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If I Were To Work a Miracle

If I were to work a miracle I know what it would be
In selfish quest I'd ask to grow in someone's company

Then we could prosper sharing precious moments in life
If I could have the same children, I'd pray she would be my wife

I would treasure the ground she walks on, in joyous harmony
For before I requested this miracle, she opened my eyes to see

Many things we share, architecture and music are two
There's history and geography, she says binds me and you

But it's the music that cements us, especially with Queen
If I were to work a miracle, then this would be my dream

Copyright © James Fraser | Year Posted 2011

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The Spirital Womb

The tragedy of a Miracle started today
Our Lord’s brutalized body passed away 

Of all the tragedies in the history of man
This is one I try to grasp, but never can

For some reason I find it impossible to see
We crucified the greatest man in our history

Through all of the gain and all of the loss
It was a predestined coin man had to toss

I wonder how Pilot must have felt that day
He washed cowards hands in a cowardly way

Beaten and tortured, his skin ripped to shreds
As a thorny crown dug holes into Jesus’ head

While nailed to the cross he had one final goal
Through the mercy of love he saved another soul

He saved that soul and then our Lord Jesus died
Can you imagine the countless tears that were cried?

As we all know Jesus' body was placed into a tomb
To my minds eye it was no less than a spiritual womb 

And from inside that womb salvation was born
For the tomb was found empty come Sunday morn

This is not how the story ends it is only how it starts
The Lord now lives up inside each one of our hearts

Even those lost in Prison, the ones like I used to be
Can turn to the Lord and then they will be set free

Freedom is a thing that I think we all strive to find
It is etched in our heart and engraved in our mind

I was locked up in a cell nestled tightly away
Facing several years that I would have to pay

Up inside of that cell I made my own decree
A true miracle was taking place inside of me

I was a very evil man and I was so proud to show it
In the wink of an eye I was transformed into a Poet

I learned there is only one way to truly be free
Ask of the Lord, “ Jesus please come unto me”

And just as the Lord Jesus Christ rose up out of his tomb
We can all live with-in the comfort of his spiritual womb

Copyright © Michael Jordan | Year Posted 2009

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A Merry Little Christmas

So I wish you will have yourself a Merry Christmas,
this the time of the year to remember forgiveness.

I truly cherish this wonderful time of the year,
watching people walking and grinning ear to ear.

Our children hearts and faces light up with joy,
they must all be pondering their favorite toy.

The season remembering those who are dear to us, 
celebrating those golden days while making a fuss.

May this Christmas season bring love to your heart,
and your family and friends together never to depart.

This Christmas let us all measure the present,
by the love within our hearts that is present.

Edward J. Ebbs - December 2, 2015
Inspired by,  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Copyright © Edward Ebbs | Year Posted 2015

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Give Them A Miracle This Year

Two teachers were given this precious gift, with your guiding hands.
One daughter they named Mali and she has all your lesson plans. 

To choose the best for Mali, with all the fear and doubt you raised.
This gauntlet that was posed and run is a testament of their praise.

They have surmounted each obstacle and hurdle that was made.
With fear and doubt they have fought so, she won't be dismayed. 

Lets pray, a long life for this child, breathing this earths fresh air
Creating a deafening echo from all of us repeating the same prayer

I'm seeking a miracle for two teachers, a parents simple request
Mali wins life after BMT, defeating Hurlers Syndrome, is my request

That these two children grow together to live a long and happy life
Would be Grandpa's wish for his Christmas, in this world of strife

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2011

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The second miracle,,,,,,,

Oh "Great Spirit" hear my words of truth and prayer

Long life for this child, breathing the earths fresh air

Teachers were given this precious gift, from your guiding hands 

My grand-daughter they named Mali, who has all the lesson plans 

So, that all may learn your lessons and the wisdom of your word, 

to her parents you gave choices, instead of following the herd. 

To choose the best for Mali, with all the fear and doubt you raised 

Is a challenge to the best yet, they completed it unpraised. 

They overcame each obstacle and hurdle that you made 

With fear and doubt they fought so, she won't be dismayed. 

