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There's no light in my eyes
faded for so long, i cannot see the hope
that was once there long ago.
as these tears fall, all i can do
is look around, i cannot
hear the sounds of your voice
coming through.

But i'll be OK
please don't try to follow me
it's not safe to go alone
there are things you shouldn't see.
i'll be OK
i know you must hate me
just give it some time
someday you will be fine
just know that i'm all right.

my soul grows cold like this tomb stone
the darkness always falls, pitch black
now i am all alone.
and as i fade, i guess i'll cease to be
nothing left inside i have died
so you could breathe.

But i'll be OK
please don't try to follow me
it's not safe to go alone
there are things you shouldn't see.
i'll be OK
i know you must hate me
just give it some time
someday you will be fine
just know that i'm all right.

in my dying breathe
the air rushing from my chest
i guess there's nothing left, no parting
shots no more time for arguments.
looks in your eyes, i know you'll
leave me now. our time has just
run out. our time is over now!

But i'll be OK
please don't try to follow me
it's not safe to go alone
there are things you shouldn't see.
i'll be OK
i know you must hate me
just give it some time
someday you will be fine
just know that i'm all right.
just know that i'm all right....

Copyright © Antonio Swider | Year Posted 2014

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Don't Leave Me

On the day you told me you wanted to die,
I stared at the glowing screen, 
Mouth gaping,
Wondering if I was understanding your words correctly. 

You toyed with me to throw me off your trail
A rabbit zig zagging through the brush
But Im a hunting hound 
Trained for the best. 

I caught whiff of your suicide sent 
Its smell is familiar to me. 
Casual jokes, silence, im fine lies. 
All a mask to hide the truth you don’t want me to see. 

You don’t want me to see the razors in your pockets  
The empty alcohol bottles under your bed, 
The pills by your sink for illnesses you do not have,
The belt hanging from your fan, that is four sizes too long. 

You don’t want me to see this side of you
But I see it whether you show it to me or not.
You tell me to forget and move on
But how can I?

How can I forget the awful panic
That I might one day respond to the call
That you have tried to take your life
That I might hold your life in my hands one day. 

How can I forget the awful panic 
That I might lose you. 
That I might cry rainbow tears 
As your father serenades you into forever sleep. 

Forgive me if I seem selfish
Its just I have only now found a reason to live. 
And it kills me that 
My reason to live also wants to die. 

Copyright © Mercury Anderson | Year Posted 2016

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To Love Not

To Love Not

Hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
Watching lovers loving
Wishing it was me
What has become
This person
So proud So kind
Loving to love
Doing things right
Rising above
Now just hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
It's these
Stalking red shadows
Piercing black holes
Feeling this war taking my soul
Wanting to die 
But willing to live
Provoking my enemy
To laugh is to give
Wanting this wave
Wanting it over
Give me "The End"
Death be my lover
The more powerful this wave
The more it intimidates my drive
Like fire burning fire
"Fire" out loud I cry
I will always be alive
So fierce Such force
All cracked up 
Below the pendulum
Of my splintered spine
Now just hateful thoughts fulfilled
Breathing with the sea
These stalking red shadows
And pierce these black holes
Hatred for lovers
And hate builds my soul
I just want to die
I don't want to live
Prevoking my enemy
To laugh is to give
Death come besiege me
Please set my soul free
It's death now inside me
Soon gone I will be
So stare and stare
And stare at them all
It's me that I hate
So it's me that must 

  by Christian Alexander

Copyright © Christian Alexander | Year Posted 2014

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The ballad of Rebecca Ann Sedwick

Trees swaying to that melody
Sun shines down her body
On the news, about that tragedy
Laying there my dolly

  Here here bully, are you happy
Your words tore her apart
Here here bully, she was lovely
Her wrists so full of art

She was very insecure
Rebecca was her name
But you were so immature
She was no longer the same

How to take blades out of razors
Was her daily question
Missed out on so many fundraisers
She never made that confession

