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A Rainbow Flower

From beyond the horizon of time, my roots unending, chose life
For as in the beginning, I in the dark, beheld light
When even in the dark of night I must climb
When challenges I must face, rather than taking flight
I must look right towards the light
Even in winter, I am a flower.

May I assume any color in the scheme of good things
Assuming any form, in whatever haven I choose
Like a rainbow following rain, I'll rise
I'll rise with crimson/gold, each clear day
Even in winter, I am a flower.

From the innermost chambers of my conscience, came I
Saturated with thoughts for life
Springing forth day and night
Like a rainbow shimmering, I rise
I rise, delighting in life's gift of a new day
Even in winter, I am a flower
I am a flower, even in winter.

....Written at age 50.

Copyright © Iris Elizabeth Sankey-Lewis | Year Posted 2016

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Temptation pulls us all into sin with gravity force
Wading in with human desires sweet sugar coating gloss
Strengths are nurtured and grown from our creator's breath of light
Filtering through densely chaotic thoughts stony cold walls
Snowdrops open their blossoms stretching a smile to your spring
Sprouting faith, hope, love and luck from a four-leaf white clover
Daffodils dance with a twirl around a twilight star breeze
Floating around magical melodies of twin flames spark
Shimmering dusk and dawn of your soul commanding presence
Soaring light chestnut brown kestrel swooping down in hunger
Low down in the horizon gracious mother of the rose
Sweet pleasant fragrance sets sail on the bitter winds of change
Queen of the evening sky you stand out a beautiful face
Radiating happiness amidst the flurries of rain

A co written piece by Liam Mc Daid and Angeline Lin

Copyright © liam mcdaid | Year Posted 2016

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The Flower

As the time passes by season to season. I wait and wonder if this flower will ever grow. Planted so
many  times what seemed to be the right place , but once again it was not right at all. Struggling to
blossom so it can show  its color and beauty to the one that matters most of all. Thirsting for the warmth 
of the sun , starving for the attention , not really asking for much at all. So many times it felt so right , 
but things would change so quickly in the middle of the night and all would be lost. Slowly it would wither 
till there was no hope of blossoming one day. As the time passes by tears fill my eyes and there is nothing 
left to say. I only know that this flower will grow , but not this way. It must  be cared for and understood , 
loved and nourished so it will blossom and grow stronger , more beautiful then any flower you've ever known.
Will this flower ever grow? This is something I do not know. Sad as it may seem, it's even sadder to me , That I 
am that flower that will never grow , didn't you know ?


Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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Tender of Roses

Beloved, lovely roses: gift of God and lover’s flower,
Spread your colored petals and cradle tender showers.
While admiring the blossoms with their beauty to behold,
Ought we not to know the Tender of such lovely garden groves?

For He lovingly and thoughtfully wields His pruning shears
To cut away the stems of old for fuller future years.
He cultivates and feeds them. He attends them as a Father
Looking daily to their needs; so faithfully He waters.

From the dawn of morning dew until the setting sun arrays
Caring always for His own until that great appointed day…
When the Gardener comes to claim each one the earth held as its own.
He gently picks it at its peak and for His pleasure takes it home.

As God did one glorious morning, when the Perfect Rose had bloomed.
He rolled away the stone and met with Mary at the tomb.
There the sweetest Rose of Sharon rose that we die not alone.
But be gathered for a garden grove, surrounding heavens throne.

Copyright © Tom Valles | Year Posted 2013

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Cherokee rose

The mother’s tears fall along the trail                                                                                                                                                                           where they cried upon the bloody ground                                                                                                                                                         Families huddled together in a circle like quail                                                                                                                                                           The women’s smiles are nowhere to be found                                                                                                                                                                A prayerful flower along the tears has flourished                                                                                                                                                     Looking for beauty to forget the pain                                                                                                                                                                                   for the people need to be nourished                                                                                                                                                                             like the thirsting earth needs the rain                                                                                                                                                                         This flower blooming white with tears                                                                                                                                                                            In the center stands the golden thieves                                                                                                                                                                              coming to take the land now many years                                                                                                                                                               Finding strength from seven green leaves

Copyright © John Beam | Year Posted 2015

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The Miracle Of The Four Leaf Clover

I saw a four leaf clover in a field of green.
I picked it up and looked for it's miracle
on each one of it's leaves and this is what
I seen.

