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Quatrain Science Poems | Quatrain Poems About Science

These Quatrain Science poems are examples of Quatrain poems about Science. These are the best examples of Quatrain Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Stunning Revelations from Ancient Maps

Professor Hapgood’s studies on ancient maps were fixed
Einstein said his theories should be added to history’s mix
Perhaps it proved too big a leap for other minds to take
But his ancient culture findings, Hapgood would not forsake

6000 BC, before Egypt’s pyramids were built
Millennia before Pompeii’s lava had been spilled
Or small fishing boats hugged the Mediterranean Coast
And Columbus’s “daring” voyage was not even close

Ancient seafarers drew with astounding accuracy
Maps of the world they once knew, the fishermen’s legacy
Antarctica sans ice and closer to the equator
The Mid-Atlantic Ridge once an above-sea sky scraper

Siberia touching Alaska with no Bering Strait
(Palin could have seen Russia without snow from her back gate)
 Cuba, England, Sweden, too, on these maps appear clearly
But Sweden’s fully glacial; England’s blanket an ice sheet

If we believe Hapgood, a civilization once thrived
Thousands of years before language; maps keep memories alive
Technology to chart the seas was lost in ancient times
With latitude and longitude measurements quite refined

Sea kings’ cities may have succumbed during the last Ice Age
Surviving nations lost their skill when history turned a page
Geography to be found again when the Earth had healed
“Discoverers” reinvented the forgotten ship’s wheel

Magellan, perhaps not the first to sail around the globe
Admiral Byrd not the first man to visit the South Pole
Spirits from a colony of seafarers can be found
From deep beneath Antarctic ice, they try to spread the word

But laugh they must as scientists forecast global warming
And man attempts to alter life and heed their dire warning
Shifting poles?  Natural cycles!  Men would be well advised
To study the maps Hapgood found and open their closed minds 

To learn more about Professor Charles Hapgood’s map studies and the comments made by 
Albert Einstein, you can visit http://www.crystalinks.com/crustal.html.

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

Details | Quatrain |


We read each other so perfectly
two minds with a single thought,
when we combine, baby it's explosive
chemistry like ours cannot be taught.

The electricity gets me jumping
and attacks the heart's beat,
this experiment you concocted
has revived the frog's feet.

Like a volcanic lava lamp
an eruption of emotion flows,
the heat welds me to you
our bond that nobody knows.

We met inside this classroom
where my opposite attracted to yours,
like magnetized paperclips 
we were linked right from our cores.

We're closer than Dr. Jekyll was
to his hidden self, Mr. Hyde,
but, I can take you by the hand
as we go along for the ride.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |

Wet Moon

Sagan grins from a Pale Blue Dot
As LCROSS finds water in Cabeus.
Is Su Shih's bright moon finally told --
Echoed by Dickinson's moon of gold?

Did Armstrong sit in contemplation
O'er cheesy man-in-the-moon inspiration
By Yeats, Coleridge, Thomas (Dylan) and Shelley;
Li Po, Longfellow, Whitman and Lindsay?

Under Moore's young moon of May we're planting
Bamboo groves in moonbeams slanting.
Moonrise to moonset, across dead rivers --
Elvis and Emily share moon-rock shivers.

To Sandburg's moon of harvest silver,
Wells used Cavorite (but just a sliver).
Now, listen as the Selonites motion --
Whispering of Earth and its teeming blue ocean.

While I, wild moon-child, begin to spool
By the light of Merritt's Lovecraftian Pool:
"Moon-water shall be the death of me
This year."

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Embryonic Time Travelers

Time travel has always fascinated man
Could UFOs be steered by human hands
Consider this premise before you say no
So called “grays” resemble human embryos

Evolution proceeds, gene pool depleted
Mind power expanded but bodies weakened
Future man looks back in a quest to erase
Effects of the technology we embrace

With smog blocking sun’s rays, skin has turned gray
Bodies thin as meat exits the food parade
Reproduction is challenged by low-grade genes
Sad Earthlings search the past and like what they see

Tan, healthy bodies adorned by hairy manes
Fertile women who suckle innocent babes
Men of great strength who clear forests with axes
Strong immune systems when a virus attacks

