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Future Picture

Paint me my teacher
A picture of my future
Tell me at this juncture
About My future
I will listen with rapture
You my teacher
Show me every feature
Of my future.

spread me my teacher
the wings to my future
Make me learn
what my efforts will return
Hold my hand
Guide me and
let me walk the path
My life is worth.

Show me my teacher
what is stored in my future
show me the beauty
of my future duty
Then I will paint
a picture with no stain
A future perfect picture.

show me my teacher
the colors to paint my future
I will paint a doctor picture
Or paint a lawyer picture
I will paint my perfect future picture
with the colors from you my teacher
Help me paint my future
My respected teacher.

Copyright © Griffins Ndhine | Year Posted 2014

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Springs around the corner
what wondrous things we'll see,
bulbs popping up above the ground
giving joy to you and me,
time to tidy up our plot, lots of digging too,
weeds to pull, beds to hoe
lots of things will have to go. 
You have to be a little brave
if that rose you want to save,
but you will learn that over time
you've got to be cruel,  just to be kind,

The flower beds need a tidy
take all that dead stuff off the top,
veg plots being well dug over
hoping for a bumper crop.

Seeds to sow, hope they'll grow !
then the lawn will need a mow.

And when all the hard work is done
you can sit back and be pleased, 
wind , rain and sun you have grown all you need.

Copyright © jacque lee | Year Posted 2007

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Broken Dreams

  Do you believe in the things that you've always known,
Can you understand the things you've been shown.
   Is it the visions you see that make you believe,
Or is the feelings you get when you've been deceived.
    The pain you feel a never ending ache ,
Tearing your heart and soul from you every day.
    Time ticks slowly pounding away at you,
Throbbing heart breaking and there's nothing you can do,
    Must I settle for these lost and broken dreams,
Because it has all the signs that what it seems.
    How much should a man endure to find his way,
It cant possibly be like this hard for me every day.
    There is nothing so frustrating as being so confused,
Especially when you've discovered that you've been used.
    I will get through this lonely phase I have no doubts,
But I'm sure there will come a day I'll figure it all out.
    Cautiously I walk the path that's been laid before me,
In faith I will continue for I know he will let me see.
    Life will be thrown at you in so many different ways,
I will be prepared for these things for the rest of my days.
    Broken dreams will be the learning tree for me to grow ,
Living my life with Joy Happiness is what I'll always Know.

Copyright © TIMOTHY CARTER | Year Posted 2013

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I cant read and write can somebody teach me,you tell young people like me that education is the key,I want it,I need it can somebody show me,theres a million things on my mind like who i wanna be but without education there is no me.Its been running heavy on my mind like 1+1 and 3×3 but a young person like me cant count because I been thuggin it out here in these streets,if i told you i was a mastermind would you believe me,right right is what they all say to me,Im not a dummie or a fool dont try to rule me because I dont have an education you think you can fool me.Education,education is what i hear from the hours of 6 to 3.My momma and my daddy keep preaching to me about "child go get an education and graduate for me,now that im in school there isn't a thing you can tell me,I can read,I can write wow I even know my abc's.Education is the number one thing you should have when tryin to survive in these streets because without that knowledge you will get ruined out here in these streets always remember that education is the key

Copyright © karisse stelus | Year Posted 2014

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The Scholastic Mechanic!

Please allow me to introduce,
Without any pardon or excuse,
A man who needs no introduction,
To those he’s given instruction,

A man who has always helped me,
To understand extreme fallacy,
Through guidance and edification,
He spreads his extreme education,

Now he never reserves his lessons,
And always leaves his impressions,
Upon those he teaches his schtick,
For he is our scholastic mechanic,

Always he tinkers under the hood,
To find the best of what is good,
And now without further adieu,
I am proud to present to you,

A man who’s mind always races,
And affords us other head cases,
A view most definitely skewed,
By great wisdom and high I.Q.,

A man whom I proudly call my brother,
Who’s humble wit makes him tougher,
Than my boastful wages however manic,
…Our G-Man the scholastic mechanic!

