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The Raven of Baptism River

Far as my eyes can see, 'till lake touches sky,
Earth beats as one; Poplar, Jack Pine & Birch all
Sing with the White Throated Sparrow, our Planet's
Love songs.

Sloping (5'canopy) an ancient Deer trail along the
Baptism River (flowing into Lake Superior) I startle a 
Buck during his midday Nap. Soundlessly lifting up,
He elegantly bounces away.

From above, a dark object swoops in, Brother 
Raven is curious, (always a sentinel for Hawks
And Bald Eagles).  I stand motionless,  willing my
Neo-Cortex to flood my aura with peace; as I
Extend my arm and gently imitate the Raven's
Welcome call, a double-beat "Caw caw"...I am
Here Raven, I am me". My heart quickens as
He alights on my arm, talons gripping my
Forearm gently, but firmly. Cocking my head,
I look deeply into his obsidian eyes to his
Soul...he imitates me, tilting his head in unison,
letting my gaze enter. Images from high race
Thru my mind...the rushing river...undulating
Tree an instant, we have become
Brothers of the wild, as I softly shake my arm
To set him free.
"I am me, Brother Raven, I am me"

© All Rights Reserved

Copyright © James Marshall Goff | Year Posted 2015

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Morning Baptism

Sprinkled by the dew,
Nature’s purification:
Flowers born again.

Copyright © Raul Moreno | Year Posted 2009

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standing beneath
the cold waterfall
my sins and the heat
swept from body and soul
by nature's baptism

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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SK- 4

The silence 
In the roaring of those tides
God is a river

Copyright © viviane leite | Year Posted 2012

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Divine Nature

Frozen and numb
Dwelling in my cold shadows
Shivering me deeply inside
A devil I am
Finding solace In Hell
Where Love is Evilly Blind

Melted and burnt
Relaxing in my warm flames
Comforting me deeply inside
A god I am
Finding solace in Heaven
Where Evil Is Lovingly Divine

Copyright © Guy Mearns | Year Posted 2015

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Lunar Baptism

Full moon rises clean
deep baptismal Atlantic
starboard full steam ahead. 

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2016

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Freeform Fright of Flight

Freedom from death bounds freedom to fully live, As freedom from over-competition reconnects freedom to deeply cooperate, As freedom from Win-Lose YangGame Strategy opens ecosystemic freedom to optimally double-YinWin-Win EcoLogistics, born-again regeneration, Beloved Dreams incarnating freestyle swimming flight from dawn through night greets eternal dawn's adventure blinding bright ecstatic spiral light, within...without...reiterate-within... just right centering delight.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2015

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Sustaining Family Relationships

The family that bathes together
stays together
until every mindbody smells better together.

Is that like
biology is ecological swimming,
hunting healthy polymorphic synergy?

If yes, it loses something in abstraction.
If no, you might need to stay in your bath a bit longer,
and extend your multicultural and multigenerational definition of family.

Is that like
baptism away from monocultural ego
into permacultural EarthTribe primal identity
thru rainbow colors of TransParent BlackZero
dipolar coarising EcoConscious Presence?

Only when baptism
merges a global extended family
embracing EarthTribe's Solidarity Revolution,
haunted by Earth's nutritional DNA/RNA supremacy memories
forgetting polypathic Ego/Echo BiCameral ReIterating Synergy.

Bathing our Exterior Landscapes
as we would have Earth Goddess and SunGod
continue TransParently eco-mentoring
our Interior EgoLandscapes.

How about,
all souls bathe together
stay together
until every form of nature's regenesis
smells and looks
tastes and feels and sings thru prime crystal revolving light,
harmonic polypathic dialects of family fragrances,

It sounds pretty enough,
but I still don't think it smells deep rich composted
quite enough for EarthTribe's baptism
into Great Transitions of post-climatic full-blending octave scents
of time as light's fragrant regenerative choice.

Copyright © Gerald Dillenbeck | Year Posted 2016

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The Son

I was once kissed by the sun
Caressed in oils my breasts bathed free
like growth in my womb
kissing the moon
Capturing my true essence
unmasked, plain, pure

Naked in love my insecurities 
gave birth to my esteem
But then I became free 
from the taunting and ridicule of 
socieity's template of me
by adopting a new personality
One that reflects the real me

I like poetry I like to sing
I understand my spiritual need
I like love
I like the breeze
I like rhythm and passion
and long lasting nights of 
random acts of sensual moments that 
awaken parts of me previously repressed
The love I feel  is so unrest

I was once kissed by the sun
It's power gave me light and enabled my writing to become
spoken words
leaving footprints on the ink in my pen
Some of thoughts escaped through actions of sin
Unspoken words just thrown away 
Never spoken, or written again

Awakened by the sun 
all drenched in it's heat
Praising it's soure of power 
and embracing humility
Giving what I have to give
Learned to let go it's easier to forgive
We strive for riches but lest we forget
the richness of the sun
Each day be thankful for his son

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2011

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The nature of the feast

  To feed of the holy swine, would be divine. To consume of the muscle and sinew beneath the rind.  A lavish meal the Christian would be, to wipe my mouth with cloth of purity.  Within fibers and marrow I find solace. Through smoke and tears I pick at heaven’s skeleton with greedy fingertips lusting for purchase.  To digest the cannibal lamb would bring me closer to who I am. To find one’s self in the flesh of another is simply a lost work of greatness.  Lucifer, a gracious host. Need not brag nor boast that his spread deserving of a toast, never ceasing to astound. Sin for sin, pound for pound.  Salivary glands hold dominion over my ravenous urge to feast until the savory iniquities of these beasts are licked clean. Break the bread to sop up the broth of sinner, smitten alongside my “gentile” dinner. The harvest commences, satisfactory.   
                                   The herd is ripe for the slaughter

