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Working in The Hospice

To Work In A Hospice Just Be There and Care.

Bring yourself, It's all that you have and it's real,
Everyone needs to be understood and to feel.

Treat others in the way you want to be,
Hear what's unspoken, listen for the key.
Encourage folk to say what they need,
Remember your limits , try not to exceed.
Every time you give, someone receives.

Allow yourself feelings, You are not perfect,
Never share outside except with the staff elect,
Dying is a lonely journey, let your care be your gift.

Care and love, let yours show,
Anxieties of your own, just let the staff know.
Recall happy memories, folk like that a lot,
Empathy's good but sympathy's not.

A way to remember the rules of engagement in The Hospice.

©  Dave Timperley. October 30th 2014

Copyright © Dave Timperley | Year Posted 2014

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A Deluge Comes

Almost all of us will face -at one time or another -

Dire circumstances dragging us into a deluge of misery.
Eluding woe is not an easy thing to do.
Less so for those quite disabled or born into extreme poverty.
Unless we are unusually lucky, 
Grief will come and often as a gush
Engulfing us. Enduring pain is mankind’s destiny.

Curtailing pain and sorrow, however, is 
Our ultimate boon.
Multitudes of us each day see misfortune come our way.
Entirely expelling it is not God’s plan.
Surviving well, with faith and positivity, we learn empathy; we grow!

Written Sept. 1, 2016 For "A Deluge" Contest of Julia Ward

Copyright © Andrea Dietrich | Year Posted 2016

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Love is Hard to Find

Love surrounds us…though people take it for granite
Oh, but we’re unaware of it! We’re ignorant of it at times of tribulation
Vibrant, vermillion roses float in the swaying wind, like feathers, passing me by with a smile and a friendly wave
Everyone is embracing hate instead of love, embracing havoc instead of peace – WHERE IS THE LOVE? 

I am longing to feel like I belong! The church bells repeats its penitent bells 
Saddened by the fact that I’m trapped in my comfort zone of callous night…I want to be unchained from this solitary cave…but no angels tread the road that I’m currently on unfortunately

Hate rips my heart apart and throws it in the heartless fire…love is invisible like a caved in treasure
Ashamed because I always wanted to find avarice-devouring love, restoring joy to my absent-of-vanity verse
Rain descends like the sunset as my spirit ascends like the sunrise above the disconsolate clouds
Drenched in heartfelt relief…of experiencing love on another level – I’ll bring back to life my faith towards You once more

Tattered by heart’s wistful thumping…replace my heart with beauty’s caress and harmony, for I’m desperately in need of a savior
Owned by hatred, the monster that appears in my nightmares, the vile leader of rancorous wolves…

Fly away from the darkness that made you drink in desolation and devastation
Isolated by bliss and joy – overflowing with lamentation 
Never able to find a mixture of serenity and exaltation…maybe I’ll find it in the forest’s quietude
Destined to unlock my heart’s desire…however, love is hard to find, for I’m a hopeless, romantic boy, foolish in love and frankly…blind!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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Could I not see such ugly drawn out choices.

Hollow I feel such nothing for people it is fear that feeds me.

Alone in this forsaken world with nothing to accept.

Order is such pain that it is nothing but chains.

Souls that bare nothing but lost cause to confusion is such utter mistakes.

Copyright © Reynaldo Mast | Year Posted 2013

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Reflections: Midlife Crisis

P     aranoia permeates, etching itself into your fractured face,
A     cacophony of constant pressure; life remains a stressful race,
N     othing to hope for, no positives like promotion in the workplace,
I      nability to love, relationships lift anchor and set sail without chase,
C     hildren crushing dreams under mortgages; age grows with disgrace

Copyright © Dan Keir | Year Posted 2013

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Nelson Mandela

Many born will choose paths in search of glory and fame               

And after the dust has settled, not much value remains

Nelson “chose” with open eyes and a passion-filled heart        

Despite physical pain and degradation, love kept his soul apart

Evil, he shunned when it would've been easy to embrace

Love, he championed throughout the marathon race

And now at last, peacefully, touched the finish line!