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2009

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The Forgotten Ones

Forgotten somewhere in the midst of steel and concrete. 
Bound by shackles and chains even in our sleep. 
Living like wolves preying amongst lost sheep. 
Concrete tears and pains so mindfully deep. 

Forgotten by those on the outside. 
We cant even run no where, we cant even hide. 
No choice left but to sit and fight. 
In here only the strong minded survive. 
Truth be told in here what is wrong is right. 

All most os us got is wasted M&^*&F*^&&ng time. 
We sit back and work out and write heartfelt rhymes. 
Not to be a victim of prey we all trying. 
Many stories are told, songs are written of truth over lying. 

We are gone for the moment but not truly forgotten so the hurt we must not show it.
 We are to old while we young to be crying in front of full grown men for this is a time we must out grow it.
 There aint no way out this hell hole and we all know it. 
Feelings of hopelessness surrounds te heart to the point where we can no longer control it.
In here there is only time no fun. 
Darkness fills night no light shone in here from the sun. 
Only by our own selves we may be out done. 

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Reading from a man`s mind “facial expression “
‘My face my shuttered face’
His face tells more than a mouth could tell
‘My face tears running down my face’

It tells out more than you can read from his heart
‘My heart a bleeding heart’
For a man is a reserved creature where emotions are hidden 
‘My emotions when love is involved’

For loving is caring and kind as is 
“A gift from above a gift from God “
So are the feelings that present what it reads in heart
‘My heart that trust my heart fear disappointment’

The feeling of loving is the feeling of longing
‘I am longing for a soul mate a true friend’
For a man has lost a rib in the beginning for creation of a soul mate

‘Yes he lost one rib for a reason to create... The one and only’
And yes the feeling of loving is a feeling of reclaiming back thy creation to make a man complete. 

Surviving the times of loneliness is like walking on a desert
‘A desert of no hope with high temperatures’
Yes a desert of no hope where a man can’t live for long without water
‘And yes brave men do’ to reclaim their belonging

He will survive thy temperatures “forever “he will love thy creation
“Neither” will he hurt nor lie to her
As he walks through the desert he think about her, he sees her face even though never met her, his face is wet as tears of joy running down his face

But he still continues even though there is no hope for water along the way 
As tears and sweat run down his face and body he hopes to meet a true creature made out of his rib, few more steps going ahead he smiles he feels complete then he sings”                                                                                                                                 “He wishes for love not tears of blood from a broken heart”

Tears of blood fall from a broken heart
A man never wish to separate from thy creation
for he wish to hold on "forever"
 "never “do he wish to part ways with thy loved one

”Say you love me, look in the eye and make a promise”

“Please don’t leave me please don’t hurt me”

“Your tender touch, a soft kiss”
“things about you I enjoy most”

“as I often cry when I’m with you deep down I smile and tears of joy falling down my face “

Copyright © NAKAMPE MASEKANE | Year Posted 2014

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Our Education Is Dead

Our education is dead!
Our education is dead!!
The bedrock of our society is gone;
Who shall bury it with its weeping soul?
The wise are crying at the hall of ignorance
The Ignorance are rejoicing at the detriment of their 
Foolishness, rather than weeping togther with us.

No more chalk to teach us how to rule,
But there are many beers at the bar to drink.
No more table to sit in the classroom but
There are tables for the looters to write and steal.
No more biro to write and books to read but
There are many cigaret to smoke and enjoy. 
Our education is dead and gone!
Our education is dead and gone!!

Teachers are bereaved at the dungeon of Unpaid salaries,
Looters build many mansions without looking back,
Their wards are sent abroad to school whilst we dine
With the dead system they killed with their legs.
Our education is dead and gone!
Our education is dead and gone!!
Fools are clapping in merriment;
The wise are entangled in fears of the unknown.

Our messed generation care not,
When is the future for the messed generation?
The ICT systems are sagging,
The academics boards are leaking;
The professors are dead with their sagging English,
They are teaching us nothing, nothing at all!
Our education is dead and gone!!