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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He knows your name

He knows how He made you 
He knows the thought He put in you
What you are thinking is came from Him
He made your heart and controls your heart beat
He made your desires; leads your movement
He vigils upon your life, you are His creation 
Do not worry about what you fear or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He created you to live not to die
He made you to win not to loose
He formed you from the vase of wealth and health
I made you as channel of love and peace
All in this earth made for your achievement
All around you is made to sustain your accomplishment
Do not worry about what you see or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He made the waters to quench your thirst 
He made the air to breath in your soul
He made all kinds of aliments to feed your hunger
From the day you came, the air was at your side to breath
The earth will always carry your steps as long as you live
The stone and trees will walk with you in this journey 
Do not worry about what you miss or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He has a task for each one of your days on the earth
Your life is designed according to your calling
Pain and joy work for your vision
Suffering and glory work for your greatness
Failure and success work for your righteousness
He made each day a step to your destiny
Do not worry about what you doubt or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

Copyright © ISAAC KINZAMBI | Year Posted 2016

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When we go to heaven

When we go to heaven will you dance with me

will you finally see the shelter you provided

the love you showed for me in time

your hand in mine so freely wide

When we go to heaven will we walk along the sea

hand in hand you and me

Will we see Jesus together and feel free

so close to Him you and me

When we go to heaven can we walk the streets of gold

He paved for us

I see the time in my mind so clear

us walking side by side

so free and so near

I will look for you one day above

when we go to heaven we'll be free

you, and me and Jesus,

Us Three...

Written by://©Betty Bolden


All Poems are copyright!

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

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The Fire

The Fire

        A fire can heart a home
But may, out of control, vastly roam,
	A blazing fire may take a town
As the fire burns and burns all that’s around,
	The fire becomes strong
Several days pass, yet, seems long,
	Out of control does the fire storm
Traveling throughout the area, very warm,
	Burning so immensively hot
Taking down the whole entire lot,
	The fire timely is put out
But the means of a large water spout,
	The Ashes rejuvenate the trees
New vegetation goes in Its place you see.

Travis “Ceijaeh” Klein

Copyright © Travis Klein | Year Posted 2016

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Truth Begins at the Corner

Remember to always make sure to bless the days that you are given, because they are few, and beauty only lasts so long! 
Hold tight my fair wonderer, your day will come. I will be with you again.
The lost soul of your childhood still roams the crevices of your forgotten past. 
The unrestrained faith in the wonders of the woods, the vastness of the cosmos, and the darkness of the night still lingers beneath the rough waters of maturity and age. 
Come with me again my friend and lose yourself in the joy of the unknown, the unplanned, and the chaos of a life on fire! I can take you there, if only you let go! 
Be with me, take part of me with you, and feel the self that we are. Perfect in spoiled admiration of instincts lost since the time I awoke without you.
The id consumes you with a savage passion, while the ego ever so gently licks the tears from your wounded breast. 
My mind strives to unbutton the layers of worldly impurities until I reach your core. Pure as the first light we accepted into our virginal eyes. 
Wrapped in body and blindness, our forms ached as we accepted this gift. As we unfolded into light, a passionate awakening of nature stirs the breath and frightens the senses, the initiation of spirit begins. 
I long to stay. The only I there is in this ephemeral abyss. I loathe all blessings bestowed upon my eye, but the light penetrates with ruthless contempt for all we have created, harshly illuminating the disparities of night and day, nature and nurture, love and death, you and I. 
I curse the light, and in desperation implore for the beginning to come to an end. For now I see you, and now I know… never were.  

Copyright © Charlie Firestone | Year Posted 2013

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The Remembrance of the Dandelion

The Remembrance of the Dandelion 

The past began as a dandelion,
 A golden yellow that flourished in the tender seasons.
 Oh how she grew so spacious in the patio’s walkway, 
 the present a warm and optimistic Tiger 
The future a diligent rose sprouting above the 
all the rest, while she be perched upon a white picket
The past is nostalgic some say, it can be seen as Vintage,
But one day the dandelion grew and was at the cusp of her 
vitality, so there she cast her seeds,
One by one they flew out into the universe, leaving the 
center, guided by the constellations and the maker itself.
The tuft of silver glided through the stars and unborn 
Until one found its host.. a young woman who
was fertile of a new era and civilization.
There the apparition of the dandelion settled 
in the sip of water and the intake of a breath,
Gently floating down the woman, to the fertility
that lay within her. 
She blessed the being that would create the new civilization,
by resting upon his tiny palm, 
Entering a new state of matter- that was 
called DNA. 
each rung that was manifested and added to the latter,
was each civilization kept warm in the body of us.
For the past knew that once she spread her seedlings, 
she would never be truly forgotten by the universe.
And once the child was born with eyes of sea blue 
that churned with prosperity and compassion. 
Came her resurrection and remembrance
of her being Lazarus, ascending from the dust
of her former self. This story 
was never heard since the Dandelion that started it all
was never given any

Copyright © Madison Demetros | Year Posted 2016