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Little Blue Bird of Rain

Little Blue Bird of rain.

Rain, rain go away
Little Blue Bird of Rain, needs to shine again
In her version the sun dried, up all her tears
Leaving hurtful rain inside the bird
Destructive past sudden cheers
Waking up to empty words
When abandoned by her peers
Just not knowing what had just occurred

Drowning herself in a life of Jane Doe.
Never know who she really is
When all she loves hanging her lowest moment
The rain brought out Mary-Jane.
As the bird lost its glow.
The rain tricked her once to use Cocaine.
As her feathers met that one Joe.
He broke her wing and brought more Rain.

Very young, very sweet.
Living her life in the fast lane.
Hard for her to stand on her feet.
Balanced her life on one leg, like the crane.
Curtains hang over her wings.
While she let no one near her domain.

While she flies through the heavy rain.
She finds her comfort with a pen.
Using the lords name in vain.
Cursing all her backstabbing friends
With no one around to explain?
All the sorrow left her on a railroad track.
Ending up like the runaway train.
Only she can get her life back.

If for myself I ever felt pain?
I felt more pain at what she wrote about. 
In my face on my left side 
Your poetry comes to life in my head. 
Visions of her wanting to be dead.
Oh! How I wish this life she did not dread.

You hide the tears you shed so well.
A life with balls you cut the chains.
You diss, Your parents to go to hell.
Little Blue Bird of Rain, don't let them fools drive you insane.

Little Blue Bird of Rain.
If a sparrow could show you,
There is more to life than pain.
Under the umbrella, the sparrow would cover you.
No one wants to see her colors drain.
What a world to master her feathers into art.
The gift of words runs through her vein

The paintings on her wall.
A dream of a bad seed of grain.
One day our Little Blue Bird will stand tall.
To free herself from all the Rain.

  To: Rain aka- Joy Loveless
Our sweet 16-year-old
      P.D.     1-1-10

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2010

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Noonday Sun

Noonday Sun

Suffering, so much suffering astounds,
Suffering brings us to our very knees,
And cries out to us in sleepless nights,
In the morning, fatigued and wrenched,
Begging for a reprieve from the day,
The sun is blocked by the sound of our own doubt,
“Where is the end of all this?”
“To what end is this, Lord Buddha?”
And he points to the clouds,
And says, “Wait”
And in that moments waiting,
We think to our children,
And we look to their faces, smiling faces though still starving in tattered rags,
And we understand, that there is a brighter day for them,
For someone made the Sun I tell you,
For someone made the Sun,
And as the Son heats the clouds,
We feel the wind on our heat scorched faces,
And we say, “Allah, what is the meaning of this?”
And she says, “Wait!”
And in that moments waiting,
We think of Mother Jones pleading for her people as she speaks truth to power.
And as droplets of rain begin to fall into our sordid subconscious,
We begin to grasp the nature of a Grace that suffers with us,
And as droplets of rain begin to fall into our sordid subconscious,
We look to each other,
And feel the warmth of a Noonday sun.

Copyright © Woodrow Lucas | Year Posted 2007

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Revel In The Rain

Storms can come at any time
There are mountains that we climb
Sunshine helps to ease the pain
We have to revel in the rain

Revel in the rain
Within the swirling squall
When your back’s against the wall
And you’re feeling so very small
Revel in the rain

Life can take us for a ride
It’s like swimming against the tide
When we lose more than we gain
It’s time to revel in the rain

Revel in the rain
Looking to the sky
Spread your wings and start to fly
Let the freedom make you sigh
Revel in the rain

When you give all that you’ve got
You’ll find you’re better than you thought
You wouldn’t have grown without the pain
Raise your arms and revel in the rain

Revel in the rain
Shout to the heavens, I’m alive
Feelings of triumph I revive
When all is done I will survive
Revel in the rain

Copyright © Vince Suzadail Jr. | Year Posted 2008

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From The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand - THE RUINS OF THE ANCIEN REGIME

Farewell, then, AUKN boss,
The next this year makes three.
By the time they find a substitute,
Slovenes will be at sea.

He tried to cover his behind;
AUKN boss of bosses,
As every week, balances grew bleak:
He weighed merits and losses.

