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A Letter To Dear George

Dear Lord Byron
Please don't be upset
I wish to call you George
With affection and respect

The "Destruction of Sennacherib"
I was introduced to your poem
I learned it word for word
As I sat home all alone

You see George the meaning
Is much more than you know
In school I had no success
I was considered quite slow

Empowered by your words
Assyrians coming down
I spoke with true emotion
For once I wasn't a clown

When I spoke of your steed 
With his nostrils all wide
Within the deep of me
I experienced pride

Like the leaves in your forest
When summer is green
You provided inspiration 
I now travel where you've been

With a pen held in my hand
My destruction I escape
Within my troubled mind
New ideas take their shape

I'm gifted with freedom
Words of power do supply
Whether reading or writing
They provide me with my high

So George, I humbly thank you
You're truly the reason why
I travel within the words
They're the gift that help me fly

With anticipation
I know one day we'll meet
Beyond the gates of heaven
Please reserve for me a seat

The Father of all poets
Will speak in splendid tones
We'll marvel at his spirit
We will feel it in our bones

For poets are connected
In very intricate ways
Time is not of consequence 
Our words are a form of praise

As a child when I committed Lord Byrons poem to memory,
I had no idea it was a story from the Bible. Being he was a 
believer I wanted to honor both him and our God. Thanks
Monterey, I think this is a great topic for a poem. I also 
chose to write in the same form as he had for "The Destruction 
of Sennacherib". This was the first and only form I wrote in
prior to coming to the soup. I thank all the poets here who have
helped me grow, yourself included Monterey.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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Let Me Go

You have caged me for too long
I want you to just let me go,
I have to spread these feathered wings
I need to feel the wind's blow.

You know that I love you truly
I said that I would never leave,
I want to see the rain's dance
Not just sit here and perceive.

The scene never changes, day after day
I want to go where white roses bloom,
I have never seen an ocean's wave
And neither have you, I assume.

I need to see the autumn tree's change
I want to see the snowflake's glisten,
I am wishing on the stars as they fall
This is my dream, so please just listen.

I want to fly in the sky's blue
I need to feel the sun's burn,
When I have experienced these wonders
I promise that I will return.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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The Fall of A Wall

The GDR put up a wall in ‘61 because they wanted West Berlin kept out. A wall of shame it was! In fact, the West more easily could travel all about while Eastern Germans were the ones from freedom routes locked out. The wall was guarded. Some were killed while struggling to flee. The Cold War only made folks yearn more strongly to be free. To Gorbachev, one president implored: Tear down that wall! It wasn’t too much longer that it would begin to fall! I felt the joy they felt abroad when crumbling had begun. November ninth, in ‘89 Berlin again was one!

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2013

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Graceful Night

A graceful sky slips soft in night, 
pools of sunset cascade in streams.
Our skin desires moon’s golden light;
we long to dip in endless beams.

I sweep life’s dust from my front stoop
as dusk releases flow of tears.
How brilliant! Night paints starlit loops 
to free me from dawn's coming fears.

Come fly with me away from day’s
torrential rays of harshest sun.
Come dance with me as music plays;
in graceful night, we’ll move as one.

I often watch the children’s games
on sunny streets of afternoon, 
and dream of our eyes without shame
twinkling in starry night and moon.

Ribbons of love spiral through skies.
as our bare hands hang constellations,
then cling to night with stars' replies
of joyous hearts and adoration.    

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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You asked me to forgive you
Still you would cause me pain again
Your words rained down like daggers
Soaking my soul with so much pain

I know i was taught to forgive
It became harder every day
All the ways you had to hurt me
I was the game you loved to play

You had quite an imagination
The ways you would describe my demise
Thankfully I chose not to follow
Yours was a pathway paved with lies

In my mind I reinvented 
Chose a future that was worthwhile
Yes I took a few steps backwards
Still moving forward all the while

As the gap between us lengthened
God took my heart and made it whole
Yes beginnings are important
I learned forgiveness plays a role

It was not so much about you
Or all the things that you had done
My healing could not be complete
Without knowing God's only Son

There is light beyond the darkness
Perhaps one day I will see your face
I hope you asked God for forgiveness
Your sins will be gone without a trace

If my Savior can forgive you
The way he has forgiven me
There is more to who you were
Than what I was able to see

I forgive you dad

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2014

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The Ol' Barn

There was a barn once painted red
that stood on grandpa's old homestead.
T'was built so very long ago -
a sorry sight. I told him so.

