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Lord Lead Our Way

Lord  Lead Our way
Bring Peace again to Our day
Dispel this darkness
From which it grew
Bless this spirits soul anew
Quench this thirst 
Behold our Lords Chalice 
Upon the Lords Throne
Hate to Love
Fear to Acceptance
Selfishness to Restitution
Arrogance to Humble
Drink the Spirit of God 
And once again
Freedom will be Yours
Lord Lead Our Way........

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2015

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I Just Know

I wake to the morning comforted to be by your side 

You carry me through......

Armed with your lessons of doctrine 

I could not have traveled this far alone .......

I do not know when

I do not know how


In You......I Just Know........

Thank You My Lord.....

Copyright © Ninette Carey | Year Posted 2016

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She drives me up the wall like a slave-driver
O yes, she does ! but even though she may wield 
the rod in her hand ever so threateningly at me 
At the slightest suspicion of insubordination, 
Leaving me cowering with fear, I love her just the same, 
Perhaps much more than I ‘ve ever loved anybody else before! 
I may ‘ve become certifiable as a result, who knows, 
But whatever the case may be, 
pray don’t judge me harshly until you ‘ve heard me out.

I love her for the same farcical reason that Socrates
Ostensibly loved that cantankerous woman Xantippe.
By temperament and upbringing, I find a woman who 
Stands up to a man much more appealing than one 
Who’s obsequious and complaisant!
What happened to me, therefore, was no accident but a 
quantum leap; I had no control what so ever over the turn of events
That got us this far in our fledgling relationship.
Ever since I met her, my life, which had hitherto been
Fairly peaceful and uneventful, has, all of a sudden,
Taken a dramatic turn.

And like a minx, she has so turned my head around
I can’t tell for certain whether I am coming or I am going!
Suffice to say I’ve been acting up silly and rather foolishly
For a grown up person (I don’t know whether or not I still
Have any semblance of an ego left, what with this 
Attractive je ne sais quoi I find so irresistible about her!)
Oh no, don’t tell me I’ve been doing this all for the
Wrong reasons ! or that I am laying it on thick.
It’s only me who knows exactly what I am feeling.
Besides, I am not talking morals here, I am talking
About what it feels like to love somebody to a fault.
If she did walk out on me now I can guarantee you
That would certainly be the death of me!
I am sure that’s not what you would all like 
To see happen to me just yet unless of course
You’ve been spoiling for my death while pretending to be my friends.
When all else is said and done, I’d rather be
Henpecked than let go of this maverick specimen of womankind
Who has lodged herself in my life uninvited,
Making it her home, and has since then never failed
To drive me up the wall like a slave-driver with her rod.
Not only is she good sport, but like a morning
Star she’s such fun to be with, I promise you!


Copyright © stephen syacika | Year Posted 2014

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Three Cups

2 cups
1 one for Ale
1 for butts
1 for Love
   The 3 of us
   Two cups
   innan hotel
graydye the god poet

Copyright © gary dye | Year Posted 2014

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The Day You Came Into My Life

So pleased you came into my life,
thank you for opening my soul to love again,
it has been so long since I have sneered like this,
so long since I have loved like this,
so long since I wanted to share my being with another.

I trust that Supernatural being sent you into my life
 to give me something to battle for, 
to show me there is love in this creation, 
to give me courage and to bring me pleasure, 
all the proof in Divinity I need is in you,
you are a gift from the atmosphere.

So many times I assumed I would never find somebody,
to love me the way I needed to be loved. 
Then you came into my life and showed me
what true love really is!
When I miss you, I don't have to go far...
I just have to look inside my soul, 
because that's where I'll find you.

I used to wonder what I was waiting for, 
why there was always something that felt not quite right.
But when you came into my life,
I learned the answer to my question.
I was waiting for you.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2016

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Can This Be My Simple Life

My life is so simple 
No blood on my hands 
I walk the straight and narrow
Something is offhand
I travel the road of complication
Never to be heard 
I sweat the ugly nature , coming within my age
My early recollections carve out my frame
Can I be some enigma ,dancing to a tune
My soul is so reverent that even I think of myself as a buffoon 
Oh please help me when I'm stranded sitting at the curb
I wish that I was so adept that even I could make the turn
Jesus was a savior,or so they say
Where is he when you need him ,even with his sway
God I want your magic give it to me in spades 
Return me to nature that is one wish i pray 
I just want a simple life even if its just one day

Copyright © Christopher Remele | Year Posted 2015

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mother and son

Pride, Joy, unconditional love, football, hockey, baseball games, these are a few things that went through my head, when I realized I was having a son.

Watching my tummy grow, feeling you do flips, kicking me endlessly in my ribs, my goodness, I guess I shouldn't have eaten that spicy food after all but mom has to eat.

Hearing your heartbeat the first time brought tears to my eyes,  knowing you were healthy, was all I needed to know. Finally on July 28th of 98, I got to meet you, my newborn son. Surprised by your big blue eyes, you were a beautiful sight. I had to catch my breath, when I found out your birth weight, all ten pounds, nine ounces and 22,inches long, My God what did I eat?