With all this he'd no time to eat,
And round and round he flew.
And now he's split in a hissy-fit;
So helmsman, too-de-loo!

Day after day, day after day,
He drifted on the ocean;
Guano-vernment rained on his ship
Their suggestions for promotion.

Cousins, cousins, everywhere,
Corporate boards crosslink;
Cousins, cousins, everywhere,
Let's take you for a drink.

Accountants talking rot: O Christ!
Missions, visions - oh please!
Yea, slimy characters need legs
And slimy policies.

So has he done an hellish thing?
Not hired who? We dunno:
Was it absurd, to have a separate curd
From the whey Slovenia owes?
This wretch won't play, after 60 days;
Pissflaps, he'll have to go!

God help ya, gospod Bencina
From the fiends, that plague us thus! -
It's time to go — shot like cross-bow,
The AUKN boss.

Ah! walk-out day! what evil looks
Had I from Ernst and Young!
Who's at a loss? AUKN's boss
Wouldn't take a bung?

"You'll be" quoth one, "abolished - no
Stigma to double-cross."
He chose to go - why? We don't know:
Harmless AUKN boss.

Re-reading the original gave me a great idea for dinner until I realised all the storks have all flapped off to Africa for the winter. Pity, as I have some ancient marinade from Tuš. Like the subject of the poem, I didn't have the stamina for a Coleridge-length effort.


The National Poet Of Slovenia In A Language People Understand interprets important Slovenian affairs for the non-Slovene speaking world.

Copyright © Julian Bohan | Year Posted 2013

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Kiss the Rain

Kiss the Rain 

By: Tyner Twine 

'A ballad I wrote based on the Piano Music By: Yiruma'.
Dedicated to the man I used to know

As I take a glimpse
On the endless sea
I felt the oceans
Between you and me

Our fates never crossed
Our love was lost
Through the tides and waves
Of our destiny 

The day you swore to be
Forever with me
Was also the day 
That you've left me be

To be by the side
Of another bride
And I am left with pain
As I kiss the rain

And so tonight,
I’ll cry to sleep
Hoping dearly that someday you 
Will come back to me

But dreams aren't true
I clearly knew, 
That today
I have just lost my most important ‘you.’


((You and I both knew we could never fight it, that we could never evade it, 
that we could change…But I know that amidst the smile you hide your pain…
the pain that I can’t ever share from now on…because I have lost you…
and you have lost me.))

As the waves grew
And we drift apart
Please meet my eyes
To say your goodbye

But you looked away
And left all the pain
Deep in my heart
As I kiss the rain

And so tonight, 
I cried to sleep
And hoped someday that you
Will come back to me

But dreams aren't true
I clearly knew,
That tonight,
There will be no love from ‘me and you’

So love, I’ll say goodbye,
And hide the tears to cry
Your fake smile will haunt me down
Until I die

For we have loved so true
And lost ‘me and you,’
Left with scars and clouds,
And tears from heaven

As I feel the rain,
Wash down all the pain,
Our dreams reached out 
And died in vain

Please stay by my side,
Hold me through the nights,
As we fight in vain,
As we kiss the rain.

Yet why am I alone in the rain?

Copyright © Kristine Mariz Ursua | Year Posted 2013

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Rain on Leaves and Breeze through Trees






Copyright © William Smith | Year Posted 2014

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The Rain

The rain falls slowly
Pitter patter, pitter patter

I hear you whisper my name
Your eyes captivate me in a sea of lust 
I can feel your soft touch against my skin
It warms me from the crystal sprinkles that fall

Your lips feel foriegn against mine
Cold and smooth
I shiver in your arms, I fall to my knees
My thoughts are racing so quickly

The rain falls slowly
Pitter patter, pitter patter

I am forced to feel what I do not believe 
I love you
I think this, but only for a short moment
Soon, I will know the truth

Why is love so deceiving? 
It twists your words and it mends your mind
It makes you do the unthinkable
Love is the worst kind of manipulation 

The rain falls slowly
Pitter patter, pitter patter
As slowly as my tears stream down my face
They both create a sad, sad river

The droplets of water surround us
We are drowned in sorrow and suffocated by the lies
This is all while the rain falls slowly
Pitter patter, pitter patter

Copyright © Tatianna Leachet | Year Posted 2017

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Praying For Rain -Chris D Aechtner-

Praying For Rain  (collaboration with-Chris D. Aechtner)


She resembles a ghost from the past,
and I wonder how long she will last?

