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Quatrain Song Poems | Quatrain Poems About Song

These Quatrain Song poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Song. These are the best examples of Quatrain Song poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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A Song of Seasons

I sing a song of springtime.
The earth is green and fair.
Life comes again with scent of rain,
and love is in the air.

I sing a song of summer.
The sun is climbing high.
We laugh and run and have such fun.
How blue becomes the sky!

I sing a song of autumn.
Trees wear their brightest gown.
It’s trick or treat, then bittersweet
as leaves are falling down.

I sing a song of winter.
I sing it soft and low.
The days grow dark and short, but hark!
We bask in Yuletide’s glow!

Written April 5, 2016 for the Seasons Contest of Shadow Hamilton

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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The Whispered Song

The warrior lays her weary head, 
With heavy heart she cannot bear, 
Burning tears stream down her face, 
As whispered memories touch the ear.

Her armour tarnished by remorse, 
Her battle-cry a wimpered row, 
Her wounds, of which bleed solitude, 
Will never know forgiveness now.

The song began two score ago, 
When two came knocking at her door, 
In need of refuge from the world, 
Of that, and love, and little more.

Forced to fight for every smile, 
Her only solace found in song, 
She longed for love to rescue her, 
And plant her where she could belong.

Jealous tongues are seldom kind, 
Self-seeking hearts know nought of love, 
The caged canary only sings, 
When coaxed to praise from up above.

For the steely spine that now I own, 
Forever shall I grateful be, 
A gift from her, and from her own. 
Courage mounted inwardly.

I'll not forget how I have loved thee, 
And youthful memories I will prize, 
Til on the shore of His forgiveness, 
Whereto now, we both shall rise.

Copyright © Yvonne Evanoff | Year Posted 2011

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Good Tidings

It's twelve days before Christmas, Love, and I am sitting here,
the hearth fire is burning bright, but on my cheek they're tears.
I hold the conch shell to my ear and call for you my dear.
Out across the briny deep a tempest cries beware.

The entry hall is full of garland, pine, spruce and mistletoe
The mirrors are all draped with ribbons, the brass all aglow
I hold the conch shell to me ear and stare out at the snow
remembering our last parting, I begged you not to go.

"Captain" said I "can you not see you take my heart from me?"
In his hand I placed a lock of hair, and a mustard seed.
He handed me a pearly conch shell from the Isle of Capri,
and bid me listen for his love song from the Southern Sea.

For twelve days, I've climbed stairs to the widows walk on high,
I clasp the token to my chest and search the sea near-by
So sad, yet sweet the mermaids sang, they of sailor's gone by.
They sang in sympathy, a song of longing with breathy sighs.

The cliff fires burn so bright now, he's coming on the tide.
The church bells are ringing now, soon they'll at anchor lie.
Had he heard me, had he called, had it been a dream I scryed?
T'was Christmas Eve and in the snow, he's landing with the tide.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2012

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Sing to Me

When I am weary, tired and worn
When the day on wings has flown
When dusk comes with hushed repose
When I lie, a wilted rose
Sing to me

When my heart is bruised and sore
When my voice cannot implore
When my tears streak down my face
When my fears need saving grace
Sing to me

Sing to me on lover's bed
Sing to me, my worries shed
Sing to me, sweet lullaby
Sing to me, don't ask me why
Sing to me

With lips close to shoulder bare
With hand deep in raven hair
With voice trembling in my soul
With melody to make me whole
Sing to ME

Sing to me for in your tone 
Sleepiness to stars has flow
In tune whispered in my ear
Angel song of love I hear

Yes, Sing
Sing to me

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

The poets' song

The silent dark encroaches
with another hollow night.
Old poets whisper sonnets
of love and sacrifice.

Her lips move to each arduous verse;
the emptiness advances.
Crescendos find their soaring crests.
A taunting shadow dances.

The moment lingers at a peak
then brings a slow descent.
And as the final stanza bows
her yearning heart relents.

Her memory finds his gentle face.
His voice resounds a vow.
And a quiet faith moves through her
expelling any doubt.

Soon her love will cross the sea;
his promises to keep.
Until that time, the poets sing
and soothe her soul to sleep.

Copyright © Thvia Shetley | Year Posted 2010

Details | Quatrain |


A melody from yesteryear 
Plays softly on the wind--
A mix of myrrh and honey,
A wistful sweet and bitter blend.

Fond memories of bygone days,
Of long departed friends.
Of hollyhocks and lilacs,
A reverie that never ends.

