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Island Spirit

Palm trees are swaying island style
Within the gentle trade wind's flow,
As Egrets glide on salty air—
Then land where verdant grasses grow.

Breathe in sweet scents of tuberose
And let fine mist caress your face,
Dive deep into aqua waters—
Become enchanted with this place.

Let your eyes consume the beauty,
Let rhythmic music soothe your mind.
You'll feel the aloha spirit—
A kinder people you won't find.

Go hiking in hillside forests,
There are no bears or snakes that hide,
Just waterfalls you'll find waiting,
That flow toward the ocean side.

In the distance whales are breaching,
Humpbacks with little calves in tow.
They share waters with the dolphins,
And green sea turtles down below.

Can you hear paradise calling?
Whispering your name at sunrise,
To later bask on pearly sands.
Swaying hula hips at moonrise,

Coaxing you to join in the dance.
Exotic Mai Tai in your hands,
Sweet flower leis caress your neck,
Come investigate our islands,

And board on wild waves at surfside,
Cast your cold and cares to the breeze.
Sailing out on sunset cruises—
Take homeward bound warm memories.

To all my poetry friends suffering in the cold states. Come take a mini vacation
from the freezing temperatures. Aloha--

Poem of the Day at Poetry Soup January 17, 2015 


Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2015

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The Wind

~~The Wind~~
Look into my eyes
Follow me into a world of ecstasy
There and only there
Will you find the peace to unwind

Beautiful brown eyes not blue
Shady lids, stunning  ocean view
Embracing every word 

Hear the wind whispers your name
Come with me
Drown with me
Into the abyss of loving rain
Embrace this moment as I draw you in with words
Release you with the warmth -------I was there

I Share--I take
Into my arms
I am the charm
Around your neck
Around your wrist
Listen to the voice from my beating heart
It yearns
The freedom of touch
The freedom of speech. 
Of love, 
Of purity
Like the wind
I'll find my way
Into your heart
Arouse the cheerful energy
Of your insecurity and pen
Follow me into the sea
There we will fall into the deep
Build sand castles 
Around dreams of reality
Slip into my aura light 
Set to the rhythm of the oceanic night

Now, listen to the breeze
It's called out your name
It's only a matter of time----------------
You'll find yourself calling out...... mine

by: PD
Dedicated to all my loving friends & fans :-)

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2013

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Ocean Waves

In perfect rhythm
A gently flowing ballad
Perfect melody

Tugging at my heart
Softly lifting my spirit
Tickling my senses

A song of beauty
Calling to the universe
To maintain all life

Everlasting tune
Beckoning for all to see
Shimmering with hope

Singing out for peace
In harmony with the wind
Conducted by God

Copyright © 2009   Lena “Lolita” Townsend

Copyright © Lena Townsend | Year Posted 2009

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Gifts from the Tide

Constantly she toils 
in the darkness of the heaving sea
gathering treasures into her aprons deep;
twice a day she knocks, panting,
at the shoreline’s wide stretching door,
and scatters her abundant gifts
for vagabonds like me to reap.

Copyright, October 24, 2014
Faye Lanham Gibson

Copyright © Faye Gibson | Year Posted 2014

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When The Sun Sets

When the sun sets, The stars shine with no regrets. Darkness fills the air, The moon gives light with every care. The darkness is easier to walk through, Every light shining is so pure and true. Guidence forever are the stars in the sky, With them we find our places lifted so high. Forever is the moon to cast light upon us all, We become encouraged to stand firm and tall. The stars shine with no regrets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, Shining its powerful light it never forgets. Though light fades to darkness, It comes about with alertness. Shadows before the eye can see, The little shining light is enough to set us free. Sometimes we are afraid to walk alone in the dark, From which we were given a caustic remark. Guidance Forever is the changing of dark and light, It helps us to be strong and make one last fight. Forever are the shadows lurking at every turning point, If we give in it is ourselves we disappoint. Shining its powerful light it never forgets, When the sun sets.

When the sun sets, The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects. All the animals of the sea, Come forth creating a musical harmony. The waves crash upon the shore, Washing up new sand to the ocean floor. Its a beautiful site to see, The ocean sounds are calmingly free. Who's to say the ocean isn't peaceful get away, Its a calming place to relax and stay. The sky is filled with wonderful colors that the ocean reflects, When the sun sets.

