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Signing Off

--Goodbye--To my Addiction-

The time has come to part,
I will leave many with broken hearts
If one day you call on me,
I'm sad to say I will hold my tongue missing each one relentlessly 
I'm not doing this for me; I am doing this for you
I could stay here and win, and not give in 
But, this soup bowl comes with demons and nasty shadows
Demons and nasty shadows, taking and crashing my light
Demons I had to fight off the entire time I was here
Shadows hating the way I welcomed every poet with a happy cheer
Demons and shadows whom drown in their selfish everyday pity.

For those smiling on my departure, 
I want you to have this wonderful gift 
So please copy paste this moment from the bottom of my heart
**I hope this gift brings you laughter, knowing 
I've been sad, these past few days, drying up my final soup tears**

I will miss this part of what makes me ME -my love and lust for poetry.
I agree with many I should never surrender to the envy of demonic dust
Giving up the passion that completed a part of my soul for years
But, the reality of life, is the life's I give and given when I make love happen
In my heart I know it's time to give myself back to reality
SO AT THE END I WIN, I'm the one who ends up with an everlasting smile
I'll finally be free from this place, where most treated me unfair & unkind
Free, from the negativity of the few who hide behind a dishonest disguise?

Wait until you notice your soup bowl's going stale
You will miss me, and I will miss you
But, my enemy will miss me even more
Reminiscing the times we spent hogging up 70% of blogs,
Arguing and fighting over not agreeing with many thoughts.
But, it was never the differences of opinions, it was more like---
Let's slay the Destroyer, a name like that should never be on top
So please know I am sad, and this is not the way I want to go
I'm not leaving you because I want to 
I'm leaving you because, the rumors are 
"The soup is better without the sweetness of the poet destroyer."
The only big thing about me -was my heart not my ego 
I never claimed to be the best; 
You're the one who claimed I am good enough
You took me in and returned my love
In ways others could and would not accept.
And for you my loving poet friends, and fans
I will walk away with my dignity/integrity; 
I guess I'm finally growing up 
In becoming the bigger/better poet.

Signing Off ---Love 
The Poet Destroyer

Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2014

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Disturbed Child

That disturbed child
The teen girl with no friends, 
and is rejected by her loved ones
She feels broken inside,
like theres no other choice
She takes the iron razor, 
she puts it to her arm and hopes the pain will fade,
but in the end it only makes her feel worse
She does this to herself not because she is sad, 
but because she doesn't think any one cares
She thinks 
What if I put this razor to my throat,
and ended my life
Would they care then?
She feels like no one cares 
What she doesn't realize is, 
if she died a river of tears would come,
even faster then the blood would run from her
If she only knew life can be brighter 
If she would only see, 
that she is loved
That disturbed child, 
We miss her
and theres no getting her back
What could we have done
Was there any changing her mind
Only God knows

Copyright © Trevor Bain | Year Posted 2012

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You don't even look back

You don’t even look back, as I stand here in the rain,
I can see your shoulders shake as you walk towards the train, 
In-my-mind I see your mother, your walk, your hair the same,
But it’s you this time who’s leaving, will I see you again.
And even today as you walk away my mind is starting to fade,
I have to face the fact that that won’t change, 
Even if you had stayed.

I remember when you took your first unsteady little step.
Tiny shoes that gave you freedom I never told you that I kept,
Your first time on the school bus or the dollhouse that you wrecked,
And all those times that you got hurt, I hugged you as you wept.

At mealtimes as you grew older I would ask you to say grace,
I remember when I taught you how to tie your lace,
When you told me of your first love, the glow upon your face,           
Some past events I can remember, new memories I misplace.
But even today as you walk away these memories are starting to fade,  
I know I’ll eventually lose them all, 
Even if you had stayed.

