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Ballad Metaphor Poems | Ballad Poems About Metaphor

These Ballad Metaphor poems are examples of Ballad poems about Metaphor. These are the best examples of Ballad Metaphor poems written by international PoetrySoup poets

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Details | Ballad |

New Song New Start

A New Song a New Start
written by Magneeta Sojourner
As the day and weeks ran behind me
looking for the truth
no answers to my questions
though I’d sifted though it all
Breaking from the silence 
when nothing else would call
heard the echo of voices 
banging in my ears
No one can hear what is not
spoken out aloud
No one knows it”s raining 
without walking outside
I’d hoped it would happen 
not happen like its
happened before 
only leave without knocking
destiny is a thing not seen
even if its standing at the door
brush aside the doubting 
and get up off the floor
the road you’ve been
travelin has become a
joyless sight seeing ride
becoming our weight
dead end one way street
looking for a exit cause
the gas is running low
don’t want be stranded
In this god forsaken 
one man rider 
broken pathway hole
trouble lights a flashing
out a s.o.s
pulled off to refer to a
torn and crumpled map
can’t make out the letters
I’ll have to take it on faith
next stop will be the one
so this trip will be over
getting past pulling up 
the hidden four leaf clovers
dotted in diamond drops
of water where the world
reflects back at me
instilled the lost innocence
firing as thunder clap cannons 
into morning light
cut  a new horizon
I found my shadow there
on the ground 
stretched out in mile long
Inside  my mind the sound of 
music replacing missing 
notes that opened up engulfed
my fear to find 
my eyes in rescued peace unfurling

Copyright © Magneeta Sojourner | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's nothing you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

I Am Me

I am me
Do you see
I am not fake
And I don't take
I am not Plastic
But, I'm fantastic
I know my jewelry is great
Make no mistake
I am married to an Awesome man
So do you understand
I say I am unique
Don't even try to critique
I am no stalker
Your the one who is a talker
I am told I am a great poet
You bet your ass I know it
I am no creeper
So just dig the knife a little deeper
I am no liar
And you twist wire
I am one to keep my enemies close
You think that is wrong and just froze
I am me
So I say to thee
I am me can't you see
So stop being so angry.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2015

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

The Slave and the Sparrow

Time had sewn,
And we had wrought,
Against a force
Seldom fought,

And we had dreamt,
And we had dreamed,
Of a world
Ever serene,

And we had run,
And we had ran,
As if we could arrive
At such a land,

And the world was one
Grey with gloom,
The old slave
Bent over the loom,

As a tear shed from
His face,
We were yet to 
Beat him with a mace,

And a tear shed 
From my face,
And a tear shed
From your face,

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow,

Thy come a sparrow
From the old wood;
A torn sparrow 
From the old wood,

Among the grass
It was contained;
Among the green grass
It was contained,

Its beak broken;
Its wings only silt,
The young sparrow
Presented us guilt,

And through the wind
It blew away,
And through the wind
It flew to fly,

Arise from death,
Into the the fair day;
And a phoenix
Had flown away.

Our freedom;
Only in death,
Our joy;
Only in sorrow.

Copyright © Charlotte Nickerson | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

The Crack of Dawn

I get up early at the crack of dawn
Gotta see my babe ‘fore she’s dressed and gone
Daylight peekin thru the window blind
Me and that gal get to feeling fine

The crack of dawn, nothin’s wrong
My baby starts shakin when I sing her that song

The crack of dawn is my favorite thing
I get inspire-ation and it makes me sing
Makes me want to sing my favorite song
About stuffin that muffin at the crack of dawn

The crack of dawn is the finest way
For shakin, up wakin, up every day
Pushin that cushion at the crack of dawn
Wake it up, shake it up, all day long

It’s Mabel on the table in the afternoon
Chiquita finds pita by the early moon
Shagin in the wagon don’t turn me on
We got to get up early at the crack of dawn

