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Kiss the Rain

I'm leaving now, but here is a reminder
'Twill bring to you the days we walked through rain
So when you wish to feel my hand in yours
Or stroke your dripping hair-- Then kiss the rain

Though leaving now, I wish I could be with you
So when you feel o'erwhelmed with grief or pain
And long for my caress upon your face,
The rain will touch instead-- So kiss the rain

Whenever you have tho'ts of this sad parting
And salty tears your lovely cheeks do stain
To feel the tears for you I'll surely have
Do this, and I will too-- Go kiss the rain

Whenever you are longing for my presence
And times that we went strolling down the lane
I'll whisper soft endearments on the breeze
So heed the sighing wind-- And kiss the rain

If ever you should pine to hear me speaking
The thunder might burst forth with glorious main*
While drops that fall are sure to be my tears,
To feel them wet your skin-- Just kiss the rain

* Power or Force

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

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Rolling Thunder And A Gentle Rain

The gentle music flows
from every drop of rain,
as it just lightly taps
against my window pane.

The wind begins to whistle
it's own melodious song,
while the wind-chimes
dance and play along.

The soothing sounds cast open
the windows and doors.
I close my eyes and breathe.
The energy surrounds me as my spirit soars.

I hold out my hand and feel the raindrops
as if they were at play.
My breath now quickened with emotion.
I taste the rain on my lips as I embrace the glorious day.

The curtains blow inward
the breeze itself is warm,
my mind is so peaceful
in the calm before the storm.

The sky's voice trembles
from above a darkening cloud,
as the rolling thunder
speaks it's thoughts aloud.

The thunder awakens
the flash of light.
The part of nature
that sends some to flight.

I chose to embrace the power of nature
in the earth and sky.
And bask in the wonder
that fills my eyes.

The rain seems to be letting up
as it puddles on the green grass,
and the once powerful winds
are now calming down at last.

The gray clouds are parting
and a bright rainbow forms,
proving that something beautiful
can come from such dangerous storms.

My eyes close and I breathe
in the scent of the cleansing rain.
The brilliant hues of the rainbow
dance in my mind where I feel no pain.

The sun peaks from behind the clouds
just to say hi.
I feel the warmth against my face
as I view the beauty with a sigh.

Written by: Kelly Deschler & Nature Boy

For Jared Pickett's contest - "Collaboration"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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Oh Gentle Rain

Oh gentle rain
come to me now
please wash this pain from me
in lifes unkindness I'm immersed
and need to be set free

Oh gentle breeze
please breathe new life
into this dying soul
from my travels I am weary
refresh and make me whole

Oh flowers sweet
let me hide
among your beauty fair
touch me with your loveliness
and leave your beauty there

Oh come to me
in kindness please
with your gentle ways
the world it has inflicted me
and darkened all my days

Oh come to me
and touch my heart
please change this dark to light
take away the ugliness
that turned my day to night

Copyright © Robin L. Gass | Year Posted 2009

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I'll Come to You

When you’re feeling sad or lonely
your heart swelling with the pain
stand beside the nearest window
I will come to you in the rain.

When you hear the clap of thunder
and bright lightning fills the lane
wait for tap of raindrop patter 
I will come to you in the rain.

Think of me in this dark prism
my head hanging as in shame
Feel my heart beating wildly
as I come to you in the rain.

When rain drops bead on glass
press you lips to the windowpane
I’ll be waiting, ever waiting
with sweet kisses in the rain.

Two hearts beating with the rhythm
of the raindrops hushed refrain
two hearts eager, crying, sighing 
forever together in the rain.

Revised 7/24/2015
© cfa 7/24/2015

Copyright © Cona Adams | Year Posted 2015

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Autumn Rain

...				Summertime is growing weary.
				Welcome to the autumn rain,
				A new season taking over
				Hydrating the earth again.

				Arid land with celebration
				Greedily absorbs each drip,
				With the dry and dusty flora
				Raising eager mouths to sip.

