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Since Youve Been Gone- A 24 Year Old Poem

Since you’ve been gone….
	The flowers have lost their color
		The sun refuses to give its light
			The moon weeps in her sorrow
				And days have turned into night
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	The birds sing a mournful requiem
		The wind moans at the windowsill
			The sea threatens and billows
				The starlight has grown suddenly dim
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone…
	My world has crumbled down
		The people laugh at my pain
			My strength has withered away
				My tears mix with the rain
					Since you’ve been gone

Since you’ve been gone
	I’m haunted by the beauty of your smile
		I count the endless seconds and days
			I moan your name to my bedroom walls
				I wander around in an endless maze
					Since you’ve been gone

Nothing, no nothing has been the same…
Since you’ve been gone

Eileen Manassian
Circa 1991- 1992

I know there are some changes that need to be made to this, but I wanted to share this with you as I wrote it when I was about...24ish. I wrote it for my then boyfriend who is now my husband. He is the only man who has ever made love to me. I've known him since we were 12....

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye to a legend - Mohammed Ali tribute

The Oscar Wilde of the boxing ring, floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee. Ali bomaye; African children would sing, as the boxing ring became his poetry. Known as the sportsman of the century, defiant against the Vietnam war. They tried to send him to the penitentiary, but he showed them how a real lion should roar. Thriller in Manilla showed his true grit, barbaric 14 rounds in unbearable heat. Against medical advice, he refused to quit, but was never the same when he did compete. Each trial outboxed, overpowered and outdanced, a legend of integrity and sincerity. His reputation forever enhanced, Mohammed Ali was a unique rarity.
4 June 2016 Thriller in Manilla: Ali beats Frazier 1975 The third fight between Ali and Smokin' Joe was one of boxing's greatest spectacles with one of the sport's saddest footnotes. After Frazier beat Ali in 1971, Ali claimed a unanimous-decision victory over Frazier in January of 1974, setting up the mother of all deciders in the Philippines. Frazier seriously resented Ali and it only intensified after Ali labelled him an "ugly dumb gorilla" and "the white man's champion" ahead of their third bout. The fight was predictably brutal for all those reasons and so many more. Starting at almost 11:00am to accommodate US broadcast times and fought in an arena that was quickly turned into a sauna by Manila's humidity, the thousands of spectators and the television lights, both ageing pugilists were pushed to their physical limits. After 14 rounds of brutality lacking the skill and style of their famous fight four years earlier, both fighters were running on empty, but it was Frazier's trainer, Eddie Futch, who stopped the fight after seeing his man bruised and effectively blind. Futch stopped a protesting Frazier from coming out for the 15th round and the title remained in the hands of Ali, who collapsed with exhaustion straight after the win was made official. There were calls for Ali to retire after the bout. Instead, he battled on for 10 more fights over the next six years, but was never the same as a fighter or a man after the Thrilla in Manila.

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2016

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Don't Look Back Track

You played your pipe for me to dance,
as puppet master, worked the strings,
but today my heart will pirouette;
I am giving back the gold nose ring.

Last night I saw just how it is
Between yourself and naive me;
you are the wolf, I am the lamb
always destroyed  in repartee.

You think I cannot live alone
without your condescending reign;
you won't hear Arrivederci play,
I won't come back to Rome again.

This love train has left the station;
It is speeding down "don't look back track."
Goodbye to disappointing love; 
I'm moving on to be exact.

Copyright, September 6, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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Goodbye, Good Riddance! (Co-written with James Fraser)

With no toilet seats carelessly left propped up
Oh, now I can be such a comfortable pup
Please take your Playboys straight out that open door
Then shut it quickly; I can take no more!
    Be gone with you, take all your shoes
    Your hairspray, make-up and your girly blues
    Three weeks of the month you loved me fair
    For the other week, I lived in fear
MY shoes?  Why you foul beast!  Your odor eaters
Didn't work!  Your smelly boots rest in sewers
Where they belong with that greasy hair goo
That left ugly stains on pink pillows once new
    Your pants were too tight, I couldn't get them off
    I can now wear my own; no longer you'll scoff
    And as for your cooking my health has improved
    Your name on the rent book, phew! finally removed
The credit card tab from your pub is gone now, too
That hussy barmaid can deliver it to you
And your shavings that clogged up my bathroom sink
Will be mailed to your mistress fast as you can blink
    At least she knew how to look after a man
    In bed with you was like a flash in the pan
    At least barmaid Betty purred when this Highlander taunted
    She was sensuous, delectable and she knew what she wanted
I'll remember you most when viewing pond scum
You sure were a loathsome son of a gun
I'm leaving this pit, too, so what the heck?
I'll send a new address for the alimony check
     You'll get your money like you earned it before
     Dancing naked on the pole in the floor
     I took you in, clothed, cared and fed
     But it wasn't me that was in your bed

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

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There is no good in “Good bye,”
only a finality and a cry.
A parting of “See you soon,”
is much friendlier a tune.