You’ve been leaving me, little by little, I’ve known it for some time,
I didn’t want to tell you nor show any outward sign,
I didn’t want to see your pain, or you to witness mine,
I’d like to hold on to the memories, ’till I see you again. 
So someday when you do return and come to visit me,
Will you look at me with tears in your eyes,
And ask, - Daddy can you remember me

Copyright © John Crichton | Year Posted 2016

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God so Loved America

God so Loved America
life was never intended to be easy
without turmoil, heartache, trouble or pain
those who appear to be successful and happy 
have walked through their own valley of darkness

those who have given their lives and limbs so we can be free
are special men and women in our hearts, 
our minds our souls for all of history
Americans who have never served and never intend to 
owe so much to those who have

all patriot honorable Americans shed a tear
when teachers professors and students
desecrate our flag and our fallen heroes
that act alone makes our Statue of Liberty weep

the thousands of white crosses spread across the seas
marking the graves of the brave men who gave their lives
are our American heroes we love so dear

God has a special place in Heaven
for our service men and women who have died
and never coming home again
the thunder of battles past do not last

we live in America the home of the brave 
the greatest country in history
God so loved America he made soldiers to keep us free

Written by Dennis Davis       May 25th 2015  Memorial Day

Copyright © Dennis Davis | Year Posted 2015

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When you look at the hills faraway at sunset,think of me:
I am the black flock of birds that disappears into the horizon;
 I am the beautful golden sunset that touches your heart; 
I am the wind that blows towards the hills; 
And I am the dark house upon the dark hills; 
I am the old grave that lie silently in the dark moist forest,

Copyright © RAYMOSE JOSI | Year Posted 2015

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Good bye

where those heart here,
those feeling damp,
when time pass by,
all those saying means nothing.
while tears drop,
and smile lost,
what in the world does it mean?
so hard to letting go,
but in the end it must
for enduring too long,
love need a break,
since trust has been crumble much,
how sincerity means nothing?
an angel turns to devil,
whose guilty worthy to be claim?
because everything seem too dark,
and where is good in the word of bye?
while we aspect too much in the art of love.

Copyright © Mich Elle | Year Posted 2013

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Funny Man

Funny Man!
By Linda Hays-Gibbs
Oh funny man you touch the hardest heart
With messages to crumble and start
A snickering or flickering to spark 
A laugh a full belly rumbler
A genius of illogical and logical matter
Without him the whole world is astronomically sadder
Oh let our grief someday subside 
That we in heaven will find 
A bench upfront to see his latest comedic job ( I pray)
The jester (Robin Williams) at heaven's court for God 

Copyright © Linda Hays-Gibbs | Year Posted 2015

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I hear no sound of this April rain, just that of a quiet tear,
My eyes can see simplicity, but are blind to the suns rebirth;
Farewell to immortal thoughts coming from streams of light
Caught in our last good-bye

Recalled are memories of what is past, bound to thoughts retold,
Hopes of change in a far off land, are like tomorrows past;
The measure of a man lays in the spirit of his life, in the will of words retold,
And those found in his last good-bye

Through this April morning rain, came the hush of a quiet tear,
No sign is held to our blessed eyes here in the morning rain;
A ray of lights immortal beam, confined to the silent sounds
And that single last good-bye

In Memory of Albert L

Copyright © Mark Norton | Year Posted 2015

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William part 1

I ask all to be open minded as I tell the story of my friend,  William .
There are so many prejudice in this World , from color to sex 

To me it has always been the soul , the person inside 
For one that is shallow will not experience life in true blessing 

William my friend was African American , he was fun and personality full of 'I am here "
William was Gay , William disowned , William called "A queer "

Well this is a lesson for all to know
God does not care what color , but the heart , what color it shows .

I had left my 1st Husband , with 2 children I had to support .
I was depressed , felt alone in the civilian World of a sort 

For when I got to Monterey bay , I was on a Military base 
Very shy and recluse , not leaving the perimeter of the land 
I opened such a big door when I left that abusive Man 

I had the tiniest apartment with 2 little rooms , probably 550 sq. feet I presume .
I will never for get the night He came to my door , William ," Girl, lets go dancing 
Let's go explore ! He called me 'The platinum Blonde "

We went out together and danced , he was amazing ! William energized any room . He Lit it Up ! 
For he had something inside his beautiful soul , no money could buy, nor silver or gold.

