spent.
She starves me for days
And I just wish my life away.
She has burned me, and cut me but never cared.
The only thing she gives me is evil glares.
I hope someday I can leave this place.

Copyright © andrea morris | Year Posted 2013

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you dont listen

you think I got listen to you, 
you just my kids father,
there noting between me and you,
it seem the words take you back to court is your favorite words,
get this Sheena Shenia Jackson isn't scare of no court system or even you,
its just a word that is there, 
so if you ask me you just things to make women scared im not scare of you like I use to,
I have became stronger and wiser, 
I have the Lord behind me, 
I believe in him very strong,
so if you want to bring me back to court lets do this now, 
you are just a man that God put on this earth, 
and I fear no man, no woman and no body, 
I am a King child forever,

by : Sheena Shenia Jackson 
May 23, 2013

Copyright © Sheena Casanova | Year Posted 2013

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Sons and Daughters

A:  I’ll call him AARUSH, ray of sun;
B:  And she’ll be BEA, a happy one;

C:  COLCHAS is bronze from head to toes;
D:  His oaktree brother, DARA, grows;

E:  Alive is EFA, she’s a one;
F:  And FFION is our foxglove son;

G:  There’s GUY, our clever boy the guide; 
H:  HAKIM, he’s wise - can’t be denied;

I:  She works, Our IDA, round the clock;
J:  JOANNA says her God, he rocks;

K:  Alert, our KACIE tops her class;
L:  LATISHA, such a happy lass;

M:  As MARCO thinks he’s Mars the god;
N:  New baby brother NEO nods;

O:  He’s OLAF, proud of kith and kin;
P:  And PAULA, she is small and thin; 

Q:  My QUEENIE she’s a queen - beware;
R:  He’s ROAN with the reddest hair;

S:  While SADIE, she’s a princess; wild
T:  TALULAH, she’s an awful child;

U:  As URI is a boy of light;
V:  VERONICA, her picture’s right;

W: And WENDY, she’s a friendly soul;
X:  But XANDER, he’s a fighter though;

Y:  YVETTE, she’s like a yew so tall;
Z:  And ZAK, the purest boy of all;

And now I’ve named the little dears;
I must get started – volunteers?

I’m 43, single again and live in England. I don’t have any children (as far as I know, LOL).

For Cyndi’s Z is for Zaria contest

Copyright © jack horne | Year Posted 2013

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From Rusizi in Rwanda 
lies a historical site that is linked to the Musinga history, 
a palace next to the elegant tree (umuvumu) in the Rukali village
behind the Kamembe Airstrip in Rusizi district
our roots are in Nyanza and in Moba,Tanganyika
we are from the Abega clan

From the great warriors Makara, and Mutezintare
The great chief Rwakagara, great-aunt Nyiratunga - Queen-Mother
The situations among our families divide us
The situations out of our control spread us all over the continents
With the same Surname- Musinga 
But different dialects (languages) 
Forget our language - Kinyarwanda.

Our Umugabekazi (Queen Mother) Nyirauhi V Kanjogera,
Our King Mwami Kigeri IV Rwabigi
Our uncles Ruhinankiko and Kabare
brother of Kanjogera and Mbanzabigwi
Grand Father Yuhi Musinga ya Ndahiro.

Queen Kankazi, Mother of Mutara III Rudahigwa
King Mutara III Rudahigwa Charles Léon Pierre and Queen Rosalie Gicanda
Son of King Yuhi IV Musinga and Nyiramavugo Kankazi Redegonde
No let me stop, the tears are running out of my eyes.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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The Warrior

A long, long time ago.
In a land full of wild, hairy and ugly monsters.
There came to be a legend of a great warrior—
A brave fighter of beasts and monsters alike. 

The warrior is strong and fights like a lion. 
He destroys his enemy with his grand sword. 
Surely he will help us fight.
Using his powerful sword to vanquish our enemy. 

Yes, this warrior is the only hope we have—
In this horrible, no good place—
Where we dare not venture out at night.
We need the warrior to appear and save us.

We cannot defeat these monsters alone.
The monsters are 10 feet tall—
Hairy, big eyed and awfully strong.
We are normal size and weak.

Word was sent to the warrior several nights ago.
We have heard no news of his pending arrival.
We do hope he makes it in time.
Our walls are growing thin and we are close to powerless.

A monster broke through our outer wall last night. 
It danced around in victory—
But left us be, for now. 
Not sure how long we have and still no warrior in sight.

It seems we have put our faith in a nonexistent hero’s hands. 
The hands of a god like warrior who appears not to care for us.
Perhaps we should have made other preparations. 
Maybe we could have done more than hope for a warrior.

How will we ever fight these monsters alone?
We have given up hope on the warrior’s arrival.
Day is almost over and we will not survive the night.
The monsters will come and wipe us out.

Night has come—
And monsters have already broken through our patched outer wall.
We are as close to death as anyone alive can be. 
Waiting for the monsters to find us in our hiding spot.
Why, oh why did the warrior not come to save us?

Copyright © Gerald Keith | Year Posted 2017