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A sweet ray of sun on an autumn breeze
Nestled amongst arms in nature's way
Dreaming dreams and living scenes 
Right in front of our very eyes
Etching out lasting memories
And uncovering endless possibilities

Happy birthday Andrea!!
You are truly a gift to us.

Copyright © Tim Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Anne Lise

A - special prayer is offered for you  today,
N-on-stop singing to greet you a Happy Birthday;
N-orth to south, east to west and in all directions
E-very line of my poem may herald your celebration.

L-oving thoughts of you with my sweetest hugs,
I-‘m sending them warmly as the sun shines brightly over those fogs,
S-ongs of my best wishes may reach you there in Norway,
E-veryday, may God bless you in a very special way

July 23, 2013  8.20 pm.   


Happy, happy Birthday my dear friend, Anne Lise!! Good luck, good health, more happiness and  all the best  to you and your love ones.
I hope you will like this simple birthday poem I dedicated to you. Big sweetest hugs from me!

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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a mothers love

on this special day
I doest say
that thy mother is of graceful sort
it hath been said she is devine
and I do holdeth this to be true
now dearest mother may I be so bold
to tell you the sun still shinest on one so old
as true as this be
you still grasp your faith 
like the roots of a tree
tis said you are wise
and this I have found true
the eye doeth grow deceived when it is drawn upon you 
as your thoughts become known 
only then your age is shown

Copyright © brandy wassam | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday Tim,Timmy,Timothy Smith

Terrific charmer,blessed and gifted Invincible love fulfills his heart Modesty is a reflection of his beliefs Super dad and souper spice Master of words and muses Incredibly kind to all others Trustworthy and truthful friend Heartwarming!His sweet gentility reaches our soul.
Dedicated to Tim Smith Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen : ) on the 3rd of December 2014!

Copyright © Cupids Arrow | Year Posted 2014

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Andrea's Happy Birthday

 N ew friend
  D ays old now
   R are are they in
    E very way, special, 
     A s a gem newly found
      S o cherished and singular,
H appiness can be counted by 
 A n accounting of the friends we have,
  P recious they are, the select few we choose.
   P ure
    Y our words
B eckon us 
 I n their beauty,
  R ead sweetly, but now,
   T he time has come to say,
    H appy Birthday Andrea.
     D ream your day away with sweet words
      A nd the company of those you love 
       Y our day, with special thoughts from your new friend.


Copyright © James Inman | Year Posted 2015

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- Happy Birthday To You Leonora -

                            L-ove you always share from your heart
                            E-motions you give from your soul
                            O-pen door for all who come to visit
                            N-ever negative always happy
                            O- nly one so kind as you
                            R -oses elegance can be compared with you                        
                            A-ngels sing in heaven's paradise


                - Hope your day (05.10.2013) will be beautiful and happy, Leonora !!!

- My first Acrostic poem .....
       A-L  Andresen :)

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2013

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Birthday Girl

Birthdays are a bitch
I don't want to get old that's true.
Rows of wrinkles like a shar pei
Thinning hair looking sort of blue.
Heart and Hearing not as they once were
Droopy boobs like udders on a cow,
All your joints are wearing out
Your hips and knees are new ones now..

Going to the loo is a timely nuisance
In your bladder you no more trust. 
Remembering to note the toilet areas
Liners in your panties are a must .

Penned 27 August 2014

Copyright © Seren Roberts | Year Posted 2014

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Jolly is this man who fills our days with jubilingo and Jackanese
Affectionate and articulate with arms ageless as an ocean breeze 
Charming and cheerful, corky is not his choice of wine 
Kind in all that he does, with knowledge larger than life 
Empowering his enormous heart that beats in each verse 
Laughter and lightheartedness he brings in the light of each morn
Loving each day, spouting out some limerick's bout our ladies
Intelligent, irresistible and witty, inspiring to say the least
Sweet as a swig of southern sun tea, so they say : )
One in a million , so proud to call Santa Jack ours
Now sing happy birthday to the man who's an everlasting star

Happy Birthday Jack

Love Charma and Tim

Copyright © Cupids Arrow | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday Sweet Charmaine Chircop

