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Respect and honor

This is to every precious lady, who through it all has learnt to read life off unscripted pages, 
Made sense of voiceless glances and heard the message in sounds without lyrics, 
Here is to the wise lady who can make uncorrupted decisions both in the silence and the storms,
Here is to the houses that built us- they may not have been luxuriously the best, but they’ve made us whole and content, to never panic about many things
Here is to the words that stitched us- they may not have been from the strongest voices but have stood the test of time:
The ones that taught us;
"Never to trust nobody, to always rely on ourselves" 
"To fight silently, because it’s only a feminine mastery for strongest women"
"Never to cry"- of course this has had its ups n downs
"To forget the pains and the fears" because bad things happen anyway
"Not to expect much from anybody" 

"To respect and believe in the power of time"- 
As we have later learnt by the way that ordinary folks and scribes call these two time keeping and patience.
So here is to the strength of ladies living inspirational lives because they took to mind most of the good advice that came their way.
Because the sound of this wisdom has now passionately followed us through our peaceful and fugitive moments 
It has held us onto doing things not our own way but for life worth a memory...
Respect n blessings to ladies to whom tough didn’t mean quit but another chance to prove the extra ordinary is still existent in human nature.
#more respect and honor

Copyright © Irene Namajja | Year Posted 2014

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She wailed her way into the world...
An avatar they said, Goddess Lakshmi had taken birth...

Her parents' pride, her brother's delight...
She loved and shone her brightest light...

She smiled she laughed in her radiant sight...
She didn't notice the prying eyes...

Pirouettes and piques, with aplomb she leaped...
Fell back on the earth, for a second it hurt...

Not losing her stride, among the cries...
She walked ahead, with her head held high...

Its a man's world, she was warned...
Not true she said, and walked along...

For she was proud of the woman she was...
She did not know of the waging war...

She had no right to dress as she pleased...
Her shorts were labelled as a tease...

She committed a crime when she refused his friendship...
She was punished by a splash of acid...

Pushed and shoved, groped and cut...
She burnt she bled, he simply fled...

It was her fault, said those in power...
She ate noodles, she should have called him brother...

She shouldn't have been out, late at night...
Well, he was justified in playing out his might...

She should have brought a car in dowry...
She wouldn't be laying, a lifeless body...

She gives life, akin to God...
Yet her life is an irony, unwanted... abort...

Lying about the scar on her face...
She tells her friends she fell down the staircase...

For she didn't know how to confide in them...
Of the scathing beatings, by the husband she'd wed...

Killing in honour of the holy mother cow...
Raping the honour of the woman of their house...

They'd given her wings, asked her to fly...
She flew away, and then they pried...

How dare she fly away so high, she was permitted to fly awhile...
Clip her wings, draw a ring...attach her to their pendulum strings...

Stamped her fate, sentenced to a cage...
Live like a prisoner, you deserve it, they say...

Yet they fold their hands in prayer...
To a Goddess, for their share...

For their share of golden glory...
While her life becomes another cover story...

Copyright © Srishti Kalra | Year Posted 2016

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The Strongest Women I Know

Grandma means so much more then what it says in the dictionary.
It should say wise, intelligent, strong women.
Amazing, loving, and very kind hearted women.
The go to girl in times of trouble, get great advise, and just vent for hours.
She will be proud of you as long as you try your best, and she will tell you what direction to go when you fall on you ass.
My grandma is the best, the best in the world. Ill love her forever, then a little more.
I just want to say thank you for all that you have done.
I have loved every part of it. even though sometimes I was wrong.
Happy mothers day, Mamaw.
We need a grandmas day too, so the entire day can be just about you. 
I hope you have a good day, full of smiles and happiness.
I Love You, Mamaw and You Are The Bestest.

