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Love for someone,

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Life has listened to me,
Why do you co-exit?
Love you all,
We all hate hatred.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?

Everyone broken my heart,
Why do you do me love?
Why do you want us everything?
We have given everything to us only punishment.

Sorrow is my companion now,
Why do you tears your drowsy?
The happiness you have received,
The realization of the world of sorrow.

Copyright © Kishan sharma | Year Posted 2017

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How do I say good bye

How do I say good bye 
How do I say good bye do I just sit down and cry or do I ask God why? 
Or do I just say good bye and remember all the good times we had?
How do I say good bye to the Love that we shared with each other 
Why do I have to cry when I say goodbye 
May you Rest in peace

Copyright © Jessie Smith | Year Posted 2016

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How do I say good bye

How do I say good bye 
How do I say good bye do I just sit down and cry or do I ask God why? 
Or do I just say good bye and remember all the good times we had?
How do I say good bye to the Love that we shared with each other 
Why do I have to cry when I say goodbye 
May you Rest in peace

Copyright © Jessie Smith | Year Posted 2016

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Bitter by ; being mentally bruised and battered most of my life,
shaken with fright without a single soul to help me
through the troubles unseen horrors of the night, 
from an evil source that I fear to strike. 
But as the evil forces, who limited my choices 
that when I found my stallion horses. 
Swiftly it came to my head I can run and I cannot hide, 
feeling the Beast closing in on every time I decide to hide. 
Tired of running and tired of alluding this
relentless creep as my red bolt eyes weep 
feeling rest-less, likes a lonely defeated warrior from his home in retreat 
that is when I knew it time to rest, to release my Beast. 
But in a fight, I may not win however as I cast out my dirty words sin
I made sure it felt my impact, to the bloody end.

by Keith Kadell

Copyright © Keith Relf | Year Posted 2013

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My Family

My Family
I love my family from the core of my heart
From a far off distance and miles apart
Being a daughter is the best feeling
A family which is very understanding
I love my family
My dad,who is a superhero
My mom,who is above all
My sister,sweet loving and caring
My brother,who will be fighting but with lot of love and care
My grandfather,who gifted me on my first birthday a cute bear
My grandmother,who took care of me when I was sick
My aunt,who was there with me through out my thin and thick
I love my family,I love my family

Copyright © Mansi Bharat | Year Posted 2015

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My father s blue Grand Maqruis

My father had this car, not very expensive but very fast. It was old, it was squared, it was blue… a Grand Marquis it was. My dad used to wash it whether it rain, snow or shine. It was right on the garage, I remember, not too close, not too far; it was nice and clean, it was his most special thing. It was old; it was a blue squared Grand Marquis. He loved to drive it, he loved to race it, and everybody in the family embraced it. A day came by, the Grand Marquis he let me drive. At first, I was nervous, I was stressed, I was pretty upset; at last, I was excited, I was thrilled… I was fascinated. This was my first time I drove a car, and even it was my first driving experience, it wasn´t so hard. I loved it, I raced it, just as my dad used to train me. Suddenly, technology came by my door and a portable telephone was installed on the floor. It was the first “not home phone” that I saw, It was the first portable phone in my home. It felt strange, it felt kind weird, it felt as if the world was getting newer and newer, and I was getting older and older, it felt as if the world was spinning and spinning and I was steady and steady; it felt so strange that when I realized, it had went out of range. My father used to race, he loved speed, he loved adrenaline, and of course… he loved me. My mother got scared when he drove the Marquis, she used to scream, shout, yell and cry, she used to dislike it and get out of it, she used to get cranky and sometimes angry. Then, another new artifact came by. What? A trailer horn? Yes indeed, a trailer horn was put in place. There it was, this shiny brass, there it was, this noisy trash. We used to have fun with it, I remember, I remember; we used to laugh scaring people, Oh medieval boys we were! So there it was, this lovely car, shinny, brilliant and old. It was lovely, it was squared, a blue Grand Marquis it was.  I would remember it forever, I would never forget it, I would save all the memories and I would smile when the memory come by. With or without the artifacts… we would miss it, we would miss it.

Copyright © Carlos Villarreal | Year Posted 2012

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She Lost Her Dad

She lost her dad when she was only one.Now she's fourteen and feeling alone.