In sore need of genetic material
Large-brained grays devise a means for time travel
Abductees are beamed to aircraft by bright rays
Frightened while forced to donate their sperm and eggs

Time travelers say nothing, perhaps ashamed
To be stealing from ancestors in this way
Capacity for learning greatly enhanced
But the grays know nothing of sex or romance

When farmers find signs of mutilated cattle
Such evidence should not provoke a call to battle
If future man’s life is genetically revived
Meat may be required to keep humans alive

Don’t hide in terror when you see colored lights
Spinning in circles on chilly autumn nights
Close encounters, but abductees’ lives are spared
Returned to their homes by captors who care

Consider the fate of new generations
If you’re called upon to make a “donation”
Experiments grays perform may seem absurd
But they may be trying to save our own world

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

Details | Quatrain |

Love's Magic

I don’t think it’s foolish,
Simple-minded, silly, whimsical,
Naïve, and/or childish
To believe that love is magical.

So-called experts offer
No scientific explanations
That any would prefer.
Love wordlessly defies summation.

You know that I love you,
But that is so hard to quantify;
And I am loved by you--
I don’t need to know a reason why.

Some believe in magic.
Most believe in something up above.
Wouldn’t life be tragic,
If we all stopped believing in love?!

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Quantum rhyme

Such is the stuff of history, 
butterfly wings and mystery
when the act of observation
affects the observee.

If  Schrödinger's cat
comes up to bat
imagine that 
fastball, curve or slider?

Kilroy was here
or maybe not
if you know the speed
you can't fix the spot.

Copyright © Dave Will | Year Posted 2014

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A Purple People Poem

Retro thrusters, smokey hot,
Thunder in the dim of night.
Sprouting things all green and broke,
Mutant brains are taking flight.

Mole like beasts with huge blind eyes
Push and pour from glowing holes.
Corpses scream with undead cries.
Gelatinous blobs expand with souls.

Bodies flail in polka-dot bikinis
While death rays rip through flesh and bone.
Heady cyborgs sip oily martinis
With metallic olives that chirp and groan.

Curious apparitions haunt vampiric covens
Of werewolves and werecats without revulsions.
Scientists (most mad) create life in lab ovens
In the midst of their monstrous id compulsions.

But the worst and most horrific to face
Are those poetry spouting people beaters,
Cannibalistic abominations from outer space:
The shunned and reviled Purple People Eaters.

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Ancient Astronauts from Mars?

Is that a sphinx we see on Mars
      Resembling the one in Egypt
Just how were the pyramids built
     And pharaohs placed in lavish crypts

When Mars’ oceans began to dry
     Did species seek preservation
Did ancient astronauts arrive
     To colonize a new nation

To date, the complex construction
     Of Egypt’s tombs sparks speculation
Are Martians in man’s family tree
     Hanging limbs, green blood relations

* For the "Sphinx Head on Mars?" contest

Copyright © Diane Locksley | Year Posted 2010

Details | Quatrain |

Intellectual peer pressure

Intellectual peer pressure

The faces change from smiles to sneers
from effusive praises to contemptible jeers.
A man whose wisdom has been seen for years
now forced to face his prideful peers.

A man whose intellect is simply beyond compare
those who read his works just stop and stare.
How can someone hold their own and debate such a man?
His thoughts and reasoning's are as well laid out plans.

His eloquence, his observations, are without any match
outwitted, his enemies, launch and scheme a hateful attack.
He knows their devotion, to unproven theories, is like a religion
He does not cower as he faces their vitriolic words of derision.

The odds are against him, hundreds to one, but he declares his faith in God!
Silence is deafening for a few moments, then one brave soul applauds.
The crowds turn against the two of them, in a heated hateful rage
Ignorance and prideful enmity, is clearly on display!

Without acknowledging that he might be right, they were both voted out!
But, forevermore in the back of their mind there is that lingering doubt...

John Derek Hamilton
February 16,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

I'm Selling My Body To Science

My warm body's on permanent loan to Big Pharma;
I am chancing my health but could care less for karma.
All that money they pay is too good to refuse;
So with minimal risk I have little to lose.

Man, I shovel their food and I watch lots of cable;
And I gain as much weight as I'm possibly able.
I will sleep like Prince Charming awaiting a kiss
From young nurses so sweet their mere presence is bliss.