There is no good in “Goodbye,”
only someone wondering why.
Let's say we'll meet in a while,
and leave a reassuring smile.

There is no good in “Goodbye.”
Just a notion to jump and fly.
With a wave, you are gone.
It's tantamont to, “So long.”

There is no good in “Goodbye.”
We will meet again, do try?
Drop the bye leave the good,
and say “Later” if you would.

For contest 240     Brian Strand, Sponsor

Copyright © Janis Thompson | Year Posted 2016

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The End of the Road

The End of the Road
Stop begging me to stay! Don’t act like you don’t know, our journey ends right here - my answer is still “NO!”
Once you were my pleasure, but now you’re my poison. Your type of love is toxic; so that’s my real reason.
I’m tired of these rocky roads, and done with the games you play. I’m dizzy from your ups and downs; it’s time we call it a day!
Let’s make this nice and easy- I don’t want you to cry. Let’s have no handshake, no hug, nor a last kiss good-bye.
Stop begging me to stay! Surely by now you should know, we reached the end of our road… as love left us long ago!

Copyright © Pandita Sanchez | Year Posted 2017

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Goodbye school days

A hot tear is burning my eye
For jolly school days start to fly
Leaving me lone in a dark way
And lovely friends will be away

My heart can never say goodbye
And let my soul about to die
Without you I will be as hay
And to fast days an easy prey 

I will miss you- the shining sky
With no help or even supply
But our school days will be my ray
That can guide me on a dark day

I will never lose you, my eye
Nor your shine can I ever deny 
Like boats we may sail away
But we will anchor in our home bay

Written by (Mr. Sherif) 
With my best wishes  

Copyright © sherif goda | Year Posted 2015

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A farewell to high school

What a sad moment to say goodbye?!
And spread our wings so as to fly
Leaving lovely school days away
And tracing our paths in the life way

I will miss you with smiling faces
who draw smiles in school places
I will miss you the shining sky
That with knowledge makes me high

True we may go in multi- ways
But all my life you will be my rays
Forever we'll be as one tie
Never your love in my heart shall die

We may be like fallen leaves
But our stem firm and never cleaves
We will collect drops of morning dew
And warm our minds with learning too

We will join high education 
Then we can develop our nation
We will raise it in the world high
And its progress no one can deny

Copyright © sherif goda | Year Posted 2016

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Our time together over now
We could not grow in shade
Pale and fragile we emerged
Trying the commitment made

So our paths go different ways
But I leave you a kiss or two
Blown on the breezes of regret
I bid you dear a fond adieu 

Barbara Gorelick 
Poet II contest
9/5/14  " Leave You A Kiss"

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2014

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On Your Own

While young and naive,
I fell for your charms.
And yet, now I must
abandon your arms.

I will tiptoe out,
when the night turns black.
And scurry away, 
without looking back.

Asleep with your dreams,
you are unaware.
And it hurts my heart,
because I still care.

All of my hopes, were
scuttled in mid stream.
And there's more to love,
than a worn out dream.

I can’t live a lie,
or try to pretend.
Yet, you’ll always be
much more than a friend. 

Tomorrow, you'll feel
confused and alone.
Yet, you’re much better
off, left on your own.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Blood-eyes shutting bluntly Slicing twilight of May, Fingers numb quietly To search what's far away. Blue moments shrink on hours Within cold edge of time, This love rakes choked flowers Without need to align. The piercing of thorns does sting Where stars can never go, Questions void of meaning What moon will never know. I adored all your ages Trying to hide the shade, So that sweet exchanges Will never ever fade. But what is forever Without the vow of grace? My lips bleed and quiver Upon farewell's embrace. Rhyme Battle , Juli- Michelle 10/3/13

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2013

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Through my eyes, he sees his true self
and is disgusted by what he sees
Citing vulgar obscenities one moment 
and then the next desperate pleas

He knows he is morally wrong
and that I could never forgive
He compromised my health!
Now with himself he has to live

Integrity he has not a ounce
Compulsive liar, I found out!
Was he born without a conscience?
To intentionally hurt, a heart he is without!

I'm glad that I found out what he's about
He would have sent me to an early grave
I know karma will one day find him
and he will get back all that he gave

My guardian angel guided me
Showed me what I failed to see
All my nagging doubts have been answered
I finally found the truth to set me free.