Note: In Honor of Nelson Mandela 7/18/18 - 12/5/13 +RIP

Copyright © Annalise Brigham...a.k.a. Audrey Haick | Year Posted 2013

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The Message

I'm not the greatest of all-times, but when I'm done, I'll be an all time great in this lifetime of mine Like the late great who came before my time I will breed a new lifeline, that will breathe life like march of dimes My story lines, will bring truth life; like troops who fight Overseas, for rights of those who believe that death is life Now that ain't right! As the rich is getting richer, eating fillet me-non, while we barely feeding our appetite Night after night Survival has waged a war that gave us no choice but to battle and fight Although, we'll be all right They say we a dying breed, but that ain't right Instead we're the light to a lying greed That will enlighten life to a brand new seed A man of God indeed Freed from the Son that bleeds Like the summer breeze He's the sum that equals the amount of air I breathe The air that please A satisfaction like the birds and the bees My word's words are the keys That will fornicate with the mind and give birth to a seed A seed of social change, that'll change our social economy So shall our comradery That will bring comfort to a struggling society A synonym...similar to a civilization seeking for unity Unifying the physics of theory That seeks to explain the synopsis of a dying philosophy Similar to the Cosby X-cept my scrip-tic will speak more about our reality Like life's calamity And everything else in life that's destroying us systematically However, I've discovered a system That can mathematically destroy ignorancy And turn our state of mind intellectually I elect that He (God) selects me to be And be that man who may lead this community So that they (My Peoples) may commute with me En-route to a destination, destine towards our destiny Like we were destine to be We were meant to be "Great" like the late great that came before we. Because we are... The reflection where perfection gave birth to the definition of greatness Where great means Competent, Skilled, Well Informed, and Tremendous Our potentials are endless And only we not even the enemy can put an end to this So it's time we put a stop to this The biggest enemy of self And that's envy and jelousness Cause after this is Heaven or Hell and that's all there is A promised made sealed with a kiss Knowing this Is the next best thing since "In the beginning" In the first chapter of the first verse in Genesis!

Copyright © Ajalon Michael Zarate | Year Posted 2013

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Fear of Terrorism

Fear of Terrorism

T raumatized tortured tumultuous feelings of trepidation
E ncapsulating effervescing emotions everywhere eventually
R esponding rapidly to ruthless and relentless repetition of
R evelations of  revolutionaries remorseless rapaciousness
O bstreperously obliterating outrageously the innocent
R etributions replicate as ramifications remonstrate
I nsurrection insidiously intensifies as ideologies immortalize
S trategically surreptitiously suffocating silently sons sanity
M ankind muses meticulously as methodologies morph into misery

John Derek Hamilton
March 24,2016

Copyright © John Hamilton | Year Posted 2016

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To the Victims of Violence

People sharing life together
Every country, every land
All of us are in this together
Created for goodness and love
Every life is precious

Only fear can cause this kind of evil
Nothing good comes from suffering on this scale

Every person: man, woman, and child 
All through the wide world should be able to 
Remember a time without violence or pain
Truly knowing what it means to be safe
Heaven knows it is long overdue.

Copyright © Michael Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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Who Am I

Who am I?
Question indeed!

  W-eaned from tender 
age,in noble family of ten.
  H-urt by the demise of 
the tube that brought 
me into this theater of 
struggles and pains.
  O-rdered about by the 
whimps of this 
world,facing the hurdles 
of life daily from 
cradle,never giving up 
  A-fine young man of 28 
I am,who has the 
experience and wisdom 
of the aged.
  M-astering the arts of 
life-learning from lessons 
of life's victims and 
didactic poems 'cos man 
of fame I intend to be for 
I bear the name Bob.