I can do what I want from pre-dawn to late night
Just as long as I don't give the staffers a fright.
I take nice, long hot showers until I'm beet red;
Some warm milk with six cookies, and then on to bed.

It's pure Heaven, I tell you, it's every man's dream;
You relax all the time, eat desserts with whipped cream,
Then you mark off each day as it languidly fades,
Blithely block out the world by extending the shades.

So work smarter, not harder, all you Type-A's out there;
And let stress be a kind of a fast fading nightmare
Out of which you've been wakened by a woman's soft voice
As she calls you to breakfast, and makes note of your choice.

Copyright © Roderick Molasar | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

Life Has Come From No Scriptwriter's Lot

Life has come from no scriptwriter’s lot,
Nor from any grand design
Living things, from dead Matter wrought,
The sole eternal, Time

By millennia of thoughtless toil,	
By lost, imperfect forms,
Mankind has found the splendid Earth
So presently adorned

The legion that has lived, and perished
Since this fertile sphere began
Have given rise through strife and death 
To the phenomena of man

Who labors a strange and brutish life
And in futility dissolves
While the Earth, round the hellish Sun
Ceaselessly revolves

O, how ignorant is this view of Being
In this vision we scarcely see
In what crevasse crept the silent hand
Of Divinity

Copyright © David Rudisill | Year Posted 2014

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Mount Etna's Dragon

Burping sulfurous fumes
its fiery belly heaves
and gas and ash erupt
knocking me to my knees.

Beneath the pumice beats
a throbbing heart of heat
and I can feel its pulse
surging below my feet.

Treading on crackling skin
I weigh each step I take
or share Icarus’s fate
and pay for my mistake.

I approach carefully 
knowing that I could die
for beneath its chard brow 
I spy the monster’s eye.

Mount Etna's dragon stirs
my imagination
as molten rock boils in
caldron of creation.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Two Poles of the Same Magnet

A look, a touch, a movement, a greeting,
Invisible matter is now a thing in fashion.
Waves of dark energy arrange a meeting,
Similar attractors find a matching passion.

It's a cosmic, complimentary compatibility;
A reciprocated smile on an ice-blue planet.
It's a notion that aids our species' longevity;
Soulmates: two poles of the same magnet.
Create an Idiom - Poetry Contest

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

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100-Year Visitor

I am a robot/hybrid scientist
Observing your planet every one hundred years
I have noted your city states become kingdoms
And then your kingdoms develop to become empires

I've seen your flags gleam with shimmering pride
Recently overshadowed by the banner of technology
It appears you have no resistance to assimilation
Now more and more you depend upon machines

I have noted that you trust in your computers
Far more than you will ever trust in each other
And now your empire has become a technocracy
Inevitably each of you has become only a number

I am making a notation for the next time I pass
Is this inevitably the way it always has to be?
See, I’ve heard my ancestors used to love one another
And now I wonder if you will become as lonely as me

Copyright © The Fringe | Year Posted 2011

Details | Quatrain |

What Big Beautiful Eyes You Have

Mushroom clouds cover the planet
And deadly viruses to advance the plan
An obsolete species draws its last breath
The dust settles on the skulls of man

Souls free to soar the heights
From the direction of alien minds
Too emotional to appreciate the splendor
For our unreasonably fear-based kind

The repopulation of the Earth
With a half-hybrid stoic people
Eyes as big as those we've all seen
In the tabloids that made us chuckle

Factories for test-tube breeding
As operational as an assembly line
Producing state-of-the-art organic widgets
DNA mixed with another alien bloodline

Souls sucked out of the atmosphere
Into new bodies we are embedded
Now able to control our impulses
The Neanderthal gene extracted

Like an employee of the month
Doing my job as been instructed
I have a sudden deja vu
From something beautifully sculpted

I notice an exceptional female
Some how I feel a connection
As if in some way I have known her
Feeling something called 'inspiration'

I follow her with like a puppy
Then she turns to look at me
All four enormous eyes soften
And we continue our beautiful telepathy

Copyright © The Fringe | Year Posted 2011

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Farther Than Daddy Thinks

It's tough when father's head is cracked open.
Mother says, "You and I were chosen."
Secrets spill out like a spritzing soda.
My head is warm with that smoldering odor.