Feeling depressed not knowing who he was,asking questions what did he do,where was he from,how did he act ?

As she set there with all the questions going through her mind.Wondering was he like me ,was he a good dad?she just feels so mad.

Not knowing what he was like,making her heart ack each night.losing her dad so young,it isn't fun.

She has a step dad who has raised her since she was one ,who she loves with all her heart,but its not the same.All she has is a picture of him in a frame.

As she sits there wishing he was here
so she could say hi for the first time ,but she knows that wont happen so sad looking at his grave wondering why God had to take him away..,,,

Well at least he's in a better place way up in heaven space where angels fly and nobody cries.......but I'll always have questions flowing through my mind,,,,,,

Copyright © Crystal Stewart | Year Posted 2014

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Awesome Dad

Ball Playing
Crazy, Cool
Deer Hunter
Fantastic, Fun loving
Mischief Maker
Needed nearby
Ready for Recreation
Teasing, Tricky
X-tra Special
Zoe's dad

Copyright © Laura Spears | Year Posted 2010

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My Only Wish

My only wish
My only wish right now
Is to step out of my comfort zone
Shine brighter than the moonlight

My only wish 
My only wish right now
Is to put a smile on his face
Smile like he just had he's first taste of ice cream

My only wish 
My only wish right now
Is to make him proud
Proud like an Eagle streching its wings

My biggest wish
My biggest wish right now
Is that when hes time has passed
He will know he has done his part

Seven months 
Seven months is all i have 
To work hard 
Like architectural ants building an ant hill

Yes I will
I will make him a proud father indeed
To a point where his manhood surrenders to his emotions 
Tears streaming down his face at great magnitude like the victoria falls

So tonight
I shall wish upon a star
Hoping that my biggest wish
Comes true  

Copyright © Shamell Gabolekwe | Year Posted 2013

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What does a normal teen do? What does a normal teen think? 
I really do not no. yes I am a teen but when I was 15 ½  I thought about how to take care of my mom if she needed to be changed and when to feed her and when to give her medication. I worried about what would happen to my mom. I had to go shopping for toddler cloths for my little sister and brother. I am 17 now and I still go shopping for little children cloths. I worry about getting my homework done and getting my little brother and sister’s homework done. This year I have to take the kids to kinder garden and I will be in 12th grade. I always worry about what’s going to happen to my mom she is still sick but there’s nothing I can do just keep her in my heart and prayers. I worry about what I will do when its time for me to go to college I will still be taking care of my brother and sister. There’s a lot to do I worry all the time about money things being washed and cleaning and homework. My dad does a lot for me and my sisters and brothers I just wish my big sisters would have stepped up and helped my dad take care me and my little sister and brother but they didn’t now i am trying to do all the things my mom did. It is a lot of work mothers have to do. I thought it was easy but now that I have to do it all I can say mothers are what keeps a family in order. Thanks to all the moms out there. If you have moms don’t take her for granted because you never know what will happen to them. 

Copyright © diann guillen | Year Posted 2012

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Can you see the sadness behind my eyes?
would you be able to feel my pain?
think how it`s feel like 
to be by yourself and frightened
they left me like I am nothing
no mother, no father, no one to care for me
no one to raise me or teach me how to be human 
with no parents to refrain

The whole world was: too cold, too big and too cruel. 
no house or bed to go back to every night, 
I lie awake every night, alone under the bridge,
hungry like a Wolf.
overcome with panic, pain, and desperation
migraine that made my whole body throbs
developing a contaminated and stigmatized identity
I was a tender ember seeking solace from above...

I remember the pain I felt and wonder why
when my human needs were ignored, rejected and invalidated
living in a nightmare in the darkness of my soul.
tries to cry out for help, but soon learns that no one will listen
carries my denial like precious cargo without a port of destination.
Inside, my soul became so cold I hated everything and everyone
forced to alienate myself from reality and own experience
I wasn’t given permission to be my own person

It’s hard for me to admit that inside I feel a really lonely person. 
It is so degrading and I try to forget, it hurts so much because they are my parents.
I suddenly realized that my lifelong search for love 
and acceptance had finally ended in the arms of a foster parents and Roman Catholic Church.
I am a survivor because every day I make a choice 
not to be governed by their harsh words or actions.
Hiding my pain and acting strong, afraid to cry and show my tears,
I struggle with all this years later.”