Four perfectly split leaves with each it's
own plan. 
To bring wealth and knowledge, to any
finder's hand.

One leaf for the courage to reach and pick it up.

Two leaves for a deep faith, a gift from God above.

Three leaves for trust, that it will bring all you dream of.

The fourth leaf is the beauty of knowledge that we receive;
When we see that the miracle of the clover is the wealthy lesson,
to always believe.

Copyright © Sharon Gulley | Year Posted 2015

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the Rose

                 The Rose innocent white, soft pink, yellows 
                colors touch your soul vibrant red to amethyst

                enhances beauty yet a thorn awaits to break skin
                as life does piercing your heart with a thin pin.

                My life has shed drops of blood through each petal
                 as if in return for the love and beauty you feel

                hence pain underneath patiently waits the bloodletting ~

                The rose symbolizes love yet vulnerable to hold
                for when you open your heart it can be left bleeding

                The best of surgeons can not beat your heart
                It is the inner faith and God himself whom gives strength 

                whispers in your ear you shall live you will exist
                your life meaningful as the water and sun to the rose

                 For I am your God  your existence is not over yet .
                        You must Live ~You must Bloom 

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Flowers to Heaven

God sees the tiny spark within -
my possibilities.
He sets aglow my aimless soul.
He shows a path for me.
With gleam from sun and stars and moon
and bright light scooped from Heaven’s spoon,
He guides my often wondering ways,
leading each step through all my days; 
and when I plant my spring garden,
then watch the flowers grow,
I pray the blooms rise to his throne,
swaying with praise and fragrance flown -
till perfect day we meet
when I bow at His feet, 
Eternal blooms to him adorn
and glory worshipped evermore.

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2015

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A Flower is like Heaven

A flower is like heaven.
It is with us for such a short time.
Although heaven is eternal, it is fleeting. 
We cannot grasp the significance sometimes. 
We can’t see the truth for the beauty?
Life is a puzzle for sure. 
Maybe God wants us to figure it out for ourselves?
But man is a vain creature, he only wants the reachable.
The unreachable is fleeting but still there.
I can see it sometimes in my dreams, reaching out to be grasped.
I sleep, I reach, I grasp, I hold, I wonder, I marvel, I wake, I lose.


Copyright © Colin James Platt | Year Posted 2015

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Priapic Flower

Merry speak, Father

   As life sprouts forth within spring-

                Priapic* flower.

A. Green

* 1. Priapic-  Of, relating to, or resembling a phallus; phallic.

Copyright © Amy Green | Year Posted 2012

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The pain I put in the ground.
For such a precious thing.
The family enjoys their meal.
They plant their leftover kernels.
And wait for me to tend to them.
An endless cycle in which happiness is born.

21 February 2013

Copyright © Smail Poems | Year Posted 2013

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A Flower of Life

A seed we all come from,not hardly seen,and then we grow a little at a time,Life holds us back the rain and storm we push us though and then we Grow .we do not know what happens next will we be rotted in the ground.or turn to sun to make us grow .sometimes in life we miss are call .and then regret are life in all but if we keep  are growth a live were make it though the trouble skies.sometime it's deeper than we know sometimes it's just the way we Grow. so have good judgement in your life .and then when you look up to the sky your say your beautiful in God's eye's.

Copyright © Elizabeth Ruff | Year Posted 2015

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Effulgent sun proffers love 

Above the undergrowth…of
Thorns and weeds

The moon unravels wonders

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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SEESPEAKNORHEAR Sew my eyes shut So my tears will dry Cob webs and scars down our arms Gouge out my eyes So I can’t see you with him My winter sky has grown horns My life gives way To all these problems building up A black cloud overhead, and afoot a bed of thornes Three words she will never say In these scars we have earned The greatest lie: “it is all okay” Death machines – a husk that’s hollow In my letters burned Paper-cut veins sewn up Bleed my sorrow Your indifference Illicit sympathy Colors my love as a serpent A mistake Another reprieve An empty promise of tomorrow Poisons my ears I rip them off And cement the holes they leave A voice I will no longer hear Love is no choice in the end. Deaf to all those voices & bladed words All those doubts and fears This story has had enough Bad weather. To the tragic – the chanceless begins This sky is about to birth dusk The letters we never send. A dawn that finally never comes A dawn were we will be together. Hopeless romantic I will shut up Sew up my mouth Blind, deaf, and now dumb. I am reversed two of cups. Am I now done? End. Written Dec. 29th 2014 By Joel Thornton

Copyright © Joel Thornton | Year Posted 2014

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The Fields of Life

Mine was a world without flowers
where nature had nothing to give.
Bleakly, a path stretched before me.
That life I was fearful to live.