Copyright © Miss. Mae | Year Posted 2013

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WOMEN ARE EVIL, men ARE stupid

WOMEN ARE EVIL - men ARE stupid

Women are evil, men are stupid
when it comes to affairs of the heart, the arrow of cupid
It's sometimes a game that a broken love plays
so clever these women creating such disarray

Men go in like idiots, hook line and sinker 
not seeing clearly hidden by blinkers
whilst being ridden, women take men for a ride
there is almost always something sinister lurking inside

To manipulate, all they do is spread legs,for in truth men are just dumb ****s
all they think of is shooting their muck
so to summarize the last statement so easy to control
such a fixation men have on that sweet juicy hole

A nine month period a baby after this
a time when women can truly take the piss
i know men can be such bastards but in short women have the evil last laugh
they will hurt you so easily with there vengeful wrath

From restrictions on kids, to doing your best mate
as i said, just opening legs men just take the bait 
yes there are enlightened ones like myself, who recognize this 
still with my kid a women controls me and takes the piss

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus
wouldn't it be funny if i was a women with a *****
 just to clarify so you understand 
 i could have an evil intention coupled with a stupid plan

If i had the mind, genetics and equipment equal from each sex
i could get ****ed,**** also cry from cruel texts
i could start a campaign to change how both parties can be
i'd be the one to set both men and women free  

Okay there would still in the future be a few underground freaks 
would have the evil, stupid thing going on, not taking in my speech 
but it's just my thoughts, this will obviously never be
one can only dream, loose oneself in a fantasy

For those who hear my words, take in all that i write
men will always be stupid they will never see the light
so women can continue being evil playing their evil game
today, tomorrow, the future will always be the same
For while women have a pussy, a sweet juicy hole
that will always be the ticket to gain easy control
its like dangling a carrot on a string in front of a donkey
they are the organ grinders we are the monkeys

Men are dominant and strong, women are subservient and weak
whosoever made this bold and silly statement, let the ****ers speak
men are stupid, women are evil and clever
to be honest i see no change, it will be this way forever

Poem by Paul Powell  20/06/08

Copyright © Paul Powell | Year Posted 2013

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The Three Floozies Mary, Flo and Burly (A known Feminist)

Come join the three for another cheap, meaningless day in their lives
They consider themselves to be hip, part of the same sex marriage, Burly the 
husband, Flo and Mary the wives
Their day always starts at the breakfast table bashing  the males that exist 
They wish the males could be on the endangered species list
Sometimes things change among the three, as the estrogen level rises in Burly
Once a month, she wants to be a wife and act very girly
As for Mary and Flo, they think Oprah is hot
Burly thinks Rosie O'Donnell has the goodies she so much has sought
They sip their Busch Beer out of Nascar Coozies
There is no more room for anymore women within the circle of The Three 
From their point of view, all men should be women's slaves
Burly  has a strong scent of Old Spice after shave
They love watching domineering women type movies
The popcorn is shared by all Three Floozies
They go out to only all girls clubs
They cheer on the under dogs, their favorite one is the Chicago Cubs
Their closets are full of clothes by Dickies
They leave each other love notes on little stickies
Mary likes champagne on a store brand  soda budget
Flo likes Butterbeans with cumin to make them smell pungent
Burly likes Pickled Eggs and sardines
Burly's favorite movie line is In space no one can hear you scream
Flo's favorite movie line is Go ahead, make my day
Mary's favorite movie line is My name is Chucky, do you wanna play?
Burly dreams of one day wrestlin' steers
Mary is concerned that Burly one day will leave, that's her worst fear
Flo watches the WWE, she is such a loyal fan
Burly uses her forehead to smash empty beer cans
None of you are mothers, so on your peanut butter selection, quit being choosy
Mary, Flo and Burly are today's Three Floozies

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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You send bolts through my skin 
something I was never to 
accomplish with you, when I 
saw you it's like my heart sank 
to my stomach and I was in 
shock my body still my body 
heavy felt like when I moved I 
was about to fall to my knees 
you make me want to get 
inside my brain pick you up and 
take you out pick you one by 
one like a flower because I do 
love you and love you not.

Copyright © brittney lopez | Year Posted 2013

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why women cheat

Why do women cheat? 
Is it unintact relationships
Just looking to be swept off their feet
In search of intamacy or just 

More Physical attraction
Is status or attentiveness
Are they looking for a one night wait a minute
Thats a man

A unfaithful man causes emotional 
damage that with time can be healed
Women seek relationships with 
intent of revenge or to replace 
With no conscience of how they 
make a us feel.

