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Runaway bride


Down the ailse she walks
Bouquet in her hand smile on her face
To the alter where her love awaits
Her heart so pure and true
Her friends and family all in view

Her veil hides her face and tears
Her body hidden by the dress she wears
White the colour of purity
Pink the color of innocence
Her dark brown eyes clouded by promises

Thump thump her heart beats faster
Her grip tightens on the arm of her father
Every doubt shes ever had
Passes through her mind , so ugly so bad
Questions to which she doesn't have the answers

Her footsteps slow to a halt
Curious eyes look to her
Back and forth,  bride and groom
The  mistress there pretends to swoon
But she knows better the lies and laughter
Behind her back they all must chatter
She turns around and begins to run
As if someone there held a gun

Out the door her veil behind
Bouquet on the floor ,  her name being yelled
Oh what a tale,  a tale to tell

Once upon a time a girl fell for a prince
No other man she fell for since
A real prince charming to her eyes
She was fooled from all the lies
Once upon a time a girl fell for a mister
But soon she found out
He loved her sister.

Copyright © Makayla Gilchrist | Year Posted 2016

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My physics teacher's 
name is SYED 
YOUSUF SIR and he 
is my fav sir!

Copyright © shaista aziz | Year Posted 2014

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To my little Sister

To my Lil Sister 
Lil sister your 19 now and I just wanted to put make up words on paper for you/A couple things for you to remember/ A couple things I hope you'll do/ in life there are two significant dresses you'll wear, the one you'll wear to your wedding and when the you'll wear to your funeral/ so make each dress you wear in between purposeful/ God made you the person you are so know that you are inexorably beautiful/ Flawless to no end/ Fall victim to no sin/ you are your mothers daughter it is in your dna to dress as a purposeful woman/ Lil Sister/ Their are going to times when your heart feels like life is cutting into it with the precise precision of a surgeon/struggle bring the depression so make sure that your faith is certain/ Live every day as if you were Jesus/ Live every day like your the star of the best filming  feature/ Lil Sister/ there is going to be a war and nothing I say can prepare you for/ but just know that every prayer that our mother and father does for you is a knock on the Gods door/ Keep your faith and know that your not 19 years young your 19 years powerful.

Copyright © Junia James | Year Posted 2016

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Sister Please Forgive Me

We were both so young full of spirit and fun
She's the Indian I'm the Cowgirl as we move along the ground just fooling around
Running through the house attacking each other with laughter and joy trying to be coy

We see the rifle with no knowledge of great threat
Just giving us a peak with nothing to regret
My sister grabs it first and play shoots me but I'm quick and hold a might sway
I'm a strong cowgirl aiming to attack
I snatch the rifle from the Indian as she starts to retract
                  I AIM-- I SHOOT--

My breathing has stopped but I'm not aware
My ears are ringing 
Do I run and hide do I start screaming?
For death I do not know and everything is now so slow
Is she just sleeping or can I hear her weeping?

Mama where are you? You were just ten steps below but you do not show

My sister must be sleeping a blanket will help her weeping
Gently I cover her but she doesn't seem to know
Her long brown hair now has an odd red glow

I'm only a child but my mind is going wild
My tears of fear blind me as I fall to the ground

Many days have passed me as I have grow old
but I can still remember her grave with the Angel stone.

T Reams             10th Place     for my Sister Amber I Miss You

Copyright © TAMMY REAMS | Year Posted 2015

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She is not my real sister
Nor found her on twitter.
She met me in an institution 
And got an intuition 
She taught me English 
Which i never relish.
After some days she started teaching me sociology
Since she then became my ideology
In the meantime we became good friends 
Then she was both my start and end.
I called her sister
Became happy and showed blister.
Like this our relation stretched 
For relations there no occasion or trend.
Now people know her as my adopted mother
And i don't care of mindset of other
I love her the most 
And have faith utmost.
She slaps me on my mistake
and she is the who bakes me a cake.
I share all my grief
She handle it softly and treat.
She is an advocate by profession 
And lives in a tashan.
She keep slapping guys
So no guy ever try 
She is the best human i met
In my life,i have her threat.
I fight 
Then hug her tight.
I love u vaishali sista 
Please Please find some Mr.
Find some handsome man. 
of whom i can become a fan....
your child cum sista ... i love u di .