Copyright © john chizoba vincent | Year Posted 2016

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Americans For Fair Elections

Americans For Fair Elections

Who is it now that pays the way,
Of politicians gone astray,
And who now will pave the way,
For that which they were paid,

We are Americans who stand true and proud,
Witnessing incredible devastations,
So we shout our mantra strong and proud,
We are 'Americans For Fair Elections'!

One contribution from those who vote you in,
Is all a candidate should be able to get.
To fund a political race to represent,
America for the people within their District,

People who no longer have a voice,
People now easily disregarded,
Who now find they have less of a choice,
Than when this democracy started,

No more party or government matching fund,
No special interest groups or big business,
All lobbying our district reps one by one,
And deciding who will lead our districts 

These contributions have stolen our choices,
And all that we Americans hold most sacred,
These powers have now stolen our voices,
And our democracy now sits degraded,

We 'Americans For True Representation',
Now must take action and take back the reins,
We 'Americans For Fair Elections'
Must now rid ourselves of these stains,

And with the help of our fellow Americans,
We shall return the power to the people,
With every one of us taking a stance,
For together we are indeed powerful,

Through calls, letters, and petitions,
Once again we will make our voices heard,
Offering no retreat and no concessions,
We remain staunch and true to our word,

So be warned you who stand in our way,
For we will remember those with questions,
And those who will stand with us this day,
As 'Americans For Fair Elections'

Please visit 'Americans For Fair Elections' dot com,
And help us to pass the word of this movement on,
Or forward this poem penned by My Gull Wheels On,
a.k.a. Michael Wilson, Your fellow American!

Copyright © My Gull Wheels On | Year Posted 2009

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Deadman Wonderland

Now that you're becoming Undone It's time to have some fun In Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao The setting Red Sun of Kali Shows it's time for your life to Pay We are the Kind to be feared -your friends We look like anyone you see Thuggee--Death's Devotees Face our treachery Bhowanee we must please She needs more--we have found our mark, our mark Won't you be the one to save humanity? Can't you see this is Deadman Wonderland Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Khoon Tu Kao Sacrifice! For The Black-Skinned Queen Sacrifice! For Our Mother Kali Sacrifice! It's Not Enough Sacrifice! No Mercy! This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland This is Deadman Wonderland Deadman Wonderland

Copyright © Wyatt Loethen | Year Posted 2012

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Can I be any different from the dragon,
Can I be more precious that the dinosaur,
Some say it warms me,
Some say it flavours adorn me,
Some say it savours my body senses,
Hey! i smoke,am distinct,
At bay its death lurking about ye advicing you to be extinct,
A moving tombstone,
Please what are your chances of survival with a pack in your breast pocket,
A missile hooked between your lips,come on light it up come on,
Your lungs,
So long,
Your creator prolongs,
Heal thy soul stop smoking,
Smoke in any form kills.

Copyright © Anthony Edmond | Year Posted 2007

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I'll Pause and Cry

There can be tossing and turning and a sleepless night...
Just mentally preparing for the next days fight.

But we love these kids what more can I say...
Life as a teacher provides an interesting day.

There is spitting and cursing and yelling too...
There is pure terror in the parking lot if you're new.

But we love these kids what more can I say...
And for our kids, our pain and suffering will pay off some day.

So we drag out of bed and put a smile on our face...
We want to make a good impression when we enter this place.

We cover our backs as we survive the day...
And we all know that we earn our pay.

Years from now when the movie is here...
We'll sit together and point and cheer.

I love you teachers and I'll miss you so...
And I'll cherish our memories wherever I go.

You'll always be in my thoughts and prayers until the day I die..
And when I stop to remember our experiences I'll pause and cry.

Years from now when these kids are grown...
Let us pray and believe, as a team, good positive seeds have been sown.


