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Ballad Woman Poems | Ballad Poems About Woman

These Ballad Woman poems are examples of Ballad poems about Woman. These are the best examples of Ballad Woman poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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The breeze is in my hair. The moon is gleaming behind me. The love I feel is everlasting. Cadence of my soul. Show me your happiness Share, my love. Laugh with me Our destiny is mixed with pleasure. Our essence treasured. Come walk with me in the garden. Alive - Let's reach our ultimate…high. Smile, darling smile Kiss me with your eyes. Forever we are. Champagne we drink To toss our uniting. You feel my sylph A fulfilled spirit. This journey succumbs me. I am free for you to love. Embrace your ideas Let the breeze come in. Dance to the ecstasy. Release all your fears. Capture this time As our minds, intertwine. Laugh with me Inflection of my soul. Show me your happiness. Share, my love. A majestic dynasty Our empire In time Now! Here we stand You and I forever. No obstacles have formed. You are my one and only. Woman, smile Kiss me with your eyes. Forever we are. Thrive - Let's reach our ultimate…highs. This is our life... Together This is our existence... Forever Ardor love Justified by God Come walk with me in the garden As we write our love story.
Man is man. His skin is what makes difference. His upbringing differentiates. This is, he states, “God's way.” DARK SUNSHINE - VSW _________________________________________| PENNED ON AUGUST 03, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

The Accolade

 Fighting mid the strong and bold,
His eye and blade were keen;
Marching like a thund'ring storm
On foes of Faith, his queen.

Now returned in victory
Upon his mighty bay,
Set he off to Langley Tow'r
Her summons to obey.

"John the Squire," the footman called,
And held the oaken door;
Faith, it seemed, had gleaming eyes
Like never once before.

"John! 'tis good to see thee hale,"
The queen exclaimed, and rose:
Tales have sped to Langley's gates
Of many broken bows."

"God has saved me whole and well,
By prayers, I ween, of thee;
Tell me please, my lady Queen
What service I may be."

Saying thus, the squire bowed
And doffed his burnished helm;
Struck in awe by Faith, his love,
The queen of Arthur's realm.

"Gilbert saith," rehearsed the queen,
"That deeds of thee are done
Greater yet than those of Wat 
Or even Henry's son."

Tears bedecked her youthful face,
And glistened in the light;
John the Squire, as she had hoped,
Had done her favour right.

"Nay!" the humble squire cried,
"This word is not so true!
How could I, the meanest squire,
Perform the deeds they do?"

"Hush!" It was a firm command;
"I'll hear these lies no more; 
Kneel before me, Squire John,
A knight shall leave the door."

Down before the queen he knelt,
He pledged his knighthood true;
Swore her ev'ry small command
With cheerful heart to do.

From his side she drew his sword,
She struck the accolade;
"Thus the greatest knight," she said,
"Is from a squire made."

From her hand the sword did fall,
It clashed upon a stone:
"John, if battle claimed thy life,
How could I be alone?"

"God has prospered all my ways;
My Queen, I praythee, cease!
Soon these wars shall claim our foes,
And Britain be in peace."

Faith remained there by her throne,
With light upon her hair;
Not one maid of Camelot
Was even half so fair.

"God be with thee evermore,"
She bravely said at last;
"Guard and keep thee from the foe
Until the very last."

John the Knight farewell did bid,
And swiftly rode away:
When the wars were hammered out,
He'd be a king in May.

  For the Famous Art contest. Inspired by the painting "The Accolade" -1901 by Edmund Blair Leighton. 

Copyright © Isaiah Zerbst | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Misty oh Misty

Where did you come from
And why couldn't I have found you sooner?
I was sure that God had forgot about me
Why couldn't destiny have found us sooner?
We both are poets so we know how to write
That's why we dazzled each other with words all through the night.
Poetry will have to take the blame for our flame
I almost told you i love you.
Instead i made a phrase with your name.