Tranquilized but refusing to sleep.
Father jabs the needle deep.
Her images inspire me.
Father races but cannot flee.

Mother stretches far and wide.
Wherever he is, he cannot hide.
I worship a goddess in golden slippers.
"Daddy doesn't understand ... telepathy," she whispers.

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

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I Wanna Be

Dedicated to Donut Bird.

You throw dead crackers at walking birds,
More stupid people I've never heard.
Now you're sailing past sinking jugs,
Pausing to recall a first love hug.

Tetrahydrocannabinol and carbon rain,
Hosting ghost planets inside your brain.
For the end is near and your world is done,
As the Hellmouth hovers over spoiling fun.

Now I must fight with fortified hands,
The wraiths of fate from demonic lands.
I blast them with lasers from my nuclear eyes,
'till they crisp and smolder, and death does die.

Only then may I dream of forever more,
No raven to caw out chilling lore.
My mouth is dry and my heart does race.
I battle within incomprehensible space.

The phantoms all gather to break my parts,
But I am hot-wired to block their starts.
The reaper reaches to squeeze my soul,
As I zap him (it) with a hot fusion cold.

And now I'm running from a would-be god,
Hanging with a goddess who digs my rod.
Astral projecting from a fat, wet cloud,
I return to Earth for my burial shroud.

This living forever is such a drag,
If I can't have my Dunkin or a girl with a wag.
And I can't throw dead crackers at walking birds,
That pause when they see me -- how absurd!

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

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Fahrenheit 452

Now, books made of pulp are amusing antiques;
We people who buy them are all hopeless geeks.
We don't need to waste any wood when instead
We can access the Web whilst we lie there in bed.

So, why are we still killing trees without end
When all that a writer must do is press "send"?
I don't understand lumber mills of destruction
For products that could go instead for construction. 

Just why do we keep subsidizing those crooks
By shelling out money for overpriced books?
They know very well that they're robbing us blind,
But the joke is on us 'cause we don't seem to mind.

And we ruin our vision by squinting so much
To the point where we might have to live just by touch.
So why don't we just look for an alternate way
To enjoy all those novels and not have to pay?

A much better approach, if the truth's to be told,
Is to listen to stories as in Days of Old.
In our modern parlance it is called, "Audio",
But don't ask how it works, 'cause I surely don't know.

The lyeberry's a place where you borrow for free
The recordings on tape, not to mention C.D.
Their collections grow huge as the years roll on by,
So you'll never run out 'til the day that you die.

Copyright © Roderick Molasar | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

MRI Terror

MRI terror overwhelmed
Magnetic blanket weight
Heavy pressing down crushing air
Compressed can't breath can't do

Changed blanket lighter one helped
Closed eyes, plugged ears, go
Woody The Woodpecker turned loose
Clanging  aluminum

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2010

Details | Quatrain |

Curative Leaves

Under divinities shadow,
Rests the tree of life.
With aromatic branches,
Dissected by a pocket knife.

Medicinal veins lushly flow,
Carrying remedial cures.
A verdant daze ensues,
As romantic buds allure.

Poetic smoke…recites,
The stanzas of cannabis trees.
As healthy lungs exclaim,
The power of curative leaves.

Inspired by a Lucky Lopez!!!

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2012

Details | Quatrain |


Subtraction If you subtract your bad self, In every way, every part as best you can, Then you’ll find better health, And other people won’t suffer a ban. You will add something onto, Your character if you resolutely control, Your ego, there’ll be binary two, As a friendship bond will fill your bowl. Fractions are always negative, When you are the irrational number, ‘Cos you vector line affirmative, Has malfunctioned and objects thunder. The matrix lain out, pure physical, Is real and determines all your decimals, But a point that’s not whimsical, Can be proven by algebraic relationals. You need to duly remember, Not to mess with your quantities or mix, Your subtrahend remover, Is not space for glee, and not your bricks. The difference made, ensuing, From putting your vectors back in line, Can give the segment pursuing: That life building on your minuend divine. Events cumulate into war zones, And you can’t take back your cruel words, So just inverse your ring tones, To add affection to your partial bon accords. Your integer rhymes in reason, When the natural is plainly detected, So when you offer treason, Just order on, your associations respected.