There is no turning back-
cannot turn my back on her now.
Watching the sea slowly reclaim this pearl,
I can see just a hint of the girl,
shimmering beneath a film of sickness.

She still smiles through a frown of pain,
strengthening my resolve to see this through,
to make sure we both equally gain.
And when the waves finally pull her away,
pull out her dying breath,
will she transform back into rain?

She leans on me, light as a feather.
So light and fragile.
There is no turning back-
cannot turn my back on her now.
Watching the sea slowly reclaim this pearl,
I can see just a hint of the girl,
shimmering beneath a veil of sickness.

Hold her hand,
hand her back a smile,
I am praying for rain,
praying for rain.

*** by~ POET D:

Feel her peace,
Listen for her voice,
I am praying for rain,
praying for rain.

My dreams will always wonder in her field of rain.
A journey withered under the wavy seas.
There is no turning back-
cannot turn my back on her now.
Watching the sea slowly reclaim this pearl,
I can see just a hint of the girl,
shimmering beneath a veil of sickness.

Light as a feather, I fell her Autumn sun,
I feel her presence, her sickness is gone,
upon my face I feel the moonlight rain.
At last she is leaving behind these wiping tears.
Her rain-less eyes now open the seas and skies,
pouring her jewels of purity in to my heart.

There is no turning back-
cannot turn my back on her now.
Watching the sea slowly reclaim this pearl,
I can see just a hint of the girl,
shimmering beneath a veil of sickness.

She is the ghost from my past
and I pray for this essence of her rain to last.

A Collaboration with *Chris D. Aechtner


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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Pretty Eyes and a Heartbeat

There's no way I can win
when there's always someone I'm below,
I was bound to lose even before
I said the first hello.

I was nothing more than a second choice,
my happiness, turned to stone;
I guess sad people love the rain because
they're no longer crying alone.

Like dominoes I took the fall
while you fell for another one.
You ended in love and I ended in pain
and there's nothing I could have done.

You've made me relive memories
I never wanted to repeat.
You are a beautiful destructive tornado
with pretty eyes and a heartbeat.

Copyright © Alex Calatayud | Year Posted 2015

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Rain falls ever so softly at times. Rain falls softly at times as if gently washing away the stresses of the day. Rain feels like it’s from God to wash away the sins of this world. Rain; but it touches my heart in a way I sense a removing of stains from my soul! Pure and perfect falling softly upon me soothing my mind and body, then at times fast and hard as if warning not everything can be washed away.   
Once soaked nothing is left untouched or unclean! Fresh like an orchid and pure as the lotus; nature in all its’ glory is nourished from Gods’ delicate rain as it falls ever so softly and my soul is renewed. Water can soften the hardest of all earths’ elements from smoothing rocks it flows over to putting out raging fires. Rain fills and nourishes from the smallest of God’s creatures to the largest imaginable so cleanse my soul as it rains down upon me, I believe it does!     
Bathed by God’s water and cleansed as part of nature’s blend, storms hold no concern for my hearts not heavy and my burdens light! Freed from stress and washed clean from the sins of this world, I walk with God. My soul shall be as the orchid and shall float gently about like the lotus.   
Rain may fall again to wash away the stresses that find their way to me and gently continue renewing my soul. My heart finds strength and courage as love fills every crack and jagged edge that became scares from this world having been gently soaked by Gods’ rain! Renewed and thankful for what has come down upon me, I’ll say a prayer and forever feel blessed for rain has fallen ever so softly and washed away the stresses of the day and cleansed my soul of the sins of the world!     
Debbie Knapp

Copyright © Debbie Knapp | Year Posted 2016

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The Rain

The Rain
by ~H~

The rain falls down
Like heavens' tears
To drown all our pain
And wash away our fears

We often cry out
To the heavens above
For hope or guidance
Or an infinite love

But not always do we receive
The help that we need
But that hope we must nurture
Like an un-sprouted seed

For the rain will fall down
And saturate our earth
And that seed we kept safe
To salvation will give birth