Copyright © tom kesting | Year Posted 2015

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Revolution means Bloodshed we are not ready for

Since It's very hard living in these 
days & times

I don't mean pick up a gun & gather 
a group to help you run

A campaign

Must be created & implemented 
with Thought & Education

Unless you rather spend your time 
behind bars in frustration

Without freedom of your own god 
given talents

I'm not trying to say these words to 
draw interest through ballads

I say them to educate to the 
revolutionary thinker

Power is something we all think of

Rarely we realize what it really takes 
to attain

Power with the correct education 
will stabilize & stimulate the brain

Money will rescue you from the 
debts of poverty

Without a strategy to think

The oppressor is waiting for us to 
unite & fight

They have one button tactics that 
will blow us in the blink of an eye 

To supersede

We must revolutionize the mind to 
encourage ourselves away from any 
form of evil

"Revolution means Bloodshed"

So that means we must help socio-

Self encourage a systematic finance 
for our own people

Because we used to have ownership

What we must re create

Is a tactic 

Intelligently revolutionizing  black & 
white people empowerment

Re-developed economic  business 
entreprenuer thinkers

Self created invention & services 

That will annialate the mental & 
physical mass consumption of 
consumer dreamers

Copyright © Kamal Al-Adil | Year Posted 2012

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In the Library of BMCC

Surrounded by heavy tomes 
Chronicling the history of 
   countless generations 
One can only feel a sense of 
    awe that the weight of 
the past has upon the living 
  A brief look around me 
allows me to see the coming generation 
   Working diligently 
to achieve their goals 
   What will become of these youth 
in the next few years?
Some may die fighting on foreign shores 
Otheres will die young due to bad habits 
Some may achieve great success 
  Picking up my pen 
I try to evoke the scene in the library 
of the Borough of Manhattan Community College 
Where many different 
Merge into a quilt of hope!

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2012

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Keep Trying

 Im Building my own teepee made from straw Logz 
I try n keep up with my cats but how can I when I cant even trust my own dogz 
I know I have a hard tyme trying to get a simple regular low paying job 
but I shall overcome, I shall rise against all my past tattz and all my ****ing oddz
 I used to be down with the evil d, now Im down with the holy G yeah dats God 
I used to give you nothing Lord now its tyme I start to giving you nodz 
I used to be all about talk, but now cuz of you Lord Im all about walk 
I spit words while I walk through gates locked either bottom or top I still rize till I drop
 I dont stop I shoot guns at fake cops tryna steal my patnaz freedom socks 
but this my life now homie I cant end up lying in chalk 
I walk my talk while I talk my walk through unknown clocks ticking away like my times tock...
I running past bumps while Im jumping over dead pits 
I struggle like many, a life of addiction I know its hard to quit 
I just had my first still hard tryna rize above the past shyt i did....
 I done placed my rez life betz...I done already placed my lifetyme bid 
I cant lie I still smoke n drink but the alcohol from my life rite now like many I struggle to rid
 I try n cover up shyt but how can I cover up tattoos Lord they come without a lid
 everymorn it feels as if I awake to a life full of crap leaving me lil tyme to give a shyt
 but thats life Lord I know now thats how we deal n what we MAKE OF IT 

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Emotionless,and a sorry Excuse

Can Things ever last,
When they happen so fast.
do these tears and pain ever fade,
Is Drama yet another day,
That I must play to waste the day away, 
and ignore the pain,
 that never seems to fade.
I know that game,
I played it so many times,
Emotionless is what i shall be,
 for all times and eternity.
Galeea's training proved right,
All little boys play the game of deception,
But they do not realize that some girls see it before them,
Some girls grow up to be woman and are looking for guys,
Who want to be man enough  to take any
Drama and pitiful lies that other little girls spread around to see,
 if they can steal that one great guy in their life.
Pity is what it is called when a Man falls into that pit of vipers,
Why can i not be like those vipers?
 because I am too smart and not so vain as the 
 others girls i see around me.
  Because  i am me  and  i just want to be me
and that is what i would like to see,
 For that is reality.