A vision of a one-room school
Set in a woodland glade--
Of children playing joyfully
There in a spreading oak tree's shade.

A farmer toiling in his field
Behind a horse and plow.
No air conditioned tractors
As modern farmers do it now.

A rustic, weathered, country church,
A Sunday morning bright
Glows fondly now in memory,
Bathed in nostalgia's hallowed light.

A barefoot boy with fishing pole
Beside a lazy stream.
A song in perfect harmony 
Played in that golden summer dream.

Oh memories, sweet memories
Locked in my soul to stay.
Oh melody, sweet melody,
A haunting song of yesterday. 

Copyright © William Robinson | Year Posted 2006

Details | Quatrain |

Part of Me

There's a part of me that still lives on the water
A part of me that you can never keep
Tears fill my eyes as I dream  of the ocean
I see that island paradise in my sleep

My fishing boat lies sleeping in the harbor
Anchor weighing heavy on the ocean floor
I still miss all those nights at sea
My fishing boat will sail again no more

This was the life that I had chosen
From one port to another I would roam
Never stayed long enough to be familiar
Never knew a place I could call home

Sometimes I walk along the shoreline
Listening to her song out on the sea
That's when I know that someday I'll be leaving
The song she's singing is calling me

There is something magical in a night at sea
There's a million stars hanging all around
Untold stories lying behind me
New horizons yet to be found

Now that my sailing days are over
And my life is shifting gears
I can still resurrect those memories
When I taste the salt in my tears.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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Cat 5

I saw a cat quartet within my dodgy dream,
Sorta started worryin' that I'd gone off the beam,
Really began to wonder if my mind was gettin' weak,
They had their own language that only they could speak.

While Cat number 1 was teachin' me the talk,
Old number 2 was showin' me the walk,
I walked over to 3 like I was struttin' the town,
4 said, "Dang, Holmes, I think you got it down."

And I kept on walkin,' past number 3,
Next thing you know they're all yellin' at me,
And I mean howlin' with a haughty disdain,
Was thinkin' to myself, "Man, this is gonna be a pain."

Well they read me out the law right there, they gave me all the cites,
"When you try to get private, you pirate away our rights,"
"You gotta stick close to us, stay within the hive,"
"If you don't get with it then you'll meet Cat 5."

"We need that close access, need you to stay put,"
"We want to keep in tight, be right underfoot."
"This a serious deal, this ain't no random jive,"
"You hang right with us or we'll call Cat 5."

Well now I was thinkin,' I'd seen no such cat alive,
"Maybe like a Boogeyman, ain't no real 5."
But old Cat 3 saw me, he knew where I was at,
He said, "Oh no, man, 5's a real Cat."

"And when you talk about him, you use that capital C,"
"'Cuz he's the biggest baddest Cat there'd ever likely be."
Right then I saw that number 4 was pushin' out a baby grand,
Number 1 told me, "Oh yeah, man, we got a country band."

Cat 2 produced a fiddle, and handed out the pirate hats,
Cat 3 tuned up a banjo, Cat 1 - a cricket bat.
2 told me, "Stay with us, bud, we'll never steer you wrong."
He tapped a foot, pulled a whisker, they started to play their song.

"Inbred Man"
Copyright 2016 Magnetic Kitty Music
(Written and performed by Pirate Cat and the Privateers)
(Produced by Authentic Cat Productions)

I was always a country boy,
Stacked tobacco old and new,
My grandma Sue and my grandpa Roy,
Helped us raise our pigs and chew.

I fed my daddy's huntin' dog,
I knew his mistress ewe,
And momma, sis, and our pet hog,
Were christened Sue and Sue and Sue.

Inbred man, inbred man...  <----(really let the vocals soar here)
Concentratin' all my genes just the best that I can...

My daddy raised chickens in our oven, 
And he gave to me the key,
He said, "Son, when it comes to lovin,'
We keep it in the family."

Some days my eyes don't quite uncross,
And I tend to break out in hives.
My daddy said, "See here, Hoss,
We don't do plural wives."

"One wife is all this life should yield,
And I'll lay it out for you.
No use in lookin' far afield,
There sits your sister Sue."

At that point the cats quit playin,'
For a click came from the door,
By the side of the room, I'm sayin,'
Where the piano had come with 4.

Cats 1 through 3 didn't look too bad,
Cat 4 shut down the tape drive,
I didn't care, I was just glad,
We were gonna see Cat 5!