Here here bully, are you happy
You caused all these things
You were why she felt so scrappy
She jumped, hoping for wings

The very last words to her mom were
'Good night mom, I love you'
Now tell me, what do you conclur
Do you finally have a clue

Started because of a boyfriend
Were her friends, not her foe
Wasn't it stupid to join that trend
She went up, looking down below

While she went up the stairs, she cried
Because of you she jumped
She just jumped, with her arms out wide
At her throat was a lump

Here here bully, can't you just see
Your words have an impact
She thought that jump would set her free
Wasn't long until she cracked

Body on the ground, what a sight
But now that it is done
It is definitely not alright
So you might just want to run

Copyright © Bianca Perillo | Year Posted 2014

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How can I tell you?
I can't stay with you.

Neither I can give up on you.
Fear of losing you is losing me.
It feels like slow death every night.

But we are just stuck in our spaces!
Unable to connect from two feet distance.

Copyright © shadab shaikh | Year Posted 2013

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Gone and Forgotten

It's funny how some people say
"you'll miss me when I'm gone."
Your absence may be thought of once,
but the world will still go on.

Confound within my barriers;
I won't dare ever cross the line.
Sadness is but a wall
between two gardens of mine.

All alone in this cell
with no cracks to break free;
the glowing rays were scattered away
and never got to me.

I wrote your name on the bullet so
my sorrow could forever embed.
I wanted you to know that you're the last
thing that went through my head.

I thought that I was better dead,
as my life simply lacked a will.
Echoes of my miserable past
remain in my cage still.

Copyright © Alex Calatayud | Year Posted 2015

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Funny Man

Funny Man!
By Linda Hays-Gibbs
Oh funny man you touch the hardest heart
With messages to crumble and start
A snickering or flickering to spark 
A laugh a full belly rumbler
A genius of illogical and logical matter
Without him the whole world is astronomically sadder
Oh let our grief someday subside 
That we in heaven will find 
A bench upfront to see his latest comedic job ( I pray)
The jester (Robin Williams) at heaven's court for God 

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs | Year Posted 2015

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I don't believe in anything anymore
Actually lets be honest
I don't believe in a big amount of things
I don't believe in love
I don't believe in people
I don't believe in safety
But mostly
I don't believe in myself
Not anymore anyways

Most people would find that sad
But I do not
How can I believe in myself?
I'm like a bird
Who should trust in their wings
To carry them up when the branch breaks

But I cannot
Because you see
If I were a bird my wings would be clipped
And tell me
Why would a bird trust in wings
That cannot make them rise?

I am a bird in a cage
And that cage is my depression
And in my cage is a perch which is my anxiety
Then on the far side their is a mirror
I can see myself
I can see a girl

Who is broken
Who is lost
Who is tired
And who is afraid
I look in that mirror
And I see not what you see
I see the scars and the newly marked lines
I see the demons
I see the mistakes
The horrors of my past
All of which make me

I see a girl who can barely look you in the eyes
And I feel the tears that slide down my cheeks
Every night as I try to find peace in sleep
I see the girl that they have all made me into
The girl that they make me believe that I am
The girl that can't get away
The girl who can't save herself

Why do I go through this hell!
Why do I constantly revisit all of these memories
This life is not meant to be lived in such a way
It is not meant to end because someone cannot handle it
It was not meant to be filled with so much pain and fear
It was not meant to be such a tragedy
And it was not supposed to have to end so soon...

But maybe it doesn't have to end
Maybe my wings will grow back
Maybe I won't always be stuck in this cage
And maybe I am worth it
Maybe I can believe in myself
Maybe one day all will be different
But today is not that day
So I will wait
I will wait for the one day that may or may not come
When my wings can carry me
And when I will once again
Believe in me.

