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My Parting Gifts

                 My Parting Gifts…

Goodbye my son, my only king.
You are my love, your name I sing. 
My wish was more to be with you,
to be with you, and see you through.
This is my fate to leave you now,
my dread was this, to tell you how.
I’m going away, place unknown. 
The way I lived was not my own.
I am going, to ease my pain.
Letting you go, is my complain.
I am with you, with morning dawn.
Kissing with breeze until it’s gone.
My parting gifts to you my son,
to live your life, the way is fun.
Surrender to, the thing you love,
what measures love, grows above.
To get knowledge to find out why;
what is this life to you and I?
Me and you both, we are oneness.
There is no fear, to feel darkness.
I am going without goodbye,
Remember me the way I fly. 

2/16/16 Haloo

For: AJ

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2016

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A Day When Winter Said Goodbye

In the midst of morn she quietly rose to greet the dawn of silent repose She searched beyond the frozen hills and through the bough's of crystal frills She danced in dream as clouds rolled by in hopes the sun would pierce the sky As moments passed nil of light the wind kicked up with all it's might In tumbling turmoil the west winds raged in fluttering beauty to turn the page Within a breath a single sigh the Winter wrath had waved goodbye As sunlight burned of velvet white upon her face a shaft of light... ______________________________________

Copyright © Rick Parise | Year Posted 2013

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Dad I know you would understand We weren’t there at the last to hold your hand We had already said our last goodbye You are now with the angels in the sky Tribute to my lovely dad who passed away peacefully last night at 7.55pm RIP Dad we will miss you Jan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 21st February 2015

Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2015

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The Wind

You are like the wind

Gently guiding me by while barefoot on a beach
No matter how far, I’m always within its reach

Pushing me through rough seas like a sail
With you mountains are nothing to scale

Like the wind comes great change
And all begins to rearrange

You force the snow to sting my face
Foot prints in the sand you erase

You slow me down
Mountains still all around

I wait for your storm to pass
With each half full glass

But behind every storm
Lies a sunrise to keep me warm

In that light I shall lay
Because long I have waited for this day

Copyright © Chad Weeks | Year Posted 2013

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My Words Washed You Away

I stole the surges of the ocean and the glory of the wave,
the roiling seas as recompense for what you never gave.

And I thought that I might see you at the dock or by the bay,
and I thought that you might love me, but my words washed you away.

17 June 2016

Copyright © J. I. Thomas F. | Year Posted 2016

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     Saying goodbye is hard for me to do
  We had a lot of good times, me and you 

     But I think It's time to say farewell 
  However, in the end only time can tell

     You got me through some hard times
 You stopped me from committing crimes

    In all honesty I think I owe you my life
 You helped me deal with misery and strife 

  You caused me notice beauty around me
  I'm indebted to you my dear, sweet Poetry

Alexis Y

Copyright © Alexis Y. | Year Posted 2016

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Goodbye George

Dear George, we’ve had eight fine years
You had half the world shedding tears
Involved our neighbors on distant shores
Sent our kids off to senseless wars
We are still paying for your aggression 
With worldwide economic depression
You attacked Iraq as you had vowed
Took damn good care of the corporate crowd
I put a sign on my front lawn
Saying good bye George, Thank God you’re gone

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2009

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I'm Going Away

I’m going away for a while
Life seems to have stolen my smile

Some of you I will miss so much
Maybe later we’ll get in touch

In Cyprus my daughter I'll see
T'will bring joy to sorry old me

I won’t have much time to be here
But some of you I’ll still hold dear

I seem to have lost some desire
Due to the mishap with the “fire”

Not so proud of what I have done
So I’ll escape to have some fun

My heart is made of marshmallow
Bruises by gal or by fellow

Don’t worry, it’s just for a time
Maybe later I’ll try to rhyme

But for now, it is surely goodbye
Hope to see you all by and by.