Sponsor 	Kim Morrison
Contest Name	Tell Me A True Story

Copyright © Cecilia Macfarlane | Year Posted 2013

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Breathe - Second Chance 2 Contest


Just breathe...

Breathe...Gasping, into light you're thrown!
Like glass, your turning leaf is blown
clear of sweet slumber's song but there's
no need of hers - you'll sing your own.

You, newly born of mother's prayers,
will breathe your first of earthen airs
and thirsty, let your voice be heard
'til she's dispersed the drink she shares.

As leaves are, by the wind, bestirred,
with each new breath, you'll find you're spurred
on by survivals undertow,
as well as by debts love-incurred. 

Oh, precious child, I love you so!
What wonders of this world you'll know
but one day too, this life you'll leave...
Take one last breath and let it go.

Yes, breathe...


Contest Judged 1/25/2016 

Copyright © Lycia Harding | Year Posted 2015

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Saying Goodbye Was Hard

I dearly miss my friends at The Glen Where we spent eight very happy years Never realized how happy they were Each day was filled with good cheer Friends galore, lots of things to do It was our choice to join in or not Help was there, if we ever needed it The friendships were over the top The choice to sell up and move away Was certainly a difficult decision Financially things got overwhelming So the logical choice was written Truly wish we could have stayed forever But sadly it just wasn't in the cards I'll always remember all the good times Saying goodbye was oh so hard! <3 <3 <3 © Jack Ellison 2013

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2013

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To The Past Poets

Often when I sit to write
My mind will wander off
And I think of all the poets
The Soup has gain, then lost

I hope for health and happiness 
For each and everyone
And that they keep on writing 
For profit or for fun

I know life keeps one busy
With it's twisting and it's turnings
But I would like for them to know
We'll keep a candle burning

Although I did't know them well
Their poems spoke to me
And touched a spot within my heart
In camaraderie  

Copyright © Jerry T Curtis | Year Posted 2016

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Never Compromising

Never Compromising

My heart has moved on and tears have been shed.
Patience spread thin, relationship is dead.
When I talk you don't respond, withdrawn!
Tears have been shed and my heart has moved on.

Love was not enough, so much for destiny!
Tough, walking on eggshells is misery!
This life together has gotten rough
So much for destiny, love was not enough!

Never compromising, always a fight
the times I get the urge to write!
Constantly struck over-analyzing!
Always a fight, never compromising

Mind is wandering, strangers to conquer,
to much time has already been squandered!
Suffering has passed, now prospering!
Strangers to conquer, mind is wandering!!

For Andrea Deitrich's "Swap Quatrain" contest!
Name withheld until contest is over!

Copyright © Jared Pickett | Year Posted 2014

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An Endless Encounter

Seated in a corner to my left Were travellers who appeared to be deaf I knew not who these men were And their purpose I have no true care Slung over his shoulder, one rose to aim At the conductor amassing her claim Tut-tut! Bullets marched, making peace with her neck In desperate haste, Les masses went berserk! With my mind acquiese and body nervy The prospects ahead were quite scary Two more to the roof...tout l'argenterie clattered An untimely error by my fidgety created In the quiet of my carrel, three breaths from sight A sheer bystander in another man's malice Scribbling my death song away from the fright To recount, mon amour why we will never have Paris But before the end of this lengthily horror and me In merest simplicity and pitiful hope My dearest Naina, should this get to thee I pray the heavenlies will make us a new home
--------------------------- Inspiration: French train shooting of August 2015 & The spur of Naina's dare ??

Copyright © Wilfred Aniagyei | Year Posted 2016

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Goodbye Heartache

What have I done? 
Have I thrown it all away? 
Can I ever get it back? 
Has my life gone astray?

Questions with no answers
Confusion my only friend
I keep hoping to find me
It’s like spitting in the wind

I look all around me 
I see you standing there
But nothing that you do
Shows me that you care

One minute I think I see it
A love so pure and true
Then as I blink I realize
There’s nothing here but YOU

You want me for what I give 
And use me for all I do 
Nothing I’ve ever wanted
Seems to be important to you

It was a simple promise
A vow from within my soul
Now I’m trying to find myself
But feeling very alone

As you sleep I hear the sighs
Born within the man I know
Wanting me to be different
Accepting me; OH NO

I have given everything 
To make this marriage work
But now I feel I must move on
No matter how it hurts

Goodbye to the heartache
So long to the pain
It’s time to find the little
Of my heart that still remains.