The memories flood back, still so many years to go
hopping growing up will bring escape and freedom.

Thanks to my 
foster parents and Roman Catholic Church
I am a creative man who is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Copyright © Yuhi Musinga | Year Posted 2015

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After eight

Dear mother
Worn out
Doth smother 
Her daughters
With boredom
And nothing to do

Dear father 
No doubt
Won’t bother
To listen
To daughters
For he’s tired too

Copyright © Samantha Farley | Year Posted 2015

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Copyright © PEGGY MAKOENA | Year Posted 2015

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Dad and Mom i love you

I love you mom and dad

I Love what you do for me

     I love that you adopted me and took me in
     I love Playing with your hair 
     I love your personality 
     Mama I love you so much you mean a lot to me 
      I love that you took me in as a daughter
      I love joking around with you
      I love your personality 
      I love you so much daddy you mean alot

Copyright © Liza Salmon | Year Posted 2013

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Gone Forever

Gone Forever
I think about you every day and hope that you’ll return
You left us way too soon, and for you I always yearn
I can’t believe you’re gone forever, I am still in disbelief
Not a day goes by that my heart is not filled with grief
Never did I think that you would get sick and pass away
It feels like we were playing basketball just yesterday
Everything I do reminds me of you, dad
The thought that I can’t call you anymore makes me really sad
I know you’re in a better place, no longer in pain or discomfort
But when I realize that you’re gone forever, my heart begins to hurt
I love you so much and I miss all the times we shared
Knowing that you’re gone forever makes me really scared 
Who am I gonna call when I need help with my car?
And who’s gonna make fun of me for all my careless scars?
You were so laid back and easygoing, you never complained about much
I miss your calm demeanor and your soft, gentle touch
I tell you how much I love you each and every day
I wish I could hear you talk to me and tell me that you’re okay
A lot has changed since you got sick, and life will never be the same
All I want is one more kiss and to hear you call my name

Copyright © Jessica Rose | Year Posted 2014

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where were you daddy

Where Were You Daddy
where were you when I was all alone
why weren't you here after I begged you to come home
how could you leave me here with her, you were all I had
I had enough people to hurt me
I needed my dad

you promised you'll always be here to pick me up when I'll fall
you told me if I ever needed anything,
all I had to do was call
I must have called you a million times each day
I just needed to hear your voice
I needed to know you were okay
but you didn't even answer,
you didn't even say good-bye
I guess you were too drunk to remember about me
or maybe you were just too high

I needed you, Daddy,
I needed you to love me more
but you weren't thinking about me
when you walked out that door into the bars 
dad you can see my permanent scars
always and forever is what you always say 
will i have to wait my whole life to ever see that day 

it's sad that you did what you told me any other guy would
if my own dad couldn't love me
I don't see how any guy could

I'm disappointed in  you because you left me here with no one
even now you have apologized for everything you've done
you say I should  forgive you, and dad i want you to know that i have 
but just remember this...
who stuck by you right or wrong,
wasn't it me?

just like the typical guy you couldn't love me or appreciate the things I did
I don't even know who you are anymore 
you're not the man I looked up to as a kid

I want him back, I want my dad!!
don't you see? nothing else mattered,
you were all I really  ever had
you were the only one who put me first before everything else
we were a team, Dad
how could you leave me here by myself?

since the first day you left, there's been this space I've so desperately trying to fill
no one understands anymore and these cuts are the only way I numb the pain I feel
I found a way to fill the space, but it's only temporary
they can't erase the pain I've been through
you said I'll always be your baby
Dad, what did I do?!
These boys can't take the insecurities you caused
no matter what they do or say
you were supposed to be here, Daddy,
to take the hurt away

I just want everything to be like it was before you decided it was easier to leave,
before you forgot all the things you promised,
before your drugs meant more to you than me,

I just wish this would all stop,
I wish I could make it all okay
I can't forget all those years ago
I still blame myself, I should've made you stay
but you should have known better
I would never have wanted you to go
you were my protector, Daddy
you weren't supposed to hurt me; you were suppose to be my hero
but you did hurt me, Dad, and you can't take it back
it'll never be the same
I've become so insecure but  you're not  the only one to blame
even now you realize you were wrong and come home tonight
it's done so much damage trying to fill that space
nothing you do will ever make it right  

dad i love you always and a day ill still listen to what you have to say 
i have learnt so much while you've been gone and as you know a lot of it is thanks to mom 
but i'm willing to start a new but dad my decision only depends on you!