Copyright © Shyla Contreras | Year Posted 2015

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Another space in time

My light has been dimmed. My branches', broken. My leaves fell off, one by one. And with no light, I suffered. The cold bit me in the night. I found comfort, in the darkness. It loved me through my pain. Even though your world kept growing, mine remained the same. My love has never faded for you. It never changed. 
 Your beauty kept me going, kept me strong. I felt like a blade of grass in a country song. Your hair blew with the curling wind while singing a beautiful love song. Your heart was beating closely with mine and I succumbed to rhythm that would beat through time. I am yours and forever, you will be mine. We will love again closely, when you reach my space in time. I was always yours and you were always mine. I leave my kiss upon our sacred time. Remember my love, my faithful vows. I'll always be with you, enjoying your smile.

Copyright © Falone Cole | Year Posted 2016

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The Door

Red doesn’t scare me
my own blood is welcome
it means I am ending
and I want that with all my heart

I used to be a woman
who kissed and loved
so big, so expansive…
I danced with everything

But now, tides have turned
gone is that human being
the woman who blended
with seaweed and water’s foam

I walk the streets now
in search of a place to become
something else
that isn’t what I was

This isn’t part of a life
it’s a different thing entirely
I don’t even want it
Once I was love’s essence

and now, I am the exposed flesh
of life.
the waters of me run red now
the core is gone
only edges are left
and I can’t look at this

So, I’m on my way out the door
I hope those people will be there
Never perfect, I can only be me
and I will take it upon myself
to go and not come back

Copyright © Melody Sokolow | Year Posted 2014

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She never really got to know her worth, 
Because their envy dimmed her light.
They never let her forget the hurt, 
She says "you don't know what it's like".

With forced laughter and broken smiles, 
She would get through another day.
She fought to know who was worth her while, 
And through the tears still tried to pray.

Don't you get, so close to that edge,
It's far too deep, of a cut to mend,
I swear you won't, be lonely again,
She's so close, so close to that edge.

She saw a boy she knew to spark her light, 
But never let him know it was real.
When they pass he sees the broken smiles,
And knows exactly how she feels.

They should've known never to forget, 
That when they're feeling in the dark,
Not to worry, those who feed off your pain,
Are just jealous of what they aren't.

Don't you get, so close to that edge,
It's far too deep, of a cut to mend,
I swear you won't, be lonely again,
They're so Damn close, so close to that edge.

Copyright © Bo Vigoren | Year Posted 2016

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Suicide is sad and an awful thing to have happen to anyone,
however, in all honesty, have you ever been to that point?
Have you ever hurt so bad down in your soul that you
just couldn’t make it through another day with that pain.
Has your life ever felt so meaningless, and empty that you
wanted to end your own pain and suffering?
So many say, I can’t believe he/she had killed themselves,
but is it really a shock to you, that it came down to this?
Where there not any signs of sadness, or pain?
You may be heartbroken and confused, 
but think about his or her feelings at that moment.

When it comes down to whose feelings are more important, 
more valuable, or who is suffering  to most, or who will be sad, 
the individual has to put them self first.
No one wants a friend, family member, or a loved one to 
commit suicide, or even attempt, but the decision is not yours.

Some believe it’s a selfish act, and some believe, 
it’s just taking the easy way out, but unless you 
have been to that point in your life, you don’t know 
how it feels to want to commit suicide.

Suicide is not cool, it doesn’t really hurt those 
you thought it might.  Suicide is you giving up
on yourself, giving up on your dreams, and your goals in life. 
Suicide is a permanent absence of you from this world,  
and the lives of those who love you.

Copyright © Marilyn Blackman | Year Posted 2017

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All in great time

Don't stand at my grave,
An weep.
I'm not no long there.
I'm forever asleep
In a peaceful place.
You may look up,
  To the sky.
Maybe even daydream 
 Of are memories...
 I just ask this one
  Simple thing ...
Please don't cry,
Upon that stone
With my name engraved,
Cause that body is,
No longer mine...
I'm not there...
But I'm here somewhere at ease..
 Share are memories 
Tell are stories.
Cherish ever moment,
And soon enough.
Forever by my side,
But it's not your time,
So get up and dry
Your crying eyes...
I'll be here no rush..
Together soon enough...
Don't give up...

