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'Youth Day'

Y - yesterday, we had this bright future
O - owned by us
U - under African Skies
T - they promised us the world, in
H - hindsight it was never theirs to promise

D - daily grace are attained from God
A - and that is the only surety in a world where 
Y - young people are still being used as pawns

In South Africa, we celebrate Youth Day every year on 16 June. It commemorates a pivotal point in our history 16 June 1976 in the fight against apartheid.

Copyright © Wilma Neels | Year Posted 2012

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September Eleventh (Acrostic)

In memory of all those who perished during the tragic events of September 11th 2001
and in honour of all those who risked or sacrificed their own life for the sake of others.

Sirens lament, a September song    
Echoing sadness of memories so strong.
Prayers for the souls of those taken away,
Thoughts for their families, in our hearts to this day.
Evening came early, the night stayed so long.
Morning started so bright, but went tragically wrong.
Blue cloudless skies, the sound of a plane
Eternal reminders bring that day back again…
Remember it all, let it not be in vain

Emergency crews, just ordinary guys
Laid their lives on the line as hell rained from the skies
Every last one of them selfless and brave
Valiant heroes with one aim – to save
Each one forever remembered with pride
No hearts left untouched by the many that died.
There’s one lasting hope as the world now remembers
Heartfelt wishes that peace could arise from those embers.

**Written September 11th 2008**

Copyright © Sharon Tideswell | Year Posted 2010

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Happy New Year (acrostic contest entry)

H ope and faith
A re in my heart,
P erhaps this year,
P erhaps a new start...
Y esterday is gone.

N ow I look to 2010,
E ying the dates,
W ondering when.

Y earning for health,
E veryone's worried.
A nother day gone:
R ainy and blurried.

©2009 Danielle White

Copyright © Danielle White | Year Posted 2009

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You're The Only One For Me

I love you darling for your devotion and unconditional love
We've had a special relationship since the day we met
I've only to ask for help my dear and you've been there for me
Lying with you everyday you whisper tender words in my ear
Later we'll make love and I'll fall asleep in your loving arms
Lovely romantic gifts such as chocolates, candy and flowers
Over the years you've given me to show how much you care
Valuable than gold are the memories we've shared my love
Evermore to be in my heart and remembered each year from now
You're my sunshine in the morning and my stars at night
Our first kiss is one that I'll remember the rest of my life
Until I met you I didn't know what it meant to be loved
As I walked towards you down the aisle on our Wedding Day
Looking very proud as you stood there in your black suit
Waiting for me to join you at the altar with a smile on your face
As I stood beside you there, together we recited our vows
You and I were now joined as one, as husband and wife
Since that day we've been on a journey side by side for life.

Valentine's Day is very special to us because it was the day that my husband proposed to me as well. It's a time for Lovers.

Copyright © Pam Woolford | Year Posted 2012

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Acrostic Toast For Suzanne's 60th

Full of grace and gratitude 
Over the birth of this
Remarkable woman. 

Stand up and celebrate her
Unique ability to make all welcome and her
Zany zest for life, love, and laughter.
Always giving generously of her heart and wisdom.
Nodding off from time to time to rest her weary soul, but
Never faltering in her faith – in humanity and her
Exploration of new ways to learn and grow so she can 
Share her brand of sunshine and God’s love with everyone she meets.

60 years! And many more we wish for her,
Those of us blessed to know her are forever
Honored to be her beloved friends. 

Written as a toast for my former business partner and forever friend's upcoming 60th 
birthday gathering.

Copyright © Krista Kurth | Year Posted 2009

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i am grateful

Who am I
Who am I, that u love so much 
The year is almost ended
And it by Your mercy and Love that I am still here 
But for Your mercy and love 
I am so grateful....

Copyright © abena eunice | Year Posted 2015

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F~actional bapus fight for independence with loyalty to their country, their
I~dealism of independence that become
R~eality, which made oppression in heart of the people to vanish
E~aseful pandemonium broke out throughout the
C~ountry and people rejoice
R~ejoice and rejoice, their
A~ction marked the beginning of development of our nation also
C~reated good lines for the incoming generations to follow, their names were being
K~ept in history because their names will be remembered
E~very time of independence celebrating
R~emembering them reawaken the memory of the past judged with the present to give
S~cintillating celebration. Happy independence to my country.