We men are far from perfect
We break up many of homes
When we are the victims
We can only blame ourselves
So dont gripe or groan

To a woman we are always the 
Either we dont make them 
happy,make them feel special,dont 
listen,or flat out dont seem to care

All could have been saved showing 
her that you care with opening of a 
door,heart to heart conversation,  
sharing  an intamate kiss and 
breathed the same air

Faith, love, loyalty
Is what all relationhip should never 
It will then go to shambles
That will be the cause or reasons To 
get you heart ripped from your chest 
and stabbed in the back

Copyright © C.J. dont have one | Year Posted 2012

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Must our eyes even when we blind see
I closed my eyes but   Zipporah D ‘Ead was aborting the Evil
Zipporah says Kevin Daddy closed her eyes not to see
And that mother sees but to her it’s no Evil
Remember my daughter all we have is nothing you have to see
Until it’s too late we must see no Evil

Must our ears even when we deaf Hear
I closed my ears but Mama Zipporah was screaming like she saw something Evil
Kevin Daddy says she is stupid she want supposed to hear
And that Zipporah my sister died of nature not Evil
Zipporah my saint pray for mother I need you to Hear
And don’t forget she did her best but too late she is not evil
Remember in this our world money buys ears they all can’t Hear
Until it’s too late we must hear no evil

Must our mouths even when we Dumb Speak
And closed his mouth but Kevin Daddy drunk in his straitjacket must be something Evil
Zipporah and her mother he says to him they speak
Another one they say cray like the world it’s Evil
Remember the voices in our heads shouldn’t Speak
Until it’s too late we must speak no Evil 


Copyright © Moses Sichach | Year Posted 2015

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Women- The Road Familiar

Refreshing feel of identifying with music in my life,

The mother’s voice still echoes sweet in all life’s strife’s.

She taught me to walk, run, dance and sing,

My mother still stands strong in love and vigor in my life.


Kindergarten, the start of knowledge in life,

Where Mini, Lakshmy, Susan, Shoba and Meera,

Still shines as star's in my day- to-day life,

Keeping those  memories and blooming together.


School days, are times that stays vivid in mind,

Friends that evoked passions  of love still impress,

Susan Bindu, Jaya, Brinda, and Manju remained firm,

Even when life made new meanings,connections endured.


College saw, mixed platter, though women who stayed in unit

More in day- to-day life in Bindu, Geeta, Asha, Raji and Vinith,

Patterns of Lost love, admiration's, hero worship,list stands long,

However, for me it was a distressing lullaby of hearts .


Life showed me, women stand strong above all

As I carry endless power of strength, mind and heart,

when I  finds myself and knows where I remain in life!

So I  stand tall and represent myself as women.


Love never lost its footprints along the line,

I am a woman in Love,being loved  and cherished

I knows deep in my heart  that i  am contend,

Hearts grew deep in love, known love  and in Love.


I knew it right from the start, a moms heart

Holding my finger tight, I cradle you in my arms

Your smile and showed all your charms.

Heavens showered me the "Mom', role in prologue.

Copyright © Sapna Anu B. George | Year Posted 2013

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Women's Rights to Live

How can you say women don't have rights?
knowing inside we have the will to fight
how can you say we can't do this or do that?
when we know one fact
that we have a mind of our own.

How can you say women are second rate people?
knowing deep down we are all equal
because we all are born the same way.
How can you say we are built to do certain things like were machines?
knowing we have dreams
just like you.

Because I'm a woman; you think I don't have the right to do what I really
want to do?
like I can't use my own voice?
are you that ignorant?
can't you all see that gender isn't even a choice?

Human rights is to be free
willing to use our minds to be anything we want to be
human rights is to express one's true self
to let it all out from him or herself
so how can you say I have to have the rights in order to be what I want to be?
knowing all along I do have those rights to do what I want to do
or maybe you can't see that I'm human like you
an there's nothing in the world that can change that.