I often, as a boy, had wondered
why it hadn't ever timbered.
I knew the sagging rafters creaked
and roof, with missing shingles, leaked.

I stepped inside, the barn doors gone
and found it home for sparrows' song.
Circled they, around freely,
over floors in man's debris.

No matter which way I would glance,
dust in the sunlight rays would dance.
The warning cobwebs seemed to sketch.
Between the timbers, they would stretch.

Foundation laid in cobblestone
but its sure footing wasn't known.
Between the stones were gaping cracks
that could not hide the basic facts.

Now every post in building leaned,
and wall to wall had needed cleaned.
The winter winds would whistle through.
That big ol' barn had lost, I knew.

The weather's sin had taken toll
and wind and sleet had found its soul.
Its only purpose, couldn't render -
so it offered full surrender.

Now that ol' barn is much like us
and in our wants, we make a fuss.
Our sagging souls are so uncouth
that we no longer seek the truth.

Deceit flies in our open door
'til we care little anymore.
We’d rather compromise instead
as cobwebs fill our empty head.

Our minds are filled in sins' debris
with anyone whom we'd agree.
The love is lost between our bones.
It leaves us cold with loosened stones.

Will our beliefs stand firm, upright -
or will we yield to windy blight?
Are we responsible instead, or
is our character really dead?

Down through the years, the time has lapsed
and long ago that barn collapsed.
As I look now at its demise
I listen to the worlds last cries....

©2008 louis gander / ganderpoems.org

Copyright © louis gander | Year Posted 2016

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Many voices from the past,
Always echoing in my head,
How long can it last,
I thought you were dead.

You always tell me what to do,
So I don't make a mistake,
Somehow you always knew,
How many I could make.

Because once I hurt you,
And you'll never let me forget,
But what can I do,
You're not quite dead yet.

Why won't you leave me alone,
Will you never forgive me,
I wish I could atone,
Please, just let me be.

The hollow echo of your voice,
Will linger on forever,
You've given me no choice,
It'll never stop, ever.

The sound of you used to make me smile,
But now it tortures me,
I will always be in denial,
So an end I'll never see.

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2013

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Listening for change

It seems easier to hate 
because you're different then me
If I change my way of thinking
then I might be able to see

Everything has a reason
If I take time to look back
By truly understanding
I won't go on the attack

For once I begin hearing
my ears will open my heart
Change can happen in a moment
if I'm willing to play my part

For if my expectations 
are for you to be just like me
I will become your oppressor
and neither of us will be free

I ask you not to fear me
instead listen to me too
Those things we have in common
I believe will be quite a few....

For Becca's Contest

Written July 23rd 2016

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2016

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Capturing Freedom

I tried to capture this freedom
To capture it within a thought
For a time it seemed to hover 
but freedom wasn't what I got

It seems my thinking lacked feeling
True freedom I couldn't explain
My mind it became a prison
This freedom was locked in my brain

By the morning I lost my mind
I felt it slipping from my grasp
Freedom found it's true expression
When it was released from my past 

It seem that freedom is simple
It doesn't care what others think
It can't be found in a bottle
It can't be poured out like a drink

Once you have tasted its flavour
There can be no going back
Open the door just a smidgen
Freedom will provide what you lack.

Inspired by Peter Duggan.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2017

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Independent man

Sometimes things work, sometimes they don’t, 
And that is perfectly fine,
Actually, come to think about it, when they don’t,
Maybe it’s just a sign

That I need to get up and leave the comfort, 
Of things that I’m alongside,
Instead, to go out and experience all of the new, 
Release the “me” that’s inside

Wanting to explore, discover, and invent the
Creations that do what I want,
I think this’ll leave me fulfilled and assured,
Leave me feeling way more confident

About not subserving to the gadgets I have, 
To live with an alternate plan,
A plan of being able to make my own things, 
Of being an autonomous man.

Copyright © Lewis Raynes | Year Posted 2017

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Into The Sunset

I have the need to feel free
like I've got nothing to lose,
I just want to get into my
blue convertible and cruise.

I'm growing tired and bored
of this same old abode,
I want to go much further
than just down the road.

I ease my dark sunglasses
down over my brown eyes,
as the summer evening sun
begins setting low in the skies.

My hand grips the steering wheel
and my foot holds the throttle,
as my lips take a long drink
from a cold Coca-Cola bottle.

I reach over and tune my radio
to my favorite rock station,
now I feel like driving through
every state in this nation.

I won't know where I'm going
until I finally get there,
All that I want to do is enjoy
the wind blowing in my hair.