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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                        Another year was drawing to a close.
			I sat alone reflecting on the life
			I'd loved and cherished for those many days
			recalling every cause of joy and strife.

			I thought of all those walks I took near home
			and thanked God for the strength to walk each mile.
			I praised Him for the town in which I live,
			where I feel safe and neighbors wave and smile.

			Then friends and loved ones occupied my mind.
			How little time I'd spent with them! I vow
			in two thousand sixteen I'll see them more.
			If I rely on Him, He'll show me how.

			When conflicts of the year confronted me,
			reminding me of times I'd played a part
			in making matters worse, I tried to push
			aside those thoughts that plagued my troubled heart.

			I had to ask forgiveness, for I know
			it's my responsibility to be
			promoter of good will with everyone.
			Thank God for this new chance at harmony.

			My reminiscing would be incomplete
			if I gave my church family no praise.		
			We worship God, who saved our souls, each week.
			They are a blessing in so many ways.

			To name each blessing of the year, I'd need
			a ream of paper and a quart of ink.
			I'd need to talk for days on end, but God
			knows how I feel and everything I think.

			I told the year goodbye, with smile and sigh,
			as I was thanking God for food and health,
			for all the seasons, and for giving me 
			more than I need--in my opinion, wealth.

September 27, 2016


Copyright © Janice Canerdy | Year Posted 2016

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My Parting Gifts

My Parting Gifts

Dear husband, kiss me lovingly...
   this is my last farewell to you.
      Hold close those photos...you and me...
         to reminisce the love we knew.

My children, dear, farewell I say...
   within my heart, you'll always be.
      Safeguard my paintings as a way
         to keep the heart and soul of me.

Grandchildren, dear, goodbye, you five...
   for this deep hurt, there is no balm.
      My poetry please keep alive,
         so babes of yours know great-grand mom.

Sandra M. Haight

~1st Place~
Contest: My Parting Gifts
Sponsor: Viv Wigley
Judged: 09/01/2016

Theme: "Imagine that a bus has pulled up outside your house, men in suits knock on your door, and after a brief conversation, you have to leave. Now. No packing your bags, there isn't time. All you have time for is to leave three pieces of advice to the loved ones you're leaving behind since you're never coming back."

Copyright © Sandra Haight | Year Posted 2016

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          Old friend, I'll no longer see,
               Who's laughter I'll no longer hear;
          Not far ahead, pray, walk with me,
               And in my heart stay ever near.

          These words, I hope you hear me say,
          Let peace find you with God today.

Copyright © Charlie Smith | Year Posted 2016

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It's You Again

I hear someone a-knockin’ at my door,
It’s you again, have we not had enough?
The problem is a complete lack of respect,
Well, your disfavor is shared no need to bluff.

I am much smarter aware of the tricks,
It’s you again, these guiles made me tough,
The problem is your way or just hit the road,
Well, your roadway is rigid spited with rough.

I grew my growth away from your tree,
It’s you again, rage hidden by fluff,
The problem is kindred but with spirit lost,
Well, your heart lacks craze among lovin’ stuff.

I insist you go with that same ol’ leave,
It’s you again, blazing amidst all the slough,
The problem is clear with no extra toll,
Well, your smoke is long gone merely a puff.

Contest Entry: Desperate Housewife
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer A
Placement: 7th Place

Copyright © Jesse Day | Year Posted 2016

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October Fire

Dancing smoke
black as night
floats above flames
burning bright
twisting wind
spreads the fire
fueling life
to dark desire
the nights are dark
with moonless skies
shadows see all
with empty eyes
fallen leaves 
make trees bare
the flame still burns
but the heats not there
blazing touch
meets hearts of frost
the burn feels sweet 
but then it's lost
now hands of ash 
reach out once more 
for October Fire
as they did before