Copyright © verlena dillard | Year Posted 2014

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A few good Men

Chivalry isn't dead. 
For I know a few good men.
The man  who would open 
every door 
for you, adjust every seat, fulfill 
every romantic desire. Who is 
sensitive yet still strong and 
masculine. For he know he 
doesn't need his women but 
wants her because life isn't the 
same without a women's touch.  
Hes the perfect balance of wit 
and smarts as well as physically 
stout.  Clout like the great 
bambino, Heart and honor like 
the great King Arthur In 
another life it was as if he 
wielded a sword and shield  . 
Would protect innocent and live 
for only the greater of good. 
A man of god A man of life.  
gentlemen are in hiding for the 
definition of a "real women " is 
now misunderstood for being a 
" bad bitch" . As well as a  " 
real man" is misunderstood for 
" a real nigga" or a "boss". I 
don't want artificial happiness. 
Money can't buy me love. But 
these so called "females" can 
be.. Something's missing 
here?!?  I want forever.. I want 
unconditional, poetic love. A 
soulmate.. True romance a 
story book ending a queen.   
We all want somebody to grow 
old with but I will not accept 
comfort. I won't accept nothing 
less than extradonary. To this 
feeling I am no stranger so it's 
worth the wait. Chivalry isn't 
dead... I'm here as living proof 
for I know a few good men

Copyright © Sammy Nelms Jr | Year Posted 2013

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Frivolous Chase

All eye admiration flood upon your presence
Beyond words, this mind bleeds,
Crushed by your metaphysical yet practical brilliance
Deafened by the hilarity of your quirks
Envying those that may embellish in your jests
Frozen in tears where the past brings smiles
Groveling beside the untouched potential 
How is it you excel among such fetid company?
Initiating your moon-shines like the sun is your god
Jumping jacks pounding these ever depressing soles 
Kittling the fingertips mindfully so 
Lackadaisically glancing upon our stranger-friend relationship
Mustering the audacity to surmount your eccentricities  
No one could ever quite notice before
Opulent in knowing you have captured so many 
Pained inside to the very last penny
Quenched from courage, I remain caged in your glory
Rabid to agitate your unacquainted waters  
Suckling upon the overflow—
The leftovers that offer richness I will never know
Understanding you wholeheartedly—I quiver
Violated by the comfort tease of your words
Wondering how love can surface upon unsteady oceans
X chromosome searching for a sharp fool within a current of chaos
Y chromosome spinning, slightly hidden with a small, sparkly smile
Zealous in the frivolous chase—I was latched from the start

Copyright © Laura Breidenthal | Year Posted 2014

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your heart is avowed by nostalgic pigeons 
pigeons that you did away with stones


Copyright © shabnam shirvani | Year Posted 2014

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Words leave scars,
Hearts never heal,
You look up to the stars,
Wishing you can't feel.
Friends turn away,
Relationships shatter,
Hearts led astray,
No one thinks it matters.
The girl with a broken heart,
Lays on the filthy ground,
Broken glass in shards,
Blood drops can be found.
Get up sweet angel,
You deserve more,
I know you are able,
Get up off the floor.
Hold your head high,
You are who you are,
Higher you will fly,
Fly away far.
Away from this world,
Away from the sorrow,
You are a pearl,
A destiny to follow.
From a grain of sand,
To a pearl like no other,
The world in your hands,
Not torn by sorrow nor lover,
You alone can be the best,
Never cry or lay it to rest,
Strong as the sea,
Wild as the wind,
Gentle as a breeze,
You don't need a prince.
Alone you are strong,
Along with your sisters,
Every woman is one,
We will not be sorrows 

Copyright © Christina Steyn | Year Posted 2014

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Virtuous Women

The enemy was trying to trap me in his captivity 
I am enlightened in this new millennium, world not dwelling in inequity
Instead of stumbling blocks..stepping stones over the trickery.
I gave him my soul lord Almighty not the man of this society 
I may be young an age but wise I spirit therefore see how god shine through me for he who here it. 
I know (a-men)i know the gift god gave to me that make the demonic unclean spirits flee.
The devil knows and he can feel it
Let him fear it!
Fear the god which is in me 
I once was a christ baby
On this day I proclaim a virtuous lady!

