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Birthday Girl

Birthdays are a bitch
I don't want to get old that's true.
Rows of wrinkles like a shar pei
Thinning hair looking sort of blue.
Heart and Hearing not as they once were
Droopy boobs like udders on a cow,
All your joints are wearing out
Your hips and knees are new ones now..

Going to the loo is a timely nuisance
In your bladder you no more trust. 
Remembering to note the toilet areas
Liners in your panties are a must .

Penned 27 August 2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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I once knew this girl
who had no face at all.
Everytime she smiled
her world would start to fall.

She learned to hide
She learned to hate
She lost her hope
She lost her faith

The girl I thought I knew so well
Became my enemy.
The girl I thought I knew so well 
was no stranger, it was me.

Shaiteria Alicia Williams 
Copyright ©2007  Shaiteria  Alicia Williams 

Copyright © Shaiteria Williams | Year Posted 2007

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( Poet Destroyer-our dearest PD) Loveliest and greatest poet, sis and friend of mine in poetry site, Loved so much by everybody, I’m shouting this with all my might; Let’s make October 7 a very special day again for her this year, Let this poem of mine heralds the biggest party, I loudly cheer! In this home and family of ours, now extended… big and so happy, If she isn’t around, everybody is lonely without her and her stellar poetry, I’m making this day the most memorable and happiest moment as can be, In this world, she’s one of our most precious gifts from God, the Almighty. North to east, east to west- -in both primary and secondary directions, Never miss this moment… let’s all dance and sing in her grand celebration, Now sending all my loving wishes as she blows out candles on her birthday cake, Never fading love, joy, health, blessings and more best wishes, she’ll take. Dearest sis, friend of mine and greatest poet of everybody, Day ‘til night… every moment I whisper special prayers for you so dearly; Drop all your loneliness and keep in mind that everybody cares so much and love, Dream of yours will be fulfilled for I know you’re blessed from above. An exceptional poet who never ceases to amaze us, A unicorn lover dazzling us with her unique and stupendous writes; A queen and muse of both poets and Librans, so brilliant and so smart, A very beautiful celebrity deserving great adulation, here’s our huge sweetest hugs. Sept. 22, 2013 7.15pm HER BIRTHDAY: OCTOBER 7, 2013 (Now, Monday here & Tuesday in US)
HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST POET SIS & FRIEND LINDA. I LOVINGLY WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS, GRACES, BLESSINGS , GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LUCK & PROSPERITY AND ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAT LIFE EVERYHOLD TODAY AND THE YEARS TO COME! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY/ LOVE ONES! Notes: 1. This birthday poem was posted ahead of time on my special blog for our very dear Linda because I was worried that I can't post a blog anymore due to the expiration of my pm before her b-dday. I supposed to post both this poem & the blog on the 7th. 2. The above special birthday poem is called ACQUAINT FORM/Leo form. ;)))))An acquaint form is my newly experimented form of poem combining 3 forms: an acrostic, quatrain form ( stanza with 4 lines) and a quintain english ( with rhyme having no set of measures or foot) ;))))))). Proven & tested to be one special form in my mini-poetry lab.;))) This is my give- away sharing to u for enjoying my birthday poem & special blog for her & also for your greetings to all Librans. I hope you will enjoy! Thank you so much! First Place Contest: Birthday Girl Judged: 10/7/2013 Sponsor: My greatest poet, PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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Gorgeous baby girl, all dressed in pink,
Rosy little cheeks and the cutest of blinks.
All of your wishes we will make come true,
No one will ever hurt you or make you feel blue.
Dainty little princess with the cute little nose,
Darling little ears fingers and toes.
Angelic little lady, believe this is true,
Undying love, we will always give you.
Gently rocking you when you make a peep,
Holding you close, until you fall asleep,
Taking away any tears that you might weep.
Even when your being a little bit loud,
Remember sweet little granddaughter, we will be proud.