Two legs over, three eggs up
Mix it up, fix it, in a coffee cup
Shake that bacon up, shake that pan
Shake my belly up, man oh man

Baby said daddy you’re a big old jerk
She’s still shakin and late for work
Keep it to the right and hold on tight
I wanta see my shake-it-up home tonight

Gotta get outa town ‘fore the days is done
Gotta get more chicken, oughta to get it done
Gonna see my bade at the crack of dawn
Gonna get more shakin, gonna get it done 

Dawn-der-deen won’t you be my queen
I like it when you shake it like a wash machine
Be my queen, be my rose
Shake it like a chicken, when the rooster crows

Rooster crows at the crack of dawn
Got to see my babe ‘fore she’s up and gone
Up and gone, she’s up and gone
Choke that chicken, she’s up and gone
Copyright © Mike Martin 2015
Dedicated to Sheldon and his Girlfriend Dawn

Copyright © Mike Martin | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Sleep Madrigal

Sleep's the Great Healer—
Sleep's the Revealer
Of hidden meanings,
Unbidden gleanings.

When sorrow aches us,
Sleep overtakes us—
Stealing away grief,
Like a welcome thief.

Night is the coverlet
For a longing lover— yet
It's Sleep who delves
Deep into our selves,
Finding dusty dreams... on shadowy shelves.

When life's a jailor,
Sleep's the unveiler
Of an inner key...
To set us free.

Sleep's our best friend
At a hard day's end—
Weaver of fantasy... with reality,
Make-believer of what could be...
Sleep's the Great Healer... of you and me. 

– Harley White  

< 1987 >

Copyright © Harley White | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |


When you look at the hills faraway at sunset,think of me:
I am the black flock of birds that disappears into the horizon;
 I am the beautful golden sunset that touches your heart; 
I am the wind that blows towards the hills; 
And I am the dark house upon the dark hills; 
I am the old grave that lie silently in the dark moist forest,

Copyright © RAYMOSE JOSI | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Hi, Bye

Loves magic riddle, shepherds the flower,
blossoming elegance, land to sea.
I never knew, how that love grew, 
until I laid eyes on Lucy Dee.

Blindly sifting through the hazy maze, 
emerging aware, holding a key.
That fixed a hole, which filled my soul,
thanks to the love of Lucy Dee. 

The force behind the forces of life,
made me question how to see,
Suddenly views, were less askew,
thanks to the insight of Lucy Dee.

Now I care not, for transparent fog,
or the rain that pours for weeks.
For the weather, never weathers,
the amorphous Lucy Dee.

When my petals finally wilt and wane,
storms bring me to weary knees.
The radiant shine, forever binds,
lucy’s light within me; and without,
by loves decree.

Copyright © Nicholas Rush | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

A Kings Game

With pawns to sacrifice and a king protect,
silent and wooden, they shan't object.
Ever forward and never back,
North east and north west, pressing the attack.
Denizens of the church, crossing the field,
For the King and for god, the diagonal they wield.
Castles that move, the corner they keep,
Knights riding steeds, with loyalty they leap.
Two opposing armies across the great divide,
Eight spaces by eight, the battle will decide.
A queen well regarded by all kings, they tell,
Conquering her enemies, in all directions they fell.
A king must pace himself with each square he'll try,
Avoiding all conflict or his kingdom will die.
Lo, a haven, the corner would seem,
But a trick and a trap, his enemies would deem.
With rooks and bishops and knights in play,
Behind his army, the king must stay.
For he is important to country and state,
Survive it he must or he will end up in Checkmate.