				Running rivulets of water
				Turning grasses back to green.
				It is showering time for nature
				Every plant a new washed sheen.

				Summer lingering in spasms,
				She must abdicate with grace.
				This is changing of the seasons.
				Fall is slipping into place.

				Autumn dressed in leaves of color
				Gold and scarlet, every tone.
				Pre-apology for winter
				With a splendor all  her own.

Copyright © Joyce Johnson | Year Posted 2011

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The Rain Effect

The rain outside my door
Its talk, a calming effect
Upon my restless spirit, implores 
the need to reflect.

The rain, drenching the moors
Its pounding upon rocky crests
Like the clapping of hands, soars
Upon the senses, dissolving stress.

The rain inviting me outdoors
Its plead to leave the comfort of concepts
Exchanging the warmth of safe indoors
For the dramatic cold of clarity, intercepts.

The rain, cleansing a downpour 
Its relentlessness stripping the walls erected
Around the damaged heart, explores
Upon new possibilities, wider directed.

The rain, beckoning a force
Its puddles upon my feet impress
With childlike laughter, a dance extorts
Revving the spirit, the genuine soul expressed. 

By CarolineCécile
copyright © 02.06.10

Copyright © Caroline Cécile Delacroix | Year Posted 2010

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Listen to the sound the rain makes,
As it drums out it's own special tune;
Tapping a mystic melody,
On windows and roof tops and dunes.

Lulling the weary traveler,
And soothing the cares of the day;
Calming the troubled spirit,
And chasing my blues away.

Pattering 'gainst my window,
It chases away my frown,
As with warm cup of tea and a blanket,
I hurry to get settled down.

Outside the rain patters merrily,
Inviting me come out and play.
Inside I'm cozy and comfy,
I'll go out some other day.

For now I'll enjoy the music,
On rooftop and window panes.
All comfy and warm I'll sit her and watch,
As raindrops play little games.

Scurrying 'cross my window,
And making small rivers and streams,
As children in bright colored raincoats,
Chase paper boats through my dreams.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2017

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Through the Rain

She cried and screamed what's wrong with me
I believe I'd sell my soul
To find out why this anger haunts me
Why do I lose control?

I always hurt the ones I care for
It's a battle every day
Do I hate myself so much
That I'm pushing them away?

Her self esteem was taken away 
When she was just a child
Adopted at the age of four
Hungry, abused, sexually defiled

How can we as human beings
Turn and look the other way?
Animals don't treat their young like that
Will  there be a judgement day?

Flashbacks come and stir the fires
Of the pain she can't forget
She lashes out unthinkingly
Then her heart fills with regret

Teach her to love the person she is
Install a sense of pride
Teach her to look within her soul
And see the beauty deep inside

Don't turn away when this anger comes
Don't give up on this child in pain
She'll give you a world of sunshine
If you hold her through the rain.

        If you hold on long enough, the child doesn't have an excuse to quit on 
herself. Too many, parents, foster parents, adopted parents give up too soon and 
the child becomes systemized.

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2006

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The Legend of Rain: A Love Story

(this is a type of quatrain called Swap Quatrain,
wherein the fourth line of each stanza
is actually the first line, just swapped around)

Another Time, long long ago,
there was no Rain; there was no Snow.
No reason was there, and no rhyme
long long ago, another Time.

A desert only, lifeless land -
boulders, pebbles, grains of sand;
hot and windswept, barren, lonely
lifeless land; a desert only.

From Sky was tossed one day, a seed
onto this land so much in need,
whose dreariness would soon be lost.
One day a seed from Sky was tossed.

In Sun’s bright heat, the small seed grew
until an egg it changed into.
It needed only moisture sweet.
The small seed grew in Sun’s bright heat. 

Sky clapped loud sound; a bird appeared.
The egg was pulsing as she neared.
White feathers fluttered to the ground.
A bird appeared; Sky clapped loud sound.

As Rain came down. . . A sudden change!
The bird turned into something strange -
A lovely girl with feathered gown!
A sudden change as Rain came down.

