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Couplet Science Poems | Couplet Poems About Science

These Couplet Science poems are examples of Couplet poems about Science. These are the best examples of Couplet Science poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Couplet |

Thats a sin

A whole new twist to the same old story
Evil scientist in their laboratories
Creating monsters that live in the night
I often reflect on mankind's plight
As mankind drifts further from his soul
We seek things to fill the hole
The path of lies forever bends
Truth is straight and narrow my friends
As I see it getting bent in every way
I simply find myself compelled to pray
What will become of our sons and daughters
Will their souls be led to slaughter
As scientist seek out another way
To disprove what the bible has to say
Trillions spent in search of a ghost
Another theory of true reproach
Rainbow stars now fill the skies
I wonder what is hidden inside their lies
We can now place a robot up on Mars
But can't help the drunk at the local bar
Trillions more spent on a new space station
But we can't feed the hungry right here in our nation
Seems to me before we go further conquering space
We should maybe try to help out the human race
Our quest for knowledge has drove us insane
We are now so smart we don't use our brain
Our nation was founded "In God We Trust"
Our government says "Let it be covered in dust"
Even this lowly creature up out of the pen
Knows in his heart that thats a sin

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2007

Details | Couplet |

Suicidal Humanity

Our supposed modern scientific genius
May in fact just be our last fatal weakness.
This technological house of cards we've made
Left humanity walking along the edge of a razor blade.

How much could you buy or sell using debit or credit
If someone or something wiped out the internet.
A computer virus, terrorists, hackers, or an E.M.P.--
Will wipe out our hard-earned wealth eventually.

Killing beneficial insects is almost like fratricide.
Think really hard again about ever using insecticide.
How many fields of vegetable plants and fruit trees
Will ever bear fruit if there are no more bees.

Rather than organically producing more living topsoil,
We're killing what remains with chemicals derived from oil.
As chemical contaminants follows their downward motions,
Choral reefs and plankton are dying in the oceans.

As a species, we've all become germ-o-phobic neurotics,
Religiously trying to kill all microbes with antibiotics.
But pharmaceutical medicine will never defeat every bug,
So one of these days there's certain to be a super plague.

So will we all starve because we cannot buy or sell,
Or because the oceans and farmlands have all gone to Hell?
Will we be extinguished by some invincible virus?
What ever it be, the fault will probably lie in us!

I wish I could offer some brilliant inspired solution,
But remember that extinction is also a part of evolution.
You may write me off as some kind of nutty alarmist,
But people that know me consider me to be an optimist.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

I'm Just a Little Particle

I'm just a little particle created so long ago I swirled with many of me to help your Solar System grow For many years I spun I thought in never ending spin From that marvel the nebula your Solar System begins For those who are not very sure a supernova could have set the reaction A core attracted me in then collapsing in a fatal attraction The speed of which this happens picture a skaters arms by their side Rotational forces so massive spinning in ever glide This causes the cloud to flatten as me the dust is being drawn in Around a dense core it travels a star is pulled in to begin The more mass that is accumulated towards the centre of the disc Enough energy is now created nuclear reactions react so brisk In basic simple terms Hydrogen atoms in Helium fuse Releasing enormous amounts of energy your Solar System sings the blues The outcome of one of these bursts was the forming of your sun Granted, it took another ten million years but what you know now has now begun The next step in the journey of this incredible science feat Is the formation of the planets that you humans will eventually seek Eventually us dusts we stuck together to form the many of many rocks This process is known as accretion created by the science clock Forming in the flat plane over millions and billions of years Electrostatic forces allured creating your Solar System spheres I'm just a little particle created so long ago I swirled with many of me to help your Solar System grow http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/space-3.php

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

Newton's First Law of Emotion: be unmoved

I picked up a little apple as I loitered ‘neath a tree,
a pretty little apple and perhaps it picked up me.

For it was a comely apple, bright red and pink its hue,

and I could tell it was a lady, but shan’t tell you how I knew.

Said she, ‘I am descended…’ ‘Tell me something else’, I said,

‘for I know that you’re descended, you descended on my head.’

‘I’m descended,’ she continued, ‘from that apple fed by Eve

to her Adam, in the Garden, before they both got heaved. 