Copyright © Oliver Liore | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Growing Emptiness

My flesh and bone, can't seem to hone
in on the substance I once had
Right and wrong, difference known
I never can choose anymore good over bad
I once was an optimistic hope filled inspiration
Now consumed by an empty shallow occupation
Fame, sex, drugs, feels good to the touch
but never, inevitably, amounts to much
Loving pleasure, hating to face pain
The suppression just makes me insane
Selfishness, recklessness and pride prevail
My half hearted attempts at decency always fail
Not because normalcy is unattainable
But because I choose instead to have my belly full
Once I chose depth and sincerity over surface greed
When darkness calls I now heed
While these things seem to satisfy now
I can't help to see my outlook on life is increasingly foul
A self inflicted wound, I must admit
I know this life is not a good fit
Once again I'm reminded that time after time
and all the same signs
I just can't seem to repress
This growing emptiness

Copyright © Merry Marie | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

Love is Evolution

on the night that i was born a storm formed while the sun slept...
my mother left me scorned in her womb as the moon wept...
darkness filled the room as i emerged from my cocoon fresh....
i rumbled heavens floors as a roar replaced my first breath...
Thunder made me humble as i slumbered in my vortex...
Dangers in abundence when the beast is at your door step...

Copyright © Micah Watkins | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

You are the Good: I am the Evil

You are the light of a day,
I am the darkest of grays.
You are the significant Sun,
I am the forgotten Moon.

You are the sweet make-believe dreams,
I am the tragic nightmares.
You are a glorious angel,
I am a dreary demon.

You are the bright rainbow,
I am the dull rain.
You are the boat that floats,
I am the anchor that sinks.

You are the peaceful Valley,
I am the destructive war.
You are the tame beauty,
I am the wild beast.

You are the precious living,
I am the shallow dead.
You are the glistening stars,
I am the darkening night.

You are the wonderful strength,
I am the terrible weakness.
You are the beautiful heavens,
I am the unpleasant hells.

Copyright © Katie Tiller | Year Posted 2014

Details | Ballad |

When Love Comes

When Love comes to town

so the saying goes

flee will the foes

except the sad clown

Love is always in town

and out of town

in fact has left the building


Love is in all places 

and nowhere at all

if you don't look

or lack the social graces

The sad clown is

a metaphor for you

for you are so blind

in your apparent happiness

Yet Love conquers all

gathers up the lost

when I am weak

Love does the most

(and so I must post)

Copyright © Uwe Stroh | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Double Scripts

I'm only crazy ever did worlds transformation
               it's crazy thinking. 

Roam conceptual "crazy minds" 
seeking philosophical philosophy 
writer changing worldwide sentence's 
timed artists limitless fears strength, 
limitless power abilities of
     "crazy minds"..

Transduce fear to fevers, 
love philosophy, 
conception of a philosophical 
"crazy "mind 
call me crazy a poet,  
crazy me what you 
change crazy every time, 
before crazy ever changed a 
"crazy mind"....

Philosophical to the Astronomy of life 
it's the "flossofeer" who takes view of life. 

Prophet in profits it's 
jungles with sweeter Roses, 
philosophical of foward looking attitudes,
pondering is the prolific minds wadering around 
hovering, pandering the time, 
every time theres capital of a personal gain.. 

Retrospect rear view mirror, 
clear as crystals clear view, 
no mirror it's the rear view 
retrospective preview premier 
broadcasting worldwide 

Double scripts in life's wicked flips 
three verbs and throwing nothing but reverb.

Twice the lyrical lines, avast steer clear of this 
lyrical pioneer with mystical lines 
futuristic rhymes killing the physics of time.

My intellectual beauty its brilliance, 
resilience of this philosophical crazy mind 
with speeds in excess of a Maserati.

Crazy is the vehicle of world's transformation 
it's finicky essence of brilliant 
master's of the mind. 
Live love with the sweat of fears 
life's wicked in so many way's.  

To the crazy mind's of a crazed thinking way, 
crazy changed before crazy ever changed
 a crazy mind. 

Go for life of the amazing, 
choose what you want & be much more.  
Provocative model of a photograph 
a clay sculpture of a lady in kind. 

Artist of provocative art's mending an bending 
hour's to love. 
Transducer of fear to fevers 
love's virtues of unconditional greatest philosophy.  