And then it all fell apart, ah man, I mean,
I was in a room with no cats to be seen,
And some clown was screaming down in the lobby,
Because like an idiot, he'd run a spear clean through his leg.
Now, dagnabbit - I had sort of wanted to hear the end of the song,
I figured the main character was gonna go ahead and marry his sister,
And then they'd have a daughter and name her Sue.
Hmm... Come to think of it, that song is a mite insensitive.
But mostly I was mad because now I'd never see Cat 5.
It had already made me so mad that things had stopped rhyming,
And I kept thinking about it, kept getting even madder and madder yet,
And then the doggone poem ended.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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Little Song Bird

Little song bird in my tree
singing your sweet song for me
singing sweetly, singing clear
your song, it fills me with good cheer.

Little song bird sing your song
with all my heart I'll sing along.
A gift from God you grace the earth
there is no measure to your worth.

Little song bird, wild and free
when you leave, will you take me?
Together we could soar so high
across the endless, azure sky.

Little song bird, singing high above
your song, it fills my heart with love.
little song bird in my tree
with your song you set me free.

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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Song Bird

If I were a song bird
I'd soar on feathered wing
to light upon your window sill
my song for you I'd sing.

Each note I'd fill with tenderness
as much as I employ
if you would let me sing for you
I'd fill your heart with joy.

If I were a song bird
to you I'd sing my story.
If it would fall on willing ears
my sad heart would know glory.

Each note infused with sweetness
I would sing with all my heart
the songs you have inspired
right from the very start.

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2008

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I could have held you and kept you from falling
I could have been by your side
We had it all, but it wasn't enough
I could have swallowed my pride

There was so much I could have done
There were so many signs
I never took the time to know you 
I never read tween the lines

Now that it's over and we've gone our ways
Now that the knot is untied
I still get up in the middle of my dreams
Don't know how often I've cried

There was a time I put you before
All of my plans and my schemes
Then I gave it up selling my soul
Along with all of my dreams

Now I am here, living alone
I never dreamed we would part
You gave me some of my most cherished memories
I gave you a piece of my heart.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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Songs of the Seasons- A Collaboration with Heidi Sands

 Spring has fragrant blossoms to reap
 And as it awakens from slumber deep
 Spring sings of blooms and life anew
 And butterflies and skies of blue

 Summer sings of sun and sand
 Of ice cream cones and getting tanned
 Of beautiful sunsets that delight
 Of moonlit walks on sultry nights

 It is in these moonlit walks I take
 Crystalline steps with wishes I make
 That started with Spring's new beginning
 My heart just keeps on singing

 Let there be peace, sunrise to sunset
 In a butterfly's flight to things unseen yet
 Let sweet ice cream tasted in every flavor
 Blend into memories at warm beaches to savor

 For autumn's song will soon take hold
 With rustling leaves of red and gold
 Soon the trees will have no melody to share
 For autumn's song will leave them bare

 Until snow spreads like an angel's wings
 Lining tree branches with glistening white
 Softly, my heart continues to sing
 In the silence of snow, falling into the night
My deepest thanks and appreciation to Heidi for sharing
 her poetic voice. Heidi it has been a pleasure working with you.

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

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The Reapers song

 The midnight moon was full of woe
 As ravens soared within its glow
 Echoes of the reaper's song
 Drift on dark clouds all night long

 She who plays is dressed in black
 and as her threnody meanders through the mist
 the caw of ravens echo back,
  On these the reaper does subsist

 Her violin sows sorrow and despair
 And reaps a river filled with tears
  Her beauty belies her deadly tune
 So sweet the sound to charm the moon
 The thickening mist obscures the moon
 Death's melody plays on, without regret
 The fallen, through the fields are strewn,
 And many more souls will pay their debt
 Contest: The Poets Shadow
 Sponsor: Greg Barden

Copyright © Joseph May | Year Posted 2017

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The Mighty Kern (The end of many dreams)

You’re not real deep as rivers go
You’re really not that wide
When it comes to my feelings of you
They’re feelings I just can’t hide

Through giant boulders you descend 
Winding through canyon walls
Inside you many have met their end
As rapidly as your water falls

Merle Haggard wrote a song of you
You took someone he loved
His song is very beautiful and true
A gift from God above

At four I stood upon your banks
Watched my mother die
Like those before and after her
So many left to cry

Your pools are pools of death
Calm and still they seem
Whirlpools lurking underneath
The end of many dreams

For Brian's contest

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2010

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I Sing a Song of Yesterday

I sing the song of yesterday
When all was truth and light
A time when love was really love
And every dream was bright

I sing the song of yesterday
When youth was virile, strong
A time of joy and happiness
When nothing could go wrong

I sing the song of yesterday
When passion burned with fire
A time when making love was rife
With hunger and desire

I sing a song of yesterday
When beauty reigned supreme
A time when luscious lips would laugh
And blazon every dream

I sing a song of yesterday
When my love was true to me
A time of sweet contentedness
I wish THAT time would be

Jade Celeste

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2015

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Sarong Song

For breakfast I sat down with sweetened cocoa,
then snacked on Hershey kisses all day long.
A chocolate cream éclair I had with dinner.
I’m changing my bikini for sarong.