Copyright © alainey craig | Year Posted 2015

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The hardest Thing I Will Ever Say

The Hardest Thing I Will Ever Say

by Willie J. Rathbone

I haven't always been there 
to teach you to do good 
or given you my wisdom 
the way a father should 
so before this escalates 
to where you're feeling hate 
please listen for a moment 
to what I have to say 
in the past I've made mistakes 
I'm in jail for what I've done 
so when your mother says, I went away 
you'll know the truth my son 
I've spent my whole life lying 
and hustlin' was my work 
right now there's no denying 
all the people that I've hurt 
to save you from the same 
you really must believe 
the hardest thing I will ever say 
is don't ever be like me

Copyright © Willie Rathbone | Year Posted 2014

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A Husband and His Wife

A Husband and His Wife home alone at night with no kids in there sight oh my is that nice? Learning how to live with 4 kids in their home with a low income and a lot more bills to come. Day after day they struggled to live while remembering the life they had it was not looking good. Raising a blended family is hard enough but when you have GOD it is not just good luck. 2 are white and 2 are black it may not be easy but they never gave up. GOD is there through every moment remembering life as you may know it.  A husband who lost his job was going through a lot with 4 kids in his home he had to do something it had to stop. He started his own business and he never gave up failing wasn’t an answer so he stood up. A wife who took care of all 4 kids it may be hard to do but she did it even as they grew. She held us tight while we cried at night, but she always managed to kiss us goodnight. She helped us learn each and every day while her husband was working but he was always here to save the day. He was not always there 100 percent of the time but as we know it he arrived right at the nick of time. For school events he tried to show up but if not he was in our hearts for good luck. At times I was blowing up you never gave up, searching for answers was not just a wave that struck. Living life was hard for me when my anger stopped me from living my dream, writing is my answer to reliving my stress but you helped me find out that was not the end of my writing abilities I continue to pray each and every day for the wonderful parents that adopted me to this day, I stand high and proud about what you have done and continue to use you as an example as I grow and what happened to me when I was young.

Copyright © tynesha peacon | Year Posted 2015

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The journey

My memories are made from my many moments, within the glistening of my eyes are tears of laughter, tears of pain, tears of love but this twinkle remains the same.
My heart so full of love yet the beating seems so sad and slow.
Beyond the days of everlasting hours, the nights draw into quick.
In the darkness of this life comes a flicker of light and hope that is of you.
My daily reminder of why I'm fighting,
Why I must remain strong and true.
I'll never stop believing, I'll never ever stop loving you.
This road of turns, twists, bumps and spikes isn't forever i see the end in sight.
I'll never stop being me because I'm your dad, your friend, your fighter, your protector, As that's all I know its all I can truly be.
In this moment of hesitation and self doubt and madness, through the lies and all this pain and the distance there is between us now.
In my heart and in my eyes this dad promises you I'll never change.
I'll keep fighting skin and bone till my body gives up and says no.
As this day ends and a new one begins the truth will show I have no fear, I'll climb every mountain, face every wall, ill fight anything thrown at me, I'll risk everything I'll risk it all because I am like David and this Goliath I'm going to be fighting will eventually fall, your are my children your my everything you are my essence my being my all.
This journey ahead is no easy accomplishment, and the tasks ahead are not small but with the memory's i hold close and a glisten in my eye and the beats within my very heart.
Your the reason I fight every day and stay strong and true.
You give me hope, as your my strength. Your the reason I wake and smile and why I walk my own life's green mile.
Copyright©shane p miller

Copyright © Shane Miller | Year Posted 2016

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Voice of heart

Forget the world and listen to your heart,
As no one really cares whether close or apart.

Only u only u cn change urslf,
Be the golden novel chosen frm old book shelf.

The indiviual created by providence is only u,
Show ths to all nt in a sense evn one cld hve a clue.