  I-lost my poetic gift at a 
stage but recovered it in 
poetrysoup for invisible 
entities say a 
lesser being I shall be,but 
another encourages me 
to move on,for great is 
one who comes out of 
the shackles of life 
undeterred for this is who 
I am.

Name: Ifeanyi Bob 

Copyright © Ifeanyi Bob Ekechukwu | Year Posted 2013

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P ain   devastation engraved on townsfolk’s faces
A s  vile earthquake raked homes, claimed lives;
N othing but trauma lashed  this chaotic scene
D eaths numbering ten, forty, and hundreds rose as
E mergency  aid  dragged from crushed infrastructure.
M inutes after, a city once rich endured shock-waves
O f confusion, famine and loss... each groan unbearable;
N ameless bones piled under rocks of torment… O children 
I n a stupor, looked for their mothers     freezing, pining,
U naware of a 7.2  grill  flattening a paradise to the ground…
M isery! Misery only nature can tell, but she answered not.

John Hamilton's Pandemonium Contest

~ The 2013 Bohol earthquake in the Philippines was one of the
fiercest disasters  to hit the country since 1990. Famous landmarks
and attractions were destroyed, with 671,103 families affected. ~

Copyright © nette onclaud | Year Posted 2016

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T he
H eist of humanity has begun
E clipsing the pain of 

I rresponsibility fever
N ecessities denied
D angerous 
I mpossible personalities
G uilty of
N eurotic 
A ggravation 
T oward human existence
I n the mean while indecent
O bservations saw
N ormal human behavior morph into

P eople poking
A t pride 
R esembling 
A nother God
D own DEEP inside

Copyright © VAL BROOKLYN Rogers BLK PANTHER | Year Posted 2015

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Grief - Repost


Repost for the Short Acrostic contest.

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2016

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Dead Baby

Dying more than ever before
Every time I miss you more
A first child that wasn’t born
Dead, now all I do is mourn

Baby only four months old
A treasure I never got to hold
Big hole in my heart tonight
Yelling “Why didn’t you hold me tight?”

Copyright © Julie Alcin | Year Posted 2013

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"Taken, all is taken",she cried.
Assuming there was a theft I looked all around and
Kindly said that everything seemed in place.
"Everything that can be regained is not taken",Said she."Taken is
Nothing but the loss of dear ones close to your heart."

Copyright © sadaf syed | Year Posted 2013

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Strange dreams blend with reality. A true
Compliments toward rejection. 
Haunted by
Irrational voices;
Outrageously tortured. Presents
Paranoid delusions, as well as
Hallucinations. Then, consciousness;
Run, seceded. Became
Extremely dried. So
Noticeable and rapid. 
Ironic, yet dramatic.
A pure self-imposed isolation.

Copyright © Shirley Candy | Year Posted 2013

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Frozen Petal

There you go
Making me fear the person I am
Trying to put me down
My bond to you is stronger than I thought
I love and hate you
Not for the unforgivable things you’ve done
But for putting me in that position
Where believing in myself
Is so far out of context
That I hate who I am so completely
For me to get better I need you more than ever
To just be who your supposed to be to the person who I am

Copyright © Apolo Amai | Year Posted 2013

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P roblems there are so many for everyone 
R ealize and accept that this is life 
O bviously we all have them sometimes 
B elive that you can manage them all 
L et no trials and problems steal your joy 
E ndure them and have Faith,Hope and Trust 
M anage your problems and just trust God 
S mall or big problems won't last,hand them all to God each time 

Dorian Petersen Potter 
aka ladydp2000 


Copyright © Dorian Petersen Potter | Year Posted 2015

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Rest InPeace Regan

Rest in peace my charming friend; lo your body is now asleep but you spirit remains with us always. With our constant lively action, everything seems much more still without you here, but we shall remember and cherish you as you were-fun loving and full of life. You lit up the world around you just a little bit more with your perky attitude and bright smile.
Evening twinkles a little bit brighter with a newly gained star. A special one-of-a-kind treasure with your light of burning passion smiling down upon us as you await our arrival
Softly we hum to your memory; as we blissfully play back in our minds all the times we had with you.
Time was cruel, taking you at early twenty-one years, but we took what we could-what we were given and made the best of everything we had. Cherishing every moment and enjoying you and your hilarious antics