The first one to hold you was your proud dad, he had love in his eyes, his life in his arms, He helped give you your very first bath. An instant connection he felt, forever it will last.

My bond between a mother and son is like nothing else,  my favorite time was when I was feeding you, with you feeding off my breast. My precious son Joshua, a young manyou are becoming, forever you have my heart.

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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Are you listening

Are you listening to the sounds of nature around you?
Are you really trying to picture what you hear?
Are you listening to what could calm your fears?

Are you listening to what mother natures providing you?
Tell me please what you hear, is it the birds singing, wager running near?
Is it a monarch butterfly gently flapping its beautiful.wings?
These are some of the most natural, yet unforseen beautiful things.

Are you truly listening with all your senses? Let go, of the noise around your mind,
And let in the calming, peaceful bliss that can only be gentle and kind,
Nature is always here, waiting for you to have a seat, so grab a tissue, and prepare,
To be nurtured, heard, and to truly unwind, because you are worth helping,
and you can let go of your worries, troubles, let those built up tears freely flow,
Because you are truly taking the time to listen, and mother nature is here,
To hold your hand, and be your friend, so unwind and lay down in the pasture of fresh flowers, please let go of your hurting soul, its o.k, we love you, mother nature is ready to listen, so open up your heart, and fill the empty river with your healing tears.. 

Copyright © Jennifer Donnay | Year Posted 2015

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He knows your name

He knows how He made you 
He knows the thought He put in you
What you are thinking is came from Him
He made your heart and controls your heart beat
He made your desires; leads your movement
He vigils upon your life, you are His creation 
Do not worry about what you fear or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He created you to live not to die
He made you to win not to loose
He formed you from the vase of wealth and health
I made you as channel of love and peace
All in this earth made for your achievement
All around you is made to sustain your accomplishment
Do not worry about what you see or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He made the waters to quench your thirst 
He made the air to breath in your soul
He made all kinds of aliments to feed your hunger
From the day you came, the air was at your side to breath
The earth will always carry your steps as long as you live
The stone and trees will walk with you in this journey 
Do not worry about what you miss or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

He has a task for each one of your days on the earth
Your life is designed according to your calling
Pain and joy work for your vision
Suffering and glory work for your greatness
Failure and success work for your righteousness
He made each day a step to your destiny
Do not worry about what you doubt or hear
Remember what I say, that He knows your name

Copyright © ISAAC KINZAMBI | Year Posted 2016

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Call of the World

See a man lay down his head
With a bottle of whiskey, wishing he was dead
Never had the courage but always the need
He lived in a world where he could not succeed
How dare the world judge him, how dare they blame
When they know they make all mistakes the same
How dare they call him a failure and a fool
When you are your greed's own tool
He admitted his mistakes
Baptized in these great lakes
Born anew but not forgiven
By the world in which he was livin'
He lived in a world where he could not be
Everything he had dreamed, look with your own eyes and see
A man broken
A man chokin'
Look what you have done
Look what he's become
It's your fault, the man I once knew is gone
Just like another dawn

Copyright © Jay Eddy | Year Posted 2016

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people are not Filipinos and Moros.
They're Mindanaons and Sulus.
Now they are being hid by two levels:
Filipinos and Moros.
The old names would be buried
forever if not rescued.

Copyright © Neldy Jolo | Year Posted 2015

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We'll See You Again

It's hard to think
this has happened
and I can't believe he is gone
But I know one thing for certain
my dad has made it home
he's gone where he will never see
another teardrop fall
But I know that
I'll see dad again
and it won't be very long
Oh and dad
I'll soon be there
standing by your side
you're there in gloryland
where are you now reside
in heavens beautiful city
that's been prepared by the lamb
dad you won't have to wait too long
for your family will join you at home
and we'll see you again
although I know
that he's in heaven
still I miss him
Right here at home
for you see
I loved him so
and my heart is yearning
to be where he has gone
but where he is
he will never say goodbye
that's why I know
I'll see dad again
whensies this splits
those Eastern Skies
This poem/song was written in memory of my late father who went on to be with the Lord April 3rd 1995 if you have a loved one in heaven may the words of this poem/song encourage your heart

Copyright © Sammy Lykens | Year Posted 2016

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My eyes gaze upon the beauty of anger
and my stomach dances to the sound of silence.
the testimony of your cruelty resounds as a banger
thrown from my neighbors fence
as i perceive the aroma of wicked of food.

Can you be any lenient?
You have made yourself a tenant
in my once cheerful face.
You kissed my head and my stomach you embrace.

My mouth is mute
yet filled with words.
How i wish my words to eat,
cos it present itself in many plates.

I can feel my intestines
raising up its hands
in plea of your mercy.
I have never been so weary of my yawns.