To world's of philosophical philosophies 
in prophet's of profits of a personal fee 
in which life agrees. 

 Guns To jungles it's sweeter roses,
to the unconventional wisdoms 
which has never been.  

To stand & live for better,  
 other than some kind of gun. 
Fast lifestyles of the rocking chairs, 
sit back and enjoy the speed of memories 
life's to live once an life has it's own pace. 

Composer's of compromises the sediments 
of our settlements are noteworthy symphonies 
in musical scales an impale 
to life's frail detail.  ?

#song #property #verse #poetry?

?U N I V € R S € ?
INT€R »°O ? N S £ € F°« CONN€T€D
Pen's broadcasting name
 #intellectual #property #rights #reserved
? #poet #poetry #Wicked #Romancer

Copyright © Terrance Upham | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

The Hyper-Logos of Good Living

The Hyper-Logos of Good Living  

A poem about how to live a more balanced and harmonious life inspired by Ancient Greek Wisdom

Avoid being vicious and malevolent,
Instead, be magnanimous and benevolent.
Express, in myriad ways, your goodness
And be polemic and quixotic in your kindness.

Let your friendship be all-encompassing and egregious,
And incite your gentleness to be ongoing and ubiquitous.
Be laconic in speaking and attentive in listening
While adamant in pursuing truth and love expressing.

Do not let other passers-by in your life enervate you,
Making you expend your time and energy in ephemeral efforts.
Pray to Benevolent God, Almighty to exculpate you,
Making you remove your human passions and tribulations.

Live your life in a way, quite humble and ascetic,
Avoiding all expressions of senseless acrimony.
Never be a bitter character and sour acerbic,
Choose instead, sweetness and melodious harmony.

Replace your human soul’s traits of cacophony 
With our only God’s manifestations of clemency.
Do not employ, ever, credulity
Nor overdue, futile cupidity.

On reaching old age, strive not to be an anathema
But instead, a councelor, like the ancient Athena.
Drive yourself away from social antipathy
With the greatest value of alacrity.

Always taking into deep consideration the following 2 things:
1. The concept of ‘Hyper-logos’ defines the holistic integration of the Aristotelian aspects of Ethos (Character), Pathos (Emotions) and Logos (Logic, Reasoning, Accountability, Responsibility) in conducting one’s own affairs in life; and 
2. The following wise sayings of the ancient Greeks: 
Democritus: ‘It is an act of magnanimity for someone to withstand vicious acts with humility and gentleness’.
Pythagoras: ‘Seek the true value of all things, and enjoy all gifts of God according to Measure’.

Copyright © John Kyriazoglou | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

The Light

Two and sixty days ago —
Two months, or so I'm told —
I wandered, wistful, without cause,
Through a memory of old.

A hall of walls I wandered, tall,
As tall as tales I could weave,
But none as tall as this regale,
A story that you won't believe.

I walked near endless hours,
My only friends the cobblestones,
Ringing in my steps the sin
That only time atones,

When upon that pallid plaster
I did spy a shocking sight:
Upon that place's rocky face,
The wall had turned to light.

"Curious," I cooed and questioned,
Calm as I could never be,
"Perhaps it might be that this light
Is rightly mine, I see?"

And as I pondered that hall I wandered,
A chilling change I never chose arose:
That light so rife with delight and fright
Began to open, and I froze,

For that particular portcullis I pondered
Put me in a vice.
I nary noticed that walls in focus
Had changed into a hall of lights.

Transfixed, the light engulfed me so,
As slow as my bewildered head
Could comprehend the candid land
I planned my final stand in dead.

I whizzed through spaces, unknown places,
In stasis from the faceless force
When finally I fell, the frenzied light
Still tight from an unseemly source.

All at once, those two months
Became a fraction of a wink;
The frost was lost as I was tossed
Among the lights of what I think.