Copyright © alka pal | Year Posted 2015

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Times 2

Good things come in pairs
We were born a minute away
In a day of March
Probably the best 

Time passed
We shared some friends
 It was like we were Teddy Bears
We grew up; some kept us both
Others gave us forth

Period of toys ended in some way
We were no longer like Teddy Bears
Our routes divided in two
But there’s still a highway for two
Good things come in pairs
Good things go and come as sun and rain 

Copyright © Adelaida Samper | Year Posted 2014

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When a black woman love
she loves deeply.
She cares truly.
When she touch;
with tenderness.
Whenever she listen;
always filled with compassion.
Whom she respects;
that she adores!
She never judge;
she supports!
Will always have your back;
she is crazy loyal!
She never gives up on 'em;
she takes care of her own.
Whenever she is around
her presence is definitely felt.
It's the simple thing she does
and the way she does them;
her smile,
her gaze,
how she rolls her eyes,
play with her hair...
Not to mention how she effortlessly  transforms
a house to a home.
they say black don't cracK;that's true!
Is  bolD and beautifulL; definitely!
Absolutely phenomenaL;i concur!
But am here to declare
Black is royaltY,
so is a Black womaM!

Copyright © PENINNAH NGANGA | Year Posted 2014

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The trouble of my sister

Apologies to my sister whom I see now as a friend,
But this is how I saw you when I was ten
Carrying no worry or fear
Deeming that life was easy
Except the fact of my sister 
Fact: she was a pain in the neck
"Good morning!" She yells
Hurting my ears at 5 at dawn
If only I could strangle or at least take away
Just my sister for one whole day
Kicking her toys,
Lurching through the hall,
Munching on my cereal,
Never ceasing to trouble me,
Only when she's sleeping
Plus when I'm at school
Questioning, " What did I ever do to you?"

Copyright © Sarah P. | Year Posted 2015

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I Won't Give Up

I some how feel numb
I am hearing and seeing but I can't move a crumb,

My body lays motionless to avoid the pain
I tell my self it is all in my brain,

How did I get this bad in such a short time
I was fine then the Doc said; oh you have two spots the size of a dime,

So I fight and say give me the chemo to keep me alive
I know in my heart there is no hope for me to survive,

But, my mind is still full of positive thoughts
This is what I needed due to how I have fought,

I cannot give up and just let go
Then I will for sure never know,

How long I would have had if I don't give in
No matter what happens I will keep fighting till the end.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2009: Wrote for my sister Cheryl whom fought Breast Cancer for 7 years at a stage 4 and she was 53....RIP..

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Sisters Love

A perfect storm, a family born
An option that betrays a heart
Scorned and sharp, painfull
Caress the love is not real
A sister depressed , crazy and nuts
Oh what have we become
Animals in a jungle , defend what is yours
You have nothing but anger
Resentment, i have more i have eyes that see a 
heart that feels, i have words to deliver 
I am real , i belong in any place , i dont cry from disgrace
I am free , i have what is yours, what is ours , we all share a piece
Day by day u go more mad, driven by control , u will never comprehend happiness in the end,