I know life is Yours to give or take, anytime you choose, 

with that give her life, on earth, and put mine as a muse. 

This world no longer has use of it and I feel its course is run 

So let, your child, Mali live the life, that Liam had begun 

I see she has much to give this world, that it could surely use 

My plea is that her life be renewed, before you must re-cuse

Copyright © Tom Larrow | Year Posted 2011

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Shaft of light

The sky is black like the night      No moon no stars no guiding light      The wind 
is screaming      Holding back the sun`s beaming   The clouds are sobbing tears 
from the sky  Eyes look to the heavens asking the question why     Suddenly a 
shaft of light blinding all that see      Clearing the blackness of a world of what 
could be     A ray of sunshine now envelops the land     Telling all being alive is 
simply grand

Copyright © richard ferry | Year Posted 2013

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Freaked Out By A Bird

Okay I just got freaked out by a bird In a test tube half filled with water, this is absurd A worm floated on top out of reach of it's beak Some pebbles were scattered around within reach So the crow one by one picked up some pebbles And placed them in the tube to raise the water level Until this delicacy was finally reachable Then proceeded to devour it, unbelievable This event just about blew this old mind Intelligence is not limited to us, it's crossed the line

Copyright © Jack Ellison | Year Posted 2016

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My Prayer

When love has gone sour and sour as a burning wound
That is left to heal on its own dear lord

And rhythm has eluded me to the point of utter shame oh lord
Your songs of praise bring me closer

Your faithful words give me hope and
Closer to your sanctuary I come oh lord

Closer to you I come and need you my God
I need you to hear my heart closer

Come and rescue it oh lord
Come cleanse me because I am yours and yours forever

Make me an eternal flame lord
Burning like an immortal soul

For I know you truly
From Genesis to Revelations oh lord

I am your son who you created
I am your servant to serve you for the glories of heaven

I wake everyday dear lord
Knowing that I need your saving grace

From Genesis to Revelations oh lord
You stand in mighty honor

You overcome the enemy with saving grace oh lord
You fight all the wars and battles that face your children

In Exodus you deliver the Israelites oh lord
So that slavery is not their eternal shame

You bring salvation so that there is rejoicing and praise
For your powerful name oh lord of lords

When I kneel down before you
My problems become insignificant oh lord

They become nothing compared to your awesomeness oh lord
The small voice that whispered to Moses was yours

In the burning bush you appeared oh lord
You appeared I shall wait to hear that voice too

I will meditate on your promises oh lord
Promises to heal my heart of hate

Promises to forgive my sins and bring redemption oh lord
Your promises to make me like you merciful God

A beauty in your kingdom I will be oh lord
A lovely Queen to rule in your kingdom.

What you freely give oh lord, when temptation comes
To thrust me from your arms I shall return and repent

Because you make me like an eagle and I shall await
Your heavenly kingdom oh lord

With your ancient wisdom like john your servant, I am amazed
By your revelations because you come to rule oh lord

To rule as king of kings and lord of lords
Alpha and omega, today and forever, hear me lord my prayer

Copyright © joyce wolayo | Year Posted 2015

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A Miracle To Call My Own

The greatest joy I’ve ever known 
A miracle to call my own

So warm and soft and sweet and true
A blessing like I never knew

Worth every ounce of pain and fear
Each  heartfelt doubt and wondering tear

Can I be what she deserves?
Are my virtues fit to serve?

Each question harder than the last
All faded now into the past

I gaze upon her perfect face
Full of beauty, peace and grace

A life that’s only just begun
Shining brighter than the sun

My heart has swelled beyond extreme
An ever loving living dream

Gratitude and hope abound
Heaven sought and Glory found

Strength and courage multiply
Seeing through Love’s own true eye

The greatest joy I’ve ever known 
A miracle to call my own

Copyright © Sara Ray | Year Posted 2006

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The Scent of Water

Desert dust devils reign supreme
Swirling in conditions extreme

Dry, cracked river bed yawns wide
Depleted source long denied

Armadillo negotiates
Lost to his instinctive traits

He halts to sniff a draught of air
Frenzied digging does then occur

Grubbing for ants, worms or mice?
He digs a deep hole in a trice

Ground darkens to a muddy brown
The scent of water.......his home found.