Copyright © Eduardo Posada | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

Passionate Strength of a Woman

She will love him as he is leaving
without pain and tearful goodbyes
She know he will be coming back to her
She can see it in his eyes

As he turns a smile is given to her
a beautiful vision close she will keep
"Its only for a little while"
whispers her to sleep

She tries to be strong
as she longs for his sweet gentle touch
This passionate strength of a woman
has lived through so much

She feels she can touch him everywhere he goes
She hears his thoughts to her he calls
within her Soul the love she knows...
so she waits...

Copyright © Leisa Ridge | Year Posted 2007

Details | Ballad |

The Definition Of A Real Woman

(W)- A real woman knows that the wages of sin is death so she is not concerned about the wages of a real man, because money comes and goes like day and night; but true love comes just every blue moon. A real woman isn't loud and doesn't have to be the center of attention. Money is a gold-diggers virtue, while patience is a real woman’s virtue. A real woman is always wary of the image she displays to the world because she knows her children are watching her every move. A real woman’s wisdom comes from the teachings of her elders and the experiences and hardships life brings. A real woman is the wings that help a broken man learn to fly again. When you become the object of a real woman’s affection, winning is the only option.

(O)- A real woman’s main obligation is to better herself, before she attempts to become someone’s better half. A real woman is very obliged with all that God has blessed her with. When a man takes a real woman for granted, she makes up her mind to put him away into oblivion. A real woman is use to jumping hurdles because overcoming obstacles in life keeps her on the right track. A real woman doesn't spend her time worrying if failure is around the corner, because she occupies her freedom chasing her dreams in her most comfortable running shoes. A real woman is a hopeless romantic ready to be wooed with an odyssey of love with a real man by her side.

(M)- A real woman’s presence is magnanimous and captures attention because of the poised and elegant stature of her classy nature. A real woman is like the magnet of ecstasy. All women don't attend college or hold prestigious employment, but for many being the Valedictorian of mothers everywhere is the major of their lives. A real woman respects the art of marriage and believes in monogamy. A real woman’s life is the motion picture of sophistication. The mythology of a woman began within a man’s ribs and ends in the beat of his heart.

(A)- A real woman sticks to her man like glue and never abandons his side. A real woman has the ability to do anything a man can. A real woman has the power to fill the abyss of a man’s pains with joy. A real woman prays with her other half because faith is the key of remaining on one accord. A real woman will amaze you with the way she adapts to changes in her ambiance. A real woman is the architect of her own destiny.

(N) A real woman needs a man to understand and love her for everything she is and for everything she is not because a good support system is a leading factor in longevity within relationships. A real woman is the nexus between love and happiness. When you converse with a real woman you will realize that she is nimble with her every response. No man can ignore the nymph of a real woman, because it is in her D.N.A to be notable.

Copyright © Tay Reid | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

I Am A Woman

I am a woman 
Full of life-
Eyes of the world
Spring of the living water
Guardiance of the ancient secret of love
From me life starts and ends from
I am a woman; a human among humans 
Not an ordinary woman with fault
My temple is the home of all dignities
I stand for purity and love
Don't harass my hope in the night
Darkness happens not in my abode
Defile not my happiness, not in this song!
I am not subjective nor abusive to nature
I sing not of lost but of hope of the world
I am the bed of my children beacuse
I am made of a woman substances
From me flows the fluid of life oasis
Redemption song must be heard of me
Children must be seen on my laps;
Children birth in the house of symbols
Don't abuse my integrity, I am a woman
Beautiful is my heart
Milky is my soul
Love is my thought
Caress is my arms!
Like the sun, I shine all over
The moon is my mood-
I am a woman perfectly made
My sisters in my creed and words
Womanhood is a journey of life to all
Women are not of pride and prejudice
But to sing of this unforgettable tune
Of gender equality and liberation
Freedom cry at my tale for womanhood
I am not shattered in my world because
I am a woman
Not a fanatic

(C) John Chizoba Vincent

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

Femme Fatales

When Mother Earth, Anu was young
the gods gifted her sisters;
Fair Brigid with the fiery hair,
blonde Boann of the waters.