Eileen Manassian Ghali

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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- AMY -

Your personality is strong, in a perfect harmony
When I look into your eyes I see your soul

You softly brought your love to me
My sweet little girl Amy ~ I can never own you

You are a jewel of all gems and the greatest treasure of all
When the night is full of stars ~ I am sending you a sweet kiss

No poet can paint shades of blue
without tears in their eyes ~ believe me

Nameless winds will come and go, but I will never forget you
Sorry, my tears fall as warm rain

- Meet her baby brother:  - ARLO -       posted 09/29/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - AYLA -        posted 10/16/2016 :)
-                        brother: - ALVIN-        posted 10/18/2016 :)
-                        sister :  - AMANDA-     posted 10/19/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - ASTA -        posted 10/20/2016 :)
-                        sister :    - AMY -         posted 10/22/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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good bye old friend crystal meth

Bertyrayed by a friend
Almost showed me the end
Her name is crystal meth
She put me close to death
She asked me one day 
If I would like to come out to play
She made me think i was in love
One kiss and i was flying like a dove
She seperated me from family and friends
Had my life close to the end
Opened up my eyes that she was going to stay
I just wanted her to go away
I seen my friendship had to end
I finally said good bye my friend
I don't wanna see any more death
Good bye my old friend Ms crystal meth

Copyright © Jason Barth | Year Posted 2015

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Tribute to Tommy Cat

Oh Tommy cat, precious little guy,
You knew we came to say good-bye.

Our hands reached out to stroke your fur.
We all knew what would soon occur,

That you would have a lasting sleep,
And in our hearts your love we'd keep.

For fourteen years you were at home,
Brought joy and love where you did roam,

Waiting to greet us at the door
As soon as our feet touched the floor.

Oh yes, how we felt your sweet love,
And soon you'll watch us from above.

They laid you in my arms until
That shot relieved you of your will.

Still, in in my arms, you lay asleep,
Kitty heaven where angels keep.

I asked my aunt who loved cats so
To come to greet you when you go.

She heard me, this is how I know.
Overhead was a huge rainbow. . !

February 23, 2016

Furry Friend Contest
Sponsor Royal T.

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2016

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Goodbye Granddad

Gravity pulls my tears into pools.
Im sinking in sorrow -emotional fuels. 

Just turn back the time, I just want a moment. 
To say goodbye once, to cherish and own it. 

I loved my granddad - a man more than great.
Paired with my Granny as the perfect mate. 

A montage of memories that rush my soul.
My eyes fill with tears, I'm losing control. 

Just keep it together, it's what he would want. 
They all say the same, but I stand in front. 

Happiness swells, yet sadness prevails.
Like Christ on the cross, with hands full of nails. 

Life has a reason, and death isn't treason.
-It's moving on up.. A lifetime's a season. 

I look to the sky and say my goodbye.
The time won't turn back, I gave it a try. 

I close my eyes and imagine this-
Paradise in a place full of bliss. 

World peace in a piece of the world.
Without loss and bombs never hurled. 

Snow that falls that doesn't freeze.
Sun that shines that doesn't cease. 

A land where "The forever" is real.
A scene where the sick always heal.

Life with infinite love, like gusts in the wind.
Two little doves, with eternities to spend. 

God has a plan, fool-proof to the core. 
Now Granddad's with him, a reward of much more. 

-Yours Truly

Copyright © Yours Truly | Year Posted 2013

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My Perfect 10

If I picked my Valentine
she'd be a perfect 10.
She'd have blonde hair with highlites
and answer where and when.

She'd be a little shorter,
yet tall enough to kiss.
Her reach a little longer
to torture us in bliss.

Her shape would be the bomb.
As sexy as they come.
With hair up for the moment
I'd meet her at the prom.

She'd talk a little faster
with words I'd say are smart.
Yet keep me to attention
in hugs up to my heart.

A smile just like a lion.
Her face a source of pride.
One to show my mother.
And then to make my bride.

My Valentine was perfect
as I lost her way back then.
How was I to know that she
would find her perfect 10.