Jst ponder over ur capabilities,
Strive on ur failures taking thm as ur casualties.

Work till as it gonna lasts forever,
live as today only was the last rain of  life shower.

Keep friens close bt enemies closer,
Fight with frnds bt have sympathy fr rival growers.

The day u reach at the top,
Jst come back with a next better hope.

Night when u ll fall down,
Wake up; smile with the mother earth brown.

Dont teach anyone a way to live life ,
No one actually needs ur guide.

Life is as easy as u think,
Hve the patience with wch u can stand still.

To live in ,heart is the best room,
Dont wait fr a bride or a groom.

Mah heart listens nd comprehends me very well,
Thn y didnt i try to leave this world of hell.

Y didnt i  accept the things whch my heart tries
May be i ll get the whole happiness wth permanent smiles.

Copyright © manvi arora | Year Posted 2016

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My loving dad

This subject is very very sad,
This is a poem about my dad,
My dad is the greatest most laid back man,
And he means the world to me,
He's the man that has been here since day one,
Even when I'm sad he can make me happy,
Ever since we found out he has cancer,
It's been just non stop questions and no answers,
To me this just isn't fair,
I mean how does he only have a year,
I don't know what I'm going to do when it comes the day,
Where he has to leave and he cant stay,
That will be the day my heart officially breaks,
But this time it wont heal,
There will always be a hole that can never be filled,
I know I'm grown,
But i still need my daddy,
Because no matter what I'm still a big baby,
I'm not ready to go to my parents,
And there be nothing there but his presence,
I'm kind of worried about my mom she's going to be alone,
After that her heart is really going to go cold,
I'm going to try to comfort her the best i can,
But I'm going to have to be extra strong,
Because i don't know how I'm going to react,
Its not going to be very nice,
Because i know I'm going to want to also die,
How am i supposed to live my life,
How am i supposed to raise my child,
I want my dad to be a part of it,
But of course we are to busy worrying about this,
I love you daddy,
Your going to make it I know this...

     My dad passed a couple months later... This is for u daddy... we love you

Copyright © Jillian Werick | Year Posted 2014

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You are my life, you are my way
You are the one, who knows my flaws
My shadow follows you everywhere and you are my living guardian,
And well wisher, who thinks about my future.
You are the one who encourages me, even if I hurt you much deeper.
I try my best to make you happy, but sometimes do things by which you get angry.
But still you build hope in me to become better,
Because you are my always wonderful father…
Follow your steps is what I do , as there is no one as special as you.

Copyright © CRYSTAL MAAHI | Year Posted 2013

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The Promise

You always said you are not promised tomorrow
And now we know a life lossed can bring much sorrow,

How can it be you were here and now you are gone
We on earth feel hurt that will stay with us very long,

From Morning till night the pain is always there
To have loved some one so much and now hard to bare,

The loss we feel will subside one day
But, until then you will be missed every single way.

Written By: Unique Poetry...2012

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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This home is not a home without you...
It is silent without you...
Walls are quiet without you...
Air is still without you...
Plants are hard without you...
Mum is alone without you...
She is incomplete without you...
I am careless without you...
Bro is tensed without you...

Oh DAD!!!
            When you will be back?

We three miss you a lot...
Our life is not a life,
It's just a PAIN... WITHOUT YOU!

Copyright © Cherry Jain | Year Posted 2013

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Full Life a Tribute to My Dad

Living a full life is a mile stone in it's self
You made your life the best it could be and was always there to help,

The good hearted person you were is what made everyone respect you
But, when it came to speaking your mind the words you spoke were true,

It takes an honest person to take the good with the bad
You were so right and now it makes me sad,

I know us kids had a dad that always tried to teach us right from wrong
And now that we are older we can see that what doesn't kill you makes you strong.

Written By: Unique Poetry 2012

Copyright © Michelle Born | Year Posted 2015

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Why Dad

The look on your 
Tells me everything I need to know
I'm a disgrace to you
Doing nothing 
What can I do
To make you proud of me?
I'll do it for you
Just tell me how.
I look for your love
In the depths of your eyes
I see nothing
Please tell me why.
Dad, it's me 
Your little girl
You brought me here 
Into this  world
Yes, I'm though 
But my heart on the floor
I've had enough
I can't take it anymore.