With Rain’s soft fall, the egg had burst.
Emerging from the egg came first
One horse, then two.  Fantastical!
The egg had burst with Rain’s soft fall.

The horses grew beneath big Sun.
They thrived; with Rain they were as one.
Along with her, like Wind, they’d run.
Beneath  big Sun, the horses grew.

Twin beasts and Rain, that dry land’s three
became a new world’s trinity.
And with them, green and springtime came.
That dry land’s three: twin beasts and Rain.

With so much spring, with Rain’s pure grace
came poetry into that place.
Bright flowers bloomed when she would sing
with Rain’s pure grace, with so much spring.

Variety, the needful thing,
Rain prayed out loud for Sky to bring.
And so was born for her to see:
the needful thing, Variety!

Then came down Snow from up above.
This counterpart was Rain’s true love.
When white Snow ebbed, sweet Rain would flow.
From up above, then came down Snow.

Sweet Rain, white Snow, atop each horse,
still ride the land and set the course
of when their seasons come and go.
Atop each horse, sweet Rain, white Snow.

By Andrea Dietrich

Inspired by A Rambling Poet's Contest:
"Rain: the Story"

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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In a Puddle

Circular round, quite over and over Raindrops fall rightly into the puddle Grey as the darkest color except night Making the mind to become quite muddled The purest of reflections disturbed here Through the puddle it is shown now aligned Grandest creation put at a small scale It remains still when perfectly designed Great puddle reflects the world above it Only interrupted by a few drops They are a blessing to view, heaven sent Made for enjoyment, boys in them to hop Silver surface suggests sure royalty Abundance of delight, marvelous light Reflected off the surface of water Brilliant and beautiful even in night No matter how grey the sky is above Puddles collect raindrops quite lovingly Making ripples to flow from end to end Rain creates an aura and is friendly Opens the heart to the beat of a drum Leaving the feeling of awe before me No part of nature put forth projection Life that is important and surely free Russell Sivey

Copyright © Russell Sivey | Year Posted 2014

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Why sit and worry over things,
That seem to happen daily;
Little things that come and go,
That just annoy us, really?

Why get angry over certain things,
That those around us do;
'Cause people make mistakes sometimes,
And life's too short to stew,

O'er things that sometimes come  about,
Without a soul to blame,
'Cept Happen-stance and Circumstance,
For want of other names.

To fume and worry constantly,
Makes mind and body sicken.
It doesn't solve a single thing.
It takes the joy from livin';

For God has deemed that rain will fall,
On fair and foul alike,
And what can grow without the rain,
As well as warm sunlight;

So take the rain and praise the Lord,
For sunlight and for showers,
And thank Him every day that dawns,
For blessings He's made ours.

                               Matthew 5:44-45

In other words be grateful what you have and don't sweat the small stuff.
Everybody has problems, you ain't unique.

Copyright © Judy Ball | Year Posted 2012

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A Summer Storm

At first only a few droplets
fall from heaven to quench the heat.
And like drips of perspiration
splashes start to freckle the street.

What begins as a light sprinkle
morphs into a raging downpour.
And whirlpools form over manholes
for flooded drains can take no more.

Lightening splinters darkened skies
as thunder makes the buildings shake.
And the wind howls like a banshee
garbage cans rattling in its wake.  

A sun baked ground that’s cracked and dry
doesn’t absorb like a blotter.
And soon little islands appear
awash in a sea of water.

As the summer storm passes
drops dwindle to only a few.
And the clouds open up for awhile
affirming that the worst is through.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2016

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Because of the weather, the game was rained out. Baseball is something many of us can’t do without. It’s the only sport we get to see throughout the summer. When the game is postponed, it usually is a bummer. For a few lucky cities, they can close the roof up top. When playing indoors, rain will not make the game stop. However, in most cities, they have to play outside. When the rain comes down, there is no place to hide. It doesn’t matter if your seats are in the lower or upper deck. If the game is called, they will only give you a rain check. You have to go home if the teams do not play. Just come back when the game is rescheduled another day.