I hold my hand out the window
to feel the air through my fingers,
I wish that I could always be
where the free spirit lingers.

Around the endless curves
my car disappears into shade,
far away in the distance
my bright red tail-lights fade.

I pass by rows of green trees
and a thousand birds on a wire,
the sky blazes a yellow-orange
as if the clouds were on fire.

I could not imagine anything
better to end this perfect day,
than an amazing view of sunset
out on this lonesome highway.

The air is becoming cooler
as the day blurs into night,
I feel so awake and alive
in the sun's fading light.

I keep traveling on down
this lonely two-lane road,
I drive into the sunset
and forget my old abode.

May 8th, 2014

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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The Butterfly Emerges

From the dark cocoon, the butterfly emerges,
Finally realizing she cannot control her urges,
To witness the beauty of the midnight moon,
The butterfly emerges, from the dark cocoon.

She flew from the shadows, out into the daylight,
The colors on her wings had never shone so bright,
She was meant to be here, her brave heart knows,
Out into the daylight, she flew from the shadows.

No more sitting alone, back in her little room,
No more hiding in dampness, darkness and gloom,
She had finally found a friend to call her own,
Back in her little room, no more sitting alone.

Andrea Dietrich's contest - "Swap Quatrains. Let's See What You've Got!"

Copyright © Kelly Deschler | Year Posted 2014

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How Dreams are Born at Fifteen

Fifteen days of living I blew bubbles
Bubbles pearlescent in the sun
In hope and love I blew you bubbles
Ephemeral, floating, glorious sun loved bubbles.

In my act of creation, exhale air
Life held close in the bubbles 
Uh-whoo, uh-whoo, here’s life to live
I blew you bubbles for you to catch.

Leap and snatch we played bubbles
Bubbles so airy we can hold and spray
A bubbly world of shimmery beings
Floating in the wind of our wake.

And at the end of the pliant and fun filled day
We dreamed of bubbles, leaping for bubbles
Watery, airy bubbles floating, flaring and caught
and held within our hand a bubble, a bubble  smashed.

And oh how silly we seemed to break our play
Open up our hand, find within a pearl
A soft shimmery white pearl of life
And let it fly away, in the breeze, like our dream, free.

Copyright © Sheri Fresonke Harper | Year Posted 2013

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Lifting Me Up

My heart is on Your shoulders,
And You are lifting me up.
With every spoken tender gesture,
I fall a little farther in love.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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The Indentured Logger- Swap Quatrain

Ten doggone years I've sawed your trees.
I quit. I'll saw my own darn z's.
I'm done with blood and sweat and tears;
I've sawed your trees ten doggone years.

Right out that door I'm marching on.
No use to look, 'cause I'll be gone.
I'm done with aches and blisters, for
I'm marching on, right out that door.

I'll never feel this weary back,
Nor sleep in such a leaky shack;
I'll go and find a decent meal --
This weary back I'll never feel.

With some sweet girl we'll settle down
Two thousand miles west of town.
I and my mule, named Mr. Merl,
We'll settle down with some sweet girl.

I've lived in hell, Mad Merlin Green;
Now I, like you, am strong and mean.
Once shy and kind, now hear me yell;
Mad Merlin Green, I've lived in hell.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2014

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Flying High

Flying in the great blue sky,
Like a grinning fool.
Flying fast, and flying high;
Didn't check the fuel.

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2015

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Not The Same Without You

It's not the same without you;
The days are rainy and the nights are blue.
My heart is crying and God is too,
But we are smiling, waiting here for you.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Choices To Face

I have some choices to face,
But these are not my decisions to make.
God told me what He wants me to do;
He said, "Listen, Son, I have a plan for you."

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Beautiful, Glorious Day

Run, run, run and give it all up!
Into His arms, commend your love!
Through Him, you are saved!
What a beautiful, glorious day!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Fallen Victim

I have fallen victim so many times
To nobody's fault except only mine.
I will ask for forgiveness and have faith,
Even though I feel like I am not saved.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Lord, I do not know what to do;
Please, lead me by Your side.
Decisions I'm facing are lost and through;
Please, lead me to do what's right.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Solitary Dancer

She reels and dances in the hall
of her apartment home.
Imaginary leaps and whirls 
on clouds of magic foam.

Exquisite movements to a song
expressed through one pure heart.
The music in the background adds
much feeling to her art.

She seems ecstatic, unaware
of those who view her show.
Bright eyes and smile reveal her soul,
a child of light, aglow.