Invaluable you were to everyone who met you and knew you. You were an amazing person and wonderful friend who always stood by everyone’s side and helped those who needed it. Knowing how full of life you always were, it’s hard to believe that you are now parted from this life. I still see you with that glorious smile upon your face filling your eyes with a deviously mischievous twinkle…
Never did I imagine I’d be having to say my final farewell so soon; the way you were burns in my mind as I whisper my love and goodbyes to you one last time...


Rest in sweet peace my dear friend; never will you ever be forgotten- Forever engrained in our minds your legacy will continue one for years to come…
Early morning reality strikes its cold, hard chord as sudden sadness as despair finally sinks in… you have been removed from this broken world where we mourn your loss; the pain hitting each person deeper than the one previous
Goodbye my adventurous dream, the spark of memories hold together the shattering pieces of my cracked heart that sorrow threatens to crush in the grips of its mighty claws tightly surrounding my aching, bleeding heart…
Angels rejoice as they gather you in hugs and welcome your coming, leading you to your place beside our lord, residing with him as you patiently await the rest of us to join you
Nostalgically I smile and watch as you fade into my dreams; I will never forget you my friend, remember me as we wait to see each other once more…

Regan Steel; friend, brother, and more...
October 28, 1991- July 15, 2013

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2013

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To Michael Jackson I say rest in peace

T ribute to Michael Jackson
O ! Your work is immortal in our hearts

M ind blowing songs and touching lyrics
I ntellectuals are still amazed by hidden treasures
C oncealed in his wondrous works
H ymns of love and humanitarian was his message
A ggravated by heartfelt pain of the poor though his was rich
E nd of his journey prompt Nelson Mandela to speak 
L iken him as a “close member of his family” 

J ealous does not pay but a loving heart yields good results
A cts of love were visible throughout his life
C aring attitude seen in his lyrics and in his songs, he was 
K nowledgeable with the world calamities
S o he wrote "heal the world"
O h no! How can I forget "Man in the mirror"
N othing compared to his dance moves

I nnovation around his choreography made him popular

S inging made him a world icon
A mongst many he was king of pop
Y ears invested perfecting his craft

R ewarded him greatly
E very minute of it paid off
S ounds he produced over the years is
T imeless

I n my heart I'm convinced that
N o one will ever match his caliber

P eople's person
E ver smiling
A dmired by millions around the globe
C aring and he did all he could to
E nrich people's lives.

Copyright © Bongani Zungu | Year Posted 2015

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Mamas Fault

Mama’s Fault
Abortion and Baby Dumping

The umbilical cord you eliminated before my existence
You conceived concealed the gift from its creation
Deceived and destroyed the destiny that was given to the world
Now you asking me, what gives you sleepless night
Don’t be a hypocrite you have been swallowing your own vomit
No-wait we all are at fault because we allowed this to happen in homes and society 

Sexually sensitive and spiritually sick
 Why open for sexual pleasure and reject responsibility and accountability
The blood of the innocent crying from the ground-souls we have all murdered 
    Turning girls into holes, dumping babies, chasing pleasure that is under world delusion
Heart full of evil while lips speak love-drinking blood by killing offspring 
Outward beauty while mentally incapacitated-lawlessness life, it’s the life they chose
Feeding on lies, faded in freedom, self-will in pleasure, decaying society

While government set the veil – system collapsed and still won’t acknowledge
Sick of psychologists, spiritually blind and morally corrupt-saying do thus at will
Policy is just logic, written words, practically off, wishing the problem is all in their head
Church turned in a business place, wicked theology exploiting the poor-in it for self
While evil and corruption take over the nation – God is the manager allowing evil
Hearts divorced from truth – these painted priests and pastors got real saints misunderstood 
  Annunciation by media, misleading the nuns, church-good girl lost in lust as love 