And where else would I find myself
But in this courtyard we call love?
My journey never left my head,
Nor bed's unconscious dreamland hub.

Two and sixty days ago,
I heard these words so true,
And in the dark they were my light:
You told me "I love you."

Copyright © Sean Pope | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |


ASKING MY KEYS BACK You found the keys to my heart Unlocked the door walked in. You dusted off the unused house, Opened the windows, let it begin. You set up the gas stove, cooked delicacies. The aroma of your love, spread throughout. Crease on the carpet, you straightened. The ones that had accumulated without. Then came the night, when you wore the dress Spread the rose petals, set the bed. Lights were turned off; it was pretty dark. Yet, for the first time, my heart glowed bright red. The house that had never been inhabited, Was finally full, satisfied, well-fed. The twist of fate, but, came uninvited A storm shook up our roots, leaving us bereft. You turned off the light, closed the windows, Packed your bags, locked the door and left. Each time I sent a note your way The sound echoed back with no effect. But you still have the keys to my heart. You left it frothing and hopeful to claim. The house is still owned by you Even though it’s not on your name. So now I’m asking my keys back, Let someone open the door to the rain. The void is relentlessly painful. Let it get inhabited again.
If you like this poem, check out a more detailed and better version of this and other works of mine on my blog. You may also find the inside the scoop, inspiration, technique of writing for your intrigue on the blog, just a click away http://shivammurarispoetry.blogspot.in/2015/12/asking-my-keys-back.html See you there :)

Copyright © Shivam Murari | Year Posted 2015

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The Literature of Trepidation

Upon the paper the pen bleeds, casting its sullen gaze upon the ideals of its mere existence. Trying to unravel the mystery of its being. Uncovering the wisdom locked inside of its core, threatening to overheat and cause a meltdown the pen cannot overcome.
In times of raw emotional imbalance a window of understanding illuminates the veil of protection our ideals protect us from. Seeing its truth can undo the thin fabric of wisdom sought, making all for naught. Letting the art consume you until nothing remains.

Copyright © Luke Acton | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Profile of a Killer

Profile Of A Killer
By H

A secret is a silent stalker
It follows in the shadows; unseen
Patiently waiting, biding its time
Keeping that which had been

A secret is a breathless whisper
Sideways glances; a rustle if leaves
It creeps ever closer, and closer still
Yet It's presence no-one believes

A secret is a rolling thunder
A sonic boom over hearts and hills
Its weapon is truth, for so long sheathed
But it's intent is none the less to kill

A secret is a remorseless killer
Its solitary purpose is to bring to light
That which we we seek dearest to hide
But secrets kill, try as we might


Copyright © Hugo Venter | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

The Footfalls Towards Forever - Part 3 of 3

 ... For Theirs Was A Loyal Love That Would Nay Suffer Guilt
Nor Wander, Nary Wrangle, Nor Waste, Nor Wrong, Nor Wilt
Whether Slow In Coming, Or of A Moment Passing Swift
Not Even An Enemy’s Blade Plunged In His Side To Its Hilt ! …

could Halt His Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

Even In Whispered Woe & Weeping That Winds Would Nay Lift
Or Thru A Last Dance, Last Duty, Lost Dreams, Or Long-Ago-Drift
Even In All The Combined Separation Or An All Alone-Shift
Even Thru Gut-Struck-Grief Or The Unknown – Aye, Even If …
Out of Cold Shadows’ Desperation … Over A Highland Crag-Cliff 

… slips The Soft Footfalls Towards Forever

Out of Cold Shadows On A Highland Moor
Will You Come Walking To Me As Hard Rains Pour?
Beneath A Tree of Life I Stood and Swore
To Bring You My Body & Every Beauty, It Bore
To Reach You Before Even Death’s Read Banns Door …

and Right Before, Our Soft Footfalls Towards Forever …

    … Out of Cold Shadows, On A Highland Moor
Will You Wake For Me, When The Full Moon Soars?
Beneath A Tree of Life, I Stood and I Swore
To Bring You Back, Body ‘N Breath & The Beauty It Bore
Whether To Walk On Water Or Just Footprints On A Shore

in Soft, Footfalls Towards Forever To Explore …

yea, In Soft Footfalls Towards Forever … Still Furthermore …   

(Isaiah 50: 4, 5 /  Song of Solomon  /  John 11: 23 – 27  /
Genesis 3: 4, 13 – 15, 24  /  Revelation 21: 3, 4)