Written as a gift for my sister to welcome her first granddaughter :)

Copyright © linda williams | Year Posted 2016

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Little mysterious girl

Something about her smile, the way it lights up her face
A quiet way about her; she treasures her personal space:
Reminds me of myself way, way back when 
A quiet one, all the while knowing, knowing women and men:
Her quiet observations, her inner mystery will not be solved easily

Copyright © Danitra David | Year Posted 2014

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Five Sweet Letters for the BIRTHDAY GIRL

L  egendary is her poetic soul
I   nvincible in reaching her goal
N  aughty, but she can also be nice
D  aring, with not a thought to the price
A  mbitious, she will climb to the heights

Linda…she shines in all that she writes!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS...Linda, HAPPY BIRTHTDAY!!!!! I wish you all the best!!! May God bless and keep you. I've so come to appreciate you during my time here. You are strong, smart, you speak your mind, you know what you want, you know how to get it, and you are fearless. Qualities I love in a woman! Also, you know how to be caring and tender when the need arises. You are a TITAN of Poetry Soup. Your name says it all. Divide and conquer. Sending you hugs on your special special day! :)

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Nutty hazelnuts churned smooth 
Unbelievable taste, yummy-licious and scrumptious
Truth be told she uses it to do art therapy on her mama's bed covers 
Ellie is a cutie, smart as a whip, but heh, a little naughty 
Lovable little imp has a sweet tooth, and a winning smile to boot 
Lately she's been getting very cheeky, asking for more lella 
And as a mom what can you do, lella it is for Ellie, 



Copyright © Mystic Rose | Year Posted 2015

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Does Henrietta know

how every new roaming is ever true to adventurers?

Copyright © Michael Dom | Year Posted 2013

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Dandelion Wishes

Dancing through a field of awakening childhood dreams
Anticipating summer days, life bursting at the seams
Nature calls a shy, young girl outdoors to explore
Dandelion heads of vibrant gold, beauty she cannot ignore
Eager to wish upon the wind, she picks a bunch to blow
Laughing as she chases fluff, seeds search for soil to grow
I remember that young girl and all she dared to wish
Often I slip back in time, soft memories I embellish
Never again have I felt that young, hopeful and free

Waiting for my tomorrows and life's possibilities
I could wrap myself awhile in ornate dandelion dreams
Savoring memories made in the summer sun's golden beams
Happiness danced along with me and petals in the wind
Each time I see dandelions, the joy returns like an old friend
Someday, perhaps I'll pick a bunch and chase childhood wishes again

Copyright © Rhonda Johnson-Saunders | Year Posted 2012

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Once Upon A Whole New World

Obstructing the Time's line-of-sight recoiling abruptly,
neither a fallen hand-held folder nor a glance stolen away,
counterfeiting emotional disturbance but sounds to mastery,
executive officers waiting for the day-to-day updated reports.

Unloading Time's viscous cycle of exhaust onto the couch,
painless worthy of note-taking task reminder, a lost love,
overcoming the abdominal centre of gravity umbrella to grasp,
night's vivid persons voice of Wisdom to amplify and filter.

An overwhelming notion of the folder, the glance, and the love.

Warm alight from a magic carpet onto the late-hour coffee shop,
hail to the standing floral dress under the glowing streetlights,
our eyes have met in a once upon a whole new world,
love spreading out our hearts to become a giant shimmering star,
entrusting her my hugs and kisses, my love, and my world.

New passion overcoming my insides calling for a cupid's bless,
enough of this game and deftly join me in a dainty dance,
with you my senses return and with you I feel joyously right.

When I saw you over the cotton clouds singing merrily,
out of nowhere getting the courage to crawl kissing you,
rolling your eyes under the skies taken by surprise,
loving me over the sea so let us dance when I count to three,
dazzling on a magic carpet of this mystical whole new world.

Saturday, 6th of February 2010

Copyright © HSK AlKendi | Year Posted 2014

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Strawberry Blonde

Strawberry blonde hair blown wild by the breeze
Trailing behind as her mount she did tease
Rousing his vigour as they came to the high hedge
All the way over and still they had the edge
Will her triumph be held right up to the end
By and by we will know the answer my friend
Everyone watching and urging them on
Run boy run, is the theme of their song
Rising again to jump the very last fence
You should have heard the crowd as they winced

But though the log rattled it never quite fell
Long were the sighs as the pair did so well
Onto the finish line for a rousing cheer
Now it's all over, some will sup beer
Down at the stables much later that day
Ellie groomed her steed in the proudest of ways...

