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Relatively Speaking

To see old relatives can get you thinking
if your health will also soon be sinking.
Will you get their shingles, bunions or bad knees?
Will you get dementia or need some surgeries?
And if afflicted, will you face it well or will you cave?
Or might you be the lucky one to go
 "relatively" pain-free. . . to the grave?

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2010

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The Doggone Dog Contest

               My Pet

They say that a pet resembles its master,
but I don't believe that it's true.
       When I walk with my dog, 
he always walks faster.
       When I eat a sandwich, 
my dog eats a shoe.
       My dog often scratches his head with his feet,
but, I use my hands, instead.
       I tend to roll in bed when I sleep.
My dog rolls in anything dead.
    I've never pooped in a clearing, or park;
       I've never chewed on a bone;
When a squirrel climbs a tree, I don't stare up and bark -   
			I'd rather just leave it alone.
But I don't get fed, and watered, and rubbed,
	and I don't get treats when I pee.
And I'm not, as quickly, forgiven and loved,
	when someone gets angry with me.
They say that a pet is just like its master,
but I haven't seen any proof yet.
        Personally, I think that would be a disaster.
Instead, I wish I was more like my pet.

Copyright © John Taylor | Year Posted 2010

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Talk in Small Doses, Small Talk, Safe

Family get togethers are so much fun
    provided you stick to the rules.
Greet everyone with a smile.
Get them talking about themselves.
Don't compare nor gloat.
Set the timer to 'it will be over soon'.
Keep topics neutral; arguments deflated.
Keep unmentionables hidden away.
Don't say the obvious, keep anger at bay.
Small talk, short talk - in small short doses,
    spread evenly around the room.
You can survive, unruffled, uninjured 
    by keeping it all short and sweet.

Copyright © John Anderson | Year Posted 2017