Copyright © Tyler Knapp | Year Posted 2012

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In waters’ calm leisure, mellow tides drift Along back strides that always find their sway, The lighter blues, the deeper jades, that sift Glimmers of mollusks that twinkle and play. From the swoon of bay when dusk slowly cranes Pewter the wavelets, darker steel the shore; Above, one bold and yellow stripe explores To jiggle in a curdled breeze and spills A frothy crest with waltzes soon to fade Before moon comes in her gathering wade. Sheri Fresonke Harper's Out Of Water Contest

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2012

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the ocean speaks

the ocean speaks a
language we all understand. . .
serene to surly


Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

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ocean commotion

wind lifts salty air
scent of the sea fills my hair --
fishing without care

pelican dives fast
shrimp on the hook was my last --
strips the bait I cast

turn with quick motion
see crab stealing sun lotion --
ocean commotion

*Entry for Carol’s Rhyming Haiku contest

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

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What the Mermaid Knows

The sea is aglow with her memories
Seaweed meadows of deep cave treasuries
Stories that summon the lost and curious
Legends embossed in silent reveries

She drifts the illumined waves of her home
Wide blue realms in which she may roam
Her spirit alive beyond undersea depths
In echoes of songs over silver - green foam.

What is it - what does the mermaid know?
Beyond the clouds and winds that blow
That she is woman and nature combined
This wisdom is hers- on all to bestow

I wrote this one for the contest 'Mermaids'
that I sponsored. The goal was to capture the essence
of a mermaid. There were many wonderful mermaid poems. 

Copyright © Suzanne Delaney | Year Posted 2014

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Beneath the illumination of the elliptical moon,
Within the cove of diamond bay, waves gently sway
Back and forth, under the oceans clarity of the big blue,
As the surfs foam and spray roll against the white sandy
Beaches beyond.
Hush the breeze whispers to the gulls above, hush, hush now,
Be still, for soon they will come, but these chatter snappers.
Refuse to yield in their battering’s scrawling, until the ocean
Itself-lashes out at them to be quiet.
In the silence of the timeless, in the paused hush of the
Aquatic wilderness, something stirs.
Behold the leaping lords of the blue abyss,
Breaching upwards, as if to tenderly kiss the moon above,
Thanking it for another day of life, to live wild and free,
Beneath the waves of infinity, of the big blue.
Dancers on fins of grace, seemingly toe stepping on the
Waves in a delicate balance, just for a second of brilliance
Display, while others incline in a somersault acrobatic
Air assault, to pay homages respect to the magnificent
Ocean for its eternal beauty, and salvation's refuge.
These gray phantoms of the divine ethereal realm,
Born with purity’s heart of innocence, true creatures
Of light and love, shine in the diamond star dust of twilight.
Birthed within the quaking wake of the lords divining hands,
At the moments his voice rose, in the beginning of time itself,
Dividing the light from the darkness, the dolphin took its first
Air breath of life, and the Lord Almighty,
Smiled down upon his aquatic creation with warmth and love.
Perfections free falling divers, enchanting the human heart
With their graceful swiftness, stealth and intelligence.
The sailor’s guardians at sea, these vigilant sentinels of the
Briny depth, follows the surging storms hailing, and await
To assist in the deist hour of humanities greatest need.
Within their loving pod, the young are nurtured by devotions
Breasts of giving, no tender a mother can ever be found
Then she the dolphin, born from the grace of God himself.
In the silence of the timeless, in the paused hush of the
Aquatic wilderness, something stirs beneath the waves
Of clarity.
Behold the leaping lords of the blue abyss,
Breaching upwards, as if to tenderly kiss the moon above,
Thanking it for another day of life, to live wild and free,
Beneath the waves of infinity, of the big blue.

Copyright © cherl dunn | Year Posted 2015

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By The Ocean

Laying here staring out across the ocean,
listening to the sound of waves roaring,
gazing up at all of the glimmering stars,
lighting up the sea like a dance floor.

Counting stars as blessings life has given me,
thanking God for each and everyone of them,
so relaxing just lying next to the shore lines,
trying to draw in the last bits of the night.