July 14th 2010

Copyright © Dave Rhumour | Year Posted 2016

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Daddy's Girl

Dearest held me when I was just a babe, with hands so big and worn. 
Always taking responsibility from the day that I was born.
Difficult was the work to give us food and a roof above our heads.
Daddy gave us coats and shoes and toys and a nice warm comfy bed ...
You gave us one thing that was the most, each day without complaint.
Serving your love and understanding on a never ending plate.

Girls think their dads are the best, but I for sure can say, 
I know you are the best. Number one in my heart you will stay.
Rendering always the dearest to me; even when we are apart. 
Love you dad for being you and giving me a start.

Product of a collaboration of Robert Pettit and Sally Smith

Copyright © Robert Pettit | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday

A friend, forever found to pick me up when I'm down
Let's me be myself and I've never had to watch her turn around
Incased in a closed shell, hides the deepest poet
She's to afraid to open, so she grabs the door to close it
Over the rainbow, she's the pot of gold that I found
Noticed that beautiful smile, she taught me how to never look down

Missed my shot a couple times, but I still dribble the ball
At first impression I never thought I could make her my all
Till the first kiss who knew, the hard work payed off
Tomorrow doesn't have to come as long her lips stay soft
How could someone sweep someone so far, so fast, it was all luck
Every old friend jealous because we ditched them, because we were us
We stay true eachother, we're poetic and we'll always be
Say goodbye to the past, cause without you there's no me

Copyright © Aaron Guttery | Year Posted 2013

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Precious and pleasant she was  no ordinary woman;
Expecting mighty moves and miracles for her Lord had summoned.
Almighty God she always sought,
Rearing her children in the same manner and thought.
Loving everyone whether friend or foe;

Yes this is a woman I want everybody to know.
A great and loving mother with a gentle voice,
Never yelling or cursing and this was her choice.
To be this kind of mother cooking, cleaning and raising 6 kids;
     A lot of women wouldn't have done it but this mother did.

Another tribute to my mom who transition on 4/8/2004.  I love and miss you.
Entry into the Acrostic on Mother's Day...sponsored by Tammy Ream.

Copyright © Daisy Marie Yant | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © Gypsyof Essence | Year Posted 2013

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      The taste in my mouth

this girl I see in the mirror|rorrim eht ni ees I lrig siht

What happened to her mouth?

She had words to say, but it looks like someone taped them out...


those are the words inside her mind
but by the looks of her situation, she's running out of time

When was the last time that real tears where shed
Once in the club hoping to forget by getting those legs spread
Unknown is a mind in need
Letting loose of character and breaking a deed
Drowning is a bed that is poured when you need to breath

Youth seems stop when trouble bleeds
One time I thought everyone was the same
Until I looked at this reflection and realized I changed

Limited is thought
Especially when you can't hear yourself blowing that rock
Timid is a soul, how easily ones forget it could be sold

Memories injected, only to stop the vision of infection
Eating away time

Gone so long, I forgot what which color was the sky
Opening doors, but on the other side there's a wall crushing the floor


This girl I see in the mirror|rorrim eht ni ees I lrig sihT

When is she going to stop this disease
before she loses her heart's only please

Copyright © Jessica Arteaga | Year Posted 2010

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Magic Girl

Mindful and true, the Lord brought us a feminine jewel. 
An angel exalted with her perfuming personality.
Golden auburn hair glistens with poppies and marigolds.
Intellectual and direct are notes from her piano soul.
Cooking is one of her classical talents I sure miss.

Guarding her side is her Beagle Terrier mix, Ody.
Introspective, she questions and has glorious truths.
Regal, she is like a fairy tale princess from the past.
Lovable--all are captured by her bountiful beauty.

July 13th 2016

Dedicated to R.K. I think of her as a daughter of mine.

Copyright © Chantelle Anne Cooke | Year Posted 2016

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Collecting the Girl

All her pill boxes
understood to be collectibles
neatly arranged on her coffee table
treasured baubles, bits of metal

Varying uniquely in size, in color
each in a replica of someone's dream
rare in their form,
nearly minted in quality
entrancing small fingers and innocent eyes
telling their stories with secret compartments
tendered with nimblest artisan hands
existing, cocooned, in the quiet of her living room, an urban museum...

Copyright © Tatyana Carney | Year Posted 2006

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The Girl Won - Once Upon A Time

The setting is a verdant wood our heroine appears;
Her crimson cape is flowing as she sings along the trail.
Eager to reach to her Grandma's house her travel is quick and intent.