And you’ve heard, of course, of Snow White? 

Well that apple she did bite

was my many-times-great Aunty Sal, of whom we seldom skite.

“Keep me as the apple of thine eye,” the Good Book doth assert,

so don’t chew me up or stew me for use in some desert.

‘Cos I’m an educated apple and I know wot’s flamin’ wot.

And to keep your flamin’ teeth white’s simply wot I’m flamin’ not.’

I vowed I’d never ever bite her nor ever apple-pie her.

And I wouldn’t! And I didn’t!

But she made a scrumptious cider.

Copyright © Red OMara | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |


I can’t remember everything, I can’t recall my birth
Aimlessly I wonder what my goal is here on earth
The prospects here are wide and vast, I seek my very cause
I’m switched on at the crack of dawn and dusk is when I pause
Deflated and depleted, I ponder then I do
Believe what I was programmed to, replaced by versions new
Existing just for mere research, experiment I am
My life “To let”, “for sale”, “for rent”; in shambles or a sham
Emotions first uploaded or rebooted and erased
Remote controlled with batteries recharged at every phase
Mirrored in an image, then observed through looking glass
My Father and Creator notes down everything that’s passed
Today I conquered obstacles according to the plan
One virus might turn bad to worst within outdated brand
If circuits fry a terminating prospect is abrupt
A live or die for me could mean abort or self-destruct
When all the data’s gathered and my purpose here is lost
The switch will flip, I’ll power down, repaired at extra cost
Core of bone covered with flesh, diverting all suspicion
That I was cloned and molded to a Master’s rendition

Copyright © Brandon Basson | Year Posted 2005

Details | Couplet |

Where Frozen Embryos Still Burn

The claret globe it fills the sky
for landing time will soon draw nigh.
Now wake from cryogenic sleep
those who Earth's promises must keep,
our sixteen finest, bright and bold
to set red planet's first threshold.
For their tasks, specially chosen
air's thin - Sherpa gene bespoken,
brains, strength and reflex all enhanced
to give our crew a fighting chance.
Carefully reared in far Tibet
to make their chances better yet
and if perchance their mission fail
a second crew will take their trail.
Where frozen embryos still burn
to start new clones and take their turn.

Copyright © Dave Will | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Weaponize Our Garbage Stuff

Greetings, ladies and gentlemen of the Associated Press.
As you know, our modern world is a chaotic hostile mess,
And we are being overwhelmed by garbage and pollution. 
Hyper-Magnetic Technologies (HMTCH) has the dual solution!
Our new hypermagnetic ballistic launcher (HMBL) weapon
Is the latest greatest weapon of mass destruction. 
Imagine, if you will, an ongoing heavy barrage
Made up of waste chemicals, and landfill garbage.
For eample, if problems continued with Iraq or Iran,
We could bury in refuse both Bagdad and Tehran.
Their population would give such an outcry 
That their governments would fall or be compelled to comply.
Forget about ICBMs or future US invasions--
Garbage will be the ultimate ‘big stick’ for persuasion.
One ten ton HBML Launch 
Would be the penultimate sucker punch.
Air Defense Artillery cannot shoot trash down.
All garbage launched will hit the target ground.
Invest now while our stock prices are still low;
We have the signed contacts.  Watch your portfolios grow!

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Do not mourn the stars

time is of no consequence
life will carry out its eternal sentence

blow by blow we return vertical
nothing remains but the eternal

do not mourn the stars, as they move us
the curse of time is all but a fuss

when stars die, they drown the light
no control, no matter how much man made might

no god, no saviour among the living
only love and love remains for giving

among the distance and eternal youth
love becomes life's sleuth 

what remains under light's guardian? 
only love can bring me home again. 

Copyright © Ingvar Thorisdottir | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

A Visit from Massacre Fairy 1st half

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the town
Not a creature was breathing, not one to be found.

Bloody hand prints swept the walls which once were white
Darkness overshadowed anything that had light

Little boys were decapitated and sprawled across the floor,
While little girls were skinned alive; hung as décor for every door.

Mothers had their jaws ripped straight from their heads
As their children screamed for mercy from their very own beds.