The full moon shining ever so brightly now,
and the waves calm down to a gentle splash,
a light breeze pushes softly against my skin,
I grab my sweater and drape it around me,
as I go to leave I stop and turn around,
just to admire the ocean one last time.

Copyright © Rachel Trine | Year Posted 2015

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If the waves clutched for my feet once more And invited me to drift Would you pull me back from ocean's shore Or let my spirit lift; Would you wade into the waters deep And hold my frozen life Or discontent with ocean's tide Let be with saddening strife. If moonlight was our only cover And her reflection beckoned me- Would you swim a naked body And sing our souls as "Free" If ensconced in nature's grasping hands, Whether waves or Freedom's play Will you follow me, but nature's pet, And embrace the dying day?

Copyright © Dana Smith | Year Posted 2013

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Hawaiian Winds

The humid Hawaiian heat hobbles my head and heart too,
Hitting as the Humvee high-tails past on the highway, 
Sweat seeps steadily south from scalp to shoes
Convection current cooking, keep pedaling, pores crying.

Howling Haleakala Headwinds hammer hard, 
Freezing face, fingers, and forehead.
Wistfully watching the warm water Westward;
Blasting breeze’s blows batter my body backward.

Soft saline sea spray spritzes the sunbathers
As the surges' steady smashing against the shore 
Rhythmically rocks the run-down revelers 
to a sweet, sun-kissed, seaside sleep once more.

For Elements Part 2—Wind Contest (First Place)
Sponsored by Brian Davey
Judged 3/29/16

Copyright © Tom Quigley | Year Posted 2016

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Beauty In A Storm


                                    ocean squall at dawn
                         brilliant rainbows burst through clouds
                                   nature's high drama

                   Wind whipped waves tumble over rocky shores
                      pounding the beach in a gathering storm.

                      A red flag flaps wildly in gusty winds
                     warning sailors to avoid perilous seas.

                      Crimson rays blaze across the horizon
                       in a grand burst of reflective splendor.
                  Seagulls draft high winds as raindrops come
                     drumming musical notes, a watery score 
                  as stunning rainbows light the sky once more.

Written on 11/4/2015
For A Poet's Dozen Contest
Sponsor: Silent One

Copyright © Laura Leiser | Year Posted 2015

Details | Haiku |

crimson tide

                                    pink gulls of twilight

                                            circle the hidden cove...

                                                    sand between our toes


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2013

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On the Ocean Waves

Echoing seas rise, 
I settle in for the eve
on a boat of memories.
I float parallel 
to the perilous breaking
of tides, crashing near the shore.
Unaware of risk,
I dream under starlit sky,
reflections of yesteryear. 
Joyful days of youth
sparkle on the ocean waves
embracing me with their glow.  
Rocked by endless sea,
each wave is a mystery
bearing life and aged secrets.
Divulging desires
and nature's rhythm of truth
into the depths of my soul.
Ev'ry starlit night,  
you will find me here.
I am free, one with the sea.

By Rhonda Johnson-Saunders, July 29, 2012
for On the Ocean Waves Contest (Francine Roberts) 

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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Land - Ocean

Land uses dress style
according to the climate. . . .
changing with seasons

Ocean is moody
chilling with a windless day. . . .
raging with tempests

Ocean does not care
how land looks or if she’s rough. . .
he hugs her shoreline

Written by Andrea Dietrich
For Linda-Marie's Contest:

HAIKU HODGEPODGE ..TRIO ... Poetry Contest

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2012

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We of the ocean

Form above tears slowly falls into the ocean,
Rippling sounds into the night’s sky, like a sea lions raw emotion.
Beneath its floors human search’s for hidden treasures,
Yet we its true, and mysterious  inhabitants fall into its mystifying pleasures.
Everything is tranquil and is set into a beautiful motion.