Grinning maliciously the wolf awaits his prey.
Inside the house he sets the trap for Lil's Red's arrival.
Reaching Grandma's house on time she enters through the door;
Looking in the villains eyes our heroine catches on.

Why Grandma you don't look yourself, yes something is awry.
Our heroine is quick to think, she's way to young to die.
Now on his knees, face on the floor with Red's foot on his neck.  Lil' Red's a 
           Kung Fu Master, now who would have expected that!

For the Once Upon a Time Contest
February 2, 2016

Copyright © Ann Roske | Year Posted 2016

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There is nothing to say
 no complaints no gratitude,
Your aptitude is right but
 its hindering your attitude!
A glass was my page-
you were my water I thought,
Your love was a sorrowful battle
with tears I fought!!
Every drop of tear
 that wet my eyes,
I hid with smiles 
beneath my cries!
You were the amazing rolling 
waves of the sea that help to sail,
I forgot the same waves turn 
monstrous and the sailors do fail!!
There was a time when 
you had nothing beside you,
A bucket of tears and 
the company of devils in your crew,
There were tears in your eyes
 and a passion of compassion,
The tears turned into laughter
 and so changed your fashion!!
Let me recall today although 
what is done for others must be forgotten,
When you were wet I soaked
 your tears and did swell like the cotton,
When the burden of sorrow 
overlapped your heart-I was the button,
But when prosperity knocks 
men lock their rooms and draw the curtain!!
Who remembers the world beyond the window,
Who cares for the candles when the bulbs glow,
Who remembers the teardrops when they laugh,
Who cares for a muffler when they have the scarf??
Oh girl you forgot your tears
 were not yours they were our,
Oh girl you forgot you were 
not my weakness you’re my power,
Oh girl you forgot the drops of rain
 is purer than the shower,
Oh girl you forgot a garden
 is not garden without the flower!!
Just look outside your window
 the love bees are sad to see us part,
The bulbs may glow your room
 but the candle brightens your heart,
The laughter echoes in the air
 but the teardrops paint your memory,
The scarf may be expensive 
but the old muffler will serve you for free!!
Those drops of tears that’ve 
evaporated are calling us back again,
The sky is gradually darkening
 and reuniting the drops of rain,
 The Garden of Eden is scentless 
and the flowers are numb to bloom,
And the curtain is explosive
 to open and brighten our room!!
I feel a strong sensation 
in me to reunite,
And relive the days 
that’ve gone out of sight,
But the garden will not rejoice 
unless the bees hum and the flowers bloom,
And the flowers will bloom only 
if you hold my hand and walk out of your room!!
Once we are together we’ll go
 back into our lovely loving phase,
And once the grasses grow-
the cows will certainly come to graze,
And once the flowers bloom 
there will soon be humming of the bees,
And again there will be joy in little things-
in candles, mufflers and trees!!

Copyright © saket suman | Year Posted 2011

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The Girl With No Name

November 26, 2009
She walks with her head down,
She wonders with no purpose,
She has a mother who forgets her,
She has a father who dosnt want her,
She has parents who cant handle her,
What is she to do with herself?
She has two sets of parents,
Neither seem to want her,
She has a big family but,
None have time for her,
She hides her tears,
She hides her pain,
She hides the abuse,
She blocks people out.
This is her legacy ,
This is her story,
This is her life,
This is the girl with no name.

Copyright © Laura Basham | Year Posted 2011

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New Years Ring

N-  Never say never, please don't say No this day
E-  Everyone see what I have to give you in a surprising way
W- Ways to tell her you love her, so many things to say
Y-  Yet another year, until your here
E-  Even the Baby New Years 
A-  Argue if you want I expect you there
R-  Raving about the excitement, News Years cheer
R-  Revamp, count down, kiss, ring, question, your reply dear
I-  Interested in only one word to appear
N- Neal I mean kneel down, ok clear
G-  Gently put the ring on and then the crowd again cheers

Copyright © Courtney Courtney | Year Posted 2012

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"A day will never go by, when I am
 Not thinking about how special you are.
 Even if I was somehow in a jam,
 Nothing would keep me from chasing your star.
 Give me a minute to give you an ode,
 Listening to the truth behind each word.
 I am following my romantic code,
 Speaking my mind, since it needs to be heard.
 Here I stand, in awe of the most unique
 Lady, who has the most beautiful mind;
 Often inspired by the words you speak,
 Voiced, mostly, in an effort to be kind.
 Every time you share your thoughts with me,
'Reason' offers me a new way to see."