Their bodies lay upon the globe
intertwined in rainbows
Brown skinned mountains, fiery skies,
and blonde washed dawns to rouse.

Adore the feminine in all her forms,
or mountains rise and snowslides are born.
Adore the feminine in all her forms.

Most favored by the Northern gods 
was Brigid's aurora
How the endless night was blessed
so they all adored her.

The jealous day of blonde Boann
shook, from pale limb to limb, 
and water rose to wake Anu
who writhed in earthen skin.

Adore the feminine in all her forms,
or mountains rise and snowslides are born.
Adore the feminine in all her forms.

The Northern lands of ice and snow
so brightened by Brigid
saw brittle glaciers break and fall
avalanches begin.

So to this day all North men pray
to the goddesses three
Earthen Anu, fiery Brigid
and Boann's watery lea.

Adore the feminine in all her forms,
or mountains rise and snowslides are born.
Adore the feminine in all her forms.


Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |



What does a perfect woman mean? 
Does it mean something that meets your standards?
A standard measured by physical appearance
or from within towards one's heart and soul?

Perfect is just a label 
A label to define what you like in a woman
A woman whom you want to be with for the rest of your life
A life that will make you feel satisfied.

What is a perfect woman for me?
The perfect woman is a woman who is beautiful inside and out
Not only in the sight of those around us
But in the sight of GOD

By: Ms.Melba Regina V.Sales

Copyright © REGZ SINGING DIVA | Year Posted 2013

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I love the Singer in an All Girl Band

I love the Singer in an All Girl Band 
Loch David Crane, 1976

I dreamed about  'ya in your pixie shoes
and watched ‘ya stomp on all my blues;
I dreamed about 'ya in your fishnet tights
and how ‘ya kept me up all night.

I dreamed about 'ya next day too      
when my mind should'a been on school.
I dreamed about ‘ya in your leather skirt
‘til my heart began to throb and hurt.

I dreamed about 'ya at a biker dance,
a third leg grew inside my pants.
I dreamed about 'ya and what I’d do
if I could go to bed with you---

But you don't know me an' I think it's true
that I could never succeed with you.
I may as well make other plans
'cause I love the singer in All Girl Band.

My heart is locked in my rib cage
prisoner of a new-wave age; 
the only way to set it free
is if you will make love to me.

I've seen the future-- it's black and blue
from random violence, dancin' too;
but that is where I'll have to stand
'cause I love the singer in All Girl Band.

Copyright © Loch David Crane | Year Posted 2014

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Descendent of Eve

"Descendent of Eve"
by:  Eric L. Boddie

As she walked through the door, I recall a shortness of breath
My heartbeat fluttered, my palms moistened, my mind drew a blank, but no pain was felt
My mouth became dry, and my eyes and ears became lost in her motion
And with only a glance, the sway of her hips became the muse for my every notion
After closer examination, sweat, in the form of a single drip
Made its way down my forehead as the glass approached her lips
Then, the rumbling of my stomach, the butterflies were on the move
Because my eyes had never touched legs that appeared to be oh so smooth
I wanted to get up, but I could hear the buckling of my knees
And the unmentionable, it was like what happens to water if you let it freeze
Now that was many years ago, but like yesterday is what it seems
Because ever since that moment, she has been featured in all of my dreams
To her sight, I have become addicted, that's the strongest word I can think of
For me, it only took a glance, and I, instantly, fell in Love
I Love her hair, I Love her toes, don't get me started on the things in between
She is God's Greatest Creation, next to Him, her being reigns supreme
And now that I'm a man, on her curves, I am still dependent
That's the only way I can explain my jealousy of the infant
Addiction, desire, infatuation or lust, you can call it whatever you believe
But I would go crazy without her, I'm in Love with the descendent of Eve