Copyright © Hugo Venter | Year Posted 2015

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Rain forest

Rain Forest Sap of Green the world of Trees, the lifeblood of the spirit these, Where millions grow the rain it comes, Pray for rain The Collective does, the Rainforest cares too, Oxygen converts by Tree its true, Carbon dioxide gone fresh air for you, But Murder of the Trees aint new, great droughts are sure to come, like in the Amazon, for the first time droughts have come, Great Rain forest gone, Adiew, Filtered light through trees of green, Brings health and creatures some well being, Where the harmful rays are few, Green filter this can do, like green house glass for some. The trees we need dum dum, or does your lung now wheese? Don Johnson {google Edgar Case on green glass for healing}

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2016

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Chill by beach of Pitas. 
Rain comes in a heavy task. 
Return home to a break. 
Another night to medicate tired. 
Thanks Allah we intend. 
Well-intentioned we are blessed. 
Preach in the village of Rungus. 
The Maulud rejoiced.
Kota Marudu we go.
Still raining until while ago!

Kota Kinabalu
21 Jan 2014

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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spring rain

The spring rain, I hear it's song, 
The spring rain, It covers my pain,
The spring rain, I welcome it's cold,
The birds, worms, butterflies, all come around,
To bathe themselves in natures fresh flower tears,
I feel so alive, so made new, yet I shiver, not sure what to do.

The Spring rain, I hear the sounds, it is hitting the sidewalk one drop at a time,
Can I please pause the clock, to enjoy this moment? 
Where is everyone going in such a rush?
The birds are singing me a song, the hummingbird is flapping it's wings,
It is bathing in the waters of our fresh water pond, the grass will surely be green and lush.

The Spring rain, not everyone is welcoming its cool breeze, 
But I am happy, to sit in its presence, for it is bathing me in New found love,
Mother Nature made the rain, sun, snow, to show us that there are many seasons, to enjoy in life, to help us see that we should slow down, bend down, go barefoot in the sand, the mud, to feel the wet, cold sand, between our toes, for when our time is up on this earth, we can know that we danced in the cool, spring rain,  we danced with laughter, love, tears.. For if you can only remember me with tears, then don't remember me at all..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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rain and nature

The subtle, steady, calming of a spring rain beating down on my body as I lay in a pasture of flowers and a sea of green grass, my breath is calm, my heart is calm and serene.

I can feel each drop hitting my eyes, they are cleared of negative sights, my heart is wet with each new drop of rain, I no longer am hurting and full of sorrow.

The field is soaked with the falling rain, my body is floating underneath the flow of rain, I hope to be swept away to a peaceful place, the tadpoles, turtles, and baby fish, welcome my presence, no harm I bring, for we are friends.

I open my eyes, above me is a sea of blue sky, Gods cloth for which to paint a beautiful rainbow, my cleansing soul, shall be the pot of gold, waiting for someone new to share with others, whom shall choose to also lay in a pasture of wheat, golden daffadills.

The rain has slowly stopped, a fresh summer breeze has become to blow, A smile I feel as the Mother Earth has been rebirthed..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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Bed of Roses

If you think life is a bed of roses
Dont forget the thorns on those red blood roses

Beautiful but deadly
Nice to see, hurt to touch

If you think life is easy
Why is there such thing as pain?

Because honey,
How can you expect a rainbow without going through the rain?

Copyright © Amirah Halim | Year Posted 2016

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All I see is rain

My place, my time
Couldn't it just last?
It was my present, my future
Why is it now my past?
I close my eyes to paint memories
fresh inside my mind
as those pictures come to light
the warmth of tears I find,
I feel the ache of a broken heart
the hurt of a physical pain
I need sunshine like a wilting bud
but all I see is rain

Copyright © Rachel-erika Henderson | Year Posted 2016

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Rain Dance

Rumble Tumble, Rumble Tumble, Rain could Appear.
Rumble Tumble, Rumble Tumble, Hoping it's Near.

The Summer Sun has Baked the Sky,
But we want the Corn Growing Way Up High,

Bring Along your Rain Dance Song, we'll Give a ....Try.

What on Earth has worked Before.
We're Back again to Ask for More.