In the desolate dust long I wandered
‘til oasis I found in your love.
A mercy directly from heaven;
hopeful, as rain from above.

Together in love long we labored
yet fruitless it seemed was our toil.
At times, I admit my faith waivered.
Were we wasting our time in dead soil?

In our struggle we grew ever closer.
Unyielding, we weathered those years.
Ever planting in hopes of tomorrow,
each seed watered by heartfelt tears.

But then came the bloom of our yearning
a flower unlike any other,
who’s blossom meant life beyond living,
and we became father and mother.

Before you, I had only desert.
No water, no beauty, just strife.
Beside you, in resplendent bounty
the fields of our labor bear life.


*note: I am working on this for a mother's day gift I am making for my wife. If any brilliant minds out there care to offer feedback, or ideas on how I might improve this, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.  

Copyright © The Grahamburglar | Year Posted 2015

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Stars are the other amazing suns,
probably more awesome than our own,
they must have many planets spinning around them...
there are many more unknown worlds invisible to us;
on the clearest night: gaze far and watch them
as they astound us with a stellar manifestation!

Since childhood stars fascinated me with a mystery so intriguing
and wondered who was that great Designer and Being
who had made them to hang in infinite space;
they surely had a specific purpose to accomplish by diminishing 
some of the darkness and make the observer feel safe...
oh, starry August nights are quite amazing! 

Stars like the Earth will outlast all ages to puzzle and dazzle minds;
how can Science declare that creation is a myth, or even a lie
and deny God's existence with animosity?
Why haven't they seen a stellar manifestation through a believer's eyes? 
I exult His exuberant designs of creativity
and delight in everything from a tiny flower to an immense star-lit sky!


Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2013

Details | Haiku |


He has sunflowers at night;
he wants to see the light
in thick darkness

(This haiku poem was published in Issue #25 in April 2014, in Three Line Poetry, Prolific Press)

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2014

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Hussshhhh of the sea breeze
Bolobok Cave nears it
Rain drops falling on my face
Trim down my long pony-tailed hair
Small crabs crawling over the brownish sand surface
Small stones scattered over
 Small caves with limestone
And having freshwater downstairs
Said there were ladders to climb and unclimb
To see the down caves
Now in a mysterious looks waiting for renovations
Where are these caretakers of nature?
The beauty of eye lenses looking at it
Please come and rescue this whispering ambiance of serenity 
For generations to enjoy
If this is an early human settlement 
Come take your responsibility
Oh the caretakers please come
Thank you

3 January 2013
Early Human Settlement
Bolobok Cave (Sungab Bulubuk)
Bongao, Tawi-Tawi Island
Sulu Archipelago


Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2013

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Sun Rising Over A Field Of Marsh Marigolds-Picture 2

Waking up, I was blinded by the radiant, yellow sun rays;
I witnessed with awe a splendid sunrise
rising over a field of marsh marigolds... 
more astonished than a true believer, I praised Him twice!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2016

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The ode to my wilting Flower

Little sibling don't you weep
We'll be together again some day
Close your eyes;go to sleep
It'll all soon be o.k
The longing for you stabbed me deep
Very soon I'll be on your way...
For us to be together like the old golden days
Now don't you fear,don't you cry,wipe those tears off your face
I have th faith that everything will soon go back to place
Mama wants you to be an ace
Make her smile;prove the world that you're not a broken vase
Face the sky, worship God
He's our most devoted guard
United or apart we will forever be...
Part of our family
With our blood in pain
Together,we will surely stop this rain
And all of us will once again
Live in harmony in our torn domain
Aunt, mom, our cousins and dad
Always wanted us to have the life they never had
Their past was very sad
But they brought us up well, for that,we must be glad
Thou the family is torn apart
The hope for a better future will never leave my heart
Aunt always said:"The good day will come"
So let's be on the guard for the rise of that morning's sun.
S. Nuno Pereira