Panic and pain ricocheted off the walls
Pets were brutally butchered then stretched out in the halls

And Fathers were kept alive long enough to observe
Then their eyes were gouged only to dangle by an optic nerve

Fifty-six minutes is all the creature takes
To slay the whole town with its massacre earthquake

Agony rained something fierce this night
For this town was caught in the worst of plights

And the echo of dripping blood is now all you can hear
The stench swimming through the air is encapsulated fear.

To have dodged this slaughter would have been transmundane
For this monster, this beast was most definitely inhumane

It came through the windows and tore through the blinds
Grabbing any human or beast it could find

Then Slash the body! Gnash at the body! Bash them in the crown! 
And Thrash the body! Lash at the body! Mash the body down!

Then it rips out your tongue and swallows it whole
This fiendish freak has a heart made of coal

When wondering eyes caught a glimpse of what did appear
They knew it wasn’t Santa and his flying reindeers

Copyright © Kristina Reid-Hansen | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |


An unavoidable state is the disorder 
of entropy 
Cosmic matter is hurtling there with 
unseemly velocity
All heavenly bodies seen in the galaxy
Have a date with entropy historically
Entropy is working even for you
When the mirror confirms lines more 
than a few 
Entropy has a place for each cosmic 
The horse called Gravity is the purveyor 
on the trek
In time all will be tossed in a black hole, 
atoms to rearrange
Where endless recycling begins 
into another Big Bang 

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

A Visit from Massacre Fairy 2nd half


It was covered in black fur from its head to its toes
Its small eyes glimmered white like the sight of fresh snow

Razor, jagged teeth a quarter meter long
Its bite was considered to be bear trap strong

No lips, no ears, no nose on its face
Instead there were just holes, just a bunch of empty space. 

The fingers and nails grew together as one
Sharper than blades which were forged by the sun

And it carried a sack, but in it were trolls
That would jump out to grab the tormented souls

The drawing of the souls was the vilest thing to see
They shrieked and moaned, then begged for mercy

But before this act the hearts were ripped out
And the trolls gobbled them up without a shadow of a doubt

But then a glare of its eye and a twitch of its head
The trolls jump back in the sack or they knew they’d be dead

And it shrieked the same five words as it left like when it came
A bellow from hell, you could say sounded the same

If you were to hear these words, you could put its reign to an end
So with its saw-like teeth, your tongue it rends.

And when it’s complete, with no time to stall
The demons dash away, Dash away, Dash away all!

It is said to come back every fifty-sixth year
On the night before Christmas like this time here

To repeat the bloodbath on a town such as this
Leaving them no time for one final wish

So sleep light on a night which is said to be merry
For you might receive a visit from the Massacre Fairy.

Please rate after reading both parts =0)

Copyright © Kristina Reid-Hansen | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |


 If there are humans on earth some years 
in the future
They'll notice the sun has turned into a fiery 
red creature
The sun is on a mission to eat the earth
In days to come sun will swallow earth, not 
even burp
If this is thought to be a  SciFi invention
It's 100% true this is the sun's intention
The solar system's end comes with sun's 
cannibalistic feat
When he's eaten the other planets as an 
after dinner treat
The reason for such actions is sun's 
burning days are thru
And if he's burning out the rest of his 
system is going too


What's not even mentioned is sun's other tricks to harm
A coronal mass ejection and earth's bought the farm
The last CME (2012)  missed earth by a cosmic inch
The next will hit earth and that's a cinch

Copyright © Elizabeth Smith | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Goodnight Moon

<                                              Goodnight moon
                                    Only God knows if I'll see you soon

                                    As I stand under this canopy of stars 
                                    It looks as if you're riddled with scars

                                      From your illuminating harvest glows
                                   To those frosted faces from a winters toll

                                          You even play your peek a boo
                                          With clouds that shuffle by you

                                            Don't you know I love you so
                                         So please stay and don't you let go

                                               You're my guiding light
                                       My shining armor through-out the night

                                    The crickets are even playing our love song
                                             So let's dance all night long

                                         For I know the sun will be rising soon
                              And we'll start hearing yodel calls from a loons tune

                                             Well    goodnight moon 
                                          You've slipped away all to soon

                                                    It's been fun
                                        Dam ! now here comes the sun

Entry For
Deb Guzzi's 
Harvest Moon Contest
G.L. All










Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

Salty Sentinels

When lyrics and music are combined they take on a whole new life.
When chlorine and sodium assimilate they make salt.
Separately they are limited, combined they are significant.
Together we can accomplish much, divided we dither. 