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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Why Don't Sheep Shrink In The Rain

Something I've always wondered about
A subject near and dear to my heart
Why don't sheep shrink in the rain
It's puzzled me right from the start!

A theory that sometimes is bandied about
Maybe their wool is non-shrinking
Sounds quite a bit far fetched to me
Someone's jazzing me I'm thinking!

Quite plausible if you think about it though
But whether it's true or it's not
Sheep I've talked to don't give a rat's ass
Damn wool is making them hot!

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2012

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Morning Fog

Gray fog on silent, smokey feet
walks by while cricket songs still greet.
It languishes on cool, night air
and adds to darkness shadowed flair.

The eaves drip honey-heavy drops
onto the ground in easy plops.
Damp remnants of a late night shower
that fell to earth from cloudy tower.

Each blade of grass is wet with tears
of rainclouds as the night sky clears.
This sweet and weighty air tonight
an aromatic dream delight.

This smoky coat of fog belies
then dissipates as dawn gives rise.
We wake to see fog's night-coat spurned
as sultry sunshine takes its turn.

                           Gray Fog

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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the storm

today it stormed inside the house
while outside it was sunny and warm
it thundered and rained so very hard
it was no ordinary storm

the winds they raged in every direction
and made the rain fly and not fall
some rain few upward through the wind
in the cyclones many claws

then the calm of the storm finally came
i could see the sun so calm and new
it was just like a day in spring had come 
except for the damages that storms do

but suddenly again the tempest it raged
the wind seemed to blow out the other end
i'll hold on tight with all my strength and might 
knowing my storm is you

Copyright © john loving iii | Year Posted 2010

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A Murky Sky

Raindrops splash against the glass
with a pitter-patter sound.
And as the hours slowly pass
water saturates the ground
where muddy puddles abound.

Clouds dabbled purple and gray
roll across a murky sky.
And upon this gloomy day
dejected birds will not fly
reluctant to even try.

Shadows pool in silhouette
drowning colors starved of light.
And everything's soaking wet
giving the wind a sharp bite
as a shy sun slinks from sight.

It's hard to escape the blues
or keep the doldrums at bay.
And forget about your muse
for she won’t come out to play
on such a depressing day.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Pitter Patter

Pitter patter, drip, drop, it’s not an April shower
Drip, drop, drip, drop raining hour after long hour
Suddenly the sun streaks through, javelins of sunlight
Then back to pitter, patter, and rain throughout the night.

In and out of doorways, trying to stay dry
Thunder crashing the Queens dead, the country seems to sigh
Edward the happy monarch will rule with fun from now on
Rain, rain, it never stops crying for the Old Queen is gone.

The sun breaks through the London grey, it sparkles on a tree leaf
Drops still dripping slowly, displaying all their grief.
Happy times are coming, skipping down the London streets
Children playing hopscotch, while the bobbies are on the beat.

A blossom opens a leaf unfurls, breathes the rain drops in
The first sup of clean water in these london streets so grim.
Pitter, patter, feel the rain - dodging in and out of doorways
Trying to keep dry in the summer rain as one does always.

The ringing of the bells, Big Ben strikes the hour
A begging hand from a pile of rags huddled in the shower.
The old queen is dead and gone, but wanders through her city
Looking left and right, she shakes her head in certain pity

Through London town she wanders where dirt and grime abound
She’s searching for she does not know - until it she has found
The thunder crashes the rain pours then drips slowly to an end
The queen is dead long live the King she prays his ways he’ll mend.

©~GG~ 2012 
Entry for Tracie's Anything goes competition This is a Poem I have just done for a Magazine about when Queen Victoria died. 