Copyright © Chelsey D Moore | Year Posted 2014

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Crippled soul

Your cry for help was silenced
Only by the dragging of your feet
As you struggled to propel
Your torso as erect as physically
Possible in your condition
And yet you stood so strong
Images in the mirror marred by
Your weakened limbs and stumbling stride
I wish you had believed in me 
Where others had failed you
I would have carried you 
Through any storm yet your
Selfish pride took you from me
Did my kindness hurt you?
Drive you to the end?
I will never know for every
Question I have you took the answers 
With you my sad suffering soul
My wish for you is peace wherever
Your soul may be 
A prayer carried upon the wind
To embrace your loneliness.

Copyright © Kelli White | Year Posted 2015

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my wounds

the wounds will heal, 
and the pain will subside. 
and the scars will never go away, 
that i tried so hard to hide.
but the memories will never go, 
and the proof will always show.
the lines upon my wrist,
tell you all you need to know.

Copyright © Anastasia Denny | Year Posted 2016

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Ol' Blue

Ol' Blue
© FNF 4-12-2014

One never knows what fate will hold
Within the coming days
There's highs and lows, but none foretold
Until it is too late

My dear wife Sue and our son Drew
Died in a crash one night
Seemed suicide was my next move
Until Ol' Blue arrived

I bumped into a dog rescue
While tying up loose ends
I stepped inside and through the gloom
His look said, "Where ya been?"

I paid his fee and left the pound
A steal at any price
For I had found the wisest hound
Was ever given life

Ol' Blue was not so very old
That first day that we met
And yet he was a settled soul
And easy to confess

I took him home and fed him well
But nothing to compare
With how he calmed my tortured self
When darkness entered there

I shared my heart on many things
And heeded his replies
He didn't speak, there was no need
The words were in his eyes

Though fate was cruel, it, too, was kind
I'm coping by degrees
Thanks to a dog who almost died
Before he rescued me

Copyright © ben burton | Year Posted 2014

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I break my back bone to cultivate your life,
Your life, I mean your daily rice,
The  rising sun never wakes me,
I am already on the field saying Good morning,
When my fingers dig with axe and sickle,
My Earthworm friends greet and wiggle,
The scent of rain , petrichor gain,
That earthly scent cures my blisters and blain,
When the cool breeze touches my vein,
I feel this is heaven and forget my pain,
Though my stomach growls to break the fast,
I grind the grains for my sapiens feast,
When rats and snakes bite with fangs,
That is no more blood but wet red sand,
Where I immerse my feet deep inside,
And my mother holds me firm from deep inside,
This is my life – a happy life, 
Always surrounded by green purple loosestrife, 
When everything changed like moving clouds,
My motherland in hunger cried out loud,
I tried to stop the monsoon wind,
But it has too lost its moisture kind,
I begged my neighbors for water source,
But scarcity has blocked their way and I can't force,
To take this pain to the ears of God,
So many sacrifices and prayers flawed,
My biggest hope is my human clan,
He can understand because I have filled his urn,
I am standing outside to reach his eyes,
But he gives me a pen to write my cries, 
I know to till and I know to plough,
I know to sow and I know to grow,
But not a letter to read or write, 
Should I be a literate to show our mother's plight?
It was you who ate,
Now hate to hear my dreadful fate!
When your mother dies you work to earn,
How can you forget her love and concern, 
She bequeathed her to make you live,
To see her die I can't live.

People of Tamilnadu are suffering from acute water scarcity. There is no enough water for agriculture. Our farmers are dying day by day consuming pesticides just because there is no water to carry out agriculture. They are struggling and protesting in non-violent ways to expose their problems to this world and bring a solution to save this land and our lives because if there is no Agriculture there is no food which means no livelihood.

I dedicate this poem to all the farmers across the world.