Contest by celebrate independence
Sponsor by Kim Merrmam

Bapus means father

Copyright © Afolabi Muideen | Year Posted 2015

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August's Aura

Alluring atmosphere announced Adeleke Adeite’s arrival
Under God’s unfailing, unadulterated, ultimate umbrella;
Given golden grains, grace, glee, glory and glow… gifted.
Understanding, unbelievably unashamed…unbeatable,
Sold to sincerity, soaked in sympathy, sings sweet songs,
Tested with thorns and thistles, trusted with terrific talents.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2010

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To My Wife

Never would I have dreamed of this
Inconceivable life we have built together
Not by any stretch of the imagination
Even through the difficult times, we held fast
You have blessed my life with beauty
E...n with his curiosity and laughter
A...n with his brilliant mind and creativity
Reveals the wonderful union of you and me.
So blessed am I, because of you.

Copyright © Michael Campbell | Year Posted 2015

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A pleasant ozone with a bit cold. An
Unclear cloud makes the sun to
Glow a bit. The rain drops closed
Upon the night and day, but not often
Stimulate the plants to restore and
To blossom. Fruits and vegetables every where.

August 16
For Birth month acrostic contest sponsor by Charlotte Jade Puddifoot.

Copyright © Afolabi Muideen | Year Posted 2015

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Hands holding champagne
Allowing all wishes to sparkle
People dancing under Mylar balloons
Pop corn with sweet caramel
Yankees caps with silver trim
Nobody dislikes silly buffoons
Everyone can be one of them
With the New Year's party colorful hats 
Yell and be extravagantly festive
Ears deafened by loud music
America celebrates in Times Square
Rome calls for peace everywhere

Entered in Carol Brown's Happy New Year Poetry Contest

Copyright 2009 by Andrew Crisci

Copyright © Andrew Crisci | Year Posted 2009

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Eleven Years Strong

Many people dream of having what you share...

Love within
Each other!
Verisimilar love &
Enthusiastic promises of "Death Do Us Part"
Never-ending passion

Yearning of
Amatory of
Satisfaction of compromised love!

But only few stick together throughout the journey....

                                          HAPPY ANNIVERSARY

Copyright © constance johnson | Year Posted 2010

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Wandering through the memories, the old couple smiled
Observing fixedly the wedding album kept as a treasure
Naming the photographs that were taken for the leisure
Dwelling on the mind the years that were far in the time
Emerging a wish that will strength their lasting romance
Renewing their vows as a proof of a true love existence
Finalizing the commitment they pledged fifty years ago
Unveiling the devotion and admiration that did not go
Lasting forever until the last day of their existences

For Wonderful Acrostic Poetry Contest
Sponsored by John Hamilton
Sixth Place

Copyright © Nayda Ivette Negron | Year Posted 2016

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Rose (Acrostic)

Red petals
On stems of leaves and thorns
Slowly unlocks its beauty in
Eloquent vases

Copyright © Barbara Washington | Year Posted 2008

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Happy New Year

Hail happy morn, fresh blooming now as a fragrant flower
All golden streams I see your sun, rising sweetly this hour
Presenting your new found pearl a first day and a new year
Polished, serene and full of tranquil light the lucid air
Yesteryear is dead and gone, new today again man dreams

Nestled in your petals clasp from which love's pure nectar streams
Empower us again, for fogs and winters mist has failed
Wellspring of hope and love behold, by God's decree prevailed

Yon golden light has warmed our hearts, and we again rejoice
Eternal dreamers in resolutions we chart new stairs
Arouse to prospect beyond each star, abandon earthly cares
Resound your promise like the sun, permit our lusty voice.

[Inspired by L'nass Shango's HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL]
New morning on warm wings of light I rise
Golden as your swan bright sun
To see the world with dawn's fresh blooming eyes
The shadowed night now is done
The sand begins to flow again, the clock
Another circle shall sweep
From the barn chimes an accurate cock
Stirred the world from foggy sleep

The new year is began, fresh dreams abroad
The bells all peal with God's love
The potter gathers again each grailed shard
Like winds gather clouds above
And each field seeded with dreams shall flourish
And each vessel overflows
For earth's satisfaction from needs cherished
In heaven's kingdom now still grows.

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2011

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Happy father's day

Father dearest, I love you so,
As only my soul can really extol
The extent of my appreciation!
Hear my precious heart throbbing,
Eternally grateful for all you did,
Rising to every challenge on the way!

Hope, faith and freedom you showed me,
Ambition and selfless commitment, too!
Peace and tolerance you dearly espoused,
Probity and fair play were your watchwords!
Yes, you were always a man of your word!