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

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God is the cardinal creator
He is the generous giver
He can rise a dead to life, being the grantor
He can create a thing that existed never

He gave what you have
He knows whatever you know
Your deeds drive Him to decide what to give
As you deserve, He does sow

From you, He has nothing to get
He may test you before giving
To test your devotion, test He may set
To adjudge your faith and to ordain your living

Divine dream driven to sacrifice his dearest son
Candid command relates, not to a materialistic thing
One that can’t be a supplant or substitute being beyond season
Rather very well one, from his own being

Being the one and only son,
who was born of the Spirit, by the will of God
for a centenarian father, with a divine reason
as Abraham always adored Allah, for the overall good

Yet his faith on God as the Judge of the universe, was not weaken
Nor he took it as the biggest bitter pill to swallow
His trust over Allah was not shaken
Bewildering but bemused Abraham chose his dream to follow

His wife too accepted the sacrifice, with pleasure
She knows him as a man of noble character and an ‘apostle of Allah’ 
He was obedient to Allah and upright by nature
He never knows then, he too shall stay in history as messiah

Farewell kiss in the forehead of son, she gave
Son too set forward amusingly unto the altar
Execution was about to happen but Allah intervened to save
To proclaim the faith of Abraham as an ever shining star

This a terrific trial to test the deepness of devotion
Act of Abraham is an exemplary example of selfless surrender
Upholds the unity and understanding of a family, with a mention
Obedience to God opens gates of riches, grace, kindness and wonder!

His firm faith is famed as the holy ‘Muslim festival of sacrifice’ 
Eid-ul-Adha ever confirms that God unfailingly rewards those who do right
Faithful obedience to God like Hazrat Abraham, is suffice! 
Even in dark and dungeon, God shall give you then, hope and sight!!

Above Poem is adapted from the eBook "BIRD OF PARADISE AND OTHER POEMS" by Mr.V.MUTHU MANICKAM. Copyrights reserved.

Copyright © V.MUTHU MANICKAM | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

We Are Not Alone

We are not alone
in the universe.
And pretending so
seems almost perverse.

We are not made in
the image of God.
For in many ways
we are weak and flawed.

Alien visits
were deftly denied.
Yet our government
repeatedly lied.

We're not as stupid
as politicians think.
And we respond with
a smile and a wink.

The moon rings hollow
that’s the honest truth.
Yet, we skirt that fact
and lie to our youth.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |


Stepping through a vale she spied an oak,
its branches scratching heaven's glow 
and anchored to the earth its twisted roots
clawed deeply through the soil below.

Embracing now its weathered bark she found
her scrawny body stretched from stern to stem,
her very blood the sap which seethed within
and energized the giant denizen.

She was at once the tomboy and the tree,
photosynthesis and flesh and bone
will reach the spheres, the bowels of earth
both bodies joined, the fusion done.

She was one with insect and with bird,
the wind and rain conjoined and made her wife
to all of nature, sea and sky 
to hail the consanguinity of life.

Copyright © Keith Bickerstaffe | Year Posted 2015

Details | Quatrain |

When Solar Flares

             When Solar Flares

Give The Sun Citations when it disrespects the laws of nature
For not following ways of man at all cost and cause and case
No matter what your rules might indicate
A certain fate awaits

Space between all atoms is enormous
The reason we don’t walk through walls
Or fall through floors is not magic
Atoms don’t hold themselves alone, suspended in empty space

It is magnetic fields that react to those two forces
That keeps the universe in place
When sun’s highways of solar flares, stream in channels 
Travel in their respective places, all is well and fine

When they follow normal traffic rules and stay in lanes
Suns don’t have our mind
They seem to stray in more than one direction
Magnetic streams collide, send corona blasts to Earth

When solar storms collapse for months or years our infrastructures
Say good bye to power grids and life as you once knew it
Prepare to rub two sticks together for heat and warmth
Get out bongo drums
Tap text messages to your friends


Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Quatrain |


One day I swear I will save her
In my neighbourhood for many old years
Just when I have a bright star thought
Of how daughter belong in Africa.

You have no idea how big the universe is,
Surrounded by love far too humble
For three centuries I have worked,
With one thought keeping me alive

The nanoseconds fly by as do the light years,
By and by kettle is overused,
Anticipation of another dimension,
Cheers the red desert fugitive in Johannesburg.