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

My addiction

I have an addiction...
It dont matter what time of day it is my addiction is there...
Not always in the literall since...
But it is always on my mind...
I lay my head down to sleep at night thinking about you...
I sleep dreaming about you...
I wake up thinking about you...
Your always on my mind...
No matter what I do my addiction is always on my mind...
Even if your not the last one I talk to before I lay my head down to sleep...
I still lay my head down thinking of you...
I just cant get enought of you...
No matter what my addiction is there...
My addiction has a name...
Her name is Shelby Nestle...
No matter how much we text or talk on the phone...
Its never enough...
I cant get enough of your beautiful eyes...
I cant get enough of that beautiful smile...
I cant get enough of kissing your soft lips...
That feeling I get inside when our lips touch...
Or holding you in my arms...
This is a new addiction to me...
Never have I been this addicted this quick...
It scares the shyt outta me...
But then I love it...
You are my new addiction baby... 
You are my...
My heroin...
My ecstacy... 
My cocaine...
You are my own personal drug...
I cant imagine and addiction stronger...
You are my addiction...
I wouldnt even think about trying to break this addiction...
I wouldnt go to rehab for this addiction...
I like it to much...

Copyright © jaremy mount Jr | Year Posted 2013

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Seductive Temptress

A red scarf ribbon around her neck
It flows elegantly down her back
She hit me like a blow in the dark
Caressing the hump of her trademark
She knows I’m watching her walk
Without having to look back
I wish she could stop so we could talk
I'd say, 'How about a drink?'
But there’s so many of us to pick
So she walks on without a squeak
It's better this way, knowing my luck
I'd probably stutter, and my mind go blank
Some call out to her, but she’s used to that bark
Men are dogs and I’m a member of the pack
I proved it today, I tried to hold back
My feelings were too strong to fake
In her disappearance from my obsession I awake
And all the judgemental eyes I take
The seductive temptress her birthmark

Inspired by Lyric Man

Copyright © Thabang Ngoma | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


Men were given total dominion
over all living things, and when
they subdued their enemy:
they were granted immortality!

Beside every great warrior of old, 
there was a strong woman of humility,
who gave him a victorious  sword;
and helped him change the course of history! 

Emperess Theodora was one of them to show adversity;
when Noka's revolt broke out:  she decided to stay,
while her hushand, Justinian, fled the city;
what an admirable act of feminity!

Beside every great warrior of old,
there seems to be a look of invincibility,
a defying moment to obtain glory;
and the cost for a golden crown is well-known!

Be the warrior of modern times, treatened by fear and fragility, 
seek out the man you were destined to be;
trust that woman who posseses internal beauty,
and beside this warrior, her courage will guide you with dignity!

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2008

Details | Ballad |

Ladybug in red

Colepatra kissed and shrunk me down to microscopic size
please believe this phenomena cuz these lips refrain from lies
metamorphosis transformed mine human manly guise
while strolling one spring day me vision turned to compound eyes
unfettered vesicles uttered pleasant shrieks and cries 

she danced with a feverish spring and stepped as if in the air
no worries existed for whose well being she did care
with eyes of sparkling emeralds with a shimmering flair
amber waves brought serenity from her flowing glistening hair
attracting like a magnet every person she that came near
spreading infectious contagion of happiness every where!

tossed out the fashion boutique on a cushion squarely led
this lady in red
with her snug outfit against her slim body did wed

pizzazz and personality that bred
this well healed nanny with high street cred
made sure charges looked spiffy and well fed

she danced with a feverish spring and stepped as if in the air
no worries existed for whose well being she did care
with eyes of sparkling emeralds with a shimmering flair
amber waves brought serenity from her flowing glistening hair
attracting like a magnet every person she that came near
spreading infectious contagion of happiness every where!

atop shoulders bounced a well coiffed and adorable head
drawing followers wherever she led 
and listened to her sexy voice no matter what she said

she danced with a feverish spring and stepped as if in the air
no worries existed for whose well being she did care
with eyes of sparkling emeralds with a shimmering flair
amber waves brought serenity from her flowing glistening hair
attracting like a magnet every person she that came near
spreading infectious contagion of happiness every where!

Copyright © matthew harris | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |


Sweet is thy love because thy love is true and divine
Sweet is thy lips because thy lips are sweeter than many
fine wine, and i enjoy drinking from your flowing fountain 
of love.