May 9, 2011 for Eve Roper's New or Old 3 Poetry Contest
 (Quatrain form must rhyme lines 2 and 4 and have similar syllable count)

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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The Poet's Pluck -- Fanny J Crosby

HARMONIES OF NIGHT Weary wand'rer, stop and listen, Give heed to this soothing song, The voice of the night wind carries Words of peace and rest, be strong; Strike the harp of Zion, let's sing Mamma's lullaby tonight, It's melody reminds of how Bells at evening bring delight; Hold thou my hand in the silence, We will sway to the rhythm light, There's music in the air, tune in, Before you bid me good night. 02/09/17

Copyright © Jo Daniel | Year Posted 2017

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Moon Song

Oh, ancient orb of mystery
above the earth so high
hung in your velvet gallery
you grace the nighttime sky.

The stars in heaven bow to you
in chorus, quivering
their voices joining clear and true
to you, their praises sing.

My weary heart, it beats along
with their joyous tune
to sing its own sweet, praise filled song
to you, oh wondrous moon!

Oh, ancient orb of mystery
above the the earth so high
a blessing for the world to see
treasure in the nighttime sky.

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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What the Dead Said about their Favorite Song

Spring said to Summer,
Why don't you come along,
The ice has fully melted,
Can't go back to being wrong.

The Sun got in the spirit,
Started putting on a thong,
The Moon decreed that certain birds,
Would sing a nightly song.

Thought I was getting warmer,
Thought I was getting strong,
Autumn turned upon a heartbeat,
Turned me into Winter long.

Copyright © Doug Vinson | Year Posted 2016

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OUR UNI-SONG If only you are near, dear, how I'd like to stay here You are so special, my core nuclei among all celestial Can I hold you close as if each day our last to rose? With your sturdy heat gaze slowly consume me with each phase Together we'll make ends meet, I know united as one we can't be beat Dancing pressed in the moonlight; like an gulp of raw champagne delight Next to each other a sunset treasure, we can ponder. Facing tomorrows one at a time, love knots in pirouette notes of rhyme. Building a family drive by sheer affection Us - our uni-song, we sing without hesitation. My very soul rejoice if it's all you I befall. And if this life ends suddenly-- Don't you ever forget I am forever with thee... © O.E.Guillermo 9:23 pm, November 15, 2014

Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2014

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dreams or illusions of living in peace and harmony
In thinking about life's problems I didn't come undone
images still float in the wind, music of the Harmonie
The magical dream of people on earth living as one

An adolescent desire of a world with a lasting peace
let us justify a bad decision to stop sowing seeds
or are we nomadic people, living like a flock of geese
Life is following the one in front, unsure of where it leads

with ideas, seeds are sown, establishing a path to peace
Can we transcend innovations, to stop following the flocks
to learn people exchanging views possibilities will increase
listening to people and stop throwing metaphoric rocks

"Yesterday, trouble was distant  life a game to be played"
Our people may be gone, but our past lets us be unafraid
My angel seems far away, but memories will never fade
all dreamers, vying in the game of life will never be swayed

I still believe and long for yesterday

for Beatlemania! contest
of Heather Ober

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2013

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18 Stoic Faces

 18 Stoic Faces
- by Bob Atkinson

eighteen stoic faces
faced four who had come
to read the erudite refrains
of poets both dead and gone

readings were in earnest spoken
for respect for some who had
garnered from the establishment
accolades, awards, well sanctioned

yes, eighteen stoic faces
faced four who read so good
those meaningless diatribes
of useless linguistic words

significance became not evident
for similes provided here
metaphors vaguely crafted caused
me not them to revere

this didn't change my attitude
my demeanor didn't rise
waiting for an end to it
was my only real desire

so I couldn't clap and whistle
and be smiling in my face
that would not have been sincere
became just a little bit ashamed