So one mistake can cost earth,
A turn up for the humans,
The universe was alerted, 
They came took and relinquished fish hook.

Pity pit of hell,
Here comes the release of rain,
Many storms caused by unspoken angerm
Lonely heart,radio dark.


Copyright © Anthony Dover | Year Posted 2013

Details | Quatrain |

Close Encounter (Co-written with James Fraser)

Galactic gases with oxygen mix
Inject my pod for my mission to earth
To search the galaxies and look for life
Universe quadrants, many left in dearth
          What is that I see shining o'er the trees?
          A bright orb, green lights, hovering above
          I'll don my robe and step outside to see
          Could be a project of the U.S. Gov
My craft lands on this planet earth
In a wooded hillside above a small town
My computers tell me it's near Helena
Will I have been seen touching down?
          From this small craft a tall man emerges
          Slim with a broad chest and large, gentle eyes
          His face looks so kind, my heartbeat surges
          From where comes this man and the ship he flies?

My ancestors were right it's a beautiful place
Forests of green, that nearly touch their skies
Incredible sounds resonate from their surrounds
Are the people the same, or do they still despise?

         "Are you hurt?" I ask, hoping he'll say no
         I cannot help stare; his eyes mesmerize
         Extending my hand, he reaches, takes hold
         Sharp currents run through me; I'm hypnotized

I sense no fear as I introduce myself
My name is Semaj from a planet beyond
The warmth I feel as I touched her hand
A touch of humanity, two millennium in respond

          "You are an alien?" asked I so meekly
          "You look like one of us; how can that be?"
          But the energy coursing through my veins
          Said he had been sent by God lovingly

We look the same but we have many differences
Our bodies have evolved in certain ways
Your faith and love endear me to you
I know what you're thinking and what your heart displays
          You read my thoughts well; somehow I sense yours
          It seems all my life I have waited for you
          A "starman" has finally found his way
          And I vow that our friendship will prove true

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

Details | Quatrain |

Its Unfinished Business

It’s Unfinished Business

Knowing so well that you have the answer, 
To church, Christian theology and beliefs, 
That’s it’s just a mental illness majestic, 
That they’re really only sanity thieves. 

Shut up by the Youth Fellowship leader, 
Who used disability and loneliness techniques, 
Under the shelf of nobility, ruined asunder, 
By their communication fabric and cliques. 

Pleasured by evolution, overjoyed, focussed,  
Able to express that meaning to be given, 
Wanting to tell the whole story, not discussed, 
Of behaviour, choice, sex and genetics, driven. 

Going away for a bit, but will come back,  
From those debates on creationism/evolution, 
It’s unfinished business, the reply yack, 
Time will give me my worth and derivation. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

The Marvel of Evolution

I marvel at the hope found in evolution, 
The message of newness everyday;
The ancestry, use of strength, genetics, 
The honouring of sex and life’s sway. 

The knowledge that behaviour matters, 
What I do daily determines my genes, 
That I pass on to my children, grandkids, 
And influences my relationship scenes. 

To take belief out with its fine context, 
Is cruel, dangerous and unnecessary, 
Makes the body clock jeer at the text,  
Introduces a slippy catch, not arbitrary.  

I can be made happy by visiting the zoo, 
By interacting with monkeys which thrill, 
Which save me from my introversion wazoo, 
Apes, giraffes, camels with expression fill. 

I don’t know if god exists, but am sure not, 
So if I talk to him, it’s a different experience, 
So I’d rather, if in doubt, when I’m fraught, 
Speak to animals who have no diffidence. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Quatrain |

Universal tranquilogy

floating along in the cosmos
a diamond in the sea
a pretty little planet
how can this all be

so many yet so few
in the ratio it seems
birthing forth the life
of what's all to be

so much beauty 
in a whirling tendril of flame
yet its all just energy
even you and me

life has more energy than the sun
nine times more in fact
the energy of one
watching evolution react

sparkles in the sky
show us through the night
we all need to ask why
instead of trying to fight

I hope this reaches all
while were spinning here in place
I hope that we don't fall
from floating in outer space

Copyright © Brandon Hoffman | Year Posted 2014