Copyright © VANESSA TUCKER | Year Posted 2014

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Women Of Worth

Women of worth and 
do not see great men as 
Men of might and 
matchless quality,
do not see weak women as 

Men who say all women 
are bitches
must have fallen into self-
made ditches.
Women can be your 
greatest asset,
abusing them could make 
you regret.

Those who say all men are 
the same,
should bow their heads in 
It show they are making a 
that is causing them 
constant heartbreak.

Copyright © Adeleke Adeite | Year Posted 2013

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if you only knew

when you lose sight of what really counts
its easy to focus on only whats shallow
am i too fat is my nose too big
do i walk or talk weird whats wrong with me
when we forget the depth that is here in this world
and focus on things that are just absurd
so maybe im not a supermodel and my bums a tad on the thick side
and maybe im no a genius thats getting a scholorship on my side
but does that mean im nothing that i dont count
this world is getting sickening count me OUT
im ashamed of myself for even thinking like this
and obsessing to tears over shallow petty shit
i am praying that god hears my pleas for help
because i cant conquer this all by myself
i used to not care didnt care at all
but like any other i rise and fall
i am of the opinion that your body is a shell
and youll leave it behind when you go to heaven or hell
it will rot in the ground and count for nothing
and when i meet my maker he wont care how big my bum is
some women ONLY care about their looks and they dont get it
they dont see the big picture 
and i fear theyll regret it 
and other women dont care even at all 
about their looks because their depth is so massive and raw
but then theres me in the middle with so much depth and spirituality
why do i waste time wondering what are all the things wrong with me
im sick of crying over it ive done it for too long
im sick of getting angry when i cant crawl out of my bod
its a thought that i had reguarding a cacoon
like how catapielers go into them and out comes a butterfly zoom
if i could just crawl out my mouth my soul free for just a moment
and be allowed to have a different shell to live and own it
i wonder what its like to feel just for a second
not arrogance but a sweet compliment from someone who MEANT IT
my desperate pleas go out to you and anyone else who will listen
i hate my body im sick of my face and my voice is just ridiculous
so lets just drop it in the ocean let it sail away
cuz me im going to better places where i dont have to cry all day
where i know that my body is just a little shell a vehicle if you will
its our car or truck or limo or bus to use while we use our free will
and ive always said when you go you don't take your money your lambergini
or your watch expensive jewlery its all staying beind
and you should think about what YOUR world is while im trying desperatley to fix mine

Copyright © Brittany Carroll | Year Posted 2012

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A Perfect Size Me

I am no fashion model and that’s for sure
I need to do a lot of work to be a Size 4
Feeling pretty and petite is for what I strive 
But I am far from being a Size 5
Eating yogurt, salad, celery and carrot sticks
I will never in my lifetime be a Size 6
Always feeling down and praying to god in heaven
Asking him why have I never been a Size 7
Constantly downing myself and questioning my fate
Why don’t I stand tall and have a figure to fit a Size 8
Restrictions,diets,sugar substitutes,everything in moderation just give it time
All the while killing myself trying to be a Size 9
Buying butt lifters and waist trainers trying to fit in
Lord knows it’s a lot of work trying to be a Size 10
Never been a Size 11 or 12 although I could fit a 13 comfortably at one point in time
But having my four babies helped me jump past a 14 into Size 15/16 depressing but I’ll be fine
Then it hit me I finally see 
God made me this way because I am a PERFECT SIZE ME