Copyright © Kristina Gilpin | Year Posted 2011

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A Fathers Fight

Anymore time away from my daughters
This world will have to prepare for a storm they cant predict
I could be gone in a blink of an eye
So believe me when I say for my daughters I am willing to die
When I try and try 
I feel more and more like this world is one big lie
I have asked for help through this mess
But it seems as if everyone could care less
As I try to do this a lone
All I can do is pray to the One who sits on the throne
But even he knows if things don't change
I will set out on a mission like Jesse James
For I am done with all the games
There isn't a word to describe this kind of mad
All I want to do is be a dad
The pain is so deep as I stand a lone on this roof top all I want to do is leap
But hope I try to keep
And though the love in my heart is almost gone I try to stay strong
But these words aren't lyrics from some random song
I feel Like a wolf backed in a corner with nothing to lose
And ready to unleash all kinds of pain
Almost insane from standing in the rain
I wait and pray
I will see my daughters again someday

Copyright © Ben Sunderman | Year Posted 2013

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For your dad

You have guided me right from the start
So when I tell you that I love you I mean it with all my heart 
Your love and support along the way 
Is what has made who I am today 
You are a loving father in more ways than one 
And I'm so proud to be called your son
We have a father , Son  bond that can't be broken 
And to me this is a huge token 
You give so much and ask for nothing in return 
And that is what I have grown up to learn 
If everyone had a chance to have a father like you
The world would be so much better because of you 
I Love you DaD

Copyright © Belynda Holst | Year Posted 2012

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Daddy I Love You

Daddy I love you,
And this is really hard,
Having to go on with life playing this part,
Having to live my life like there ain't a hole in my heart,
Now that your gone,
I don’t even feel like going on,
You were the greatest person in the world,
And I'm proud to be your baby girl,
I just thought you would be here forever,
But now your gone and I got to make it thru this stormy wheather,
I know you raised me to be strong,
But you never taught me what to do when you were long gone,
I'm lost daddy what do I do,
Its not the same life without you, 
I miss you so much,
I cant stress on it enough,
Daddy I need you here,
And since your not I cant stop shedding tears…
                                I miss you daddy!!!!

Copyright © Jillian Werick | Year Posted 2014

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The Final Words

I remember many years ago, when I 
was just a lad,
My biggest hero in my life, happened 
to be my dad. 

I grew up with no siblings, in a 
happy home,
And daily as a child, I'd write  a story 
and a poem. 

I'd discuss how my day went and the 
things that I had done,
And put words to my feelings, be it 
happy, sad or fun. 

I'd keep them in a binder, tucked 
underneath my bed,
Well hidden from intruders, near 
where I'd rest my head. 

Many years later, as a teen, my 
parents separate. 
They tell me dads moving to another  

He decided to leave his family and 
work on his career,
Things hadn't been so good at home 
for well over a year. 

I hold in the tears, run upstairs and 
begin to write. 
About the terrible news I got, that 
late school  night. 

I rip out my binders, and sit quickly 
in my chair. 
I write "why do I do this, no one 
seems to care". 

I grab all my diaries, from my 
hidden stash,
 throw them in a garbage bag and 
take them out for trash. 

For many years I never took out a 
paper and pen,
I promised myself this day I would 
never write  again. 

I visit my dad often, til life gets in 
the way,
And visits turn to phone calls as we 
run outta things to say.

He would say that he loved me, I'd 
say I loved him too. 
But our conversations remained 
small, we were never really true.  

I get the dreaded  phone call in 
february '11,
God had come to take my dad and 
bring him up to heaven. 

I go through my dads stuff, and 
what defined his life,
Pictures of dead relatives, my family, 
his ex wife. 

I miss the times we had, even our 
silent talks,
Hidden in his closet, I pull out a big 

When I move the box,  I can't 
believe my eyes,
My family runs in the room, when 
they hear my sobbing cries. 

The writings I had thrown out so 
many years before. 
Were neatly piled behind the box, on 
the closet floor. 

I read through the pages, memories 
flood my mind,
My life as a child so neatly defined. 

I make it to the last page, I find 
written in blue, under "No one seems 
to care"
My Daddy wrote "I do"

Copyright © Jason kirkwood | Year Posted 2012