Copyright © Jeanann Foster | Year Posted 2015

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2 years, 5 months and 14 days ago
That’s about how long you've moved half way across the world
I've always been worried that things would change between us 
But you made me believe that everything would remain the same
I never knew you could take me so far 
I've always wanted the home that you are
We have busier lives now, picking up the phone isn’t always an easy task
I've tried to make myself believe that its good not to be ‘entwined’ 
But I feel that if I do then I’ll lose my sister forever
Cause you always reached down underneath and tore down all my walls
Distance shouldn't make a difference for us,
But it does
I want the things the way they used to be
Talking all the time, laughing for no apparent reason
All these memories I know I’ll carry in my heart
I can go back and play them over in my head so to make it seem
As though everything is the way it used to be
You are not here to say what you always used to say
But you have made me believe in me and 
Helped me follow my heart
I remember how sometimes I would get so weird 
And that’d freak you out
And then we’d laugh ourselves to sleep cause that was our lullaby
You taught me to dream with open eyes 
And live the truth each day, be wise
Now standing in the dark I still believe that you are watching over me
If I could, I would build a time machine and
Replay all the wonderful times we’ve had together
I don’t want to know what it’d be like not to have you as a sister
No matter if things change
I’ll always remember that you’re here
Always in my heart
Even after one thousand, nine hundred and ninety two days apart. 

Copyright © Rachna Chawla | Year Posted 2014

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my mother

oh! my lovely mother, 
you are the greatest gift ever!
you are my best friend,
living without you ,never!
you may go through pain, 
but always feel pleasure!
you are worth more than a treasure!!!!
you always support me,
 you always encourage me,
you always understand me,
when I am down ,
you are the one who makes me feel better !!!
oh my lovely mother ,
 you are the greatest gift ever!!!!!

Copyright © shaista aziz | Year Posted 2014

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Sisters Day August fourth

S-pecial friend is what are
I- n every way by far
S-trong & knowing your always there
T-ender & caring, always ready to share
E-very one should have a sister like you
R-eady to help no matter whatever I need you to do, life is a much better place to be, because I know that you are always here for me

Copyright © Veronica Aicher | Year Posted 2013

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What does a normal teen do? What does a normal teen think? 
I really do not no. yes I am a teen but when I was 15 ½  I thought about how to take care of my mom if she needed to be changed and when to feed her and when to give her medication. I worried about what would happen to my mom. I had to go shopping for toddler cloths for my little sister and brother. I am 17 now and I still go shopping for little children cloths. I worry about getting my homework done and getting my little brother and sister’s homework done. This year I have to take the kids to kinder garden and I will be in 12th grade. I always worry about what’s going to happen to my mom she is still sick but there’s nothing I can do just keep her in my heart and prayers. I worry about what I will do when its time for me to go to college I will still be taking care of my brother and sister. There’s a lot to do I worry all the time about money things being washed and cleaning and homework. My dad does a lot for me and my sisters and brothers I just wish my big sisters would have stepped up and helped my dad take care me and my little sister and brother but they didn’t now i am trying to do all the things my mom did. It is a lot of work mothers have to do. I thought it was easy but now that I have to do it all I can say mothers are what keeps a family in order. Thanks to all the moms out there. If you have moms don’t take her for granted because you never know what will happen to them. 

Copyright © diann guillen | Year Posted 2012

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I'm writing now oh big bro
Oh! sorry I forgot, yes you said no
To say goodbye and to let you know
That you'll be on my mind wherever I 
Well you know I'll never be ur pussy 
cat nor teddy bear
Whatever you wanna call me now...I 
dnt care
You think you're the one who's hurt, 
well you're wrong dear
The truth is that I'm the one suffering 
No no plz dnt you ever apologize
I'm the one who's sorry for telling 
To you?! Yeah right that's what you 
have always thought
But I was lying to myself believe it or 
No more stories,no more pain
Gonna spread my wings, fly in the 
Now each one is going his own way
Well that is all I have to say
If you change your mind I'll be 
waiting for you
Ready do hear and forgive like I 
always do
The fact is you'll never know what 
you did to me
Though I'll never consider you as an 
Oh how I wish to hear from you 
these words
Saying, sister come close to me, 
together we will run the world.

Copyright © dreamersis poems | Year Posted 2013

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Never Thought It Would Happen

We began so little and young, 
Life beat us bad and twisted our tongue.
You and I walked a pretty rough road I can say
When you stumbled I was always there to make you stay.