Copyright © Stefanus Nuno Pereira | Year Posted 2012

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It is beyond your power to perceive what I mean by believe. I stand tall every single pointing out day to make you stay. I don’t have much power to drive you insane like a language of mad lovers. But I have an aptitude to stay bold like a mine worker. Too strong to fight for you like my country as a military man. Believe that our bond will forever exist in street of paradise. We spoke about it. You and I together for ever.
You told me to let it rain in me. You became part of me now we are one. Believe is true love will never outlook us. I was not a man enough now I am. Yes life betrayed me now is my time to. Each punch of your looks bring me joy and everlasting perseverance. Your traditional thought bright my life. You the reason for my own existence, dear God I do not need mistress. 
My heart is weak, my soul is deep with words I can speak
But, would you listen, understand or even believe
So I prefer to show you in actions, take you through a journey of my thoughts
So when words are spoken then walls are broken 
and you believe in my love
Because my heart is weak, my soul is deep with words I can speak
Do you believe

Copyright © lonely mabale | Year Posted 2015

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Butterflies and daisies, 
       orange and yellow day lilies,
I'd love to take you with me, 
but I'm just too lazy,
and you'd probably drive me crazy-
   for you have always, 
              and you will always....
	           	-AMAZE me.

My dream has always been,
     to breath in a garden of zen,
and float around like bubbles; 
and then pop,
            and do it all over again.

For we don't pick our friends, 
          only a few will stay,
then they go right on their merry way.
Unless you are you, they'd stay for eternity,
           and stay until the final day.

An angel on a soft lily pad,
        with little critters keeping her company-
Fields and fields of daisies,
and butterflies surrounding
                               all over me.

Butterflies and daisies,
purple and pink pansies,
I'd love to pick you and take you home,
	Surely I am too lazy-
You'd most likely drive my hunger crazy,

For you, My love, have saved me-
	You have always, and you will always....
	               -AMAZE me.

I posted this poem my first day here at Poetry Soup, but I actually wrote it July 2, 2005. It has always been one of my favorite poems I wrote for my hubby.

Date Written: September 23, 2015


Copyright © Laura Loo | Year Posted 2015

Details | I do not know? |

You and I

You and I.


Your heart blazed,
with a warmth of spirit,



soaked in truth.

Your smile burned,
branding me permanently,



enveloping my being.

Your love was complete,
from the depths of your soul,


yet fierce,

bathed in silent knowing.

Your dreams were poetic,
fluttering in the afternoon breeze,
infused with the distilled essence of rhyme.


I squandered your generosity of spirit.

I vainly discarded your priceless poems.

Now I stand,




wasting away,

rotting inside, day by day.

Copyright © Scribbler Of Verses | Year Posted 2013

Details | Dramatic Verse |

The Padre Of Old St Anthony

There he stood in the 
garden,a gentle fellow 
with glowing gown; 
radiating glory.
  His countenance was 
that of an Angel,
The Padre of old St 
  As I approached him,he 
gave me a warm.
Then he told me why he 
came to the mission,the 
mission in old St Anthony.
  We knelt down to pray,I 
thanked the Lord for a 
man such as this.
   Then the chapel bells 
the rang,I heard a 
voice"child it is time."
   I looked,lo saw I a fiery 
figure beckoning him to 
  He stood up and looked 
at me with tender love in 
his eyes.
   Then I knew this man 
was an Angel,the Padre 
of old St Anthony.
   With joyous heart,I left 
the vicinity of old St 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


Sat in a friends garden surrounded by plants, birds and bees.

Sat admiring each leaf and petal, all delicately made by the creator.

Looking at each bumblebee with it,s colours and watching it work,

moving from flower to flower gathering pollen to be made into honey,

that tastes so yummy.

Clematis, lavender and fig, so many plants all around me in one place to see,

so many species to memorise not so easy. The garden a place of beauty, peace

and harmony, a place of relaxation, rest and inspiration. A place to be close to

nature and in the presence of my lord sat at his feet.

A sunny day a comfy chair and a cool drink to  hand. Just sat in the garden, 

talking, praying and singing, me and the lord undisturbed, unbroken, undiluted 

pure sweet fellowship. The way it should be.  thank you God for the garden


Copyright © John Robert Bones | Year Posted 2012

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Child of the night

Passed by on the street with a glance or a stare.
Forgot in a moment; Why would I care?