I feel sorrow in soul, remaining breathless each day
40 babies dumped per month – I wonder how many are aborted 
I know your soul is turning cold – knowing all the babies you have aborted and dumped
I know you have excuses just like any other person – no, yes I sympathize with your evil deeds
Heart concealed in subconscious of blood – mind covered by deception of unwanted babies 

Copyright © Anthony Ngabwe | Year Posted 2015

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Bad Chioces

Life choices have left me struggling and alone,  
Always searching for a place to call  home.
Resentful of others who have what I don't
Under depression's spell, I was more like a drone,
Apprehensively surviving in my world unknown.

Losing my loved ones in various ways
Empty inside, just sleeping for days.
Exhausted by sadness, tears won't go away.

Hopelessly lost on this road filled with strife
Unwilling to listen or take anyone's advise
Reality comes back and slapped me twice
Selfishness can do things that aren't too nice.
Too many bad choices with a really high price. 

Copyright © Laura Hurst | Year Posted 2015

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From darkness to light

From darkness to light?

Vigilante; the hero in a mask I use as my daily improv.
I, inanimate to my true self, the once high demon Retiarii
Liltingly I glide through the massive crowd unseen like Enlil. 
Lulling all sense of alarm, dismissing all dismay, leaving nil ill.
A plea still beckons my devil inside to display hell in the arena;
I remain silent; though I know evil cannot be concealed by a mini alibi  
None can see my true form; I will not have my holiness woven in vain.


Acrostic poem 
 Villain can be found 4 times 

 First letter in each line 

 Last letter in each line 

 First line first letter
 Second line second letter 
 Third line third letter 
 Fourth line fourth letter 
 Fifth line fifth letter 
 Sixth line sixth letter 
 Seventh line seventh letter 

 First line last letter
 Second line second to last  letter 
 Third line third to last letter 
 Fourth line fourth to last letter 
 Fifth line fifth to last letter 
 Sixth line sixth to last letter 
 Seventh line seventh to last letter

Copyright © Joshua Torres | Year Posted 2015

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Forever in your eyes

Forgotten moments,lay buried in the past.
Only memories of your love will forever last,
Remembering painfully your very last day.
Every inch of me was willing you to stay.
Vast mountains with you I had bravely climbed.
Each second we spent together was so sublime,
Running my fingers through your thick dark hair.

Into my heart you took root my emotions laid bare.
Never did I ever imagine you wouldn't always be there.

You and only you held the lone key to my heart,
One day my darling two pieces will be one part.
United always and forever never again torn apart.
Restless nights I spend consumed with such despair,

Endless days tormented as one last kiss we never got to share
You where sadly taken, Way to soon, to heaven above,
Eventually I will stand proudly by your side again my love.
Spending eternity existing, forever in your eyes.

Forever in your eyes contest 20/7/16

Copyright © linda williams | Year Posted 2016

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Feeling Again

Feelings that were dead, and forgotten are being resurrected.
 Things I never thought possible are becoming reality.
 The hallow feeling I felt is disappering, almost as if a dream.
 New and exciting is true, comfortable and real too. 
I lay awake reveling in this bed of mine, wondering when my time would come.
 Feelings that were lost and dead thought to be gone, are now growing.

Copyright © Andrea Paczkowski | Year Posted 2013

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Case unlocked
Lone Ranger came out in theatres
Awesome! Johnny Depp is so brilliant and wicked!
Painstaking regrets shown on stage
Pangs of depression cling to me like the Pirates of the Caribbean monkey 
Iris turns blue...the pupils of many decrease in size
Never felt so much pride and happiness 
Grasp vast grace

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2013

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The love I made for you

 Through my thoughts I created you
 Out of you came love running for peace
 Love so sweet it turn red like roses
 Though the love couldn’t exist alone
 Out of you I emerge as a king to your palace
 I came when the moon showed it bosom to the sea
 Together the love grew like a flower on fertile soil 