Sweet and enticing are your fleshy assets living within 
your bosom nest and to enjoy your nipples i can never
resist making desirable request.

You open your doors and invited me in and with expressed 
passion you displayed your hungry desires and with electrifying 
ecstasy i set your entire body on pleasurable fire.

Oh sumptuous woman allow me to travel slowly all over your 
skin so smooth and richly mellowed to taste of satisfactory and
glamorous story.
There are no hollow vacant spots, because from your flowing 
fountain comes sumptuous substance and how much i like that.

Oh sumptuous woman with unabated passion, this is where i 
wish to be; inside your well kept place of glory.
You welcomed me and with enticing hospitality you accommodated
me while i travel between your walls and enjoyed the warm reception
of your prize property. 

Help me loving you while you loving me, oh yes with sweet love and
affection; this is an open and honest declaration of hungry desires 
needing fulfillment.
Pleading for more because within you beautiful and sumptuous woman
is love galore and i have for you much more in store.  


Copyright © Carlton Dean Morris | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

The Perfect Woman

An honest smile and truthful eyes
A road slinger who loves a surprise
A worker who dreams of the world
Needs the road and loves a whirl

Understands my past and hers
Comfortable with herself in showers
Loves good vibes and the bad
Appreciates the love and even the sad

Wants more to life than bottom line
Takes a random hint as a sign
Embraces silence for it is rare
Take a chance, perfect woman, if you dare

Copyright © Derek Mully | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


by:  Eric L. Boddie

Soft, full, voluptuous lips 

Perfectly curved, coke bottle hips 

Thick, smooth, welcoming thighs 

Deep, brown, sensuous eyes 

Firm, perky, luscious nipples 

Cute, mysterious, sinking dimples 

Pretty, petite, shapely feet 

Full, invitingly pinchable cheeks 

Mouth-watering, plump, tender, ripe, juicy, bouncy breasts 

A phat, firm, breath-taking, make you want to just smack it, well you know the rest 

Naturally done nails on the fingers and toes 

The strong, mysterious, puffy afro 

Slim, sexy and soft in the waist 

Soft, seductive and cute in the face 

Soft but firm, muscle-toned calves 

Rich, creamy caramel coloring her upper and lower halves 

All of this beauty with a matchable style 

The cherry on top, that unforgettable smile 

Copyright © eric boddie | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |



Now Jorgie met a new love
He begged to make her wife
First, they’d fetch her small boy
 to start a fresh new life.

So East they went to Minot
To find her cousin there
But when they came to his big house
His smile for them was spare.

The cousin was not happy
To relinquish that fine boy
He said his wife would waste away
Without her greatest joy

And Jorgie, solemn, studied them
The woman and the child  &
Wept with great compassion
Her broken heart ran wild.

Determined to do justice
Twas no one she could blame
Jorgie hugged the boy good bye
Her soul in raging flame.

She bid the woman love him
And tell him she was aunt
And with her newfound husband, John,
Departed pale and gaunt.

Now John, he was a good man
Who worshiped his new wife
They agreed to keep a secret
About her former life

And so away the years passed
Son came after son
Jorgie had a fresh life
They built a solid home.

Each month she mailed the  letters
To the ‘cousin’ in the west
She parceled up the photos 
true siblings in their best

But Sadness haunted Jorgie’s eyes
She tried to hide it well
But her  husband knew her---
 She had him in her spell.

So sad she was and so forlorn
He needed to confide
To someone who could help him
to cheer his cherished bride.

And so he told his sister
His wife had longed to see
From her past her loved ones---
Her own sweet family.

So sister Lena planned a scheme—
For Jorgie wild and free
the gift would be a great surprise
And John he did agree.

They would take the children
Aboard the westbound train
Jump the train at Minot
To see the boy again.

Wait they must til autumn
For Jorgie twas the best
In May would be a newborn babe
Nuzzling at her breast

Then hit the plague of ‘17
Entire towns were dead—
And  in their midst was Jorgie--
With her newborn-- cold, in bed.