Copyright © Cheyenne Nienhueser | Year Posted 2013

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The City Opens Its Arms

As we walk outside the 
  city opens its' arms to us 
A friendly crossing guard 
     signals to cross the
intersection safely 
    At the bus stop a woman 
holds her son's hand
   As I walk towards work 
I notice the warmth of the air 
   Spring has finally arrived in the 
   Scores of students 
walk towards the community college 
   where I work
After stopping off for a scone 
  and some green tea
I work with students 
   on their English grammar 
and summarizing 
  All around me are those 
who want to learn and improve their lives
  The city has opened its' arms 
to these new immigrants 
   who are hardworking 
and an asset to our land

Copyright © Matthew Anish | Year Posted 2016

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Education is life.
I want it but I can't.
It is my need.
Alternative learning I did.
I am called immigrant.
Oftentimes stateless.
I am trapped of nation-state.
When it was borderless.
Now in a boundary.
In history only we exist.
I am never free.
Never tied but trapped.
I want to sing.
Want to smile
Like others
Want to walk freely.
But I have no legal document.
I have only paper.
I am sometimes called refugees.
War and war
Never in peace
Because of tricks.
Politics and greed.
I am hopelessly drained.
But I want to put hope in life.
I want to live life like real life.
Not a fake life.
Doing fake smiles
Fake happiness.
I have kept it my heart.
But I don't want to hate.
I love peace.
I love to love.
I hug my self
And I scream.
I am finally free.
I now can read
Write and count.
Thank my God!

Lahad Datu.
Dam Road Area.

I love you reading.
Layag Sug!

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2014

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Magical School

When I enrolled in magical school
Ma said good luck
Dad called me a fool

He always thought with my IQ
I’d fix people up,
Not saw them in two.

But I had a vision
And my self esteem
Hung on the balance
Of this simple dream

So I packed my bag
Gave Ma a hug
Reached out to pop
Who said with a shrug

Watch each one of your steps
Cause each one of them matters
When you walk without looking
You’re sure to splatter
So take my advice
It may save your life
You can’t step twice
On thin ice.

I’ll show that man who I can be
With a B.A.
In alchemy

I have no doubt that he’ll be glad
Because my plan
Was ironclad

I bought all my books
Most second hand
I was so ready
To beat the band

But where was my room
Did it disappear?
I’m such a buffoon
Then dad’s words appeared.

If you can’t find your way
Don’t lose your nerve
It’s all a small part
Of the learning curve
So take my advice
It may save your life
Rolling the dice
Is a vice

I tried running down the empty halls
But all the doors
Turned into walls

I shouted a chant, before weeping
To get me sleeping

I dreamed about A’s
The prodigal son
The star of my class
Magic 101

But soon my visions
Became nightmares
I woke and screamed
And if pop was there

He’d say, when in a jam
Take an afternoon nap
Cause a grumpy head
Ain’t worth a crap
So take my advice
It may save your life
To make nice
Sleep twice

At last, I made it to classes
But that first day
I lost my glasses

Teacher assumed I was a jerk
Rewarding me
A week of homework

Then my trick cards turned red
The hare’s sick in bed
The bouquet looked dead
So I called home, and said,

“I’m failing Hocus Pocus
Gotta D in smoke in mirrors
It’s so hard to focus
When all I make is errors

Then dad said with much calm
First give yourself a hand
Before counting on others
And soon you’ll understand
So take my advice
It may save your life
Give yourself a high-five
To survive

So I practiced day and night
‘Till each ‘Abra’
Came out right

And my Presto-Digi-ture
Was more than

Then all those D’s
Turned into A’s
Without tricks
I was amazed

Hard work after all
Was a giant step for me
But with dad’s advice
I learned the mystery

Each day is irreplaceable
And comes with a caveat
If you waste its offerings
You deserve just what you get
So take my advice
It may save your life
Being wise
Is the prize

Copyright © David Fisher | Year Posted 2012

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I know You Cape Breton

Hey, how are you

	Have you heard this one?
	Where there’s a midnight sun

		Listen to me now,
		Listen up young one
		One day I left someone

	Where did you say
	you were going?
	She looked so sad
	with her tears showing

		showing her a map of you,
		around the world to you,
		flying so fast at you,
		I left my Papua New Guinea,
		my home sweet home for you.

			So... like déjàvu, 
			You look so...
			Do I know you?
			No, don't say no...
			I know you!
			you were in my dreams

	You know that moment, 
	when you see her, 
	the light,
	that shines, 
	that lifts you high 
	into outer space so high

oh how I longed for you,
Just you and me,
your seasons, my wonder..
I wonder when thunders,
remind my mind, 
my sleeping child,
suddenly awake,
But Nova's away..