From day one you encouraged and helped me.
Every time I faltered, you were there.
Self-confidence, dreams you instilled in me,
Transforming my deep doubts and fears
Into courage, yearnings and aspirations,
Vowing to make me the best that I could be!
Angst gave way to optimism and enlightenment.
Love, you said, was God’s gift to mankind!

Infinite were your patience and attention,

Sources of quiet confidence and inspiration.
And you always demonstrated integrity,
Leaving behind deceit and dissimulation,
Ugliness of thought, word and action.
Truth triumphed in everything you undertook,
Ever loyal, steadfast, indomitable, supreme!

You are my lofty paragon of true manhood.
Our Father in heaven, I know, smiles upon you!
Unique you are, Dad, I salute you with love!

Copyright © Keith Simmonds | Year Posted 2013

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Apomasu, the stream snaking
Under the forest drinks enough rains 
Grasses flaunt their greenest gowns to 
Ungulates who were 
Starving at the dry banquets of 
The previous months

Birth date: August 8

Copyright © Sarpong Kumankoma | Year Posted 2015

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Happy anniversary

Hundreds of days gone away
And it just feels like yesterday
Probably it may have a been history for you but
Please remember that I miss you even more and more
Yet there’s nothing that I can do, to reverse it

And please remember that 
Never in my life will I be able to forget you
Never will that day come that I’ll even be close
I’ve not had a day that I’ve not missed you a single second of time
Virtually every single time I breathe, the more I miss you
Every single air that comes out and the blood that circulates 
Repeats your name again and again and again
Still the voice echoes in my ear, your sweet voice
And I just smile and think that you’re 
Right beside me, holding my hand, my love
Your’s sincerely  

Copyright © Anuj Ghimire | Year Posted 2009

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H  aiku,maybe a monoku
A  n acrostic or two
P  astoral poems,perhaps
P  erceived ,just for 
Y  ou

N  arrative vignette
E  kphrasis,you bet
W  ith honour & a prize to net

Y  our words in verse or
E  pulaeryu
A  contest to celebrate and
R  ing in the new

Happy 2010 to everyone who supported my 2009 contests.Thank you

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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H  oly Spirit on us fall
O  nce,and for all
P  ower in the wind & fire
E  mpowerment that will never tire

Copyright © Brian Strand | Year Posted 2009

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Poesy lives here, poesy now tints;
Observe the range, observe the feel;
Echoes draw near, echoes bring hints;
Trust in sure change, trust in vast will;
Read works that steer, read brand new mint;
Yes wild and strange, yes words and deals.

Sign your best work, sign your fond child;
Options that farm, options that show;
Urge flings bold jerk, urge hurls things wild;
Pulse frees sure sums, pulse floods prime flow.

Come take a look, come read a bit;
Opt for a style, opt for a taste;
Meet a verse cook, meet a new hit;
Melt with clear smile, melt with fond haste.
Use verse that spark, use norms that swirl;
Now start your feel, now find your way;
Indulge your mark, inspire your twirl;
Trust words to heal, trust touch to sway;
Yield to verse will, yield to word play.

Come here and sing, come here and share;
A precious write, a certain slant;
Love words you bring, love voice you bare;
Make poetry cite, make verses chant!

(Note: An anniversary poem to celebrate my 1st month with the PoetrySoup Community. I like the Spirit of this website and you can feel this in my daily writes. A special "Thank You" to everyone who made me feel welcome here and especially for the kind comments. This poem is my simple gratitude offering for all the support from PoetrySoupers. Leon)

Leon Enriquez
09 March 2014

Copyright © Leon Enriquez | Year Posted 2014

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Happy Birthday

A birthday present to my Gramps, Hugh McCorkidale Young.

Heaven has a place for you
Unswaying was your faith in such
Goodness always will shine through
Holding on to that has been my crutch

Many others knew you well
Cokey, heard of through the town
Countless tales they had to tell
Of all the men, you held the crown

Real though it is, it's hard to believe
Know as I do the ways of the world
In the fact that you could ever leave
Darkening my mind till my thoughts unfurled

Aloud, I cannot bring to bear
Lonely I must hold my heart
Even by myself I fear
Your absence will tear me apart

Onwards though the world must move
Unendingly your memory will stay
No-one has forgotten you
Gone though you are, you'll never fade.