Stay and not give up, I didn't give up on you than, so I wont give up on you now, 
We danced our life so brutally and softly, but this time you didn't look my way and bounced. 
I thought we would go on like this forever, but I guess like people say, 
Nothing lasts forever.

Copyright © Roman Chebukin | Year Posted 2012

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My lifelong friend
She's sweet and cute
Sharing experiences with her
helps me with difficulties
As a way to success
She held me through the hand
to the path of victort
Sister, the real gift of god
Whom I really love the most
My Sweet sister

Copyright © Namratha H | Year Posted 2012

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Family Commandments

Family Commandments

Thou shall not pull thy sisters hair. Thou you shall chew thy food.
Thou shall not stay out until Midnight. Thou shall be in a better mood.
Though shall not answer me back. Thou you shall brush thy hair.
Though shall not wear that in public. Thou you shall behave in here.
Thou shall not give me cheek and run as fast as thou art.
Though shall not rush thy homework. Though you shall begin from the start..
Thou shall not scream at every opportunity no mater  if thy lungs be strong.
Thou shall not dance in tantrum. Thou you shall stay home where you belong.
Thou shall not eat me out of house and home. Though you shall get a job.
Thou shall not sit round like a bum. Thou you shall turn into a slob.
Thou shall not fight with your sister. Thou you shall give her a cuddle.
Though you shall not bunk away from school. Or Thou shall be in a muddle.
Thou shall not make noise while soaps are on, if you know what's good for thy ears.
Thou shall not blame your brother, Thou you shall see his tears.
Thou shall not ever worry, Thou I am here for you.
Thou shall not ever be sad. Thou you shall be happy It's true.
Thou shall not ever fret, even though we shall have our fears.
Thou shall never be alone. Thou you shall know we care.
Thou shall always have a life, Though u shall be happy and care.
Thou shall not have a problem alone. Thou you will know we are near.
Thou shall not take for granted, That shall be full of pride.
Though shall never wish for more, with thou family by thou side

By Shirley Moody

Copyright © Shirley Moody | Year Posted 2011

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All the Funny Kids

                                     All The Funny Kids
                                           By: Monique John 

Full of joy
Unbelievably excited
Never-ending happiness
Nature’s lovers

Kind hearts
Ideal company
Dare devils
Snuggle Monsters

Copyright © Monique John | Year Posted 2015

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We are six sisters and now one is gone
The five of us left try to carry on,

Trying to fill a void in our empty hearts
There is nothing we can do to keep from falling apart,

Someday all of us will join in that beautiful place
But, until then we will keep in memory her unforgetable face,

Written By: Unique Poetry on 2009

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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My sister

That girl is so beautiful, 
That girl is so smart.
She makes the best decisions, 
She is far from a fool.
She knows exactly where she is going
Because she  follows her soul
She has made mistakes in the past
But can you blame  her for that.
Everyone does it, it's a known fact.
Yeah some were right, that most have surpassed!

Copyright © Shannon Martin | Year Posted 2015

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Ode to Sister

Wiggle jiggle giggle
A country band your worth
My naira devalued;
I hired none
But accept my song;
My songs in word like lullaby
At night,when soul dies
When stream bubbles;
absent of unseen mind.
You stream like blood
Ode to you
To you,my unseen sister
Lurking in soul like ghost
Accept my signal,cometh ye now
In dark and lone, dwell in me 
Like Tonto and the ranger
You are distal to Kemosabe
Ode to YOU.

Copyright © Muyiwa Caleb | Year Posted 2016

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sister sister
a female person havin the same 
with you.
sisters can be the first afta the 
Either young or old,
they r alwaiz dere for you
they can be a shoulder for you to 
cry upon,
you can be a shoulder for dem to 
cry upon,
they are loving and caring,
they are more precious than jewels,
OH!they are incomparable,
Even in Genesis 12:13"say you are 
sister,that it may go well with me 
because of
you,and that my life may be spared 
for your
Oh sister,sister how lovin you are...