	They say people say,
	you'd miss home, 
	you'll miss POM..
	you said no,
	No, No, No
	you'll be home
	From winter to Autumn
	Just you and I
	you'll be fine

		So when the leaves fall,
		Or when snow falls,
		Remember me,
		Remember us,
		Our time, may be dying,
		Maybe someday I'll find,
		My child no child,
		and the sun so fine,
		I'll be home bound,
			To my Ocean playground..


Copyright © Moi Kaira | Year Posted 2012

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Souless Society

Yeah Im living in a souless society, 
My people keep doing each other wrong so much its hard to get right with me, 
Its so dark with alcoholic violence that I can no longer see the light in me, 
Survival of the fittest I am no longer because there remains almost no fight in me,
 I struggle with death around one in all forms of variety, 
I am so low at times that there can be no one high as me, 
A lot of non-sense for my body I keep buying me, 
at the same time my own people keep fighting me, 
but its time I just say "**** it" 
and kick all that *****to the curve away in the bucket, 
I hate the truth so much that I start to love it, 
Creating a mind full of knowledge gold, a mind full of many nuggets, 
Now its time I face my own truth even if my own people lie to me, 
I can and I will overcome this souless price that seems too pricey, 
**** all that bull-*****I will rise out my own souless society

Copyright © Travis Lone Hill | Year Posted 2012

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Gising Na

Nagkulong sa ilalim ng kasawian
At nakatulog ng walang kasalanan,
Sa pag-ibig sa iyo ay nanirahan,
Datapwa irog maaga kang lumisan!

Ilang araw kong sarili ay nilitis,
Bawat gabi luha’y kasamang tiniis,
Ikaw sa dibdib kay tagal ‘di naalis,
Bakit buhay ko’y ‘kaw ang siyang ninais?

 Payo’y kay rami na sa’kin ‘pinabatid,
Bakit itong utak ay naging makitid?
Hirap talagang masawi sa pag-ibig
Maging aking utak ay ‘di dinirinig.

Isang araw ay namulat akong hubad
Bakit dala ng kasawia’y natamad?
Buhay ma’y mababansagang ‘di mapalad,
Siguro’y‘raming pag-ibig pa’ng lalahad!

Ngayo’y panahon nang kusang pagbabago,
Mulat na ang utak kong kunyari nagtago.
Paalam na sinta kong dagling nang-iwan!
Aywan ko ba’t bakit kidlat kang lumisan.

Copyright © MILBERT SALMASAN | Year Posted 2015

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Tears of my brain

This is the ending New beginning its over children daddy did it, It is finished so 
father into thy hands I commit my spirit I feel it its coming closer the sun is just 
growing colder, my soul lord is yours for the taking cause hatred is all over, from 
public school corners to the media that reports us and show us as being nothing 
more than just an enormous, pain in the side of the world, and make sluts out of 
baby girls, and make butts out of baby boys, who grow up around this noise, and 
knowing nothing in school, but how to act like a fool, and it’s cool till you grow up 
knowing nothing to do and they wonder why we crazy when the hatred you gave 
babies, ends up catching you at last and biting you in the ..., it hurts don't it homie 
when you really stop to think that you spilled so much human blood with what you 
did with a little ink ova da kitchen sink runnin water tryin to swallow that pill cause 
genocidal is he who sits on top of da hill now tell me whats wrong with this picture 
listenin to other Mr.’s use words to go against us and talk about all our sistas, and 
call dem out of their name the b's the h's and a's and they act like its ok for men to 
come up and say things like it's not a problem when fathers don't know their 
daughters, and they get all hot and bothered, Sorry nobody taught 'em, and they 
say that its common sense well how common is common sense when my mother 
had to struggle hustle and use it all just to pay the rent, now if it takes a village to 
raise a child and a father to raise a man then yall clear up somethin for me help me 
to understand what you call someone like me here walkin around when my momma 
had to raise me cause daddy wasn't around or nowhere to be found in a lot of 
cases many people facin the same situation on a daily bases, and basically it boils 
down to a lack of consideration and aggravation caused by the men of this nation 
and as far as it comes to facin with diversification the laws of education may not 
allow for segregation but the bases is buried deep within the bile’s of legislation of 
the emancipation and extermination of our whole negro nation, what I'm sayin is 
what they really showin the youth with the rims and the caddies is that this is our 
compensation for you not havin a daddy we ain't worried about you gettin it 
because of the facts see you'll be dead long n your grave before you can feel out 
the tax sheet, we ain't meant to survive we're meant to be blamed we the scape 
goats of our nation tears of my brain