Well years went by in Monterey bay , I had fallen in love with a man , Lost so much time .

Time went by , after the man broke my heart ,I remember "where is William "
I missed something that lies  deep in my heart . The true Love and friendship of he I craved .

Now this story is long so go to  "William part 2  "be patient , be brave .

Copyright © Shanity Rain | Year Posted 2013

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Real friends

The truth behind it is there are real and there are fake
The real ones always stay its the fake ones that just take

They take all they can from you, your soul your heart your mind.
They leave you feeling empty, feeling lost, feeling blind.

Its hard to tell the difference before it is far, far to late
Until they break every vein in your heart until every vein is strained.

You dont notice you think its normal, because you trust them, they are so close to you.
By your side they tell u it will be ok, they are there when your feeling your most untrue.

But its when youre at your weakest most vulnerable state
That the disappear at that moment that they make the mistake

They turn there back on you and  there true colors come out
Now you see what this so called friendship was really all about

From the beginning it truly was all a lie a fable that was being told
Man it is on old fairy tale lie that is getting real old

So becareful who you trust in this world becareful who you say things to
You might say the wrong words to someone whos gonna turn there back on you.

Josh Vanham. March 27 2017

Copyright © Josh Van Ham | Year Posted 2017

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Baby I 'm thinking what I 've done 
That I 'd easily let you gone 
I never meant to let you down 
Now I 'm miserable and drown 

I wanna tell you I 'm sorry 
My life now is in misery 
I 'll try to make things out 
Lets back our love at south 

Baby I 'm not here if not for you 
Lets back the memories of us two 
This time I 'm talking too much 
'Coz i needed you that such 

I can be some hard to understand 
But please bear my promise and take my hand 
For the times that I cant be there 
I 've regretted it, please love hear 

For the times that I have nothing at all 
You we're there every time I fall 
I 'm afraid to continue this life 
Without you there's no tomorrow 's light 

My life now is not an easy round 
Hoping for our second time around 
Give me another chance for the feelings I have 
'Coz Its gonna be real love.

Copyright © Nebuer Peroy | Year Posted 2014

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Is my voice a melody?
Did it make you want to hear more?

Is my touch a caring one?
Did it sent you quivering for sometime?

Is my smile that awesome?
Did it invite you to know me much more?

Is my scent alluring?
Did it attract you to have some more?

Are my footsteps a familiar tone?
that for sometime you hear alike you turn..

Are my thoughts an inspiration?
Did it brighten your day somehow?

Is my time spent with you that enough?
ThaT I have left you lots memories..

Is "JUST BEING MYSELF" leave you a mark?
So, You will miss me when I'm gone?

by: olive_eloi


Copyright © Olive Eloisa Guillermo - Fraser | Year Posted 2013

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Her Face

Her Face was perfection, Still see it everywhere
The beauty in her eyes, Please forgive my stare
Though to confess my love, 
Oh no, I wouldn't dare...
So I'll just keep thinking of her, But it's just not fair

Her Face won't go away, So engrained in my mind
This girl was different, Unlike any other I'll ever find
Oh how the two of us, 
How our lives could've aligned...
So now, to everyone else, My heart is blind

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face comforts me, Holds me tight and dear
Takes me to another world, A new frontier
I'm dreaming where she loves me so much, 
That part is clear...
But as I awake, Just shed another tear

Her Face and her love, I won't ever forget
Lust for her will remain, Lips will get wet
I'll be reminded of her, 
At each days sunset...
And I'll remember everything, From the first day we met

But she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face is the sunshine, A universal light
With it's soul and it's passion, It was quite a sight
Oh how just to see her, 
Brought me such delight...
But here I am all alone now, Another late night

Her Face will surely lift someone up, With unconditional love
So what will come of me, Can I rise above?
Without Her Face, 
I'm unsure thereof...
Because see, out of my mind, to her, I'll never shove

