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Future Picture

Paint me my teacher
A picture of my future
Tell me at this juncture
About My future
I will listen with rapture
You my teacher
Show me every feature
Of my future.

spread me my teacher
the wings to my future
Make me learn
what my efforts will return
Hold my hand
Guide me and
let me walk the path
My life is worth.

Show me my teacher
what is stored in my future
show me the beauty
of my future duty
Then I will paint
a picture with no stain
A future perfect picture.

show me my teacher
the colors to paint my future
I will paint a doctor picture
Or paint a lawyer picture
I will paint my perfect future picture
with the colors from you my teacher
Help me paint my future
My respected teacher.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2014

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I'll Pause and Cry

There can be tossing and turning and a sleepless night...
Just mentally preparing for the next days fight.

But we love these kids what more can I say...
Life as a teacher provides an interesting day.

There is spitting and cursing and yelling too...
There is pure terror in the parking lot if you're new.

But we love these kids what more can I say...
And for our kids, our pain and suffering will pay off some day.

So we drag out of bed and put a smile on our face...
We want to make a good impression when we enter this place.

We cover our backs as we survive the day...
And we all know that we earn our pay.

Years from now when the movie is here...
We'll sit together and point and cheer.

I love you teachers and I'll miss you so...
And I'll cherish our memories wherever I go.

You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers until the day I die..
And when I stop to remember our experiences I'll pause and cry.

Years from now when these kids are grown...
Let us pray and believe, as a team, good positive seeds have been sown.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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The City Opens Its Arms

As we walk outside the 
  city opens its' arms to us 
A friendly crossing guard 
     signals to cross the
intersection safely 
    At the bus stop a woman 
holds her son's hand
   As I walk towards work 
I notice the warmth of the air 
   Spring has finally arrived in the 
   Scores of students 
walk towards the community college 
   where I work
After stopping off for a scone 
  and some green tea
I work with students 
   on their English grammar 
and summarizing 
  All around me are those 
who want to learn and improve their lives
  The city has opened its' arms 
to these new immigrants 
   who are hardworking 
and an asset to our land

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2016

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A Song for Teachers You Made Our Life Beautiful

It began all from nursery
When I was little child
And when I always used to cry
You came and wiped my eyes

My wishes are for those teacher’s
Who gave us wings to fly
Who always gave a helping hand
For that, we say thank you

This song is for you
You made our life beautiful
I know you’re proud of me
As I’m proud of you

<<< >>>

When I look back to my past
I used to be very shy
You inspired me in such a way
I could see my childhood fly

My wishes are for those teacher’s
Who motivate students through
In the tough times you’ve been with us
For that, we say thank you

This song is for you
You made our life beautiful
I know you’re proud of me
As I’m proud of you

<<< >>>

You made a difference in our lives
Every time when we grew
You made our minds grow strong
One child at a time

My wishes are for those teacher’s
Who loved us like their child
You never left us all alone
For that, we say thank you

This song is for you
You made our life beautiful
I know you’re proud of me
As I’m proud of you

Copyright © Sujish Kandampully | Year Posted 2016

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Bawat Araw Mo Guro

Umaga, nakikita kang naglalakad,
Ang kanan mong kamay ay may tangan pang bag.
Ang kaliwang kamay mo'y libro ang hawak
Ngunit sa daan kilalaka ng lahat.

Ika'y guro; Sagisag ng kasipagan!
Ang tangan mo lagi, kung 'di nila alam,
Ay ang susi mong kung tawagi'y lesson plan.
Sa aga ng pasok mo, Ika'y huwaran!

Tanghali, akala nila ika'y hibang;
Hapo at gutom na ngunit nangangaral.
Ang totoo, nagreremedial class ka Ma'am!
Sino ka ba? Ika'y dakila't marangal!

Hapon, ika'y 'di man pansin ng lipunan,
Subalit kapiling mo'y mga upuan;
Habang ang pluma mo'y pinagsasalitang
"Bukas, bata ito ang matututunan!".

Copyright © MILBERT SALMASAN | Year Posted 2017

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You had a mom and dad that put a fire in your heart...
They provided love and encouragement from the very start.

Randy and Sandy are part of the crew...
And they always applaud everything that you do.

You marched in the band in those high school days...
And as a Cardinal at State you learned the physical education ways.

Peoria is where the the dream began...
And you said to yourself,"If anyone can teach I know I can."

Chicago is where the training got intense...
You got everyone involved,and no none sat on the fence.

Your passion for teaching grew year after year...
And all of your accomplishments, that's one big reason were honoring you here.

You love to travel and you have a great eye to see..
But the full potential of each child is what you want to be.

There are Koala bears and country music too...
A couple of things that are uniquely you.

For Sharon and Lucky it was love at first sight...
And after a hard day, he makes everything right.

It's hard to capture a career that has accomplished so much...
And each child you taught received a special touch.

See the world and enjoy the change of pace...
Sharon,we're going to miss you because no one 
will ever be able to take your place.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2017