That solitary dancer who
flies free within herself,
now occupies a cherished niche
on our own heart's top shelf!

                            Common Verse

Copyright © Brian Baumgarn | Year Posted 2015

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Enjoy This Place

Follow your dreams and follow your heart;
God has shown you the path to start.
Never give up and always have faith;
Do what you love and enjoy this place!

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Never Erased

Eternal faith;
Love in His name.
Saved by grace;
Never erased.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Justified by blood

I wish to be justified
I want justification 
I check all of the angles
Yet I lack inclination

I'm drawn to lesser things
The pleasured dark places
All of the brighter bits
vanish between spaces

Hurting and wanting
intense variable extremes
Tearing, ripping, shredding 
through the fabric of my dreams 

I pound desperately on mirrors
ten thousand shards of slivered glass
They lay on the floor like questions
and cut me deeply as I pass

Strange droplets of pleasure
as blood oozes  from my feet
Smeared on reflective surfaces
the residual pain of a sad heart beat

The more I resist my truer nature
the further down to the abys I go
what seemed almost innocent in the beginning
has helped my inner conflict to grow

In the end I need a more potent blood
So I reach up towards a Loving pierced hand
It was never about having to change myself
What I tried to know I now understand

Blood of redemption a strange thing
The fabric of my life is restored
A price paid by a blameless soul
A price paid that I could never afford!

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2015

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Pride Never Dies

Bingo halls and liquor stores,
what's happened to this land?
They call it a reservation,
a word you cannot stand.

The deep gut ache that you feel
as native blood boils deep inside
comes from where spirits roam free
with a fiercely eternal pride.

Copyright © James Nichols | Year Posted 2013

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In My Blood

They said it's in my genetics from generations in the past,
       My ancestors struggled with the same demons I face,
           My up's, down's, mania's and I'm a consistent outcast,
                The day I was born was the beginning of my crisis of faith.

                "Oh, what a lovely little girl full of joy and sassiness,"
            The signs were all there that I would struggle one day,
      For in my blood I have inherited the will to be depressed,
And since that day I realized no one knew what to say.

Little girl growing up just to try to please everyone,
      Teenager full of angst and suffering break downs,
          Don't get me wrong, I've had a lot of fun,
              But with too much liquor and so quickly did I drown.

              Receiving genetic transmissions from all my predecessors,
          Full of regret and shamefulness encompassing my soul,
     Falling into the forever trap of high school's peer pressure,
Spinning and swerving and sleeping too far out of control.

By the time I hit thirty years old I cleaned up my act,
     Sought professional help and support of my family,
         Finally I have put forth sincere effort to get back on track,
             Said one last goodbye to my distant best friend calamity.

             See...these things I've been bestowed may sound bad,
         But if not for the hell I wouldn't be heaven bound,
     For in my blood there is triumph and I DON'T have to be sad,
And serenity and confidence I have finally found.

Why were there so many snakes crawling through my blood?
      And how did I kill them at such a young age?
          All the black electricity flowing through my body I unplugged,
              And in the book of my journey I have flipped one more page.

Date Written: November 28, 2015

Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

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It's like a weight lifted off of my heart;
I am no longer torn apart.
Thank God you are safe;
Everything is okay.

Copyright © Kevin C. Martin | Year Posted 2013

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Captivity's Freedom

Hope seeks to breathe beyond the walls, 
Laboured and empty the effort falls, 
Her heart, recanting passion's song- 
Beats wildly as though to right a wrong. 

Could it be she lives to weep 
Over love that never dared to keep 
The promise it whispered to her plight 
Through that dark and frigid winter night? 

Engulphed by fear the statue tries, 
To kill it's pride, and end the lies. 
To cultivate a heart of flesh again, 
And stand humbly beside mortal men. 

The clouds mock the sun, and it's life-giving light, 
They hold back their torrents, though not from sight. 
Below the flora withers in parched repine, 
Waiting for a single teardrop to resign. 


Copyright © Yvonne Evanoff | Year Posted 2011

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Without a Reason

My own life is outside my jurisdiction
Freedom is in need of a new definition
Why wake and dress and eat and sleep?
Myself in this prison why do I keep?

All movement determined by outside forces
No need to think, feel or make my own choices
Consider the waves of the sea in constant motion:
For their existence is there a higher notion?

Compelled to race to their destined shore
When their goal is reached they are no more
Is that how and why we live this life?	
Is there no other reason for this suicidal strife?

Copyright © laszlo kecsedi | Year Posted 2013