Copyright © theresa stephens | Year Posted 2014

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Sin's Cure

Sin’s Cure
Curtis Johnson

Been around since the beginning of time
It’s older than Methuselah and all mankind

It has concern for neither your life nor mine
It’s often aggravated with a little mix of wine

It’s irresponsible for leaving destruction behind
It might strip us of food, shelter, and every dime

To be dislodged cost a pretty toll
It’s deep down into the human soul

It’s stronger than a wild bull
It’s desires are never full

It can be a mocker, 
and also a shocker

It may be as scarlet,
or red like crimson

It can become as wool,
or even whiter than snow

With a touch of The Carpenter’s blood,
love covers sin like an overflowing flood
cj09242016 PS

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2016

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The Miracle of You

The Miracle of You By Rick Rucker On my most ambitious day, I never expected to be the way I am today, Instead of being alone, and blue, I am hopelessly in love with you, From the chaos of my life, You let me see the possibilities, rife, That of living long, and well, Under your loving spell, Each time that we meet, I fall in love with you again, My Sweet, How can it always feel so new, Since yesterday, when I last saw you? I do not know if you somehow erase my mind, Or does your beauty temporarily strike me blind? Whatever the cause, I will not seek a cure, I would have it no other way, I am sure, To happily give you my all, To forever be your loving thrall, For I am sure there is no higher fate, Than to live with such a magical mate, As if I truly had a choice, As if I would raise my voice, There is nothing else that I can do, Having experienced The Miracle of You!

Copyright © Rick Rucker | Year Posted 2011

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Miracle Worker

Miracle Worker by Rick Rucker That, from a ugly lump of clay, You have moulded me today! That, in what seems like a minute, You have saved what others would say "Bin it!" You have saved a wretch like me, Healed my Heart, set me Free! We were walking on the sand, And you slowly took my Hand, And told me, soft and true, That I would always be with You! Your words evaporated my Fears, so frightening, Like a searing bolt of Lightning! I couldn't even hide, How happy You made me feel inside! I had told You, also true, That I only wanted to Live together, build a Life, With You starring, as my Wife! And, if you felt the same, That means I won the Game! I'll hold my medal made of Rhodium, Standing on the top step of the podium! As they keep the crowds at bay, My song they'll loudly play. Though it may seem a little stark, The speakers will blare "MacArthur Park!" Why would this piece be chosen for me? It's really simple, don't you see? I never thought that, again I could be that Happiest of Men!

Copyright © Rick Rucker | Year Posted 2010

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Our Miracle

My Dear One,

If our time dwindles down, to a single day...only hours, left to have 
To spend it weighted down by tears, such a waste of time that is

I would want to share the simple things, and thank my God above
that I can hold you close, here by my side, and be glad that we've known love

To pull down shades, in a lonely room, and grieve of fate's demands 
are not for us, we will smile and pray, assured of something planned

The choice is mine, to spend this time, where your heartbeat sings for me
My head might spin, but my heart would lend itself to such belief

No need to hide or to run away, there's a time for everyone
We are meant to have, our miracle, this moment in the sun

We would spend a while looking all around, in the place we call our own
The rolling hills, all the daffodils,  the mountains we call home

In the evening's tide, by fireside, we will have our love to share
I will hold your hand, in the soft moon light, to music of the stars

All the friendly hills, that are standing by, they will miss us, you and I
But when sun has set, with a sad regret, there'll be rainbows in the sky

The stars will bend, above our heads, and will whisper soft and low
With a quiet peace, in the lovely breeze, those silent words we know

When our time is spent, what they do not know, is that love will never end
If the truth be known, we are not alone,  we will walk, still, hand in hand


Copyright © Carrie Richards | Year Posted 2014

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Le Vacance Pretentieuse: Darts

Drops of sweat slip from my furrowed brow
Eyes squint, select a number and let fly now

Miss again, a millimetre is a mile once more
Aimed for triple twenty, only got double four

The walk of shame, my oh so familiar friend
Silence broken, on alcohol I forever depend

The steel point of eyes bore into my neck
My opponent leaves me a juddering wreck

I lose the match; the wife won’t give me a kiss 
I wish I could have been anything else than this... 