Note:  Jorgie : (pronounced Yor’ gee) was a nickname
Her name:  Sena Jorgine Larsen
My father’s mother. The baby named Clara.  My was nearly 4 when they died. His father, John Anderson—Jorgie’s husband , never remarried.  He lived to be in his 70’s. His sister, my great aunt, Lena Anderson Hildebrandt, told me this story in 1971.


Copyright © Victoria Anderson-Throop | Year Posted 2012

Details | Ballad |

Chained in love

My woman wants to make me believe
That other girls are bad and can deceive
She wants to see me not talk to any
She wants to see no text from angie
Angie is just my friend
She says that friendship must end.

My woman wants to make me believe
She is the only woman who live
She wants to see me with no other
Even those that call me brother
She wants to see no girl visit
She says my movements I should limit.

My woman wants to make me believe
That other people take much of my time
That she should have all the time
Always be there for her
Give all attention to her
She says I should always stick to her.

My woman wants to make me believe
Only from her love I should receive
When she hear of another woman
She falls sick
And grows weak
She says my love will kill her
She says it is better that way.

Chained in love
Only her she say I should serve
Chained in love
Only her she say I should have
Chained in love
Only her she say should stay in my every nerve
My woman wants to make me believe all this.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

The goddess

She pets,feeds
clothes and protects
A mother human
For i was weak and vulnerable

She cares,comforts and consoles
with a seraphic massage
in sound and touch
though i'm grown and strong

Oh,the better half
that completes every man
always needed for wholeness
either mother or wife,
the woman;a real goddess

Copyright © Beckley Ebako | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


Into your life I did blow, using my feminine magic to heal your broken and wounded soul

As you laid your head upon my breasts, my female potion did bless and provide you with much needed rest

As I opened my soul you actualized your goals, developing into a Warrior-King within the truest embrace of your Queen

I was your guiding light, breathed your mission, supported your goals and and saw your unlimited possibilities 

Like the rare women of old, whose hearts and soul were gold, because the wicked slave owners raped their soul, but they kept a secret part for their Warrior-King

Because his spirit needed to be fed, from being beaten, mistreated, and bled, she pushed her pain aside to become his loving guide

Unconditional love, I did offer, but you turned me away, threw my love in my face and denied my embrace. 

I gave you my feminine vulnerability, but you used it to cut me, with the deepest of cruelty. 

Your soul is empty and ice cold, because unconditional love you did behold, in its beautiful rarity. 

Copyright © Latisha McDougall | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

Be a cow

I should fear, I should hide
I should obey and abide.
I should behave when I'm out,
Masks, hijaabs, drapes and shrouds.

I should read but not write, 
Not confront but shimmer with fright.
I should learn to not hate and let 
You make me warm your bed.

I should never raise a voice, 
Should never aspire of heights to rise.
I should not fight but be hapless;
My person should be my dress.

I shall wash and I shall cook
Bear your children, I shall stoop.
Duress, care, feeble, weak.
Your stronghold should I always seek.

I shall follow but never lead
If there's hope, I shall not heed.
You shall trample, you shall play.
Rape or kill, have your way.

Strange though it seems, the way it has been. 
Maybe I don't complain, but couldn't you have seen. 
This age of worship, rage and anger that I see now
I wonder you'd listen, if not a woman I had rather been a cow.

Copyright © Mayur Choudhari | Year Posted 2017

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The Costumed Dream

     Seems like I'm falling 
in love 
     with Bat-Girl
   Don't ask me how this happened 
       Women in costumes 
appeal to me 
     Not long ago I hugged a woman 
in a cat costume
    Comic book dreams 
coming through once more 
  Green Lantern, Magneto and 
       the reat 
are competing with me 
for the love of 
  a costumed woman 
I think that "love steeers the star" 
  Fantasy women are sometimes 
easier to deal with than real ones

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2011

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I want to write

I want to write
This time of that cold night
when I heard my mother cry
When I saw her lie
Flat on her belly
Her back bare and scaly
Her eyes swollen
Her right stolen
By one she called husband.