Story Poem Written & ©:  1/ 3-6 /2013

by:  MoonBee Canady

Copyright © MoonBee Canady | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

Metaphor of multi plug

Metaphor of multi plug The metaphor of the multi plug With lines and leads connected lugs, To keep you on their lead, Believing all their krappy creed, from some dirty unwashed thug, You poor mental as passive weed, Do you dig the drain I’ve dug Or has you brain gone off to seed, The master holds a grudge, Deceptive television yes do heed, It’s fool the drongoes, brainwash, drug, The millions watch and get a feed, Of Tory bullkrapp every seed, You are treated like a mug, The Super rich will tug your weed, Brainwash, every deed, Your television it does shrug, Repetition keeps you up to speed? Jammed in your brain poor slug? The unsuspecting brainwash need, Manilipulated poor, poor dud… When the Rich control the news media effectively, You are battered with propaganda, Television always showing no respect for thee, Your goose is cooked old Gander, To the Drongo rich they pander, Their connection, pull the plug……………… Don Johnson

Copyright © DON JOHNSON | Year Posted 2013

Details | Ballad |

The pleasure of yer company

Come in, come in and sit ye doon
a warm spot by the fire's for ye 
the kettle's on and 'bout to sing
a cuppa's brewing soon for two

Come in, come in and sit ye doon
there's so much that you need te hear
I kenna keep it to me self
such sorrow needs a friendly ear

Come in, come and sit ye doon
I've such a sorry tale to share,  
the world's a hard and nasty place
me fate's unkind and life's unfair

Come in, come in and sit ye doon
ye ken, I'd love your company
there's nay so treasured as a friend
for poor, wee me, Miss Misery 

Copyright © David Brown | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

add a light angelic

she is the neon glow but i am the rusty sign
she is the moonlight but i am the the dusty ground
everybody says they need to add a light angelic
the kind that only can be found in the hearts of
pretty girls like her on nights like this
a light that leaves you in such peace with all you have done
and become
a light that leaves you beautifully complete
with mind romancing reasons to capitulate
its not so bad after all this carpetbagger life
with your tidal water jewels and ransom notes
with your fragrant notions
and whispered dreams
its that angelic light that leaves hope when all other lights have gone
its that angelic light from the young girls heart that gives
breath to old man dreams
and a younger man's schemes
let me dance a little longer in her angelic light
let me taste these last few passing moments sweetly
it is that angelic light that gave me reason to go on
its that promise that still keeps the daylight alive
so let me sell you some tidal jewels
and strands of golden thread
let me invite you to sit in the angelic light while we sip the wine
and pass the summer's time
old man dreams
and young man's schemes
they seem so kind
in the angelic light

Copyright © mark junor | Year Posted 2015

Details | Ballad |

Celestial Gate

Celestial gate forecasting fate. Mapping patterns of distant light wise mystics chart astrology ancient art of cosmology exploring the magic of night. Wise mystics chart astrology plotting the stars and planet’s might tracking destinies in their flight ancient art of cosmology. Celestial gate wise mystics chart astrology predicting times of flee or fight ancient art of cosmology forecasting fate. Forecasting fate celestial gate. (A meditative ballad)

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |

A brief escape from Purgatory

Do not fear my darling for spring has come early.
Step outside and feel the warm yellow rays on your face,
Feel the earth melt beneath your frozen bare feet as the world lies before you
As the ice transforms, and rolls down a single slick of grass as dew I think,
This is heaven.
And this is where the angles of the earth get their energy.