Salty Sentinels By James E. Tate Sodium ions stable, assembled on the table, Salivating palates crave. Chlorine ions tiny, mustering soldiers briny, Guarding corners brave. Sodium Chloride making, crystal shakers shaking Cubes of salty white. Ever fighting blandness, vectors adding grandness, To enhance the appetite.
You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again” It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men. Matthew 5:13

Copyright © James Tate | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

Are the "Missing" Linked?

Tibetan monks share legend-colored reports
     Taking wide-eyed listeners from valley floors

To peaks in the sentinel Himalayas
     So how could such holy men’s tales betray us

A dark, furry creature’s outline has been seen
     Startling climbers on mountains so serene

Leaving bipedal footprints on pristine snow
     Stumping searchers who try to learn where they go

Yeti, the not-so-abominable snowman
     Much maligned being of God’s creative hand

Never attacks, just appears and quickly flees
     Allowing sighters to suspect what they please

Howling in the pain of loss from lofty peaks
     Perhaps for a missing cousin Yeti seeks

One who traversed a lost land bridge from Asia
     Then made his way south from the Arctic Tundra

To explore lush forests now U.S. Northwest
     Where for centuries Bigfoot has done his best

To elude capture by settlers and hunters
     And scoff at ever-hopeful photographers

Publicized encounters with both have been made
     But only footprints, blurry photos remain

Of man’s intriguing, unevolved ancestors
     Scientists think they’re human predecessors

But their imprints on Earth have been minimal
      Never chopping trees or scarring pinnacles

They’ve reason to hide from creatures who pollute
      Posing threats to life by developing nukes

Perhaps these "beasts" we should emulate
     Learn from our ancestors before it’s too late

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2009

Details | Couplet |

Many Things

We are like wiggling aphids on a quantum computer.
Knowledge beyond the scope of the most gifted tutor.
Spaces and dimensions multiplied by infinity, plus one.

Therefore, I am open to any possibility, oddity -- or none.
Too many eye-witness, photographed phenomenon to shun:
Like the fifth (genuine) photograph of the Cottingley Fairies.

In Taos, New Mexico that unexplained hum is unnervingly scary.
Intuition (or sixth sense) makes science and psychologists wary.
Disappearances (Hoffa, Earhart) cannot be dismissed so lightly.

Ghosts, sprites and ectoplasmic bits flaunt themselves nightly.
UFO sightings, crashes and top-secret documents exist, rightly.
The prevalence and similarity of near-death cases is astounding.

Fairies (or Fae, or Angels) hail not only from European founding;
But, from China to the USA, their numbers, happily, rebounding.
Hordes of haters and sceptics are quick to condemn and dissent.

Nevertheless, I, too, have witnessed a truly unfathomable event.
From my night-time garden, I spied a winged, many legged gent.
Of course, I have no evidence -- so, raise your knives and neuter....

Spaces and dimensions multiplied by infinity, plus one.
Like the fifth (genuine) photograph of the Cottingley Fairies.
Disappearances (Hoffa, Earhart) cannot be dismissed so lightly.
The prevalence and similarity of near-death cases is astounding.
Hordes of haters and sceptics are quick to condemn and dissent.
Of course, I have no evidence -- so, raise your knives and neuter....

Copyright © Tom Arnone | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

Imagination versus Knowledge

At first there was nothing in the very distant past,
Then bang! There was everything, a universe so vast;
All splendid and magnificent,  terrifying and mundane.
But before we knew all this, before we could explain,

About giant, burning, swirling gas balls,
And dark vortexes that swallow worlds,
Before we knew what made the light,
Our ancestors named the stars at night.

Polaris, leiðarstjarna, Sea Star, the Great Northlode,
not 424 or 308, not numbers and codes,
But the tail of a dog, the little bear's story,
The explorer's hopeful guide towards glory.

The heavens were filled with loved ones now gone,
With archers and lions, heroes and swans.
Every star had a story long before we knew
Their weight, their size, their age, their hue.