I saw the tears
I saw her fears
she sobbed between the whips
she tightly bit her lips
And tightened her hips
to swallow the pain
just for her stay.

I want to write
this time of that night
that night without stars
when I saw the scars
On her back
the scars stuck
made a permanent mark
on her back.

I want to write
I want to write
This time of my mother
write her as a victim
tortured by male chauvinism.
write her as a strong woman
Who challenged the stress of a man
Mama who raised us
built us
Made us.

so rise mama and shine
All will be fine
Mama rise and shine
All will be fine
All will be fine.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2015

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Best Teachers

In the presence of my gifted teachers
our classroom becomes a delightful place
In the hands of my gifted teachers
There is laughter in every student's lips
In the company of my gifted teachers
Creative thinking is everywhere
In the palms of my gifted teachers
There is hope that genuinely prospers
In the lectures my gifted teachers
Imagination and knowledge are awakened
In the voice of my gifted teachers
The memories of the past are shaken
In the advice of my gifted teachers
Creativity and skills are modeled
In the prayers of my gifted teachers
All kinds of blessings are shared
In the guidance of my gifted teachers
faith and Talents are finely set
In the encouragement of my gifted teachers
My future is made complete

Copyright © Edgar R. Eslit | Year Posted 2015

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A woman

A woman
Rommel E. Gabitan

is a temptress that lures
hundreds of souls into their curse
Helpless Adam tempted by Eve
suffers now because he is bare

Naked as a baby, he helplessly crawls
into the depth and breadth of his soul
Regretting intensely, that he had eaten
the Ancient Apple that was Forbidden

Crying in despair is Adam the Man
leaving his Paradise in the midst of anger
Of the Mighty Creator, full of Compassion
Who promised to give him Eternal Salvation

Copyright © ROMMEL espano | Year Posted 2013

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She selects wool and flax
And works with earge hands,
She is like the merchant ships
Bringing her food from afar.
She gets up while it is still dark;
She provides food for her family
And portions for her servant girls.
She considers a field and buys it;
Out of her earnings she plants a vineyard.
She sets about her work vigorously;
Her arms are strong for her tasks.
She sees that her trading is profitable,
And her lamp does not go out at night.
In her hand, she holds the distaff
And grasps the spindle with her fingers.
She opens her arms to the poor
And extends her hands to the needy.
When it snows, she has no fear for her household;
For all of them are clothed in scarlet.
She makes covering for her bed,
She is clothed in fine linen and purple.
Her husband is respected at the city gate,
Where he takes his seat among the elders of the law.
She makes linen garments and sells them,
And supplies the merchants with sashes.
She is clothed with strength and dignity,
She can laugh at the days to come.
She speaks with wisdom and understanding,
And faithful instruction is on her tongue.
She watches over the affairs of her household
And does not eat the bread of idleness.
Her children arise and call her blessed;
Her husband also, and he praises her;
Many women do noble things but she surpass them all.
She is much more than a woman.


Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2015

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i am woman

I am a woman 
a player 
a saivior 
a friend 
I am a mom
a warrior to the bitter end 
I am a lover
that bends all my needs
i am a singer 
that needs to breath
i am a lion 
that cant be tamed
i have  many names 
but I 
am a woman

Copyright © cari vodicka | Year Posted 2012

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I left my parents behind,
My name change, my home too
I followed you on a life time journey 
I feed your hungry belly 
And your raging shaft too

I'm a woman, treat me right 

For nine months, 
I walk around the world
Carrying inside me another you
The little you, Bradley 
A bearable burden just for love

I'm a woman, care for me

Before anything,
You come first
In my mind, nothing else matter 
I breathe for you ,
And will die for you 

I'm a woman, respect me

Don't call me weak
Don't call me irrelevant 
I can make you sick
I can kill you too
My strength is mightier than a typhoon 

I'm a woman, my power is immeasurable 

Copyright © Ifedayo Mayowa | Year Posted 2016