Copyright © Marchioness Of Mock Turtles | Year Posted 2011

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Hear the Roar

H ow do memories retain the brilliancy of star’s vanes?
A nother time another place, would memories have such grace?
P erhaps, it’s simply distance, that works this mystery this mischance.
P oor substitute for touch this distance metaphoric rush.
Y oungsters apple cheeked blush, Gran’s lovingly shush.
N otice only the brightest twinkle in a baby eye or a mother’s guise.
E very fused image stays crisp and lovely for all days.
W orry need not intrude on the sentinels of solitude.
Y our heart’s delight will outshine any simple test of time.
E ndlessly remaining new, bright, young and warm.
A rriving at the end of even nights most darkened morn.
R oaring with star fire and flame ‘till all who’ve lived….live again.

Copyright © Debbie Guzzi | Year Posted 2009

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Fallen in Love

How did I breathe before you were near?
Each lonely feeling made to disappear.
Listening to your voice is music so sweet.
Looking upon you my heart skips a beat.
Oh how this feeling changes my life.
Lost in this moment I know no pain or strife.
Our joy and promise I am certain of; 
Victorious union written in stars above.
Everything I am, I give you my love.

Copyright © A. Kross | Year Posted 2010

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Individual choices.. Identities allowed

No King to rule.. to none we bow

Determined are you to reach the top

Each of us can rise or flop

Perhaps you're one who doesn't care

Even that's allowed.. It is! I swear!

No one will ever force you to matter

Dance if you would at the foot of my ladder

Energy and drive heeds freedoms call

New recruits prepared to fall

Can we ever forget the price they pay

Ever thankful for Independence day!

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2010

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Independence suffices by will and dream a upright rise
Nurturing inspiration like morning blessings to produce
Developments in which the industrious share. Let's prize
Emancipation of genius that from work begs not truce!
People stand empowered now, be united so to achieve
Excellence: execute this effectively for love's a strategy.
National industry towers where each man may conceive 
Duty as his share. Vision and sweat makes all history,
Economy makes the satisfied. Motivated in every stride, 
Nothing denies the power of dream. Each survival shows
Competence, in moral honor, economic skill, these abide
Eternally repositioning the sail, catching what fate throws. 
Now I shall stand alone, walk alone
And sing a song all my own.
For I am man, I'm the child now grown
The eagle flown, I'll conquer a new zone.

I shall climb stairs of sky to hunt earth
Hurtling down to rise with food
And feed myself and unfeathered brood
Flexing cool against each cloud with mirth

I am independent, I am man
Thinker, worker, giver, proud
I shall not be deterred by raincloud
Or shadow shrouding a figured sand.

I am independent, I am dream
Transformed to vision. I thrown
From nest found strength of wing to astound
Prey and prayer where sharp talons gleam.

I am independent, I mark sun
For map of home, and command
The enterprise of measureless land
Where in flight and battle I have won

I take my independence with more
Than age, or wisdom of time
I own. Immersed in all spheres sublime
I feed my full and still bring to store

The wealth strewn in life's unguarded frame
From that I make better blood
Each heart for its own, the once chewed cud
Children alone will feed the twice claimed

I seek added value, fresh as day
A constant new of old schemes
I am independent, bright with dreams
Mind and muscle in rule of the fray.

Copyright © David Smalling | Year Posted 2012

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I am in Heaven
I have love in Abundance
In me there's Peace
In me there's Pleasure
In me there's Inspiration
To be more than just Nice
To give more than just Excitement
To share my Sanctity
Come rain come Sunniness

By Juliet Lasso

Copyright © Juliet Lasso | Year Posted 2015

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Quotation Mark.....

There is no limit
to what you can dream....
or reach~
she used to say.....
and until she was gone....
I never forgot....
the wisdom....
between the words......

Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006

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A new moon of praise is here 
Unlimited hopes to start with 
Goodness on its wings 
Universe sets to yield its goodies
Showers of blessing in stock 
Testimonials of breakthrough sandwiched

Copyright © meshack bankole | Year Posted 2015

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Fantasy Land

How we protest for Truth, Compassion, God
Yes, yet atheism is the rent, satan the landlord
Political Correctness is the real religion
Osteen! O recall how we wanted Joel Osteen to do the work of government
Compassion was demanded of Osteen's Church (Heather Heyer got none)
Religion is used to shut some, control some, liberate none (King's Prison Letter)
I still believe in some humans, but they must learn to read well (or listen well)
Teach O Holy Spirit (If you ignore the Third Member of the Trinity, who are U?)
Eternity in Hell is a real option, CHOOSE THE JESUS WAY, the one He taught.

Copyright © Anil Deo | Year Posted 2017