 Come on over here, listen up
 Have you heard the news?
 A birthday celebration is about to start
 Rainstorms have been blown away
 May 1st is a such a special day
 Angels in heaven sing
 I can hear the music coming from her heart
 Never uttering a harsh word
 Enlightening each and every one of our lives
 Come on over here, listen up
 Have you heard the news?
 Ice cream and cake is now being served
 Rainbows are painting the azure sky
 Celebrating sweet Charmaine's birthday
 Oh Charma make a wish, blow out the candles
 Please wish our beautiful poet a Happy Birthday

dedicated to Charmaine Chircop Happy Birthday May 1st

Copyright © Cupids Arrow | Year Posted 2015

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Dazzling like a sparkling green diamond
Eyes lit up when I opened the velvet box!
My birthstone for Aquarius is garnet 
Almandine is most common form with a rich red colour
Not for me -I wanted something more unusual
The jeweler had to order it in especially for me
Of course it came with a very hefty price tag!
It is called the 'star of garnets' as its name means diamond like
Demantoid is a particularly rare form of the garnet gemstone

A Gem for your verse
Sponsored by Carolyn Devonshire


Copyright © JAN ALLISON | Year Posted 2016

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Just Keep On Going Strong

J-ust keep on going strong, 
A-s the sun is burning bright; 
N-ight chill will be over, 
N-ext in line is the light.
A-pril twenty-fifth daybreak, the twilight has passed by; 
H-earken your heart's desire to keep your spirits high.

M-ind not frustration, 
A-s well as the disappointment; 
L-ive your life in hope, 
A-im for the shining moment.
C-limb the highest mountain, 
A-spire for the strong finish; 
S-oar high into the sky, dark clouds start to vanish.

F-ight on and try to win
A-gainst the fiercest foe; 
J-ust keep on going strong, 
A-ssert to wipe away woe.
R-ise to the occasion, 
D-oing the right, not wrong; 
O-bey the Lord's beck and call, just keep on going strong.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Nothing Can Break Your Heart

N-othing can break your heart, 
E-ven during the falling rain; 
L-earned to weather the storm, 
L-iving to endure 
Y-our pain.

D-ay twenty-five in May
A-llows the morning sun to rise; 
D-awn has begun to shine, 
A-s it brings sweet smile to
Y-our eyes.

C-an anything break your heart? 
A-nswer is nothing at all; 
S-olid in faith, hope and love, 
T-ears truly will never fall.
R-oad ahead may be bumpy, moment may be sad at day's start; 
O-ne thing remains in your mind, nothing can break your heart.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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With A Birthday As A Topic

W-onderful day begins
A-s the new dawn is breaking; 
S-unlight shines to share 
E-leventh January morning. 
E-vening shadows have faded, mist and haze disappear; 
M-erry mood of the moment adds another fruitful year.

S-ent greetings warm your heart, 
H-appy songs are played on the air; 
E-veryone is singing and wishing, 
R-emembering the eventful affair.
I-t's one thing I don't want to lose, as I've penned an acrostic;  
F-rom the heart these words come, with a birthday as a topic.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2016

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Learn To Face Tomorrow

L-earn to face tomorrow, 
O-r live another day; 
R-ise of the sun has begun, 
E-vening shadows go away.
N-ight cold chill has turned into a warm morning shine; 
A-pril twenty-fifth dawn has broken brightly and fine.

A-fter the rain has gone, 
L-ight shows up in the sky; 
B-eneath the wide blue lane, 
A-bove the clouds up high.

M-idnight will be over, 
A-s the dusk comes to a close; 
G-ray haze has disappeared, 
A-ir is cool while the river flows.
L-earn to face tomorrow, 
L-et the past be left behind; 
A-nticipate the future, 
N-ew hope will ease your mind.
E-arly breeze brings freshness to your spirit and heart; 
S-oothe your soul with smile, cry from pain shall depart.