And she'll never know,
Just what I would've done to be with her!
That I'd gladly travel through time and space
Just to appreciate her beauty,
And wake next to Her Face

Her Face, I see it every night, In my dreams
Where everything will all align, Oh how it seems
We're walking together... 
Hands together, Along the forests blue streams

Her Face ignited feelings, Things I've never before felt
Just got to play the hand, The cruel hand I was dealt
I will always have my writing, 
To continue to dwell...
On a lost love to whom one day, I would've knelt

Copyright © Andrew Shannon | Year Posted 2013

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Gising Na

Nagkulong sa ilalim ng kasawian
At nakatulog ng walang kasalanan,
Sa pag-ibig sa iyo ay nanirahan,
Datapwa irog maaga kang lumisan!

Ilang araw kong sarili ay nilitis,
Bawat gabi luha’y kasamang tiniis,
Ikaw sa dibdib kay tagal ‘di naalis,
Bakit buhay ko’y ‘kaw ang siyang ninais?

 Payo’y kay rami na sa’kin ‘pinabatid,
Bakit itong utak ay naging makitid?
Hirap talagang masawi sa pag-ibig
Maging aking utak ay ‘di dinirinig.

Isang araw ay namulat akong hubad
Bakit dala ng kasawia’y natamad?
Buhay ma’y mababansagang ‘di mapalad,
Siguro’y‘raming pag-ibig pa’ng lalahad!

Ngayo’y panahon nang kusang pagbabago,
Mulat na ang utak kong kunyari nagtago.
Paalam na sinta kong dagling nang-iwan!
Aywan ko ba’t bakit kidlat kang lumisan.

Copyright © MILBERT SALMASAN | Year Posted 2015

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Miners turn to face the cold

The mass production of coal is dead,
Buried infer lamps carried on the head,
Halogen miners sang the unforgiving dirge,
With fragments of flaky particles emerge,
Drilling hammers that smote the ground,
Never again to hear its rumbling sound.
Voices roar like dragons in damp vapour,
Highlighted the dangerous drudgery caper.
Its miners turn to face the cold idle breeze
Lusty diggers of cave brought to their knees.
Dust off running tears in nocturnal eyes
Sparkled pay in dissonant redundancies.
Tipping poison pouring out of their coat,
Coals brightly burn diamonds in the heat.
Hem and skirt tossed away in good wave,
The blockade collapsing stairs of the brave.
Sad hearts dramatically ending the way of life,
Kiss the face pioneers abandon with cheek.
Dirty power of bygone industrial revolution,
The demise ends centuries of veiled tradition.
Looks that is lost on the cloudy grey glare,
Tunnels bearing signature of the slender tear.
Tattoo rippled down on jagged wall mirrors,
Romantic fires to stare at the mantle towers. 
Underground roads in loops of fuel suspended,
Prison row of tombs lay silently on the cold bed.
Rock fractals calling from cold depth of earth,
Snuffed out the foggy union in oblivious wrath.
Dripping tar brooms lay on the dormant floor,
Once supplied daily ration meals for the poor.
Now the pit is shut leaving the empty trucks,
Pulling the souvenirs bearing burden buckets.
Into the nostril part of murky breath exhale,
Indifference steps crystallised among the stubble.
Can we face climate change of clean living?
In the beautiful candescent global warming.