Copyright © Trevor McLeod | Year Posted 2013

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- AYLA -

One of six siblings
Life is bound together with silk ribbons

You came into the world, so tiny and so small
The sun shown brightly through fluffy clouds

At night when asleep the angels sing quiet
As you grows a little day by day, by soft diet

Your movement is so elegant on four legs
You really infused happiness in life

Five of your siblings must say goodbye
I tell myself to be strong, not cry

- Meet her baby brother: - ARLO - posted 09/29/2016 :)

Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)
(unrhymed couplets)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2016

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Goodbye Im gone

On my knees I kneel and pray
Forgiveness from you today
What I done was truly wrong
Your time now I won’t prolong
How stupid I was and foolish too
That sad sad day that I wed you

(7th in contest,’ Apology Accepted’, by Barbara Gorelick)

Copyright © Eamon Duffin | Year Posted 2010

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Goodbye, high heels: Something replaceable

Goodbye, high heels. You made me look
Professional with suit and book
Or sexy in a tango dress
Alas, my toe joints are a mess.
It seems so shallow to mourn shoes,
But really, this gives me the blues
Because it means that I resign
To this unfortunate decline
That’s permanent and has no cure.
The shoes must go; I won’t endure
With every step a stabbing pain –
I am too old to be that vain.
Orthotics fit my hiking boots;
They don’t go with my dressy suits,
But I’m just glad I can still hike
And climb and do the things I like.
So even if I’m feeling torn,
The high heeled shoes, just barely worn,
Will go to Goodwill - every pair! -
And I'll find something else to wear.

For contest Something replaceable
Sponsored by Julia Ward

Copyright © Agnes Krampe | Year Posted 2017

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The prison of the keys

And now I've lost my papers,
My passport and my wife,
The very essence of
My identity and life.

My bank account is empty,
My cloths and garments sold,
My skin and bones are ashes,
Spread thin on the open road.

My old car's broken down,
No wheels to touch the floor,
The motor been dismantled,
Stripped clean down to the core.

The bailiffs and the policemen,
Have emptied my abode,
The promises I made you,
Have been auctioned out and sold.

The love I hold within me,
Is all that I now have left,
The rest is bleak illusion,
The bind man and the deaf.

The imaginary people ,
I thought were my friends,
Have left the scene forever,
As the road of life does bend.

And now I stand alone,
Upon this lonely hill,
I gaze upon the meanings,
The years have silently killed.

In the roaring storms of thunder,
In the lightning in the night,
In the whispering of the children,
In the white doves lonely flight.

In the dust of many ages,
That has settled on my soul,
In the ashes of my humanity,
That has filled my begging bowl.

The ancient breeze is blowing,
Calling me to my knees,
To behold the light within me,
In the prison of the keys.

more at

Copyright © ness tillson | Year Posted 2013

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Time to say goodbye

How do you say "Goodbye" to a friend
How do you realise her life had to end

What a huge gap you leave which will never be filled
Remembering your smile your manner so mild

I will remember you with fond memories, Castle wont be the same
Remembering our bingo jaunts a fortune to attain

The curb you put on my spending
Whilst waiting  for bingo to begin *

"Now Seren"'  you would say just £5 each to start
We wont bother with this and  that  

I used to laugh saying ok 
sneaking another in when she looked away

The time i won seven hundred pounds was so funny you see
I just calmly pressed the claim button, she yelled like a banshee

Thinking it was maybe a hundred wasnt that impressed
Til i saw it was much more than i had ever guessed

Your with your folks now Betti you have missed them so,
We will all get through this with  you watching us, I know.

Hwyl fawr Betti oeddech yn ffrind da, bydd yn methu  ti
goodbye Betti you were a good friend, will miss you so.

*. Can play slot boards at Castle Bingo Hall whilst waiting for session to start.

Costs 50p -£1 a game.

Betti was same age as me, diagnosed, tumour on lung 10days before she died, Left it too late to get help.  