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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Delicate Girl

Delicate Girl

Dancing to the private tune in my head. 

Effervescent, as always,

Loving life,

Insofar, as it will allow.


Alongside my faith, while I wait for

Tomorrow's new sun.

Escaping the blues by a fine hair, without


Instigating a sea of divine happiness followed by,

Relief and knowledge that,

Loving head over heels shall happen, yet again.

Copyright © Alice Nightingale | Year Posted 2012

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I see through you

I see eyes that look wild like a hawk
The eyes that tell stories of precious love
Eyes that sees wonderful things
These eyes that will look upon souls
Sleeping on dust with bright eyes craving for success
Shocked and overwhelm by this splendid view
My heart beats vigorously with enthusiasm
The beats that paralyse nerves with happiness
I kick all the doubt to my thoughts
Thoughts that prey on the precious thoughts 
To all my surprises a smile let go of joy 
I surpass the deepest fears and insecure
Caught by soft hands that nudge my back
Back to reality I open my mind to you
Revealing all that I have kept from many 
But your heat blaze like wild fires to this heart
The heat that burns furiously in my lonely heart
But I see you and through you I trust
Overshadowed by your presence my heart fall in love.

Copyright © Zakhe Michael Mcunu | Year Posted 2014

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"Tell me! How did I find a man like you?
 How did I become so lucky in love?
 Each word is like a blessing from above.
 I appreciate how you remain true!
 Tell your girl what you would like her to do,
 And her heart will fly away like a dove,
 Loving a man that fits her like a glove,
 In a way that has been tried by so few.
 Allow me to compliment you right now.
 Now that you know when I like to be heard.
 Guys, who listen without being told how,
 Inspire girls to share more than just words.
 Right now, my lover, you should take a bow.
 Lament the emotions that you have stirred.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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"The way in which you put your hands on me
 Has my heart beating at a rapid pace.
 Each and every time you touch my face,
 I feel as if you are setting me free.
 Those powerful lips are all that I can see,
 And I begin to long for you to place
 Lips and hands on me, in the proper space,
 Insisting whatever will be will be!
 Also, within your embrace is my soul,
 Next to the beating heart that completes it.
 Giving this part of me had been my goal.
 I told you that my love would never quit.
 Right in your embrace is where I feel whole,
 Loving the fact that you are the right fit.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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"There is no doubt in my mind that you care!
 How could any person question this fact?
 Even if they knew nothing of your acts,
 I could prove that we are a perfect pair.
 Trust me when I say that I want to share
 Any part of my heart that you have packed.
 Let me count the ways your love has been stacked,
 In a way that proves that you will be there.
 Allow me to store you within my heart,
 Next to the place where I keep my passion.
 Go deep within my heart and claim your part,
 Instead of waiting to get your ration.
 Right here and right now this must be the start.
 Love must become this season's new fashion.

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010

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Mystery Girl

Marie Charlotte in the back of the Beetle, sleeping 
Young lovers, engaged on the road with their destiny
Suddenly through the fog… a cliff… a scream…dreadfully 
Two lovers resting in the Klein Karoo, not breathing
Easter Weekend, come every year, or so people say
Riding next to the road with her thumb on Good Friday
You might pick up the young mystery girl from Uniondale

Copyright © Louis Venter | Year Posted 2016

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THE ITALIAN GIRL with AN ENGLISH LOVER (part ten)(the end)

"Take me to eternity with your touch,
 Helping me to reach undiscovered heights,
 Elevated to new levels of flight,
 Incapable of loving you "too" much.
 Tell me that you, too, will love me in such 
 A way that will always feel just right.
 Loving me morning, noon, and through the night.
 I will lean on your love, just like a crutch.
 Affection will eliminate all strife.
 Nobody can love you quite like I can.
 Girlfriend...Lover...And, even as your wife,
 I will always be your number one fan.
 Rest assured, your girl plans to spend her life,
 Loving you beyond the limits of man."

Copyright © dakarai cobb | Year Posted 2010