Copyright © MADHUPRIYA SHANMUGAM | Year Posted 2017

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Autumn Razors

Every Autumn you come to  me

Like a haunting ghost

The vision is surreal

But the deep scar is bleeding

The deeper the cut opens

The pain radiates through my breath

You will forever be my unfinished business.

-Heather Boardman

Copyright © Heather Boardman | Year Posted 2014

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I am 
hoping that life gets better
that my words ring in your mind forever
that my memory never leaves you

I have
been crying, behind this smiling mask
wanted to tell you all
been dying on the inside

I wanted 
to explain this 
to tell you i needed help
to ask you all for help, but my heart was just to heavy

Only my memories remain here
i hope you think of me everyday
just know that life got hard
way to hard to bear 

i love you all
but the hurt beared to be too deep 
the that finally come
for presence on earth 
to go from 100 to 0

Copyright © kaylah bussey | Year Posted 2014

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The mystery was, how did she die?
Different suspects of many kinds tried.
Was it the repeating taunting of her classmates?
Or had it been the abuse from her so called, "soul mate?"

Was it her loneliness that swallowed her?
That left her lonely life in a blur?
Was it the alcoholic father who drinks more than before?
Or was it the mother who had left, and never saw the war?

The war their daughter lost to so very quickly.
That no one even noticed, she didn't even look sickly.
Yet she was found with a rope around her swollen neck.
She fell off life's tightrope, in death she slept.

But the trial came to an end, no one in suspicion.
Because the jury had made his final decision.
That the broken who had died inside.
Her death was classified as suicide.

Copyright © Sam Tab | Year Posted 2016

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Tragedy in black

Tragedy in black

My vision has turned black,
All I have is no more.
Turn out the lights,
And  close the door.

My obsession has left me,
Lifeless on the floor.
Blood flows from my veins,
I long to live no more.

Jealousy requires passion.
Passion requires life.
Life requires the soul.
My soul at the end of a knife.


Copyright © Dale culverson | Year Posted 2015

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Broken Rose

In the summer brilliance
A rose grew red and strong 
She was told to be the meek one
She blossomed every dawn

Every morn at waking time
The girls would be by her bloom
She bowed her head to the wind
The praise, smiles and swoons

But when the gold sunk away
The dewy tears ran down her face
She wondered if they valued her
As she looked upon the Specks in space

She was loveliness up above
But did they see down below
Darkness seeped into leaves
And twisted spines began to grow

Days and days swept by and by
Sunshine spilled over her wilting part
Even the breeze became unkind
And lower sank her ruby heart 

When the sunlight rises early
They all sing of her brilliant head
But this morrow, sweet tomorrow 
All but the thorns are dead

Copyright © kaelynn Jensen | Year Posted 2015

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By Tyner Twine

Someone is knocking on the door in my chest,
As I start to disappear in small white breaths.
A dark curtain falls over my vision,
The light is gone, then comes damnation.
The carefully built dam starts to crack,
Its foundation not as strong as it may seem.
Windows of my soul filled to the brim
Trembling lips with frown so grim
And so it seems I'll lose my glow
Searching for a start I'll never know.
And so I reap the fruits of the seeds I've sowed, 
Along the rough and winding road.
The binds which binds me binds my neck and starts to break
 And the fireplace in my soul starts to die
The pressure tightens and crushes my air supply 
And after the seizures cease, The Last Sigh.

Relief, at last.

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2016

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Choosing my death

I am scared of where death will bring me,
Considering where I am now.
I am in my room, a knife slicing my skin.
I will kill myself, I vow. 
I hate being betrayed by those I love.
Hearing my father deny me,
Gave me just the right shove.
I decided life wasn’t worth living, 
and I was tired of only giving.
He told me he didn't love me
And I wasn't worth him staying.
I wonder if he will feel differently,
When he sees my body, decaying.
So I take the knife, and bring it to my chest,
And I finally complete, my long lasting quest.