Funeral today at 12.30 

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2013

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Jada Mortensen

And so she was the girl from Bair.
With ocean eyes and golden hair.
Of heavy heart and light despise
Of cupid's dart and winter's cries.
There came a day when things did end.
Around the corner of the bend
There came a truck and in dispair
The loudest word was spoken there.
And so she left to who knows where.
Whilst many cried because they cared.
She roams around in circles too,
And whispering winds and skies of blue.
We raise our glass towards the sky
And smile a memory although she died.
No tears tonight, not ever one.
For there she rests inside the sun.
She is okay we know for sure.
In better days to now endure.
And so she was the girl from Bair
With clemency; a heart so fair.
And as we lay in bed and sigh,
I'd like to say to you Goodbye.

Rest In Peace Best Friend
11-21-1996 ~ 06-21-2011

Copyright © Araceli Hosea | Year Posted 2013

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My Escort is gone

Days are long and nights are short.
To last through time I will need an escort.
But yesterday I heard the news
my escort is gone, to heaven he flew.

I saw the feathers from his wings fell
in the lonely nights did time love to dwell.
Even so, I still need him nevertheless 
though I know he's there, giving me his bless.

It's easy to walk with a pair of legs,
to fly with wings, not some wooden pegs.
The flesh was raw but now it has rot
with attempts to untangle this strangled knot.

I am in pain, in severe pain
and all this sadness do I wish to feign.
But he is gone, everything is gone.
Hopefully I'll live to see the upcoming dawn.

Copyright © Celine Tran | Year Posted 2012

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Drifting through the trees,
With a hint of summer breeze.

Birds fly high,
Up into the honey blue sky.

The smell of grapes and sunflowers fill the air,
The glossy shine of girl’s hair.

You can feel the heat,
Feel the ground burn beneath your tanned feet.

You run and prance,
Glad of the chance.

Because sun and heat,
Won’t last a beat.

You swear you can feel past ones beneath your feet,
Dancing with you in the summer heat.

You all dance in the same beat twirling and swirling,
 Your beautiful dress unfurling.

You laugh at the chance,
You and your partner take up arms and prance.

Its slow then fast,
It won’t last.

In the summer heat,
Everyone can feel the beat.

The next day you dance and dance,
Glad of the chance.

40 days pass and you know this one will be the last,
You dance and twirl incredibly fast.

At the end of the dance you say goodbye,
Even to the sunny sky.

Just as the bell rings,
The first sound of droplets sings.

You ask for 1 more chance,
And you dance.

Sunshine or no,
You won’t let the fun go.

So you dance in the rain,
And you let go of all the pain.

Copyright © Nia Pride | Year Posted 2016

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With bitter tears in my eyes and a loving sweet kiss

              Dear Albion I say goodbye, Thy presence I will miss!*

(c) Demetrios Trifiatis
        24 June 2016

* Final results: 51.9 % to leave European Union, 48.1% to stay.
The peoples of Great Britain have spoken. Good luck!

Copyright © Demetrios Trifiatis | Year Posted 2016

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Nothing Under My Bed

Daylight hours too, 
Can be insidiously cruel.
I'm sunshine on a cloudy day, 
And I'm nobody's fool.
My manners will last longer, 
Than any pain he can bestow. 
The lessons from my intimates, 
Outlive the insults he can throw.
There are still rainbows 
Where my heart beats.
Look! He is walking 
up the wrong street

For I am no longer his home
And I am numb no more.

© 2012 
Ruby Honeytip

Copyright © Ruby Honeytip | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye Mom

                        Goodbye Mom… 

Goodbye mommy, goodbye my love,
You are my God, worth dreaming of.
Losing your thoughts, you are so lost!
You do not know who you can trust.
What else is there? It's only pain;
I am crying, a quiet rain.
How can I find you, when you're gone?
My days are numbered, gone with dawn.
Who's holding you, when you do walk?
Nobody's there for you to talk.
I left you there, forgive me mom.
I cried and cried you looked so calm.
I said goodbye and left you there.
I am alone, growing despair.
Goodbye mommy, goodbye my dove,
You’re my angel, angel of love.
Forgive me mom, I left you there.
To me my love, life is unfair.