By Morgan Mise
Written April 25, 2012

Copyright © Morgan Mise | Year Posted 2013

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Never Say Goodbye

Never Say Goodbye They tell me that you lie to me, please say it isn’t so, Feeling you drift away; you say, “I’m letting you go”. You claim it’s complicated and you’re misunderstood, But stay, be a fighter, not a runaway from the hood. Well this ain’t a love song, just the story of my life, It doesn’t take a diamond ring for me to be your wife. I chose the seat next to you on this damned, mystery train, You had me from hello, now give me something for the pain. I believe love is war, or perhaps Russian roulette, Always run to you, but now it’s like we never met. I’ve been shot through the heart, but where’s my bed of roses? Make a memory with me now, before another door closes. Don’t be the thief of hearts, or the one that got away, I’d die for you, if that’s what it takes, into the echo I would sway. I want you, I’ll be there for you; for this crazy love, fight, Get ready, stick to your guns and be my superman tonight. Old habits die hard, everybody’s broken; it ain’t easy, Like a miracle, I’m with you; you were born to my baby. Let the river of love flow, it’s just a teardrop to the sea, I’m no wild flower, just a woman in love; have a little faith in me. You’re too much of a good thing; I’m not running anymore, You really got me now, not just older: wiser than before. No apologies, no regrets; these days are all about loving you, Undivided, unbreakable, no wedding day needed for a bond so true. I’m burning for love, so come, lay your hands on me, In these arms you can breathe, be happy now, let’s make it baby, Not another silent night filled with inner fear and neurotic screams, Together we can learn to love, everyday share our secret dreams. So always stay, be a fighter, not a runaway from the hood, I know it’s complicated and we’re both misunderstood. On this lost highway, I get a rush, but the distance makes me sigh, Ain’t no cure for love, but please, never say goodbye. 1st July 2016
Done using 75(I think) titles of Bon Jovi songs. Couldn't fit the titles in, and highlighting them would just distract from reading, in my opinion. If anyone's interested, just mail me :D

Copyright © Nicola Byrne | Year Posted 2016

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The wailing of a lonely night as heavy eyes carry much weight; rail of drops blotting moonlit white without hope to reel or translate a nail piercing her hollow sky--- The only thing she needs to ask is an ending of pain’s goodbye, while ripples of vision unmask those wilted days robbing time’s grace. Cold marble lips that have not kissed the moist of springtime’s warm embrace, from pleading of angst quite dismissed. Any Poem Written in July 2016 Sponsor: Laura Loo Posted7/23/2016/ Resubmitted 8/17/2016

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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Creepy Clown

The creepy clown's out on the street.
He's wandering around.
You see him through your window blinds.
His feet upon the ground.

He comes in close to question you
with makeup looking sad.
Then bows his head in full disgrace
to frighten you a tad.

He'll back off slow to catch his breath.
Then once again he'll pace.
He'll move in like a jungle cat
to keep you in your place.

It's then you dial the 911
for cops to come in time.
To put an end to circumstance
and treat it as a crime.

To which the cops come swiftly to.
Some twenty two or more.
With guns all drawn as quickly at
this clown in total horror.

With shots being fired to save the day.
This clown to learn his fate.
His horn held up in self defense.
The sound a bit too late.


Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2016

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In Vain

Wasn't I crazy,
Or was I mad,
To yearn for love,
That could be had.

Wasn't I reckless,
To believe that skies,
Would clear once more,
For my weeping eyes.

Isn't it ironic,
That life should remain,
After all that's treasured,
Has ceased in vain.

A melancholy storm,
Constricting love with its noose,
Has left me alone,
In a life so obtuse.

Copyright © Mike Jones | Year Posted 2015

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Our hearts can't touch, our minds deflect
Absurd conclusions, I'll regret
Breaking up so many times
Your reasons do not rhyme

I think I better off this way
I love you, that's what i will lay
Rupturing my soul, hope that I can
Last breath. . Goodbye. . 'til we meet again

061314 (13:50)

An entry to "Breaking Up With You" contest
Sponsored by: Poet Destroyer
6th Place

Copyright © Jeriel del Rosario | Year Posted 2014

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Goodbye, Hello

Five years come and gone without your heart on the line.
 Your voice has almost chased away all the sanity left in my brain.
Somehow you take up residence where there is a "no vacancy" sign.
 It still fathoms me at how easy this all was for you to feign.

I am so tired of trying to understand all these childish notions.
 True love is and always will be nothing more than a fairy tale.
I may have had better luck had I used Tarot cards and potions.
 To grieve for our horrible marriage I shall wear the blackest veil.

It seems as if I was a wife, but you were never ready to do your part.
 You can't have it both ways, either choose the wrong way or the right.
Why doesn't it feel wrong to you to toy with another person's heart?
 A marriage takes work from each partner and I no longer wish to fight.

I thought this was forever and I loved you more than you'll ever know.
 You turned the once warm feelings I had for you to hard stone.
I am no longer in love with you and I'm sorry I now have to let you go.
 Sadly, as I always suspected I was in this marriage all alone.

Copyright © Aleera Canino | Year Posted 2009

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Orange Busses

Poem about Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

I remember orange busses
if I'm showing my age.
When Sudbury's fleet
was the best and the rage.

I remember them coming
while I stood at the stop.
They were bright, they were bold
and the colour went pop.

I remember them ending
when the day finally came,
when it seemed one was left
by the highway in fame.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2014