Copyright © Destiny Edes | Year Posted 2016

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Double Clocked

Blaring silence interfered by the ticking clocks
Dawn arises from drained sun's wear
Time and time again, the moon was shaken
The motion of the hour hand she could not bear

To the world, she was an imprudent one
The crystal of the face she used to conceal
To the darkness, she was a ferocious kind
Never has she turned aside to reveal

The minute hand paused to a halt
As she breathlessly met him at the stand
Falling into a pit where Hades stroke her heart
With beats that over-took the second hand

The jumbled numbers across her face
Spoke to him in an unwise way
The urge to trust became the desire to lie
Killing her was her own betray

Chronicles of misery drenched her soul
The grief-stricken ghost unfold her kind
The boy distressed by his sight
Never returned, as he erased her from his mind

Pendulum did die down
But her affection had shattered lost
Such agony came to a close
Unveiling to demise, was she pleased to cross

Copyright © Anna Li | Year Posted 2016

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The ballad of the woman who didn't want to leave

There is no one to trust, 
there is no one who cares,
the pain destroying a caring woman,
and only lies, more lies and loneliness surrounded her.

He ignored her painful screams,
he kept hurting her without regret,
he hijacked her dreams and happiness,
and now he states she is unstable.

She is losing hope,
the only little golden thread,
that made her float.

She is falling in the abyss.
She hears the voices kicking her,
wound after wound.
It is never going to heal.

Cut the pain,
cut the pain.
She has no control over her happiness and life,
but she has control over her death.
Cut the pain,
make it stop.

Copyright © Clementine Hope | Year Posted 2016

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Ecclesiastes 2:17

I have a good friend who has some problems with his head.
Jesus, I heard him wish that he was already dead.
You say up in heaven, after all this we'll be fine,
But how many friends have you, and why do you need mine?

I have a good friend who says this world's just not for him, 
He can't wait for heaven,  jesus why is that a sin? 
If you don't present yourself for all of us to see, 
You can't blame the troubled few who come looking early. 

My good friend is gone now jesus, on his way to you, 
He couldn't change the plans you made, what was he to do? 
His hands were tied from the inside, a marionette.
Hard as he tried, he really died
Of choice he didn't get.

Copyright © Bo Vigoren | Year Posted 2016

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I am useless, that I am,
However hard I try
I can fake a sense of worth
Maybe, but I cannot lie.
At heart, there isn't anything
Little pathetic me can do
Other than dash my dreams
Into shards of two.
I am irresponsible
Untamed and unmotivated.
I am merely a crumb to
The world that can't be sated.
I can never use my voice
When it really matters
For when I hear me speak
The weak, whiny voice falters.
I have trouble placing trust
In the people around me
And apparently I can never
Be what I want to be.
My dreams, it seems, are all
Far too idealistic
I am a blemish, an imperfection
A dumb, suicidal freak.
I am unloved, I am unwanted
Weak in any distress.
I wish I could just end it
So I wouldn't feel so hopeless.

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2017

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Even In Death

"Darling, I can't avoid this fate,
Everyone, someday, somehow,
Must transcend into the realm
Only Death himself will know.
My time, yes, came a bit soon,
And while I'll not tell you why,
Just know that as you read,
I watch you from the sky.
Hush, if your lips quiver now,
Do not let your tears fall.
My body may have been long gone
But my spirit lives in all.
Hush, love, set that candle down,
Light not a fire for my death.
Rather smile, and let love lie
In your every gentle breath.
I wish not to sadden you,
So please stay not in winter,
But in the spring, yes, in hope,
Where the breeze makes all better.
And remember this,
Keep my written words with you:
Whether in heaven or hell I may be,
My love remains forever true.
So mourn not, please, my dear,
Let me see you smile bright,
For I will love you, always,
From Life's Daybreak to Twilight."

Copyright © Franchesca Mia Tortoza | Year Posted 2017

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Who died

So many nights we laughed and cried
So many nights I thought I'd die
Now you're the one who laughs and I Cry 
Cuz you're the one who died

Copyright © B FAR | Year Posted 2017