Without imagination, would the sky draw our gaze?
Would we ever see the Northern lights, its colors all ablaze?
We can feel the ground, we know it's there,
But we have to imagine the sky and the air.

Looking up, we watch the birds in awe,
Their graceful glides and swooping soar.
We are not birds; we know we cannot fly,
But imagination makes us ask "What if we try?"

So  Leonardo draws a helicopter from imagination's sight;
The Wright brothers undertake the first plane flight,
Blimps and hot air balloons take to the sky,
and now man experiences how it feels to fly.

Every scientist already knows,
Without imagination no great idea grows.
From that first humble wheel to the latest Lamborghini,
From the first hot meal to the finest shrimp linguini.

From flickering candles to a bright electric light,
From using feathered quills, to keyboards when we write,
From burning wood and coal, to nuclear fission,
From dreaming of the moon to our first manned mission...

Knowledge helps us build a ladder, but can only go so far;
It takes imagination to reach for the stars.

Copyright © Rose Whelan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

Smile Your On Candid Camera

<                                         sphinx ~ head
                                             who ~ said

                                           roman ~ God
                                           without ~ bod

                                           shadow ~ illusion
                                           causing ~ confussion

                                           butte ~ mesa
                                           I ~ guess ~ a

                                           transition ~ zone
                                           with-out   ~ phone

                                            oh ~ my   ~    cydonia
                                            don't ~ all ~ just ~ wanna ~ ya

Entry For
Carolyn Devonshire's
Sphinx Head On Mars Contest
G.L. All

Copyright © Katherine Stella | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

Jayne Taylor's The Star

Twinkle, twinkle little star-
How I wonder if you are.
So many light-years far away,
Are you still out there today?
Did you go nova little star?
How I wonder if you still are.

Copyright © Mark J. Halliday | Year Posted 2014

Details | Couplet |

Had Become A Humanatarian

Had Become A Humanitarian

Most difficult subject I took was grammar
They had to pound it in hard with a hammer
Then tried to take math and only result
For me, I determined it was to difficult.

History through ages had been revealing
To brilliant me was boring and not appealing
Physics continually was confusing and profound
I never enjoyed or liked having it around.

Chemistry once was a course chosen by me
Positive and negative electrons could not see
Part was reaction resulting from a chain
Of events that had left me lying in pain.

I forgot about Fahrenheit and centigrade
Why it did become cooler in the dark shade
Studied much harder so I could learn a lot
Some said I ended up being hot to trot.

So has my big ego confused you by now
And writing poems I'm still learning how
People are horrible and became a humanitarian
Like animals better now and am a veterinarian.
(Who was a vegetarian.)

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran and Poet


Now you can even help me edit it if you want to.

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

Geek Magician

For the kid at Currys in Swindon, and for Charlie Higgs...

Techy kid, techy kid
I just don’t get what you just did
I did the alt delete thing, then
I switched it off and on again
Left it alone and walked away
Had coffee and knelt down to pray
Asked nicely through my tears with love
And then repeated the above
Then went to bed and slept on it
And woke to find it still was sh*t
Where coloured light and words had been
Just me, reflected in the screen
No choice then but to get the bus
And beg for help, with tears and fuss
You were unassuming, cool
You watched me weep a salty pool
And kindly smiled and flicked a switch
Reducing trauma to a glitch
With just a single finger press
You saved a damsel from distress
And then you gave me good advice
Your patience was refreshing, nice
I just don’t get what you just did
Or where you have your powers hid
Kids like you I shunned at school
I thought you boring and uncool
Being on the internet all day
Not going out to drink and play
Not trying to be hard or hot
Not caring if you are or not
But you, my friend, have kindly eyes
And keep your wisdom for the wise
You just don’t need to make a show
Still waters deep with quiet flow

Techy kid, techy kid
I’m so impressed with what you did
Kind scientist and statistician
Spelling logic geek magician

by Gail

Copyright © Gail Foster | Year Posted 2015

Details | Couplet |

A Long Long Time Ago

A long long time ago, actually it was much further back than that
No one really knows the date as it's become just a human stat

Somewhere out there, the universe was set alive
And it's taken millions of years to realise it's not our prize

It's so hard to get your head around, the events on that day
Where science as we know it, raised it's head to say