Copyright © Gerry Legister | Year Posted 2015

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In my death

 I bet you’ll look so beautiful at my funeral, behind black lace, I bet a shattered face infested with grief and scorn rattled with streams of black tears like rain drops of plague. The nightmares are real and I’ll never know just how you’ll spend your time of remorse, never will I see that smile again. Not the way you used to give it to me. I bet you’ll dress to empress at my burial. Looking so slick and lavish. All dolled up in death blossom. The “what if’s” and “should of’s “scream in dog bark clutter through your mind to the point of exhaustion and illness. Struggle to breathe soft and silent to not disturb the congregation of the fallen.  You’ll look around and see other lone women looking as pitiful as you while you’re trying to make up the reason why they’re there. It’ll be fine, just turn your sadness to hatred and curse the corpse to hell fire. Won’t be the first time anyways. You’ll look beautiful however, so those whores will know what time it is.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2015

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Perfect breathing

Lay still
Beautiful, dutiful angel
Fly to the heavens, a haven for you
Your end is part of your existence
Your existence, a flame burnt into your soul
That sprouts into the fruit of the landscape
And lends itself to the universe a pivotal role

Memories of darkness and heartless envy
Pass through like a bad bad dream
Like a cough that’s been stuck inside your throat
You won’t have those thoughts bleeding into your moat
Those thoughts need not lend themselves to your final moments
Put them high upon the shelf, into the lowly lands of ruins
Think of lights and colors that make you feel warm
Tasteful seeds of happy dreams feed sun onto the storm
Your fateful gown is worn

And as you fade into the dust of ages
And cross into another Multi dimension
A void with people with no faces
Instill belief in your suspension
As we drown in personal grief
You become part of the Global reef
Your heart’s last beat, in perfect breathing
Silent and still, with an empty peaceful mien
Closed hollow lips
Your dead cocoon stiff
No more shall you tremble
Worries disassemble 
Listless lying wistful on the Mazama floor
A Casualty yet you still will have won your inner bitter war
That’s the way expiry should commence
Spirit dissipates through your brawn fence
I hold you pretending that it’s all a trance
But I’ll sit still believing until the end 
I sit still believing until the end
I pretend I hear your perfect breathing like the wind

Copyright © James Black | Year Posted 2017

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To Joan of Arc

Your courage unfettered by doubt or dismay
Your character tempered to battle display
Enlistment from spiritual beings on high
The question of conflict you chose to comply
Of youth, beauty you considered for naught
Consequence to the war which you fought
Liberation for France by the hand of your deed
A King has been crowned the English concede
Your passionate mission of promise so great
Now turns against you to consummate fate
Captured imprisoned, unwavering faith
Instructions of wisdom have ceased from the wraith
Heretic, witch, thus you're accused
Your judges convictions of principles abused
You dare to slap the church in the face
Your silence condemns them to their own disgrace
Sentenced to death and burned at the stake
Persecution content for their own prides sake
Furious bravery accomplished endeavor
Oh Joan...martyr, You will live forever

Copyright © jim meissner | Year Posted 2016

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All Alone in the Night

All Alone in the Silent 

Silent field, waning light
Misty rain is falling
Darkness looms before a storm
Autumn breeze, coming night
Distant voice is calling
And your face appears once more

Looking at your grave, I can't believe
That your life was taken
And I can't conceive
That my dreams were crushed in just a moment
All my hope is gone
And my world is dead without you in it
All is wrong

I cry in the night time
I can't hide my grief
My soul's been battered
There's no relief
I cling to deep memories
Times that seem so bright
Here I stand, all alone, in the night

Life's short, goes fast
No time to spare
Sun's rays don't last
Why is fate unfair?

And I cry in the night time
I can't hide my grief
My soul's been battered
There's no relief
I cling to deep memories
Times that seem so bright
Here I stand, all alone, in the night

Crumpled rose
In the rain
Whispered words unanswered
All my prayers that die in vain