When our love matured feelings were born
 A feeling that change my thoughts as chameleon change its colors
 When my thought got exhausted with happiness falling like stars
 The heart took control of me and you
 A heart so pure yet never hurt before

When the heart was hurt darkness took control
 From darkness grief seize the motions crafted with pain
 Out of grief hate emerge with the fury of a tyrant devil 
 But hate grew old and I only saw you and I walking towards emotions
 Emotions caught on the deep light of the glowing sun
 i wanted to run to the mines and dig a gold for you
 Yours only that none has touched and felt its beauty 
 except you and i.

from my old poem that I just want to give it life that it deserve.

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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LoVe HuRtS

Love could be pure beauty... Love could be a temporary high with an awful hangover...I can't deny that I loved you to the extreme - that changed so suddenly 
Opting out on love affairs, I don't need another heart break...I don't wanna damage my self-esteem again...I don't wanna waste away...fade away, negativity - vanish from my sight for good! 
Vivid images bleed through my cranium achingly and repeats like a broken record, playing out of the blue at the dead of's projecting horror on another level...stop haunting me - there's a demon, chanting curses in my me a load of dread! I toil in my anguish! Remorseful tragedy taints my heart with blistering blasphemy! 
Elevate me with your awesome Works and Wonders...oh Lord! Why does this burn burn on like a wild imagination is blazin' aflame & I'm hurting with distasteful shame brewing inside of my woeful, hopeless heart! Things will never be the same again!!

Hang me up like a hanger in the cell-like closet in your bedroom... It feels so cold in this chamber of solitude and mystifying abyss - don't forget me in the clusters of the hangers; I wouldn't mind holding on to your beloved attires/garments with pensive patience...I wait keenly for your return!
Up and away, I float like a rainbow air balloon...I ascend like the airplane, taking a fantastic flight! I'm feeling this terrific, natural, good-vibes-down-my-spine high...I'm a shade of orange and gold! No longer a shade of blue and gray! Do I belong somewhere sacred...somewhere special...somewhere surreal in your heart? Let's make a love oath & promise me you will stay faithful to our vitality-vibrant vow
Risking my life for my loved ones... Love hurts - please fall in love when you feel ready and when you feel mature enough to handle a bittersweet may be a box of chocolates at first, but then it can ruin you like a monsoon! Be vigilant and let your heart be in vain at all!! Love hurts especially when someone rejects your affection towards them - it makes me feel rather jaded and distressed - you sink fast and collapse on the ocean floor like the Titanic; my heart breaks like that once triumphant, robust ship 
Thank you for all the miracles you've bestowed upon the Earth and I of course! I give it my best to express my gratefulness towards Your divine, glorious character! Thanks a billion for allowing me to have gifts and talents - I like to show it off with Humility & confidence all the same! 
Sure... Go ahead and call me an insane moron, a dense fool or whatever you wanna call me! Don't make me have hurt feelings or don't insult me too much - in a sensitive guy with an innocent heart crafted by God's healing felt good at dome point in my life! I was young and free back then, but I took love lightly and I'm a ludicrous boy...a naughty man in love with a crazy, jubilant woman! That's quite odd - I thought love hurts, however, my opinion have been turned down by young couples all around the world (their relationship worked out perfectly) and I haven't looked on the brighter side of love...I was destined to be single and alone for life! I've lost all of my chances & my time was wasted on plastic, envious love! Ugh!

Copyright © JW Earnings | Year Posted 2014

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The Flames of Grief



For the Acrostic contest.

Copyright © Barbara Gorelick | Year Posted 2010

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G~rief gobbles up happiness
R~emoves gladness, swallows whole
I~nternal agony lingers
E~very second despair weeps
F~orever engrained 'pon heart  

Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan
Contest: Grief
Written: September 28, 2013

Copyright © Sara Kendrick | Year Posted 2013