Rumble Tumble, Rumble Tumble Clouds could Appear
Rumble Tumble, Rumble Tumble, Lightening and Thunder to Hear!

Copyright © Mike Reed | Year Posted 2016

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The Chennai Floods - First Part


Firstly the rains came calling cool
It instantly brought hope and happiness
For people relished the Celsius dip down
And hoped for reservoirs to fill to lips

But pretty soon the horrific floods followed
As it rained cats and dogs, days on end 
As monsoon turned to a tormentor possessed
And led many to many a sleepless night

The inevitable pain came calling chill and fast 
As roads and streets were ravaged entirely
And excess water submerged ponds and land
As waterways and drains could pass no more

The serious threat meandered in with a roar
With intense rains adding to the fury and more
Amidst storm, lightning, thunder on crescendo 
Emanating from deep depressions in the Bay

Then fear and scare all showed up all night
As water inundated fields and farms alike
And entered into houses and dwelling units
Causing widespread loss to assets and life  

The floods slithered in surely winding its way
Uprooting trees and destructing everywhere 
Cattle, dogs and pets perished soon, unsung
With hapless people of all ages, in a gloom

The engulfing darkness brought chaos, for
Gloomy conditions only worsened soon
With nothing in sight; except rising waters
Seething snakes and reptiles added blues

Trauma and melancholy, magnified manifold 
As waters chill, ran amuck human household
Swirling in; bringing great despair, in Cities too
Nightmare everywhere; yet nowhere to go;

The disaster itself was a Broadway show
As city and residences became a water-show
And in no time all hell had broken loose; 
Making waterways of rail and road ways too

The big losses came quick and fast 
As households washed off in a gaffe
And apartments and cars submerged
With basements becoming watery graves

Overnight and instantly everything was lost
Furniture, valuables, utensils and garments, 
Refrigerators, kitchenware, other gadgets too
Gold, silver, cash and documents; phones too

And then it was the death that reared its head,
As people drowned and went missing cold
Pitch darkness engulfing the misery in whole
People breathed their last; their grief untold 

                                    ........ Continued in Second Part

Copyright © Mothiram Pushpala | Year Posted 2015

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Rainy Day on the Lower East Side

   I hear the rush of cars rushing by in the rain 
   from my place in the fabled Lower east Side 
  Staying dry indoors 
I sit down and write this ode 
Just attended a short story discussion group 
   We discussed tales of war and murder
But now I feel peaceful 
as the sky opens up 
on the Lower East Side 
I hear the rain falling on the LES
   The Latino domino players 
are so into the game they play under awnings when it rains 
   The rain won't stop the Talmudists 
at the hose of Sages 
   form studying 
   holy works 
Grey sky above 
   Yesterday was bright and sunny
Today is so wet that I skipped my volunteer work 
    at Poet's House
    and skipped my friend's concert
Maybe I'll flip on the television 
    Relaxing with the "cool fire" is sometimes 
quite nice 
I live next to the FDR drive 
  where cars are rushing by in the downfall
Where are they going? 
Where are we all going? 
   I have time to ponder such questions today 
As I relax on a reclining chair
    Here on the Lower East Side 
Where so many American stories have begun

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2016

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As I stand here in the rain,
The raindrops fall on me and wash away all my pain.
I am the thunder and you are the lightning.

You know who you are and to me that's exciting.
The laughter we share, the memories I have.
Love is growing between us. It has to be said.
Our hearts and minds becoming entwined.
Bound to each other, never to let go.
Then, why are you leaving, distressing me so.
"I'll be back soon darling" you whisper. " Please let me go".
I smile and let go of your hand. My heart is breaking but you will never know.    
" Wait for me" you say as you wave me goodbye.  
My heart is heavy, the tears fall.
The rain comes harder, let it pour.

Copyright © tahera janoowalla | Year Posted 2012

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I See Rain Falling

Author Dana Redricks
December 3, 2016

I see rain falling,
Falling from the sky
As it floods my soul, my body
And my mind
As it come down, I feel renewed 
The tears flow’s so deeply within 
My heart is overjoyed as it cleanses 
my heart and soul
I see rain falling washing my troubles away.
Filling my soul with that Holy water
That life-giving water
I see rain falling, falling all around
I am free to live and walk in
I feel the rain flooding my soul
And washing me clean
I feel the rain falling.