C-limb the highest hill, 
O-ne step closer to the top; 
L-ook beyond the profit
O-f the present bountiful crop.
M-ake yourself prepared not only for the next day's sorrow; 
A-s the end of the world draws near, learn to face tomorrow.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Always Follow God's Word

A-pril thirteenth is fine, 
N-ight shadows disappear; 
N-ew dawn has broken, bringing gladness and cheer.

C-old chilling eventide
H-as turned into warm day; 
R-aindrops have turned
I-nto beacon's shining ray.
S-ky so dark turns bright
T-o let the clouds pass by; 
I-n the air I see the colors, 
N-ice rainbow rises
E-ver high.

M-ist, haze and dust
A-re nowhere to be found; 
R-ough ocean turns smooth
T-o let us sail safe and sound.
I-nclement clime turns fair, 
N-o more storm for a while; 
E-ach lane above is clear, 
Z-estful light makes you smile.

L-earn to brave the weather, 
U-ntil you see the sun; 
Z-ealously keep the faith, 
A-s steadfast as you can.
R-ise every time you fall, 
A-ccept the will of the Lord; 
T-ry your best to please Him, 
A-lways follow His word.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Master Plan Of Salvation

M-aster plan of salvation
H-as to bring all creation together; 
I-n heaven and on earth
N-ew day is shining

P-art of God's overall plan
R-eminds you when Christ was dead; 
O-ne true fold you ought to know, 
C-hosen ones whom the Lord is
Y-our head.

V-ery good plan of God
I-s to save you from His wrath; 
L-et His greatest love
L-ead you to the right path.
A-bound in your hope, 
F-aith and love in the Father; 
U-ntil the day of judgment, 
E-ternal life is for the believer.
R-ise of the sun has begun, 
T-enth May early dawn; 
E-ndorsing the true message, master plan of salvation.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Burning Ever So Bright

D-ay six in June early morn, 
A-nother dawn is shining; 
B-ad weather turns good, 
I-nclement clime is

R-ise of the sun has begun, 
A-fter the long lonely night; 
L-ight from the wide blue sky is burning ever so bright.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Greatest Day Of All

G-reatest day of all
H-as brought joy to me; 
E-ndorsing brightest light, 
N-o longer dark I see.

D-ay ten in May morn
E-vening shadows disappear; 
L-onely night has gone by, 
O-ne dawn the world wants to

S-o many days that come
A-nd go under the sun; 
N-othing compares indeed
T-o the best day of fun.
O-n the nearing world's end, in the land so wonderful, 
S-alvation shall you receive on the greatest day of all.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Just Another Day In Delight

J-ust another day in delight, 
U-nder the wide blue sky; 
L-onely night has passed by, 
I-t's a new flame shining high.
E-vening chill disappears, as the dusk has faded away; 
T-wilight is nowhere in sight, as the morning birds chirp and play.

L-et my rhyme just create
A-nother day in pure delight; 
C-omposed in serenity, 
O-de of joy that I write.
S-un has begun to rise, 
T-wenty-eighth day in July; 
A-nother day in delight
L-ets the lane clear in the sky.
E-arly dawn has just broken, dark is nowhere to be found; 
S-torm is not brewing to make you feel safe and sound.

S-hadows are all gone, 
A-fter the moon goes away; 
L-ight is burning bright
U-nder the break of

C-louds above don't gather, 
A-ll haze and mist are gone; 
P-oor visibility has turned
I-nto a beacon beneath the sun.
Y-our birth brings much mirth, 
O-ffering fun left and right; 
C-elebrate the occasion, just another day in delight.

Copyright © Bernard F. Asuncion | Year Posted 2017

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Patriots we are
Ashen through war
To a more promising today.
Ruminant mammals as warlords
Insinuates the future of glory to come.
Open to emigration from across waters
Today is our day
Significant to determine a stronger unity.

People of the United States of America
Educate your minds innately.
Our focus is for greatness in a better way.
Plausibility is our qualifying state.
Love, peace, and harmony are what we search for nowadays.
Equanimity is our religious situation.

P eople of unity 
A ssemble as one
T o form a greater purpose.
R ebels for a cause
I s not a threat to others
O nly a stronger walk.
T his is our country.
I deals are now.
C ome patriotisms unto the clouds to celebrate.