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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no more dope


In my life I seen a lot of pain
Its not easy staying sane
Full of lost and lots of hate
I created my own fate
Lost every thing in my shame
But I am the only one to blame
Filled up my nose full of cocaine
Over doesed on meth
I came too close to death
Came close to being shot
Nothing like smoking pot
I used all my skills
Took way too many pills 
Had a gun to my head
I am glad I am not dead 
inside I hurt all the time
But I don't want to buy another dime
I been revived through God and Jesus Christ
I did it once I did it twice
But I came to the end
No more dope my friend

Copyright © Jason Barth | Year Posted 2015

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Easter Miracle

All dolled up in Easter dress
Watching through the window glass

At children searching all around
For colored eggs upon the ground

Her spirits high as clouds in sky
Her smile bright with vivid eyes

She lived each moment for the day
Reality was just a play

Not long after her birthday
Devastating news came way

Plagued with cancer from within
A battle that she couldn't win

Doctors guessed how dice would roll
Survival was our only goal

Friends and family joined in prayer
Asking God, her life to spare

Treatment had no good avail
Emotions raised and love tears fell

As little princess slips away
I can't accept her final day

I placed my head upon her chest
And listened to her heart at rest

I held her body close to me
Then opened up my eyes to see

A bearded man with hands of red
Was standing there beside her bed

Bathed in light and love divine
He said he'd come another time

I knew I'd seen a miracle
Not something passed as medical

The latest news of her condition
Was cancer now was in remission

Nineteen years ago to date
That girl is living out her fate

But now instead of Easter best
She's all dolled up in wedding dress


Copyright © Rockman Pritts | Year Posted 2011

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Falling Apart

Sometimes it doesn’t go the way
You thought it would at all

Sometimes the pieces all line up
Though randomly they fall

Sometimes I guess you’re better off
Just following your heart

Cuz sometimes it can still work out
Though you’re falling apart

Copyright © Jeff Bresee | Year Posted 2014

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I'll take her

I don’t recognize myself anymore
Greasy hair, grimy nails; I’ve become their whore
Servicing eight or nine men a night
I’ve learned it's better not to try and fight
Too many black eyes and broken ribs
So many punches that I’ll never have kids
All because I answered a newspaper ad
To get a new job, to help my gambling dad
I was kidnapped and sold into slavery
I’ve survived on false hope and bravery
It’ll be a miracle if I ever get free
For they have files on my family 
They’ll kill them if I run away
So here I lie on Christmas Day
Getting ass-slapped with a leather belt
And praying in vain, because no one can help

The above lines are Lydia’s story
It would be a miracle to end her whoring
If I had the power I’d set her free
And free every girl in captivity


Copyright © Black Eyed Susan | Year Posted 2011

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Any vice is a good device 
for reclaiming a man from vice.

Volodymyr Knyr

Copyright © Volodymyr Knyr | Year Posted 2014

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A Miracle for Eve

A Miracle for Eve (Have you ever seen all three of her beautiful faces before?)

Have you played hide and peak with God before?
He hid behind candy bar aisle in a grocery store
Waiting patiently and quietly for Him to be found
Could only hear a pin drop making a single sound.

There was the time God was in back of a tree
Waiting just for Eve to peek and Him to see
But she was walking real fast and passed by
Missed Him and could hear Eve start to cry.

Even though for Eve outside it had been hot
An angel brought her back to the exact spot
And tree she once passed by looked behind
Guess what!!! God, Eve finally did find.

Eve wanted to see God much and a lot more
So angel took her back to the grocery store
Looked below bottom row and saw God's feet
What a miracle!!! God and Eve again did meet.