It is one, no three, ok two,
i think am having impaired vision,
all thanks to you
with your terrible mission.

Copyright © victor okechukwu | Year Posted 2016

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Backwoods Delirium

Hang yourself from that family tree, cut it down build a coffin for you and me. I ain’t got time for that threshin’ floor.  Not the first time I’ve felt the inside of a warm body cavity and understood. Stretch the flesh, and visions told. Prophesies rot within bleached skulls. The sun knows no mercy for its decimation.  I ain’t got time for that threshin’ floor. Drag my belly across that killin’ floor, Welcome lil’ girl this slow death we call life.                                                             
Well the fiend’s they cometh from deep within the woods.  Filth, filth… divine visions. We’re ganna Bleed upon clover. Consumed by Clouded thoughts, numb tongued with a haunted stare. Moonstruck, finger tips meet broken flesh. Survival, it is a killer. We got Graves without faces and we’re cursed to wander as the sun burns a hole in the sky... Carve me a smile,we got  Bones in a pile. What we do in them woods is holy.  O’ it feels so good to be washed from sin, that blood of lamb tastes divine. My sweet sweet lord, he’s up above. 
It’s a nightmare made flesh kinda’ Sunday.   Gatta’ love that velvety God flesh in your mouth.  ...And her womb spews forth blasphemy, and her lips uttered deceit.  Black alter. The trail of dead ends at your doorstep, the stream of blood rests at your feet.

Copyright © Pauly Plaster J.R. | Year Posted 2014

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Forlorn and War Torn

He trained every day,
And took not for granted, 
The way his lethal blade
Sliced and Slanted.
Protecting himself 
was all that he knew,
Aside from the blood 
that his sword drew.
He'd go from sunrise 
'till the moon hit his eyes,
But felt no remorse, 
for everyone dies.
His honor was gold 
and his focus was old,
Like a man who's life 
needed to be told.
He fought for himself, 
and his family tree,
He never thought once 
about mortality.
But the pain in his eyes, 
one night did arise,
When he saw his villages 
flaming demise.
He opened his hut, 
then slammed it back shut,
When he saw his loved ones 
strewn out guts.
He vowed for revenge 
in the pale moonlight,
He swore for his ancestors, 
he would do right.
He raised his blade, 
and removed his own face,
Then clotted the blood 
with the embers ablaze.
He rose from the ashes,
With hate in his eyes,
The blood of his loved,
His means to baptize.
He set out on horseback,
For hours he'd ride,
Pushing out flashbacks
For pain to subside.
He finally reached 
The camp of his foes,
He waited outside,
With both his eyes closed.
He Bowed his head,
Following his plan,
He aimed at his stomach,
With sword in hand.
The first guard to see
Walked right up to him,
But the night was so dim,
He saw just a flash
As the silver passed,
Slicing the guard
Cleanly in half.
The samurai rose,
Like a phoenix from flame,
To bring honor back 
to his family name.
He snuck through the tents
Of the encampment,
Slaying who slept,
Smiling as he went.
When he got to the end,
Saving best for last,
He skinned their captain 
And fashioned a mask. 
He looked at it long,
Before he stitched it on,
And by break of dawn
His mind was long gone. 

Copyright © Bo Vigoren | Year Posted 2016

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The Battle for all ages

One by one those behind the catchphrase
"an end to discrimination"
Took away freedom of association,
Freedom of choice,
The freedom to form groups with any rules that,
Might seem to exclude anyone at all,
Including the totally boring or the repetitive prankster.

Club after club were forced to give up on all their traditional ways,
Until there was only one club left holding out on
Their long held beliefs and traditions,
One club left that was prepared to challenge those who would,
Shut them down,
This oh so cosy little group,
Who were proud of their exclusiveness.

Wise heads within the club met with those who would shut them down,
To point out that they allowed women in the club,
They allowed men in the club, 
They allowed people of every political persuasion in the club,
They allowed people who were bald in the club, 
Those who were short and those who were tall were welcome in the club
People of every colour and nationality and sexuality could join,
But the rule to be on a waiting list would stand.
The answer came back in a letter,
Stating that the rule was discriminatory and they had 10 days to comply
Or be disbanded.

Came the last day to change their mind,
Their ranks unbroken,
Their resolve unquestioned,
Everyone feeling they had earned the right to be there.
They would not budge,
The ruling they would defy,
They would fight to the end,
One and all.
And they did.

They did them selves proud,
They battled for three long weeks,
Using anything and everything at hand,
And when about to be overwhelmed they used their weapon of last resort,
Their dreaded stink bomb so those who were the eldest,
Could escape and start another exclusive club,
And this time people would have to wait until they were over seventy to join.

Word of this development got back to the authorities,
An emergency meeting was called,
And an amendment was proposede by those present who were in their fifties,
To re-establish the over sixties club,
With the waiting period allowed.
And they could keep their moto "age has its privileges"

And everybody lived happily ever after.

Copyright © David Smith | Year Posted 2017