Copyright © Kimberly Pauls | Year Posted 2015

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You are the female whose perfectly stacked 
You should wear a sign that reads MAY CAUSE HEART ATTACKS 
Pay no mind to what other women say 
Women have their men neutered, keeping them at bey 
You never fall for those smooth pick up lines 
You would be in prison, if a smokin' body was a crime 
Your last name is Parker, with a circle not so vicious 
You get the highest rating of bootylicious 
I am Sherlock Holmes, so give me a clue 
A hint of how I can get next to you 
If a genie granted me three wishes 
I only want one, I want to experience bootylicious 
Just the look from your eyes put men at your beckon call 
Every room should be filled with bootylicious from wall to wall 
If they could design a computer using you, there would be no glitches 
You would be the mainframe, the nerve center of bootylicious 
Bootylicious is in all women out there 
Go on men, check them out, take a long stare 
The walk, the talk, the strut and the look 
Your story is all true, a non-fiction book 
As you men stand at the kitchen sink while washing the dishes 
Look out the window, you'll spot bootylicious

Copyright © Eugene Carmen | Year Posted 2008

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Please let me know

            Please let me know
Let me know when you feel what I feel,
Cause I can't describe how it feels to be me,
Loving you and having so much patience,
Please show me if I'm wrong,
Correct me at any given time,
Cause the more you correct me its the more I fall in love,
Please let me know,
When your heart is weary,I will always be there to help,
As quick as a lightning,
Always eager to assist,
Please let me know,
For I am yours now and forever...

Copyright © Nonhlahla Nonduma | Year Posted 2016

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har jamane m hua h....jamane se chala h....
naa ruka h...naa thama h.....
bs chlta hi gya h......

hamesha hume bs tiraskar mila h.....
jamane se chala h...chlta hi gaya h....

na ruki m kabhi thami m kabhi.....
bs samay ki aandhi....mujhe thmna hi pada h...

fariyad hi sahi......mera rona hi sahi....
na boli m kisi ne suna h...

sadiyo se hua h.....chlta hi gya h...
jamane se chala h...chlta hi chla h..

kyu pehchane na mujhe...koi jane na mujhe...
bs jo bhi mila jalsa hi mila h...

Copyright © amita shergill | Year Posted 2013

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har jamane m hua h....jamane se chala h....
naa ruka h...naa thama h.....
bs chlta hi gya h......

hamesha hume bs tiraskar mila h.....
jamane se chala h...chlta hi gaya h....

na ruki m kabhi thami m kabhi.....
bs samay ki aandhi....mujhe thmna hi pada h...

fariyad hi sahi......mera rona hi sahi....
na boli m kisi ne suna h...

sadiyo se hua h.....chlta hi gya h...
jamane se chala h...chlta hi chla h..

kyu pehchane na mujhe...koi jane na mujhe...
bs jo bhi mila jalsa hi mila h...

Copyright © amita shergill | Year Posted 2013

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Hey everyone, lately i've found this website called www . Talevault . com . As many of you love to read and write poetry/tales/short stories, I might aswell share this with everyone! What I really like about this website is the point system. You can collect points by viewing poems and by favorite/sharing them. The points can be used to promote/advertise your poetry. Soon they will also start writing contests with weekly subjects. The winner will be rewarded. I'm pretty sure soon they will come up with more cool stuff My account there is Parraloco, i just started writing poetry. Comment your accountname and i'll check out your posts ^^ Let me know what you think about this website.

Have a nice day everyone!

Copyright © yoran schulte | Year Posted 2015

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Alive In Her Memories

The days I spent with her,
Were days of full awesomeness.
I loved to be with her,
As her love lied in her calmness.

The beauty of our relationship,
Was as pure as gold.
A little old & bold,
With the power to withstand 
even the strongest cold.

My journey with her couldn't last for long,
Didn't knew exactly where I was wrong.
It was the beginning of my pain,
Only to loose & nothing to gain.