whistle I didn't do at all
felt not much real emotion
gave a polite nod to those speaking
headed quickly out the door

save me from disjointed thoughts
can't those people see the truth
senseless disorganization
does not good poetry produce
of those thoughts not poetry 
I firmly do believe
the fireplace requires cellulose
for bright flames to feed

listless words written poorly
carried my imagination not
was frozen in my dreamy state
rusted any worthwhile thoughts 

next week went to Vegas
to see the eagle band
and watch as pure emotion
rocked that audience grand

ten thousand had paid apiece
a couple hundred bucks
to see those wordly masters
like Henley, Frey and such

they told of the situation
which emotion played upon
a woman's real life choices
why she'd become despondent

ten thousand cheered upon
recognition of great words
displayed while coddled with sounds
soft guitars and drums beat purrs
I thought "now here lies real poetry"
not those prissy kind of words
that speak only of the unimportant
with wispy mindless verbs

some lock credentials grand
for that which moves us not
and laugh at the suggestion
that song is our greatest art

me, I have a vision
that we shall all enjoy
songs we've grown up with
as emotional literal tomes

Copyright © Bob Atkinson | Year Posted 2014

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The Irony Within A Song (Englyn Form)

I can still hear the song of the spring breeze...
About a love went wrong
When two hearts hid for so long...
Now I hear the requiem's gong

Copyright © Nadine Fababier | Year Posted 2008

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Coplas on Wine by Nicanor Parra, Translated by T Wignesan

Coplas on Wine

( here, the famous AntiPoetic Chilean Poet Nicanor Parra, b. 1914, uses the more popular form of the « copla » genre that he contains in quatrains of 8 to 10 syllables with two lines of each quatrain rhyming at random, though not in perfect rhymes, in order to approximate the lilting « song » forms. He does not adhere to the syllabic and rhyme schemes of other more fixed forms, such as, the « Copla de arte mayor » or the « Coplas a pie quebrado », rather he favours the form known as « Malas coplas », songs composed and sung by the blind in the streets. Parra also uses words which are particular to Chilean expressiveness.)

Feeling nervous, but not without defiance
   towards all that constitutes competition
   in the face of those who deprecate, I beg
pardon and consdescension.

With my face deadpan in coffin
   and my butterflies of old
   I also wish to affirm my présence
in this solemn celebration.

Is there (anything), I (dare) ask
   more noble than a bottle
   of wine well interposed
between two twin souls ?

Wine possesses power
   to command respect and to destabilize
   transmuting snow into fire
and make fire turn into stone.

Wine is all things : it’s the sea
   boots for twenty immeasurable distances
   the magical interior insulation, the sun
the parrot of seven tongues.

Some drink to slake thirst
   others to forget obligations
   and to espy tiny lizards
and cracks and fissures in stars.

The man who’s not drawn to drink
   his cup filled with liquid like blood
   cannot be, so I dare think
a Christian of staunch descent.

Wine can be sipped
   from vessels of silver, crystal or clay
   but it’s best when in copihue*
in fuchsia or in white lily.

The poor allot themselves their portion
   in order to placate their duties
   which they are unable to fulfill
neither with tears nor with strikes.

If I was asked to choose
   between diamonds and pearls
   I would choose a portion
of grapes white and black.

The blind man with a cup
   sees sparks and lightning streaks
   and the lame of birth
who break out dancing the cueca.*

Wine when one drinks it
   with sincerity inspired
   only then can it be compared
to the kiss of a Virgin damsel.

In the name of all this I raise
   my cup to the sun of the night
   and drink this sacred juice
which makes brothers of us all in heart.

•	copihue : flowering plant cultivated as adornment.
* cueca : popular Chilean dance.
© T. Wignesan – Paris,  2016

Copyright © T Wignesan | Year Posted 2016

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In My Life

There are places I remember Some I used to call my home Family house behind the curtain Tiny hotel room in Rome There are people that I met Walking down the path of life Meeting some I do regret Many still walk alongside There were moments in my life Many I admit were hard Gone with a blink of an eye Some I cherish in my heart All those moments and those places People that I know and knew They’d lose meaning, color, flavor If in my life there was no YOU. (Based on "In My Life" by The Beatles)

Copyright © Miroslaw Eric Sulkowski | Year Posted 2013

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A Fallen Sparrow

For only a penny you can buy two sparrows, yet not one sparrow falls to the ground without your Father's consent. (Matthew 10: 29)

I was a little sparrow
Perched on a little ledge
I warbled out my heart
My love song in a pledge