Copyright © Mandy Tams The Golden Girl | Year Posted 2012

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Out of the blue
And into the grey
As the clouds roll by
The sun goes away

As the rain settles down
And washes the air
Tomorrow will be
Light, crisp and fair

Puddles on the road
Mud in  the driveways
And grass that is wet
Such are summer days

The sound of the drips
Of rain drop splashes
The rumbles above
And lightning flashes

The chill that it brings
A cool from the heat
Making life fresh
And the air smelling sweet

Then the rain goes away
And the sun peeks out
The kids run outside
And jump, and scream, and shout

Out of the grey
And into the blue
The clouds are all gone
The day's bright and new

Copyright © Sean Taylor | Year Posted 2015

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Tears Fell Like Rain

Over the years tears fell like rain
drowning hope deep within my heart.
And fragile dreams immersed in pain
slowly began to fall apart.

Shunning rules of propriety
you placed yourself first and me last.
And fueling anxiety
allocated love to the past.

I remember the tender hugs
that once made me feel ten feet tall.
And those funny innocent shrugs,
I recall the charm of it all.

When you left me I changed the locks
now all that's left is bitter tears.
For despite my pleas and long talks
your cheating grew over the years.

You went where I couldn't follow
and yet, you beg forgiveness still.
But your empty words ring hollow
you don't love me and never will.

Life seemed perfect without a flaw
till I became yesterday's toy.
And you loaded that final straw
that broke my heart and stole my joy.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Tears with Rain

Mystery this frail existence—
leaning into heedless wind.
Omen of pale dawn’s insistence—
all are fallen; all have sinned.

Distant birth’s incipient morn—
divergent lives their myriad courses.
Faux angelic forms suborn—
risen Sheol’s rotting corpses.

Uncertainty’s advancing chill—
day’s end finds us near surrender.
This road of life seems all uphill—
existence deems us mere pretender.

Now dismiss this moribund charade—
see wellsprings rise and thwart disdain. 
Wild their fountains now cascade—
mingle then your tears with rain.

In honor of newlyweds Sarai Romano and Todd Virden

Copyright © Mark Peterson | Year Posted 2016

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Rain Cocoon

I find a friendly darkness
between the drops of rain;
I welcome skies of gray
that open up and ease my pain.

It matters not how hard
the scented drops may fall;
they enter in my soul
to wash away the gall.

Suddenly, with loud crashes,
or gently, all day long,
I revel in the magic;
to me the rain is song.

The windowpanes that flow,
the lowered, darkened sky
keep me safe within myself
and no one knows I cry.

Copyright, August 23, 2015
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2015

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Desert Lightning

Clouds stretching above craggy peaks gracefully
Mushrooming ever higher with each hour.
A vision beguiling across the speckled slate valley,
The distant rumbles echo compelling power.

Lured towards the storm where my love awaits
As I approach, gray-white canopy growing
Amplifying charge drawn towards its mate,
Breathless need for the deeper knowing.

Thunderhead’s navy blue underside deepens
The verdant forest below infinitely attractive.
Inside, a growing lightning bolt quickens
To your approach, I become reactive.

Charges arc together as my lips touch yours
The golden crescendo, our currents unite.
Timeless infinity of the union pure
Rattling windows, the thunder’s might.

Damp sagebrush scent lilts on the breeze
Deep electric blue sky, gone is the weather
Sunlight refracts through dripping trees, 
Current dissipated, hearts nestled together.


Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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White Rain

White Rain
Carly Button	

They say they wanna live my lifestyle but is that what it’s about?
smoking in the kitchen as I kiss my mommas mouth
haven’t seen dad in a week now he’s passed out on the couch
only opens eyes to watch my sisters titties bounce
I grab him by the cheeks and he doesn't reply
is it true, did you lie, bitch look in my eyes
moneys gone faster than you can say hi
Daddy’s locked up in the cellar, no way he’s getting better
Left me and my mom and one single letter
A kingdom of powder where now I was the queen
and a field of subjects notorious for getting mean
I was the heir to a throne where I couldn’t say no
And a job that even if I tried I couldn’t let go
cocaine had suddenly became the lead on the stage
the key to a game that he had left me to play
hiding secrets and lies like a fugitive in my mind
A dark chapter unfolding in the book of my life
I had dreams of one day becoming an author
now i’m sitting in my kitchen cooking crystals in a saucer
you wanna live my lifestyle, try living in fear

that one day a pop 
	will be the last thing you hear.