Roaming the night feeling your soul bleed.
Always alone with your shame and your need.

Shying away from the suns warm glow.
A wounded child unable to know.

The glorious flower hiding inside.
Yearning to burst with color and pride.

Who tends the garden sowing the seed?
Feeding and trimming and tending all need.

With his love and his word the flower will bloom.
Glorious color bursting forth from the gloom.

Unto the sky the flower will raise.
Full of joy, full of laughter, full of praise.

                       Copy write 2011 
                       Russell H Smith 

Copyright © Russell Smith | Year Posted 2011

Details | Dodoitsu |

Bow before a flower

Bow your head to a flower, take its permission to pluck for God is present in it, this much it deserves. © kashinath karmakar(23rd May,2011) =========================== Placement: 6th; (June 2011) Contest:Flowers,Trees,Grass or Bees Sponsor:Francine Roberts

Copyright © kash poet | Year Posted 2011

Details | Light Poetry |

Clear Waters

The waters clear as I stand by the river

I see the reflection of someone long ago

As the storms come in I know I can't let you go.

Rain pours at times in this life you've given

But the shadows fade when my prayers have risen

Your love for me I've never new until now

When I see the waters clear, my reflection seems so near.

As time goes on I know you are near

Just seeing the way you help me stand

Just seeing the way you remove the fear

It helps my weakness seem so clear

That without you I am small

But as I take your hand, the walls get knocked down

The waters clear, the reflection I see now,

is you in me, this my Lord helps to make me free.

Written by://©Betty Bolden

Copyright © Betty Bolden | Year Posted 2013

Details | I do not know? |


hello! hey! boungiorno! what is the date?/
this world of dimensions created duality/
no letters/ no words/ are enough to express/
someone like you/ in reality/

i filled all your emptines/ MY still quiet bay/
as Jhon opened world in his Yoko/
you searched perfect princes/ looked for "right him"/
now at only one overman looking/

i swear/ i will hold you/ as much as i can/
would become all the axes/ and outer space/
voice is speared by the screaming wind/
falling down/ flakes to your place/

going crazy just seeing your knees/
don't regret anything/ my Benito/
unbelievable/ perfect/ unbearable/
you whisper/ "la comedia e finita"//

Copyright © Ilya Emelin | Year Posted 2013

Details | Blank verse |

Il Fiore Della Bruma P1

In a moment, a lapse of anguish
Through the sanded markets that
The mind implored.
Dust coughed up
And crystallised silence;
Each moan and cry
Of every wrapped face
Became a whisper,
As blood might echo an unheard drip
Into a lake of cold concern.
I do not know how the street kings felt
For upon re-opening they continued much the same;
Decrepit focus on none but their own.
It would sadden me to think the whip of this
Aged and ground earth
Was nothing more than an inconvenience…
But I do not know how the street kings felt,
For my only sense was the smell of mud from my hands,
As I pushed my eyelids shut.

I was never one of the stalls;
I had played that game and not liked it.
Instead what was I?
Scarce confess more than a ghost.
I had dropped an eye into the weeping tomb,
I had retraced each bone with affection
And made self-labour of their wandering loss.
I had carved a hole so deep within
That I may plunge.
Rise as I did, in the scope of the curious
I had no form known to this winding world.
I had a difference, for sure, there was much that I could not now.
Only sleep and give; remaining as dead as I ever was.
I lay naked upon the grazing sand,
Skin as cold as the failing tree.

But in this moment
The mournful fled,
My arms less heavy than known.
The wind spluttered,
Shook its anchor from retreat,
Revealing sights of the like
That opens the lungs.
An image serene, that beauty becomes existence.
I had dropped an eye into the weeping tomb
Now, returned with a thousand unseen truths.
This scope, upon which all light was born,
This blessing, upon which my skin was warmed,
This infinitely gentle and delicate sky
That I had long looked for.
Myself had withered and decayed
To reignite a brighter flame.
And as this new form,
My mind was able to understand these sights.
I lay still upon my back,
My eyes awake with the possibility,
My mouth gaped;
Hope wrapped its arms, like a quilt;
I was soothed enough.

And as in a touch, I breathed.

Copyright © Aiden Asoll | Year Posted 2013