Copyright © Dana Redricks | Year Posted 2016

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Don't Mind The Rain

Don't Mind The Rain

The days are getting shorter. The cost of living's going up.
Nothing seems to last long anymore.
My life reads "Out of Order" and I've almost had enough
Of this day to day existence for sure!

The nights are getting colder. The cost of love is going up.
Nothing ever is the way it seems.
My heart reads "Game Over" but my mind just won't give up
On this lose/lose situation I'm caught between!

But, then you call my name...and I hear your soft voice speaking,
"Don't mind the rain. It's just a thing or two I'm teaching.
You will make it. This I swear.
And you will see, I really care.
So, don't mind the rain...
I Am there..."

The days are getting longer. The cost of living's still going up.
No one seems to care much anymore.
My life reads "Insert Quarters" but my pocket ain't got enough
Of what I need to settle up the score!

But, then you call my name and I hear your soft voice speaking,
"Don't mind the rain. It's just a thing or two I'm teaching.
You will make it. This I swear.
And you will see, I really care.
So, don't mind the rain...
I Am there...

Don't give up in what you're going through
You can make it! I you..."

~by deborah burch©

Copyright © Deborah Burch | Year Posted 2012

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Rain's Serenade

Am I to seek the darkness of disdain?
Drawn by some passion for solitude
By the gentle sound of falling rain
Where I find my emotions imbued
Am I to find myself forlorn?
In the shadow of some cloud
Darkness plying torment’s scorn
With the quiet being too loud
Am I to feel guilt here alone?
In my desire some selfish greed?
Some love I have never known
A furtive dream of my need
Am I to imagine as each droplet falls?
It says to me in a very special way
Listen, listen as my spirit calls
And catch the verses it has to say
Will the magic of this falling rain?
The serenade it plays for me
Embrace me again and again
With its seductive melody

Copyright © richard karr | Year Posted 2014

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Yes i've wandered cross the country
where the Roo's can die of thirst
and the rivers often dry up
and the ground cracks like a curse
where you watch the storms a coming
but they don't bring bloody rain
the wind has treetops humming
left to scratch yer head again
Oh the years they pass so slowly
without the hiss of rain
though you listen to the tin roof
will it ever rain again?
a Willy Willy passes through 
about 100 yards across
sheets of iron in the twister too
just our roof says the boss
2 years of drought and the rain it comes
and buckets down for days
fills up all the empty drums
in this grey and murky haze
oh the rivers coming down old mate
get the stock to the higher ground
they'll drown in the bottom paddock, great!
put em on the sand hill clown!
now flood does bring mosquito
in the millions they'll be found
and the sand flies eat the eyes out of the chooks...fowls
upon the ground
so we light the smoke fires in the hope 
some smoke can help a beast 
for the horses are a trotting 
while the mossies have their feast
Mulga bush was thick out there (13% protein stock food)
Back in the long ago
Useless fellows bulldozed out
And the topsoil off did flow
And the stock do die in thousands 
Where the Mulga tree did grow
Their bones do bleach on bare red soil
Where there aint no grass to mow
Don Johnson
Too much water lately, a lot of the trees gone in Indonesia 
Maybe the monsoon came south?

For P.D.s Rain contest

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2011

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ASKING MY KEYS BACK You found the keys to my heart Unlocked the door walked in. You dusted off the unused house, Opened the windows, let it begin. You set up the gas stove, cooked delicacies. The aroma of your love, spread throughout. Crease on the carpet, you straightened. The ones that had accumulated without. Then came the night, when you wore the dress Spread the rose petals, set the bed. Lights were turned off; it was pretty dark. Yet, for the first time, my heart glowed bright red. The house that had never been inhabited, Was finally full, satisfied, well-fed. The twist of fate, but, came uninvited A storm shook up our roots, leaving us bereft. You turned off the light, closed the windows, Packed your bags, locked the door and left. Each time I sent a note your way The sound echoed back with no effect. But you still have the keys to my heart. You left it frothing and hopeful to claim. The house is still owned by you Even though it’s not on your name. So now I’m asking my keys back, Let someone open the door to the rain. The void is relentlessly painful. Let it get inhabited again.
If you like this poem, check out a more detailed and better version of this and other works of mine on my blog. You may also find the inside the scoop, inspiration, technique of writing for your intrigue on the blog, just a click away See you there :)

Copyright © Shivam Murari | Year Posted 2015

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The Sky-Stage for a drizzle drop

Once up on a time in my imagine store ,sky is a stage for a Drizzle Drop
Atoms pirouetting on broad high heels
Molecules are singing in mute melody
Twinkling shiny kings are twirling and tuning like Mozart.