Copyright © Carly Button | Year Posted 2015

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Kiss the Rain

Summer's heat sometimes holds a mid-day shower,
and as children we would run and play with giggling glee.
With open mouths, and open hearts, we splash in hollows
tasting all the rainy day fares and their beauty

In muddy roads, in soggy grass, how we'd splash and play;
we'd ring-around-the-rosie hand in hand, then all fall down.
Rain-kissed were we, infants at play in nature's beauty
unashamed, we lay upon each other on the ground.


Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2013

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Nature at its best charm

Tip tap splitter-splatter , 
Goes down the rain.
Flying down with a clatter , 
Creating brooks along the lane …

From the dark , fluffy clouds... 
Descending with the breeze..
Exciting the overjoyed crowds , 
Swaying along with the trees …..

Splashes in the cool puddles , 
Muddy footprints of toddlers and teens ... 
Accompanied by the pleasant sounds of guggles , 
And happy faces with wide beams …

It is a blessing , a form of love ...
No frowns , no sorrow ,  no hatred , no harm , 
Just healing the pains , smoothening the rough , 
Because nature is at its best charm …. 

Copyright © Saanvi Dua | Year Posted 2014

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Stone black is the park at will But cool is the night That gleams across a lone hill Oak decked in white With moistened twigs nearly bare Clinging the pond Windblown by misty air Tells me I am bound For one early morning rain Languid in repose Pounding on an incised pain Bench without a rose This heart trickles as it sits A throb that heaves For drenched flower that wilts Upon dark moon’s eaves Oh the park knows my longing Tasting all seasons That drape souvenirs’ mourning In rain and reasons ..... *inspired by the title of Lightfoot's song, "Early Morning Rain" by nette onclaud Francine Roberts’ Write Me a Lightfoot Poem

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2012

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             ANGEL IN THE RAIN

Last eve heard my prayer that I would awake to a rainbow
And only the mistiness would know how it would go                         
   Oh and I awoke to see the colors that so blessed my eyes
While at the edge of that rainbow the rarity of an angel cries

I hear her loudly weeping from far above
Bemoaning the besmirching of yesterday’s love
Perhaps rainbows only appear to soothe an angel’s heart
Until a multi-tinted pallet and the sky are made to part

There then is left but a memory born by the blue
And only a hint of what the heavens can do
Rainbows can appear and disappear at will
Yet weeps that woe filled angel still

The sky turned blue a bit later on
Once that reverent and radiant rainbow was gone
Mine is cold comfort when a coal colored sky finally clears
Until another angel dries that weeping angel’s tears
© 2013  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~

Copyright © jeffry cohan | Year Posted 2013

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Rain's Song

The seasons have spoken,
It will not be long
Cure life that's broken,
Hear the rain's song

The bright pulse of light,
Visions afar
Descending to sight
In one shining scar

The heavens are crying,
They weep for our good
The sunlight is dying,
As often it could

With soft, muffled humming
It does us no wrong,
The strings gently strumming
To play the rain's song

Copyright © Eden Waterbird | Year Posted 2016

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I am but a broken book case. The books that contain the story of my life lay strung around open for the world to read...

Constantly being reminded of my shortcomings keeping me in pain.
Clouding my mind and judgment. No clear view in this rain.
Blindly moving forward as I am forced to face behind.
People taking my docile attitude as my weakness because I choose to act in kind.
Cinderella lost in her own world since reality is a never ending list of things to do.
I too once had dreams to become someone but I couldn't afford the view.
Pouring my heart out to the full moon as her dim light shines through the cracks of my broken self. Illuminating words of hope in the books of my life that have fallen from the shelf.

Copyright © Christina Hons | Year Posted 2015