Copyright © Robert Nester | Year Posted 2016

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A snow white flower shines in the soft light of a silent meadow. The words that you speak I shall forever echo. A lost love in the dark of the night. They all look your way, but are you blind? Can you not see the beauty of me? I echo your words, I echo your call; can you not hear the silent voice of me at all? I cannot whisper your name, my voice is gone. Silent I shall ever stay, until you speak again. My laughter shall sneak from my lips, until the last word has been spoken, Silent shall I stay again. Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you. The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. You see me standing, afraid to think; so you speak. Can I echo your name? Can't you see that I'm afraid to breathe tonight? I'll always recall your words. With you, I shall never be alone. I won't let you go, though your desire is to be gone. In my heart you will forever live on. Farewell you bid unto the world. Farewell I echo to you. I choke in the invisible tears. The reality kills me as I drink in the truth of my deepest fears. Why Narcissus? Why my true love? Why you? Silver snowflakes fall in the glory of the dawn. My words are forever caught up hanging silently in my throat, strangling, dangling horridly on my cold lips. A mirrored reflection stares coldly back at you . The water paints a beautiful picture, golden and shining in the crystal spectrum. Will you fall to the hopeless masterpiece inside? Don't give into the lies that haunt your mind, can't you see that you're beautiful again? Beautiful until the end. I found a flower near the enchanted pool. You placed it there for me, didn't you? Forever the echoes cry out in my mind. Farewell Narcissus, until we meet again. Farewell, I'll see you whenever my time here comes to an end. Farewell, we shall be together again.

Copyright © Cayla Carr | Year Posted 2012

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Young looking lady in the tunnel

As I passed on
The sign on
The chair that says:
Martin place

A young looking lady
With brown hair
And blue dress
Smile at me.

I myself smile at her
As a response
And I think its a very reational response
Instantly about 5 seconds
Our eyes f*c*k.

She didn't say word
I got some of it
In my head 
Unspoken though

Then the tunnel exhales
Wind sweeping
On her perfume
Only small amount
I could smell

The train blows its breath
And its approaching like a bull
Then it stops in front of her

She expand her chest
And I can hear my eyes screaming
For her to stay there
And continue this sensual
Eye romance
Just for one minute 

Strangely I think
She heard my inner scream
She stop and give a smile
But her feet takes her
towards the train

The door close
As she disappear
I Try to look for any resemblance of her
I think it was also blown by the train
Even her scent was gone.

Now Im alone 
i felt like smoking
I grab my left pocket
And I still have a half of it
The cigarette

I lit a stick 
Rode the escalator
I feel like walking on
the crowded street of George street.

Maybe I will one day
see her agin 
hundred days from now
young looking lady
With blue dress who smile at me.

-comments please mate- TY

Copyright © mon carlo tamine | Year Posted 2013

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This is goodbye

You were standing beside me
Telling me all these lies
But I was such a fool so I couldn't see
Until you said all these goodbyes

Now I'm trying to get over you
The best way I know how
I keep reminding myself we're through
And living for the here and now


Cuz you can try to tempt me
But all your tricks they've run dry
We're never going to be happy
NO matter what we try
So yes this is goodbye

Verse 2:

You thought you could hide
And just get away
With having another girl on the side
But I caught on to how you play
I know you feel it too
It's just so hard to admit
But baby unlike you
I'm gonna be hard to forget!

chorus x1


Don't bother begging on your knees
I'm done with that
Ya just give me your set of keys
Before I get out the bat
Ya and come get your clothes
Before I get out the gas
And give the neighbors a show
Ignite them on the grass!

Chorus x1

Copyright © Elissa Maes | Year Posted 2013

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A Player's Deception

Lies and stories,
tangled in the master web 
of deception.
hearts broken,
 feelings hurt,
when another guy seems to think your no good
 just another girl after what
 he supposely has.
broken shards of crystline ice seem to pirece
every part of your heart.
surly you obviously need a new start.
You may think your in love but that is somehow 
a guy thinks he is going to keep you 
under his thumb.
 But that is what i call a 
Player's deception.
 Don't fall for the looks,
fall for his personalities,
 never choose for looks, 
that is advice for someone whose knows
 a player's deception!!!!

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser | Year Posted 2013

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Wasted breath

You never said a word; just let the silence fill the dialogue
I got nothing in return, just emptied replies
I opened my heart to you; I showed you all my demons
The attic needed some light I said
But you didn’t say much. Didn’t realise you were already slipping away.

The deeper I dug, the farther you retreated. I wanted you to get to know the real me
Show you a side of me I didn’t know how to silence
I was such a fool to think you would be different,
That you’d see through these demons that tried to control me,
But I guess you couldn’t find it in yourself to save me, help me.