Left with her thoughts in my mind,
I lived my life like one of a kind.
Just like the leaves are part of trees,
I just want to stay; Alive in her memories

Copyright © Sujish Kandampully | Year Posted 2015

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I pack rhymes and squeeze lines like I got a big de-luggage
I eat burgers and beg them elders like I’m some piece of de-garbage  
I eat snacks with de-sanguages and flow lyrics with de-language 

I eat de-lays while chasing chickens like women need to be de-laid
I de-lay verses when writing poems like I’m so de-educated
I de-language metaphors like Saddam Hussein being decapitated
I de-compose verses & sooth poetic souls like criminals renouncing de-fraud

I consult with presidents and confuse deputies like I’m some de-vice
I complete de-forms and design signatures like Bill Gates on debates
I trail de-tails like polices dogs sniffing cracks of different de-scents 

I de-fuse nuclear bombs & threaten twin towers like September de-eleven
I’m precise when closing arguments like women screaming de-fine
I deviate from impurities like preachers praising the Lord’s good news
I flow sicker than poets when writing poems like drug disorders
I de-frost tension when aggressively speaking like a deep freeze on degrees

Copyright © Phindile Tukwayo | Year Posted 2008

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the guitar loving women this one has music for it too





D G 





G D 
D A G 






A G D A 

G D 
D A G 
©copyrighted by
Penny Lapsley, John Beedle, jerry spalding 

Copyright © penny lapsley | Year Posted 2008

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A Woman

It keeps passing by like the days
feel it like a sunny day
when the sun kiss your face on 
noon day
awake at nights _ hoping the 
moon will kiss your lonely day

and give birth to a faithful day
that I’d take you out _ on Val’s 
to show how much I care on my 
imagine the fun on a happy day

am a woman with a vision today
to be in suits on Monday
still making ideas for a holiday
a hope to live for each day-by-

Copyright © Emenaha Godwin Holiday | Year Posted 2014

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har jamane m hua h....jamane se chala h....
naa ruka h...naa thama h.....
bs chlta hi gya h......

hamesha hume bs tiraskar mila h.....
jamane se chala h...chlta hi gaya h....

na ruki m kabhi thami m kabhi.....
bs samay ki aandhi....mujhe thmna hi pada h...

fariyad hi sahi......mera rona hi sahi....
na boli m kisi ne suna h...

sadiyo se hua h.....chlta hi gya h...
jamane se chala h...chlta hi chla h..

kyu pehchane na mujhe...koi jane na mujhe...
bs jo bhi mila jalsa hi mila h...

Copyright © amita shergill | Year Posted 2013

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Her Story

When a kid was she, adored child only,
Treated like a princess, every wish fulfilled.
She was gifted a book one day,
‘Adventures of a little girl’ it read,
Colorful pictures, exciting story,
She got lost in its glory.
But then she grew up and know what?
The adventures never came true,
She searched in the real world,
Got lost but didn’t find any prince charming too.
But she found another book,
‘Sacrifices of a woman’ it read,
Rules to live by for a woman,
Submissive, sacrificing, bowed down.
“Of course, this won’t be true either,’ she said,
And kept it aside while she searched for her way,
Tried to be assertive, independent,
For like a princess she had been raised.
But then she found the second story coming true,
Many things the world didn’t allow her to do,
Obstacles she came across everywhere,
She felt lost again and again.
‘This is stupid,” she said to herself,
“The first story was good but didn’t come true,
The second is sad but seems to happen with me,
It’s my life, so why can’t I decide my own story?”
And that resolve started a new story,
She persevered, remained firm and assertive,
Bogged down she didn’t remain by the society’s norms,
She decided to write climax the way she wanted it to happen.
Slowly, but surely she found her way,
Prince Charming himself came to find her from faraway,
She was not submissive, all those rules she broke,
Yet, a lot of respect from all she evoked.
One night, years hence she sat on her bed,
A smile of satisfaction lit up her face,
She put down the book she had been reading that time,
It was called ‘The Story of Her Life.’

Copyright © Amrapali Tendolkar | Year Posted 2016

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Women Power

Women chores don't always include having a broom in your hand. it also means that you need to be able to connect with your mind, & say what you need to say. Every women deserves a voice. A purpose. Don't let men or our society define you. You are who you want to be. You think what you want to think. And you do what you want to do. Think like a strong woman, but if you have your kids also think like a mother. Live free, but also keep your life under control. You have responsibilities. Goals, don't lose that just because you think you can't be on your own.

Copyright © Ana Jaquelyn | Year Posted 2017