When I saw that marvel, my shoulders started shrugging
And I am fetching fairly panic
When my skin is melting sparer and leaner as my sweat
And only I can fit is in a tunic.

I am and was curious to know the age of sky
Because it is melting much more than most of moist as rainy tears
I reason so; it is still bearing the world in movement of misery in every crusade
And with a statement of sweet and sour sentiment it is even making me cry spicy with salty sobbing.

You all can find my rain from heavenly sky fall woo
To reach our soul and try to fit in our own shoe
Every now and then my bubbly rain sleeps on sand
And it even takes part as the shade of fantasy and sad.

My rain might be few times crazy and mad
But it is never lazy to fulfill the thirsty and bad.
While evaporation my soggy-boggy sodden rain flow high
And even, in a frown frazzled furnace of weather with thunders, he keeps on to sigh.

Copyright © Bhanu Siva Krishna | Year Posted 2016

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Outside in the Rain

It's raining, it's poring
I wonder what God is doing
As I lay in my bed I listen to the rain
Dancing on my Window pane
Loud thunderstorms slamming strongly, and aggressive across the sky
Some of you run for cover, and stay inside 
But as for me I would rather be out
In the dark, gloomy, and wild winds
Because for a wounded and weary soul
That when the healing process begins
You may think I'm crazy but let me explain
I've always thought that the thunderstorms comes because God is upset, and tired of seeing all of the scum, and riff raff
Here in the world sinning
So he bring on the thunderstorms to clean up the mess that the devil has left
And give all on the sinners new beginnings 
So the thunder represents the voice of God speaking to Satan
Leaning on him for all of the confusion the he has start
Then the lighting represents the knock punch the God has laid on Satan and leaving him broken hearted
So I go outside to allow the rain drop to fall on my head
To cleanse me from head to toe
From some of the devilish things that I've did
I stand there drenched in his fresh anointing
Allow the winds to blow new life upon me
So if you see me outside when the storm comes don't look at me strange
But you should join me
So we both can be blessed
Outside in the rain

Copyright © Nsideout Davis | Year Posted 2016

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Even in tough times

Even in tough times
By H

Sing to me softly
Like the pitter-patter of rain
Falling on our shanty roof
Falling once again

Whisper to me sweetly
Like the hush of falling snow
Clinging to our shivering bodies
Begging as we go

Laugh with my gaily
Like the birds of summer sing
For even in our misery
Joy to my life you bring

So, my darling, sing to me softly
like the pitter-patter of rain
But first let me fetch a bucket
Because the roof is leaking again


Copyright © Hugo Venter | Year Posted 2015

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year of remembrance

21christimase, annum as gone, am still staring at the sun there, I mean down
there goes my day youth:
tendering, losing difference type of dream, imagery unfulfilled with pain and agony.
! O ribcage, catalyst of my misery why thou you follow plangent of life, a blessing, nemesis
how would i change my destiny with time, in the day of death, friend goes away when am i
ready for the next bosom war of heart, that fall fragile without no nature to pick it up.
dear poltergeistics, nonreciprocal spouse forgive my sermon impediment am a mouse.
am like a rain which fall on people plant, for more manure.............
am like a sun who shine in human, head hat....................
am like a dream thy woke up and edifice is future............
'I can feel my ticker beating, like a drum, when am sad people are like a solace to me
thou blithe of earth thy full of sorrow, tergiversate, but people try to termagant, thy way of
tilting to the face of the earth.
'I can hear the tinnitus from the Island, for thou not judge me by my sombre, cause i need a
smidgen rain to dwell my feelings.

Copyright © olaitan abiodun | Year Posted 2012