Copyright © opeyemi shittu | Year Posted 2013

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Long Lost Siblings

You may not know me but I know about you. Should you ever find your way to me with open arms I shall receive you.

It's not your fault that we aren't a part of each others lives, The feeling of not being a part of your hearts feels like a thousand knives piercing my soul all at once.

For as long as I live this dreadful thought will always be a part of me until the day meet. As a Brother I should be protecting you, holding you, picking on you, argue with you, Kick ass for you and most important Love You. 

Where there's a will there's a way I'm a firm believer that one day we'll cross paths and scream out YAY, However if you have no knowledge of me let me introduce myself, My Name is Shawn Muñoz I'm 36 Raised in the Bronx now living in Florida where I shall await the 3 of you. ™©

By: Shawn Muñoz

Copyright © Shawn Munoz | Year Posted 2016

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sisters and brother

people say sisters are there for you to talk to, to look up to, to be there for you know matter what. 
well in my case i cant trust my sisters all thy do is judge me and make fun of me jst because im a goody goody and im weird, well i rather be a good girl and weird thn how they wer when they wre my age  
i can never count on them and any time i tell  them a secret that i dont want any one to find about thhey end up telling every one 
i like being myself  but my sisters judge me and make fun of me with there friends
i can trust my older brother hes some one i can look up to 
some one i trust he doesnt judge me he helps me with my problems 
i love my brother

Copyright © diann guillen | Year Posted 2012

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The Avoided Day

This is not just another day
The clouds above all seem gray
None of us know what to say
My mind needs to stay focused and not go a stray
I remember the days we used to play
It is the Life we need to portray
Or is this final come what may
I want to be selfish and make her stay
I guess this is the time we all need to pray
You tell yourself this is all going to be okay
There are some things I wish we could delay
Reality is here and it is planned this way
Because this is the price we all must pay.

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Lost in this wilderness. . I feel like a scared child... Everyone seems so raw n wild... No one to hear my cry in distress.. I search for your hand to hold.. To guide me to a place where I worry no more.. Am so scared, that a shiver runs down my body n soul. . As tears drop from my eyes.. All I hear is there laughter, n see them smile.. Lost in the wilderness... I feel scared like a small child....

Copyright © argho chakraborty | Year Posted 2012

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Run from a bitter reality 
Settle in a dream 
Not much to take 
undress the sadness 
draw wings to fly 
eyes are closed 
hugging a beautiful life. 
Yes i am ready to go . 
That's a translation of what my beloved sister Mirna Arabi wrote in her book . she surrendered her pen , closed THE book and .. 
she flew away on the 1st of October 2016 at 12:00 noon.
 they said her heart was weak and she could not handle those strokes, 
No my friends her wings were stronger. 
I will miss you sis. we will all miss you

Copyright © Mesbah Arabi | Year Posted 2016

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To Jou

Many months have elapsed 
Since I saw your pretty face.
Many things have happened
Since I heard your soothing voice;
Mountains have roared, skies have fallen,
The earth has quaked, the seas have dried,
The rains have sworn, the sun has slept,
But on either side we stay strong.
All night I wonder how you fare,
Thinking too it’s all my fault.
I’ll comprehend if you be mad
That my ways be not consistent,
But such is it when the heart 
Is dropped in a pit of ants.
Each day I pray for strength
To wade through the hurdles
That keep you far from me,
Hoping one day to step on land.
But then today I had a dream,
Of fancy times and merry songs,
With camping tents and heavy trays,
Chanting voices, happy faces.
This dream I’ll hang on to
Till the day I see it true,
While clinging to your image,
Which I only have in mind.

Copyright © Karl Nkecha Safindah | Year Posted 2013

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I remember the feelings 
I had for you dear
Images in my mind
so vivid so clear
I know it was true 
you felt it for me

Copyright © Dean Mobley | Year Posted 2016