Copyright © Guy-Adler Dorelien | Year Posted 2010

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Stolen By The Moon -- Andaree

Twilight on the ocean was as blue as steel. Caressed by the sun, one touch would feel a soft trace of liquid gold. With a storm foretold, the wind grows cold. The moon rose, to watch waves unfold, over the sea, uncontrolled. Lightning appears, but the moon reveals golden glints of jewel tones as the thunder peals
___________________________________________________ 10/13/15 Submitted for Andrea's Contest: "Andaree Contest #II"

Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2015

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The Avalanche

The avalanche comes plunging down like ocean foam. How white the snow! King Mount casts off his lofty crown; the avalanche comes plunging down! It wraps pines' green and chilled earth's brown beneath its crushing roaring flow. The avalanche comes plunging down. Like ocean foam, how white the snow!
For Brian Strand's TWO TO TWELVE any form/any theme max of 12 lines

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2011

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Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Turquoise Sea, Coconut Trees And Turtles

Pristine see through waters
Turtles slide by
Rock to and fro as they go
They are my watch
In paradise with cracked coconuts

By: Earl Schumacker -Created on 1/09/14 for “SOMEWHERE” Poetry Contest- sponsored by:  Nette Onclaud -Using How Many Syllables - count 6,4,7,4,9 = 30 syllables (5 lines)

Copyright © Earl Schumacker | Year Posted 2015

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Olden Ocean

White curl'd hairs of spumes
reveals its longevity-
Blue Ocean of Old

Copyright © Ismael Nieves | Year Posted 2009

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My Favorite Place

	My Favorite Place
  My favorite place is where the sun bakes my skin
 From a soft pink to a golden tan.
Warm planks under my feet take me down the dock.
 I see red stains and dried watermelon seeds,
 Evidence of yesterday’s snack.
 The salty sea spray hits my tongue,
 My mouth waters with thirst.
 Sea gulls bob to the rhythm of the waves.
 I swat away mosquitoes biting my face leaving red itchy whelps on my skin.
 But I stay to watch enjoying the dolphins play.
The evening sky is an orange dreamcicle
 Melting away until another day.
 I reach for the stars on the water’s surface,
 The water responds with a luminous glow,
 I turn away, I have to go,
 Until another day, I will miss you 

Copyright © Helen Berenyi | Year Posted 2015

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Emerald Ocean

I walked to the ocean and my boat
I had not been there in a long time.
Covered in moss I wondered would it float.

The air was perfect the ocean mine.
Huge waves did their dance along the shore.
I had not been there in a long time.

A perfect day I couldn't ask for more.
Graceful seagulls flying overhead.
Huge waves did their dance along the shore.

Distant horizon sun glowing red.
Emerald colored waters completed scene.
Graceful seagulls flying overhead.

There are moments that seem like a dream.
Perfection's the gift that filled my eyes.
Emerald colored waters completed scene.

At moments like those I realize.
Perfection's the gift that filled my eyes.
I walked to the ocean and my boat.
Covered with moss I hoped it would float.

Terzanelle for my friend Eileen.

Copyright © Richard Lamoureux | Year Posted 2013

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 A moonrise over the bluff
 the earth is alive
 showing off her beauty in a ray of colors
 As the waves roll in hitting the sandy shore
 there's no place you would rather be
 a perfect moment in a perfect place
 nothing but you & the sea
 & as the 
 earthly winds whisper along your face
 you feel the freedom wash along your feet
 a moonrise captured 
 sitting so high 
 you thank the universe your alive..

Inspired by a photo taken at a beach where I grew up.

Copyright © kerry singleton | Year Posted 2013

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Speckled Sea Air Stings Soft Skin

Sea horizon in the distance ...a clean line.... a quiet shore
Every day the ocean washes up something new on its sandy floor...
Today,  the sea formed  haystacks of seaweed piled quiet high
Yesterday   sea sponges and fan-shells lapped the crunchy sands
Gentle humming of  soft ocean sounds humms  by to and fro
Seagulls squawking , flying in unison form a V- like kite formation
Their pale eyes widen  as red feet and beaks hover and flutter
Two yellow labradors swimming and weaving from shore to  ocean
Bounding gracefully into the water , chasing and  jumping in unison
Tirelessly,effortlessly running along their beloved ocean shore.
Young dogs greet each other in an excitedly ,friendly fashion.
Horses hoof prints embedded gracefully in the shoreline sand....
Broken glass edges  made smooth with the sands abrasion
Oh wonderful mobile reflecting the sunlights warm sensations!