Copyright © James Williamson | Year Posted 2011

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The Genius and the Good O'boy

this story's about a good o'boy
that knows his wits ain't the keenest
and a writer that thought he was cock-of-the-walk 
we'll refer to him as genius

genius liked to hang around o'boy
and make fun of him all day long
he would pick and poke and make sick jokes
o'boy would just laugh along 

now genius decided to protect his work
so he sent it to washington
said i'll be a star, yea i'm gonna go far
and my songs'll be number one.

well, his head began to swell a mite
when he started to receive
the kind of deals that come in the mail
when you register with the L.O.C.

now, o'boy might be simple folk. 
he don't claim to have a great mind.
but he can spot a scam, size up a man 
and read between the lines.

o'boy tried to warn him
said be careful or ya might get burned
but the know-it-alls are bound to fall
cause there's nutin else they can learn.

they said they'd sell genius his spotlight
make his name known all around
so he bent right over, stuck his head in the clover
and pulled his britches down.

well i can't really say how it happened
but the story soon spread around
and before ya know it that singing poet
was the biggest joke in town.

now, we can make fun of the downhom'eez
laugh at their back-wood way
make the simple folk the butt of our joke
but sometimes it just don't pay.

Copyright © Roger Fitzgerald | Year Posted 2014

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Called Moses by Her People

Called Moses by Her People
Harriet Tubman was the very one.
In the year of 1851.

Called Moses by her people
a slave to none.

Returning from freedom
Braving nineteen runs.

Three hundred people
Their chains undone.

Confidence, bravery,
And fearless of death.

Built the Under Ground Railroad.
She conducted by faith.

 Abolitionists, Quakers, and Senators too.
She commanded allegiance. They all were true blue.

A soldier, spy,and Civil War nurse.
Her personal safety was never put first.

Called Moses by her people.
Their daughters and sons.

She knew God wanted Freedom
For everyone.

[ Poet' View: FEBRUARY Is National Black History Month ]

Copyright © MAF Longfellow | Year Posted 2008

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Words being more than a mare thought
Thinking with an understanding within sought
Education being a source for an intellectual vibe
It’s all about feeling inspired and just stride
Writing by your own abide
The thinker establishing what’s in the mind
Subjects upon subjects in categories combined
The theory of one’s sentence
An idea that comes up in an instance
What you see in what you write
A storm shaken ship being guided by a distance lighthouse
The same tall ship being tossed going through the god controlling waves
The crewmen praying for the waves to behave
Words telling the story
The wonder of victory in its glory
Words proclaiming new heights
At the same time word blank becoming a plight
But words will lead you in what to do
But here is a clue, “Just write” and you will pursue.

Copyright © ANTHONY BLAKE | Year Posted 2015

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As We Hurry Into The Taxi Park

As we hurry Into the Taxi park
The taxi earlier than us is under attack

As I perceive sound and voices
None is busy around and noises

The life that you will drive
Establishes the always providence you will derive

Worthless is life and annulled
Seems all annoyed

Associates in advance your travel
Teach you not only to marvel

But to scrutinize the symptom
And attest you've been to the classroom

Copyright © Masereka Amos | Year Posted 2013

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Those Rare Jewels Called Positive Determination

I Am in 
My dreams 
have taken 
me there,
My stood 
gotten me 
Health and 
At least I 
am not 
found in 
How else 
could I be 
and God's 

If the 
were to be 
you would 
If I took 
defeat for 
would I 
till my 
Dying day,
If I didn't 
my dream, 
would I 
daily at 
For as A 
Man I 