I guess the dark scared that kid inside you;
You couldn’t get your hands dirty.
There were too many skeletons to bury, too many demons to slay at night.
But the game’s over.

You said more than enough, the pregnant silence gave birth to clarity.
And after all this time…..
The truth was facing me all the time, but I didn’t want to acknowledge it. 



Copyright © Paul Machintosh | Year Posted 2016

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A Whirlpool of Time

Mind’s been on edge. These drugs just seem like the only way out.
I tripped and fell into an abyss of time.
I’m going back in time, to try and figure out where I MESSED up,
But it’s all gobbledegook to me, its stressing me out, tearing me up,

I keep hearing the whispers of your memories within my heart,
Are you humming under the bed?
Is that your eyes I see every time I look in the mirror?
Is it all inside my head?
Or am I going crazy, seeing as you not around no more?

Come tomorrow will I remember you?
Will I recall your face in passing on a crowded avenue?
Will there be a sunrise tomorrow?
Please don’t walk away.
Don’t leave me here.

Don’t leave me yet. Don’t let these memories fade,
Make them stay.
Why can’t you just give me the benefit of the doubt?
Give me a chance to explain, to reason with you?

Guess I’m talking to closed doors and blocked whatsapp calls.


Copyright © Paul Machintosh | Year Posted 2016

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the river

The river is calling my name,  and I want to answer its name,
The river is so calm, I sit down in the sand,  waiting for the eagle to soar by,
The river is my cathedral,  I need to be still, the wind is so tame.

The river is my friend, the trees are my shelter,
I wish to surround myself with its beauty and blissful sounds,
I feel the silent cries, my tears are coming, I wish to leave them in the rivers tides,
For no longer do I care to be around, I am where I belong, please carry me away,
The river is my place to get away, my fears, my worries, have carried me here,
TO TAKE me away, and say goodbye..

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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A stab in the back,
a feeling that I cannot squelch,
a horrible impending heartbreak,
as the news leak out,
time seems to stop knowing,
that you have caught him,
in your home with not you,
but your, best friend.
he tries to make it up,
saying to just move on like it never happened,
but your trust is shattered like;
a thousand tiny pieces of glass
waiting to sinking in your flesh to hurt,
and betray you once again.
a cheaters lie of saying I love you.
yet knowing its not the truth.

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser | Year Posted 2014

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Farewell, Cruel World

It was a pleasure to burn
The memories faded
As I lit the match
My eyes were jaded

How dare they laugh and scorn
At my dreams, my hopes
My only freedom from this life
Without which, I cannot cope

I will soon be free and content
To be what they will not let me
I will be among my pride
As a lion on the Serengeti

So here’s to resurrection
To be reborn as we truly are
I as I tip the poison down my throat
Farewell, cruel world. RAAWR

Copyright © Jeremy Lin | Year Posted 2012

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Death can be Life

If I had one choice in life, it would be death,
for what is more beautiful, than the dying breath?
The many who have laid on their last bed,
are more fortunate than those alive,
When loved ones are lost, tears are shed,
but in our horror, we shall thrive.

Copyright © Destiny Edes | Year Posted 2016

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I heard a call through this April wind, the sound of a child crying,
Her eyes too blessed with the simplicity of a tear, her soul blind to the suns rebirth;
I looked up high and saw an eagle fly, over the early rays of light…
And caught the sound of its last good-bye

Memories pass the silent dawn, often bound to our own recollections,
In homes so far from lands recalled, or those just outside the door;
The measure of a man lays in the spirit of his life, in the will of his heart and soul,
And those found in his last good-bye

Oh this quiet April morning, lost to our memories past,
Held in the warmth of a suns rebirth, blessed by that simple tear,
An eagle flies to that ray of light, and catches our love confined 
To that single last good-bye

                               For albert,  from mark

Copyright © Mark Norton | Year Posted 2013