Copyright © Mariana pavlich | Year Posted 2006

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My Pacific Ocean Island

There is an island
In the Pacific ocean
Surrounded by blues
In various motions

The blue of the water
Reflects from the sky
Turquoise and dark
Either makes me sigh

With mountains of lush green
In sloping canvas
Varieties aplenty
Trees and grasses

Species so different
Grace this land
Where they have thrived for years
As it has never been manned

Golden beaches
Glitter her coast
Where the blue waves caress
Its where i sigh the most

Coconut palm trees
Figs, berries and roots
In glorious harvest
Natures fine fruits

Please close your eyes
And join me there
As you open your eyes
All you can do is stare

Where is this island
Do you all want to hear
Its in the Pacific Ocean
Oh how i wish i was near

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2009

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Love of the Ocean

Lingering waves surge into the shore.
Ominous glory, it rages for a score.
Vivacious peaks beautify its core.
Each one different, then the one before,

Once you have seen the power it holds.
From then on, the greatness unfolds.

Terrifyingly beauty raptures your mind.
Hearing its sounds enthralls us to find.
Earnest thoughts we once left behind.

Oceans beauty is spellbinding at dusk.
Creating fresh aroma, sometimes musk,
Every day delivering, treasures of mollusk.
After a day at the ocean, you may enjoy cusk.
Not one person denies the beauty so brusk.

Copyright © cecil hickman | Year Posted 2009

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I think I know why the ocean flows

The view from our cruise ship 
Conjures far-flung images of amber hues
A fusion of illusion and reality 
Where bending arc of the horizon
Greets the magnificent ocean.

The ocean flows, having done so
Billion years plus so many more
Churning, foaming, bouncing, dancing 
From Atlantic to Pacific, Arctic to Antarctic 
And every continent in between.

It goes to war flaunting armored ships 
Designs exotic scenic beaches 
Goes boating, surfing, fishing
Enjoys scuba diving in coral reefs. 

As our dining room turns heads to peek 
At the petite towns of the Mediterranean 
Dressed in olive and orange trees
Moonlight's reflecting from the sea
Dancing to twinkling lights from the hills.

This beast and beauty held together by gravity
Harbinger of love, romance, happiness 
Fills my gleeful heart with its own echo
I think I know why the ocean flows.

August 2, 2017
Paced 2nd
A Poem I wrote and Sent Drifting
Sponsor: Broken Wings

Copyright © Vijay Pandit | Year Posted 2017

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A Bird and A Boy

I, as a boy, went down to the sea
Clambored o'er rocks far out to the bluff
Stopping to search the tide pools for shells
Senses alive with sharp, briny smells
Warm morning wind cut ragged and rough
Yawning with promise, the sun winked at me.

I reached the dark cliffs and down to the shore
Settled my person upon an old log
Wiggling my toes to delve in the sand
Betting the treasure of shells in my hand
That sunlight and breeze would scatter the fog
And warming, I shed the sweatshirt I wore.

'Twas then that I spotted a bird, scarlet red
A Cardinal, and male, with exquisite feather
Perched on the snow fence rimming the dunes
Greeting the day with the saddest of tunes
And there in the grass, surrounded by heather
Lay one female Cardinal, soundless and dead.

I stayed there all day just observing that sight
The male with his anthem, still pleading his mate
True longing and pain such as I'd never heard
A song split my heart from the throat of that bird
I stayed beyond dinner, the sun bowing late
And still, he sang on, deep into the night.

I went back each morn to hear that bird sing
All day he would croon for his dear love to rise
The rest of that summer, and even years hence
With endless devotion, he trilled from that fence
Tho' one Spring he failed to return to those skies
I watched evermore for red birds on the wing.

Well, I'm old now and weary, but here's the odd thing:
When the cold has relented and the sun smiles bring
A soft breeze that's scented with a hope for the Spring
While I wait for the black arms of slumber to cling ...

Tho' I've looked for the gist
I can swear, through the mist
In the eve, heaven-kissed
That I still ... hear ... him ...


* In loving memory of my favorite human being, Walt Whitman. *

** FIRST PLACE in the "Best Rhyming Poem September thru October 2017" Poetry Contest, John Hamilton, Sponsor. **

Copyright © Gregory R Barden | Year Posted 2017