Copyright © Anthony Edmond | Year Posted 2008

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Welcome To The World Of This Certain King

"Bring Me Wine,Myrrh and My Sweetheart Daughter Anabella,
My Little Anabella Loves To Listen To The Voice Of Salome,Her Lyre and Her 
Happy Serenade..
Tell My Scribes To Be Fast About Compiling The Exploits Of Their King In His 
Last Battle Campaign..What Is a King Without An Updated Chronicle..
Send In My Little Prince For His Voice As He Reads Through His Texts Of 
Poetry..Lures The King His Father To a Closer Salient Walk With The gods..
Tell The War Generals To Give Me A detailed Brief of Our Next Campaign.."

At Morn..
"Send In The Finest Of Thy Young Warriors..So I can Test My Stealth In The Very 
Face Of Battle and Danger...
What Have Young Men Turned Themselves into..So Lazy,Wanton and Unmanly..
Off My Sight Before I Seek Thy Skulls This Very Instant..
(In Privacy With The Head Warrior)..Oh! Sarskaas Your Young Boys Are one of the 
Best in The Region My Training Sessions Are Truelly Refreshing..Tell this not to 
them Lest you build the Fruits of Pride and Treachery in their Young Minds..
Do Usher in My Seductive Belles to Show Off Their Waists in Acts of 
Poetry,Dance and Linguistic Body Embellishments..."

At Noon..
"You The Dreaded Most Notorious KING Of the Valley..A Demi god,Invincible and 
Indestructible..As I Speak Kiss The Sole Of My Feet and eat this dish of Camel 
Dung mixed with fine desert sand..
Ax-Man when he finishes his dessert Bring me his Head on My 'Royal Golden 
Usher in the Wise Men of the South..For I want to converse with them in this 
same spirit of Saliency..
Stuff the roast Calf portions with a lot of herbs and Spices..You well know its the 
Obsession of the Men from The south.."

At Sundown..
"Usher in the different contingents of Musicians to Entertain my Salient Guests...
Wrap My 'Lotus Fumes' Quickly so I can Smoke this Life's Troubles Aways..And 
See Through the One Eye of the gods in Solemnity and Blissful Thinkings,
Head Eunuch Do Send A Servant to The Harem..He Should Tell My Queens to 
get A-Ready For Their Lord is in Good Shape for Royal Rumbles and More..
Oh! My Faithful Knights your War plans were excellent..Go Now Enjoy and Excite 
your souls as much..Retain your honour and have the War at the Back Of your 
Depart In Peace..Many A-Waists in The Harem are Restless.. 
I go in to Satisfy My Very Own.."
Welcome Again To The World Of That Certain King..

Copyright © Anthony Edmond | Year Posted 2008

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From the deep and darkened sea of lust,
On Kythrira's temple shore,
She rose up on a wave of foam;
A goddess to adore,
Described as a beauty filled with love,
In pages of folklore,
But beauty is not what I see
On Kythrira's temple shore.
A life with gifts eternal for
A goddess to adore
So much confusion; heir of Zeus,
or prodigy of war?

Far from the darkened sea she rules,
On her private temple shore.
A feast prepared of sheer delight
To the goddess they adore.
She offered them a tasty feast;
A priestess candy store,
Of Aphrodisiacs that she named
At her private temple shore.

I can see her part re-played; it's clear
She was used much like a whore,
Adorned in gold, and called a pearl
On every temple shore.
Born with seduction as her craft,
This goddess did adore.

She stood much like her statues
With her head up to the sky.
With her eyes up to the sky
She looks much like her virtues,
as she rules upon the shore.
Will she ever lay in ruin,
This goddess they adore?

How sad that someone young and wild didn't get to be a child,
But a goddess to adore.
A poet underneath the trees who called the wind to lend a breeze.
A goddess to adore?
I think not, she was a witch; I would know, I had to switch.
A clever game upon that land, as Satan played a wicked hand.
For he and Venus walked that shore.
She's been his wife along life's shore.

Copyright © Astrid Ivy Gibbs | Year Posted 2008