You looked out of the window
And you saw me on my perch
The song didn't suit your fancy
For an arrow you made a search

I kept up my happy song
And little did I know
That sweet look on your face
Was to be my fatal blow

You spoke kind words to me
I was beguiled by your smile
I preened my little features
Danced for you all the while

You found a big enough stone
That would knock me to the ground
And before I knew what happened
There was an explosion of sound

The world around me was spinning
Trees and grass and then sky
I fell down to the ground
I didn't know how or why

My little wing was broken
I lay there throbbing with pain
I looked up at the darkening sky
As felt the first drops of rain

A little boy came running
Picked up my shivering form
He rushed me into the house
Before the darkening storm

His dear Mama bandaged me
Put me in the softest bed
Dripped water into my beak
Gently caressed my feathery head

That night I stopped to wonder
At the hate that you had shown
All I had done was sing my song
Freedom was all I had known

I knew my little wing
Would probably never mend
I’d be bound to the ground
My prayers to the skies I’d send

From one thing I gained comfort
As I saw my rescuer sleep
My Heavenly Father had seen all
And His promise he did keep

I was safe and sound and healing
Would live to see another day
But when you meet God the Father
I wonder what you’ll have to say.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Song To Mother Earth

Mother Earth spinning on your centre
while revolving around Father Sun
making day and night on your surface
and the different seasons every one  

Your flesh provides the vital substance
on which trees, plants and grasses feed
and become food for birds and animals
who partake of them as they need

Some of those birds and animals 
feed others higher in the food chain
and become part of the eco cycle
which continues full circle again

All living things decay when they die
and return to you dearest mother 
to become substance that feeds plant life
and start off a new eco chapter 

Rain and snow from the sky bring water
that feeds the lakes, seas and rivers
which have a food chain of their own
among all their different creatures

Water from the sea becomes vapour
and rises as a cloud formation 
which precipitates as rain and snow
and water after condensation

Sun and Earth combine in harmony
doing so since before our birth
Thank you for feeding all living things
Our dearest blessed Mother Earth

Copyright © john beharry | Year Posted 2014

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Saraswati's Song

Each morning when I rise before dawn
Before I open closed eyes I may see
The essence of my soul’s *etheric body
That dwells deeply inside of me.

As I look at my face in the mirror,
Or is my face really looking at me?
I see a strange looking lady there
In hopeful longing to be set free.

Saraswati please play your sweet music
On your veena now called mandolin. . .
Please enlighten all of my senses
To discern I’ve been reborn again.

I defer to your wisdom dear Goddess
In knowing of my earthborn plight.
My *karma like an opaque veil is lifted
As your song within my heart takes flight.

This poem is about the realization of my purpose here.

Note: *Saraswati is the Hindu Goddess of music, arts, and wisdom
Saraswati actually plays the kacchapi which is an ancient Hindu musical instrument 
more recently known as a veena which most resembles a mandolin.

*Etheric body:
The etheric body is but one of many bodies of man, reflecting, in miniature, the 
seven planes of the universe. The etheric has been described as a network of fine 
energy strands permeated with fire, or as a web animated with golden light. It is the 
golden bowl. These informative extracts are taken from the writings of the Tibetan 
Master via the books of Alice A. Bailey

*Karma: (Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person's actions that determine 
his destiny in his next incarnation

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2010

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Your Melody

You whispered me a love song with the sweetest melody perhaps you should have sung instead a song of tragedy The words you uttered reached my soul and struck an inner chord but now I'm haunted by your tune each note a piercing sword An unrequited lovers song that taunts me night and day I long to have my soul at rest your ghost I try to lay Your shadow seems to follow it just wont let me be you seem to live inside my head of you I can't be free Perhaps deep down I can't let go afraid you'll disappear for then I will be all alone your melody no longer hear But I need for someone else to come and take the place of you to sing to me a different song with words that are brand new.
Sat 9th April 2011

Copyright © Emma Mantle | Year Posted 2011

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Something Like You

Something like a love song
Crossed my mind,
Sang to my soul,
Made my heart fly.

Something like a daydream
Drove me wild
Had me on cloud nine
Free like a child.

Something like a miracle
Hit me hard
Had me jumping and skipping.
I was touching the stars.

Something like a love story
Took my by surprise
Feeling like I won the lotto
Gave me butterflies.

Something like a love song
Played softly to my heart beat
Its all your fault
And I'm swept off my feet.

Copyright © Stephanie Whitley | Year Posted 2010