From the particle dust, as it swirls in past eons of time
Planets that we have come to know, or we'll discover as our space age climbs

They said we would never find water, on the Moon or the planet Mars
Deep inside our sleeping satellite, behind those lunar scars

Only a few years back, we impeded on it's crater scarred scape
And followed up with a probe, and the readings we can now relate

To leave our planet earth, rocket propulsion desires water
It's part of mans science mix, to the universe and her daughters

What we have discovered is not much, it could be enough for our very next step
If we actually agree to behave ourselves, the very next step is not so inept

A long long time ago, actually it was much further back than that
All that us humans dream, will become our histories stats

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010

Details | Couplet |

Medicine in the Year 2736

Injection to let you fly through the air, 
Nobody to look at you or downwards stare. 

Bottle, a liquid to change hair colour to a permanent shade, 
Just the right amount for your own liking, not to fade. 

And a tablet for skin colour, again any colour, 
Most teenagers go for purple so as to tower. 

Laser zap with ease eradicates your cancer flare,  
Completely curable now, without radiation’s glare. 

No MND, MD or dwarfism abound, 
With genetic editing there’s a muscular sound. 

Only problem is kids want to design on their iPads, 
Their future kids, but the law says that the natural adds. 

We’re working on building the robotic-man assistant, 
For the home where parents are not ambivalent. 

Copyright © Rhoda Monihan | Year Posted 2016

Details | Couplet |

Love is not a science

Love is not a science 
Nor a story of self- reliance 

It does not lay claim
To those who place blame

More than a perfect first date
Or what was once thought to be fate

Love is sadness in a mothers eyes
As far away her son flies

Dropping it all on a dime
For a friendship impossible to define

Love never looses sight
Of what it knows to be right

Impossible to ignore
Like waves crashing upon the shore

It surprises us all
Like a child's first steps from a crawl

It will break us down
But only then can it be found

Copyright © Chad Weeks | Year Posted 2013

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Your IQ

The higher your IQ,
the less your friends like you.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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Don’t care what you say about airplanes.
To me it’s just magic. . . . two hundred tonnes 
Of steel and sweaty passengers, waiting to be fed,
Rumbling loudly on the runway  at about a hundred 
Miles per hour : and one moment it’s on the ground
And next moment it’s up in the air  -  with no sound.
Don’t talk to me of lift and drag coefficients;
It is simply magic :  and that’s sufficient.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .

Written on  9  October  2011  by Sydney Peck  for 
Russell Sivey's  Contest  " Challenge - Max 8 lines "

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |


  A lightening bolt
goes through 
my throat
a fire comes from
the skies,
to sear the air
and strike me there
and now 
I am.........

Copyright © Johnette Loefgren | Year Posted 2006

Details | Couplet |

How to Serve Man

The Twilight Zone shows always mesmerized 
But there was just one episode that terrorized

A tall alien had landed in a spacecraft
Taken to our leaders, he started to laugh

He gave them a book they could not understand
The title decoded said, "How to Serve Man"

People anxious to be served boarded the ship
Prepared for an intergalactic space trip

The central character was boarding as well
He thought his life on Earth was a living hell

Door about to close; you should have seen his look
When a friend on the ground warned, "It's a cook book!"

"How to Serve Man" was just filled wth recipes
And those who had boarded?  Their faces did freeze!

*Entry for Shani's contest on the most memorable episode of a television series.
July 4, 2011

Copyright © Carolyn Devonshire | Year Posted 2011

Details | Couplet |

An and the aims

To invent something,
that's just AN aim,
but THE aim is to
give it your name.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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Planck to Present

If we close our eyes, can we look back to the start When the Universe began, when science played it's part Particle clouds so massive, so immense It's us, look around, learn it makes sense Drifting microbes, bacteria of sorts For millions of years mingled into life shaped contorts It has taken eons of time as life became known Where human words like Mother Nature, having claimed life's throne For in her sphere, blossomed riches of note From Dinosaurs to Zebra's, it's her right to gloat But what she has given is a chance to let live On this planet of beauty that we continue to sieve If we close our eyes, and we look back to the start We should be so very fortunate, we were invited to take part http://www.thehighlanderspoems.com/space-3.php

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2010