James Thomas Horn
Retired Veteran

Copyright © James Horn | Year Posted 2014

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Discern and see the poignant truth,
Craft style and spree as poise bears proof.

Be aware now of fears that grow,
Worry endows the loss that shows.

Walk faith and hope in crafty tact,
Being knows scope of brilliant tact.

Words in echoes burst forth with flair,
Pleasure knows more that bubbly air.

Seek mystic peaks where love shines clear,
Dare then to speak of faith and cheer.

Round and round here the music floods,
Purge then all fear and live warm blood.

Leon Enriquez
27 September 2016

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2016

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Tinsel and glittering childen’s lights mean nothing 
To the aged in shop doorways, hungry and sleeping.
Churches filled with strong believers, with smiles
For fellow worshippers, mean nothing, when for miles
Your world is a pushed shop-trolley filled with rags 
And you carry all your life in two plastic bags.
Miraculously the glitter could become supper, 
The tinsel could change into a warm room upper. 
Then the Christmas warmth of the churchgoers strong
And the laughter of the season  -  could belong

To every one of God’s children 

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

Entered in Carolyn Devonshire's Contest    Your Christmas Miracle

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2011

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She creeps into the night,
all dressed up in white.

This isn't the first time;
all her nights the same.

On her hand is a white dove,
as she gazes right above.

An image of hope glitters in her eyes,
as a whirlwind blows from the skies.

In this world filled with terror,
she has no sign of fear.

Divinity is manifested right in her heart,
freeing her from any form of hurt.

Everyday she looks at the whole world,
as though it's new in it's mold.

She creeps into the night,
all dressed up in white.

This isn't the first time;
all her nights the same.

Inspired By Photo  #1

Copyright © Teddy Kimathi | Year Posted 2017

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Eternal New Years Love

Reminiscing about New Years eves of the past. 
Lost in a reverie of what could have been and what came to pass. 

Thinking about a New Year's Eve not so long ago, 
never knowing that a simple twist of fate would change my life forever and time would move so fast. 

Dancing in the Square with lifelong friends under a neon ball 

My would be husband not a care in the world, 
In the blink of an eye soon everything I knew would change and I would fall 

deeper in a love I would never understand 

All because he smiled at me and took my hand. 

Loves lost would float away in silence and 

I would be in an enduring love and 
unpredictable life 

My girlhood eclipsed as I became his wife. 

My present and future interwoven with his forever and a day long

My dreams unfurled and 
my soul enmeshed, my heart filled with song 

The struggles and triumphs United as one 

Wrong becomes right and right becomes wrong. 

I never would have guessed that fateful day what it felt like to love someone so much your heart can be torn 
Their moods, their life, entwined, a shared life, a fated love at a moment can be reborn. 

Imagine if I had taken a different path that night 

Had instead made love, not war, and continued the insipid fight 

I wouldn't know the love, devoted commitment I still strive to understand 

Because my soul mate wouldn't have taken my hand.

Copyright © Michelle Morningstar | Year Posted 2016

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Miracle Music

I heard heavenly music as it swept across the horizon                                                                                                              It was an all inclusive sound calling the wild ones home

Not a soul was seen but always felt and heard throughout the valley floor                                                                                Every species present left no doubt that they were always hungry for more

Singing and shouting and sounding like frogs and water fouls                                                                                From near and far came birds of prey as well as tree sitting owls

Neither beast nor geese were excluded from their creator's song                                                                                    A gathering song that protruded the language of a thousand tongues

Not about you or me, those heavenly strings embraced a golden touch                                                                                It was a  powerful touch that brought every rival to a holy hush

The lions began to lie down along side the lambs*;                                                                                                                        and the children played near poisonous vipers

Seeds were the feast of Crocodiles who ceased to eat the wildebeest                                                                                                                              The presence of the magical music was like a calm to the raging sea

10052017 PS Contest, Poems That Paint A Picture 4, Silent Night                                                                       *Isaiah 11:6

Copyright © curtis johnson | Year Posted 2017