4/23/2016 Haloo
For Mom

Copyright © Pashang Salehi | Year Posted 2016

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Never got a chance to say a proper goodbye
Too late now to waste time regretting or muffle a cry
When last we spoke I never saw you again
Just wanted you to know it hadn’t all turned out in vain 
Many of the main things in your life became the main things in mine
Kept on pushing with all my strength to the end of the line
Never stood by when someone was kicked around
Always felt one with the poor, the gagged and bound,
Never let the rich guys get a free ride  if I could help it
Stopped them and made them feel the pinch if time would permit
Was outraged at bureaucratic bull and complained out loud
I’m not certain  but I think you might  have been proud 
Built up some handy ways for work, destroyed a few useless ways
Helped a few people  to live easier, peaceful days
Always used what brains I had, and avoided wasting even a moment
Tried to find useful ways as to how my time was spent 
Happiness?  Some, sure, but not always, except towards the end.
Regrets?  Yes, my damaging mistakes cannot be made to mend.

Copyright © Sidney Beck | Year Posted 2012

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The leaves are crying 
Winter takes charge

The daylight is gone 
Quietness takes place

The church bell is ringing goodbye 
Angels are singing welcome

The time is getting high 
Check out what is left behind 

So quicker than thought 
Yet a life is gone 

Everyone will go this journey 
Time unknown to anyone is the reason for this goodbye in tears

Copyright © Foluso Fapohunda | Year Posted 2013

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Goodbye Mr. Campbell

Our province's premier resigned yesterday
After his liberal government had their way.
Making deals with Ottawa behind our backs
Then wondering why his integrity we attack.
When asked why he's stepping down after nine years
No honest answer came , just vagueness appears.
Not because trust from the masses and his own party he lacks,
He's just run out of ways to stab us in the back.
Now he'll take the hefty pension allotted to him
After making sure the rest of our wallets remain slim.
Goodbye Mr. Campbell, you won't be missed,
Can you see the finger sticking up from this fist.

for Carolyn's "Election Humor Contest"

Copyright © Francine Roberts | Year Posted 2010

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my heart forever

I miss you my friend 
Why did your life come to a sudden end
I know it was your time to be called
But we were having a ball
Your heart I knew ached
But should of caught a break
Why did it have to come to death
Holding you on your last breath
You said you wanted to die in my arm
But a week later didn't know you were in harm
You were sitting there in the chair
Didn't know Angel of Death was there
It was so sudden with out any warning
Next thing in knew I was in mourning
Didn't even had a chance to say good bye
I wish you didn't have to die
In heaven is where you went 
My life has been save so that is where I will be sent
I miss you more than ever
You will live in my heart forever

Copyright © Jason Barth | Year Posted 2015

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Saying Goodbye to Conformity

I no longer feel numb...

Because the waves are dancing,
                                             and crashing into the shores,

Robins are chirping sweet melodies,
                                                  songs that I cannot ignore,

Bliss is a high mountain,
                                 and I'm at its ultimate peek,

I can now love myself,
                               conformity... I no longer seek,

The floras spread their scent,
                                        while smiling up to the sky,

The ships are sailing, and arms are flailing,
                                                           it's time to say goodbye,

I can now love myself,
                               conformity was a foolish ally.

Copyright © Maya Kaabour | Year Posted 2009

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the last kiss

Head on my chest 
Laying there to rest
Hearing the beat of my heart
Wishing we didn't have to part
You gave me an awesome kiss
Making my life so bliss
Hands on my back
Me touching your rack
A kiss so true
Don't tell me were through
Your heart racing a mile a second
Its just like heaven do you reckon
Putting a smile on your face
Speeding up the pace
Thought I was just a friend
Does this have to end
You heart is in a bind
Don't let me get left behind
Your hand on my chest
Knowing I think your the best
I hate you have to run
But I hope we are not done

Copyright © Jason Barth | Year Posted 2015