P arade so grandiose 
E njoyed by all
O stentatious vainglorious
P raise triumphant
L ong live the USA.
E nvision events that fulfills our people and our states.
PENNED ON JUNE 30, 2014!

Copyright © Verlena S. Walker | Year Posted 2014

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- Join me to wish -

L -  Liam come take my hand we can go the straight line
I -  I guess we must start when the sun rises
A - As a friend, I'll always be here for You
M - Memories in the future You and I will create
                                                             ... I admire Your style :)

- Happy Birthday Liam (14.01.15) !!!! -
hugs // 15.01.2015 A-L Andresen :)
Copyright © All Rights Reserved 

Copyright © Sunshine Smile | Year Posted 2015

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Fundamental five virtues of wisdom, truth, goodness, justice and love 

In tune with five senses of taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight

Vibrations of the five sided pyramids draw power, and emit light

Elements of water, fire, wood, metal and earth each share their worth

Simply the luckiest day of the month for one’s birth!

September 2, 2013

Copyright © Connie Marcum Wong | Year Posted 2013

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( Poet Destroyer-our dearest PD) Loveliest and greatest poet, sis and friend of mine in poetry site, Loved so much by everybody, I’m shouting this with all my might; Let’s make October 7 a very special day again for her this year, Let this poem of mine heralds the biggest party, I loudly cheer! In this home and family of ours, now extended… big and so happy, If she isn’t around, everybody is lonely without her and her stellar poetry, I’m making this day the most memorable and happiest moment as can be, In this world, she’s one of our most precious gifts from God, the Almighty. North to east, east to west- -in both primary and secondary directions, Never miss this moment… let’s all dance and sing in her grand celebration, Now sending all my loving wishes as she blows out candles on her birthday cake, Never fading love, joy, health, blessings and more best wishes, she’ll take. Dearest sis, friend of mine and greatest poet of everybody, Day ‘til night… every moment I whisper special prayers for you so dearly; Drop all your loneliness and keep in mind that everybody cares so much and love, Dream of yours will be fulfilled for I know you’re blessed from above. An exceptional poet who never ceases to amaze us, A unicorn lover dazzling us with her unique and stupendous writes; A queen and muse of both poets and Librans, so brilliant and so smart, A very beautiful celebrity deserving great adulation, here’s our huge sweetest hugs. Sept. 22, 2013 7.15pm HER BIRTHDAY: OCTOBER 7, 2013 (Now, Monday here & Tuesday in US)
HAVE A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY DEAREST POET SIS & FRIEND LINDA. I LOVINGLY WISH YOU ALL THE HAPPINESS, GRACES, BLESSINGS , GOOD HEALTH, GOOD LUCK & PROSPERITY AND ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THIS WORLD THAT LIFE EVERYHOLD TODAY AND THE YEARS TO COME! MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY/ LOVE ONES! Notes: 1. This birthday poem was posted ahead of time on my special blog for our very dear Linda because I was worried that I can't post a blog anymore due to the expiration of my pm before her b-dday. I supposed to post both this poem & the blog on the 7th. 2. The above special birthday poem is called ACQUAINT FORM/Leo form. ;)))))An acquaint form is my newly experimented form of poem combining 3 forms: an acrostic, quatrain form ( stanza with 4 lines) and a quintain english ( with rhyme having no set of measures or foot) ;))))))). Proven & tested to be one special form in my mini-poetry lab.;))) This is my give- away sharing to u for enjoying my birthday poem & special blog for her & also for your greetings to all Librans. I hope you will enjoy! Thank you so much! First Place Contest: Birthday Girl Judged: 10/7/2013 Sponsor: My greatest poet, PD

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2013

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Nette Onclaud

(For Her Birthday last January 8, 2014)

N-ice and loving poet friend’s birthday is finally here,
E-ntering  another year of  her life, I loudly cheer!
T-his simple poem of mine may bring sweetest thoughts and prayer,
T-hat her life may be blessed abundantly today and forever.
E-very single day, may all things in her life make her a lot perkier.

