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Haiku 16: Blood Pain

           lightning punching down,
                     fast, blinding, loud – blood pain
                                a prayer of tears 

to all who have suffered violence

David Meade

Copyright © David Meade | Year Posted 2014

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                                 gray clouds
                                       and black crows
                    the way she looked clear through me

                    how she walked on tip toes
                                              mixed feelings

                             her long black hair
                           that wonderful aroma
                               all about the room

                           everything stopped
                                               that instant
                                      she smiled

                             bridge to nowhere
                                      we walked on
                                             nothing under our feet

                                    five foot six?
                                            maybe              but
                            standing on her toes      we bond 

                                      Dave Austin



Copyright © daver austin | Year Posted 2016

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Fragile like dew drop
Though I dream, dare, fight and win
Yes! I am woman.

Copyright © Divya Jaiswal | Year Posted 2016

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Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers of many colors
Always received openly
To warm the loved heart

Eve Roper 10/31/2014

Copyright © Eve Roper | Year Posted 2014

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WOMEN -we must

We must write and dream 
We must command and be seen
We are done we win

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Black Friday

Love your neighbor as you love yourself
What happened to our mind set?
She’s an infant not a cure for aids
She’s pure why forcefully snitch her virginity 
Respect our women you selfish men

South Africa you’ve made a name for yourself “rape capital” 
Let us unite against rape and restore our good name
My beloved South Africans unite!
Unite against women and child abuse
One person raped is one too many

Anene Boysens, your death united the nations
United, they condemned discrimination against women
They said” every girl has a right to be respected and protected against women abuse”
How long should we take this barbaric conduct?  
We owe it to all the victims to fight this disease

Woe to your power assertive rapists
Woe to you anger retaliation rapists
Woe to you sadistic rapists
Woe to you juvenile sex offenders
Woe to you women offenders	

14 February after sun set a word went forth
Rapists have no place in South Africa
February 15, 2013 declared a black Friday
We shall remain black until we defeat rape
Victory is within our reach, fight against rape.

Copyright © Bongani Zungu | Year Posted 2013

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Play The Radio Get Up And Dance All Night Long Music Heals The Soul

Copyright © humble b | Year Posted 2012

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Women Won It All

Women Won It All

women won it all
was a great national thing
again and again

passed ball here and there
until trophy they had won
now we are so proud

will never forget
was such a wonderful day
and would you believe

win, win, win and win
in future hope they can do
one more trophy too

God, thank you so much
for all our winning feelings
praise You our dear Lord

james thomas horn
retired veteran and pet

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

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Haiku: Lessons Women Taught Me

(A Haiku Trilogy)       

Stage 1

you don't share feelings
how can you say you love me
when I don't know you

Stage 2

you ask me nothing
only sharing your feelings
god you're self-absorbed 

Stage 3

cosmic truth just rocks
forever, all is stardust
(but women's feelings)     

Brian Johnston
July 30,2014

Poet's Notes: 
New: Why Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3? Well (this is funny) , it's kind of like
cancer, though, of course, cancer is not funny either to those going through it.

Also new: I like the inversion of the speakers complaint in the 2nd stanza as
well and the irony of the 3rd stanza too.

You should note that throughout the first two stanzas the speaker is negating
the other's feelings. Really it could be a man or a woman speaking in the first
two stanzas). The real question is, is the other really not sharing/listening or is
the speaker afraid to be loved (just making the other wrong)? The speaker
apparently teaches the other to share and then finds the other's sharing
annoying. Might the speaker not share with the other what the speaker wants
the other to ask the speaker about? Just a thought!  : -)   God avoiding
looking like a sexist is tough! Whew! Though of course, at heart I am still truly
sexist, and sorry ladies, the third stanza still stands (a stroke of genius) ! Ha! 

This poem is like watching the sun go down off the coast of California. You and
God are having a nice glass of Merlot, no Piesporter Goldtropschen Spatlese, 
like sipping the nectar of honey suckle blossems when you were a kid (but with 
a kick). You realise that God is perfect and you aren't. And somehow that's OK,
because at least He loves you! (No woman is present!)

Copyright © Brian Johnston | Year Posted 2014

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my heart

a dirt hand 
clothes of my heart

shabnam shirvani

Copyright © shabnam shirvani | Year Posted 2014

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What People Were and What People Are

People were
Many things.
Strange or not

People were
Different and
Odd and fun.

People were
Monsters but…
That’s not all

People were
And still are
Strange and odd.

People are
People. For
life is life. 

Yet not.
Not is lies.
Truth seeps from

Every mouth
Lies, lies, lies
Move, move, move

But somehow
Lies prevail.
Lies are life.

Lies are death.
Lies are homes.
Lies are pain.

Lies are truth.
Yet somehow.
Truth prevails.

Truth is life.
Truth is death.
Truth is home.

Truth is pain.
Truth is lie.
Truth is that.

Lies will die.
Lies will cease.

Truth will live.
Truth will be.

Copyright © Layla Elkoulily | Year Posted 2013

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Highrise BONER

cream pie rising high
hard on elevator ride
short skirt drop them coins



Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

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Eyes penetrating the depths 
Clinical visit 

Copyright © Richard Thistle | Year Posted 2014

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Women who have style
attract with their fine attire,
smiles improve their looks.

Entered in Elly Wouterse's contest,
" A Positive Poem "
Written on 6/12/2014
by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2014

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               Empty womb
        Springs tumble winters
              The clock ticks

            Plum blossoms
         Yearnings of passion
               Wept away

Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2013

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Bengali Women

                                Bengali women squatting
                                    Pitchers, bangles,gossips
                                            The river Barak indifferent

Copyright © RAJAT KANTI CHAKRABARTY | Year Posted 2014

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The Diamond goddess

the diamond goddess
whispers lust in her breast voids
loves dream of power

Copyright © Marcus Echols | Year Posted 2014

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     children put to bed -

     working girl

     prepares for nightshift

Copyright © LINDA JACKSON | Year Posted 2014

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Love Haiku

Some love is stupid, 
Some love is fake and unreal, 
But our love is true.

Copyright © Christian Guild | Year Posted 2013

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Geisha's smile

Geisha  always smile
She don't have the money to cry

Copyright © Sallam Yassin | Year Posted 2013

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Great men think alike
Great women think differently
Great children breathe air.

Copyright © PV Harrington | Year Posted 2015

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Ebony and Ivory

false dark skinned white lies
unspoken light skinned dark truths
father racism's hate

© Eugene Harvey

Copyright © Eugene Harvey | Year Posted 2016

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miss right

the dark night strikes again 
her kisses washes away my pain
enriching my domain 
a woman made of books 
so charming with her looks

Copyright © Matt Ancient | Year Posted 2015

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Why can't men just let
women make their own choices
about health issues?

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2014

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Alley Cats

He loves me, not you
Sharp claws, spitting and hissing
Ghetto alley cats.

Copyright © Denise Morgan | Year Posted 2015

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My 'why' chromosome

Fuels my testosterone
My egocentric domineering 
That’s 'why' feminism

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2015

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Washed Up

Where the Jester lies
beaten against the cold shore,
the Queen of Hearts sings.

Copyright © Mark Harris | Year Posted 2015

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Know that sad feeling
when there’s a new email but
it isn’t from her?

Copyright © Jim Tidd | Year Posted 2015

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two women

two women
fighting over lingerie –
police cars speed

Ó December 4, 2011
Dane Smith-Johnsen

Copyright © Dane Ann Smith-Johnsen | Year Posted 2011

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they smell so divine
to cherish and to hold onto
they drive us crazy

Copyright © Malcolm Dyer | Year Posted 2009