Copyright © Saoirse Mc Caul | Year Posted 2017

Details | Ballad |


It's a sad night, 
when a warm light, 
Runs cold.
In the moonlight, 
lovers do fight,
I know.
It's a hard sight.
After midnight, 
It slows,
When they fall right, 
Back to their lie, 
Of hope.

It's a time bomb,
Ticking to explode.
Love can be strong, 
But it can be wrong, 
I know.

It's a bleak scene, 
Watching daydreams, 
Such a cold thing, 
When you're reaching,
And miss.
It's a dark day, 
When you can't say, 
You know,
Why you still fight, 
For this sad life, 
There's no hope, 
No hope.

It's a time bomb,
Ticking to explode.
Love can be strong, 
But it can be wrong, 
I know,  I know.

There's a small place, 
When they embrace, 
That's cold.
It's a heart string,
That's detaching, 
So slow, 
But it shows.

Copyright © Bo Vigoren | Year Posted 2016

Details | Ballad |

PYPU Pull Yo Pants UP

PYPU what ya gonna do boyz
PYPU what ya gonna do boyz
PYPU what ya gonna do boyz
don't need to see your Fruit or your Looms
don't wanna see your buttocks in those..
Vincent Motega's don't wanna see your Oskar Franks
your pants should cover you from your ankles to your thieghs;
don' wanna see your Yohji Yamamoto, see your Zylas, Ed Hardy, Equipo, Uniqlio 
MMK, Mim underwear
boyz means Pull your Pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
don't wanna see the curvature of your buttock
don't need to see what God, your daddy and mama gave ya you got
don't wanna see your different types of underwear;
go buy a belt, pull up them pants
pull your pants up
pull your pants up
don't wanna see your Levis, Skivvies, 
Tommy Hilfiger;
don't wanna see your Under Armour your Ubatub or Calvin Klein or your BVD'
don't wanna see your Polo's, Cassling Falster Bo, Polo, or Adidas, Aussie Bum;
did I already them, did I say that one;
I got a belt, a metal hanger, a rope some twine, even an extension cord;
if your belt loops big enough got a chain
like man from the seventies hero wore...Luke Cage, Power man Hero for Hire
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
don't wanna see the curvature of your buttock
don't need to see what God, your daddy and mama gave ya you got
don't wanna see your different types of underwear;
go buy a belt, pull up them pants
pull your pants up
pull your pants up
don't wanna see them draws...
made by Ken Wroy, Kenneth Cole
don't wanna see your Vincent Moteg
O Skar Franks;
see your Yohji Yamamoto, Zyla
don't wanna see your Ed Hardy your Equipo's your Xdress and Uniqlo
don't wanna see your shiny silks, nor your DMK's
don't wanna see your BVD's your Tommy HILFIGER
don't wanna see your Greg G. Hume, pull up your pants first take off them shoes
pull'em up boys (even you too men)
and if any girls or women got the same idea;
we (the rest of the world shouldn't be able to see what's not meant to see
pull'em up boys  cause if your ever running from the law or a criminal
you know Johnny Law you might trip, might even fall
backin my days been  Mam, Grandma, Auntie our couldn't leave your room nor the bathroom
unless you were fully groomed
wheather it been brand new clothes or hand me downs
your pants were clean, neat, crease/ironed what now son...
pull ya pants up cause...
I don't wanna see them drawers
don't wanna see your
don't wanna see your Ed Hardy your Equipo's your Xdress and Uniqlo
don't wanna see your shiny silks, nor your DMK's
don't wanna see your BVD's your Tommy HILFIGER
don't wanna see your Greg G. Hume, pull up your 
don't wanna see your Levis, Skivvies, 
Tommy Hilfiger;
don't wanna see your Under Armour your Ubatub or Calvin Klein or your BVD'
don't wanna see your Polo's, Cassling Falster Bo, Polo, or Adidas, Aussie Bum;
did I already them, did I say that one;
pull them pants up cause
a real woman wants a real groomed man
not styles, nor proud, in the groove with the crowd
see wants what she wants and that a man/
that's a boy with his pulled up pant
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
Pull your pants up
 I say a real woman wants a real groomed man
not styles, nor proud, in the groove with the crowd
see wants what she wants and that a man/
that's a boy with his pulled up pant
Pull your pants up


Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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Vital Man-Jesus Vitamin JESUS

there are two many vitamins, out there yah!
Enriching supplements;
Some of them are even good for you and natural;
You need vitamin A E C D and U;
A-for the eyes and human body growth
E- for sight increase mortality
C-is an antioxidant and a fight against scurvy;
D- for  the bones and dental health
now what could be left

Now there's a vitamin, a vital man;
I said
there's a vitamin, a vital man;
and we need help
for are spiritual being. . .
Not a supplement, but he's heaven sent;
good for the body
good for the soul
not made from unnatural things;
He's is the purest of all
You and I need 
Yes, you and I need
what we need is the vital man
this vital man,, the vital man JESUS
for with Him you'll be blessed
I must confess I need more not less;
of His glory;
He's the only one you'll need;
all you need do is just kneel;
repent, be sincere, He'll give you the strength you need;
and we need help
for are spiritual being;
we need pureness and not, just a supplement
we need something/someone heaven sent;
not made from unnatural things
He's the purest of all, all things;
and I need more of Him;
vitamin Jesus
Vital man
vitamin Jesus
Vitamin   J  for Jesus trust and believe in us cause...
vitamin   E  He's my all and everything, Lord and savior redeemer of our souls;
Vitamin   S No need, no need for anything, anything else no more supplements He keeps me well and I'm blessed;
Vitamin   U  because He wanted to pled before the Father jour God overall for everything
vitamin   S  He said all I have to do is received His blessedness;
repent and be sincere and He will be the cure;
He'll forgive your sins
Now there's a vitamin, a vital man;
whose more than just a mere man;
Not a supplement, but heaven sent;
good for the whole, body mind and soul;
You and I need vitamin J E S U S
for with Him you'll be cured and abundantly blessed;
he's the only medicine you need;
To help cure you from sin;
won't you just try Him;
Vital man
Vitamin J E S U S

written by James Edward Lee Sr.(C)2012
Sept 25 2012
from anthology  "There's Praise in Song"

Copyright © James Edward Lee Sr. | Year Posted 2017

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Ballad of Broken Friendships

I've burnt so many bridges
with an empty box of matches.
Friendships fall to waysides,
and I watch it while it happens.
Distant conversations;
Eyes no longer fastened
on the times when all knew
were echoes of our laughter.
The flames of time have blazened.
They've left me charred and blackened.
The bonds between us, once so tight,
have since been frayed and slackened.
My days have become so lonely.
I feel they're quickly passing.
Yet, slowly am I moving
while depression is amassing.
So my friend, this is my sorry.
I'm wayward from my pathway.
Just know I'm here, and always am,
if you're willing to meet halfway.

Copyright © Cameron Coolidge | Year Posted 2017

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Without A Prayer

She was original
And irreplaceable 
Does no wrong to me

Maniacal yet adorable 
Addicted to her very soul
Never could she be soluble 

When she cries it brings storms
It is ironical never gives forewarns 
The the she breathes the feeling of my heart torn
How iconic she is when I hold her tight
Oh how I long to see her again
Unenviable she was meant to be
The wind that held me from losing beat

Although she escaped my grasp

Presence of her could never last
Reality and eternity forever hold me still
As I look to the rocks underneath this hill
Yesterday seemed so surreal without her by me there's nothing left to feel
Enjoying the view what else to do perhaps i should dive in
Reality and irony the pullers pierce my heart filling me with eveverything she had torn out

Copyright © Raven Tones | Year Posted 2017