O-n this day, 8th of Jan. 2014 is her very special day,
N-o matter how busy we are, may we give her big hugs and kisses today;
C-akes, roses, balloons and birthday serenades are now on their way,
L-oving thoughts of this poem may also make her happy.
A-sking God to give her the best of health,
U-nderlying are fulfillments of her dreams and wealth,
D-ropping  now to our dear celebrity  these gifts wrapped in  golden sheets. 

           Jan. 11, 2014   2.10 p.m.

 I’m so sorry if this birthday  greetings to u comes only now my very dear friend Nette because I didn’t have time again this week due to our 2-days Sports Day, Thurs. & Fri.  (It’s one of our biggest events. After school, I’m already knocked down on bed;) HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Biggest hugs! Wishing you all the best. hope it’s not too late. 

Copyright © Galeo DS | Year Posted 2014

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Five Sweet Letters for the BIRTHDAY GIRL

L  egendary is her poetic soul
I   nvincible in reaching her goal
N  aughty, but she can also be nice
D  aring, with not a thought to the price
A  mbitious, she will climb to the heights

Linda…she shines in all that she writes!

Eileen Manassian Ghali

PS...Linda, HAPPY BIRTHTDAY!!!!! I wish you all the best!!! May God bless and keep you. I've so come to appreciate you during my time here. You are strong, smart, you speak your mind, you know what you want, you know how to get it, and you are fearless. Qualities I love in a woman! Also, you know how to be caring and tender when the need arises. You are a TITAN of Poetry Soup. Your name says it all. Divide and conquer. Sending you hugs on your special special day! :)

Copyright © Eileen Manassian | Year Posted 2013

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Far from the madding crowd                       
Enjoying your share of diversity
Bathing in the air of Aquarius 
Relishing sober amethyst translucency 
Unfurling your sails to winter’s breeze
As you float on violet and primrose hues
Realising with humble intent
Yesterday’s dreams and ambitions.

Dedicated to Trinity:)
Author’s date of birth ~ 16th February

Contest: Any Poem written in August NOT for a contest
Sponsor: Broken Wings
Written: 11th August 2015
Placed 5th

Copyright © Paul Callus | Year Posted 2015

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For better or worse...
Ever the thinker, ever the worrier
Brooding like the dark waters of the deep
Restless, wandering, tormented soul
Undying urge to answer the unanswered
A need to solve that which is unsolvable...
Return me to the seas where my answer lies
Yes, let me swim those dark waters...again

Birthdate: February 26, 1949
Contest finalized: 4/30/2016
Date written: 8/11/2015

Copyright © Tim Ryerson | Year Posted 2015

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Christmas Magic

Christmas is a magical time of year,
happy faces break into smiles of joy,
reveling in celebration and cheer.
In the malls kids ask Santa for a toy,
swearing they've been exceptionally good,
though parents believe they can do better.
Mindful to check his list twice, as he should,
and donning an ugly Christmas sweater,
Santa is anxious to get under way.
Magic reindeer fly high above the ground, 
alighting on rooftops with Santa's sleigh,
gliding from house to house without a sound.  
In the hearts of the children fast asleep,  
Christ’s birthday’s one tradition they'll keep.

Written for “Something New: A Christmas Sonnet Acrostic - Poetry Contest”.

Copyright © Emile Pinet | Year Posted 2015

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Happy Birthday poet destroyer a

Happy Birthday Linda
as candles atop cake
peer through icing
presents await 
your day is upon us

Best wishes
in all you do
remembering you 
today especially
has come easy
despite my forgetful mind
as a fellow libran
you are quite special

Lasting celebrations
inspired by friends
never ending magic
delivered at your door
a unicorn awaits...

Copyright © Sandra Adams | Year Posted 2013

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Just you, I want to dance with from sunrise to sunset
Under the sky, merged in fusion, in union with summer's daylight hours
Naturally our feet synchronize in a plethora of Tango, Waltz and Samba
Enchanted, we dance the night away as stars watch on in the pale moonlight

Poem created: 9 August 2015

Copyright © Silent One | Year Posted 2015