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----------------------- Zenith's Blizzard------------------------, 

Alignments Boldly Cultivating Dimensional Effervescence, Familiar Grey Highlights, Illuminating Joyful Kingdom, Luxurious Mecca, Nimbus Orbs Penetrating Quixotic, Revealing Snowflakes Tranquil, Universal Vantage, Winter Xanadu, Yielding  Zenith

~JSLambert                                                           ©    PoeTTreeZ Publishing

Copyright © JSLambert Mister ROBOTO | Year Posted 2014

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Kids Love For Animals

       Kids Love For Animals ( Poem )

Children’s favorite shows are of animals
I have hours in a playlist that are laughable
Like a camera pecking rooster and fun monkeys
To a mom and a baby miniature donkeys

Videos of wild turkeys and charming geese
Ducks in water and chicks learning to speak
Dazzling ostrich and many free birds
Some you would not want to move towards

A large unique animal is the alligator
The total opposite of the caterpillar
Camels and alpacas are tall and exquisite
But they spit at you when you try to visit

There are also hornpout and catfish videos
and a painted box turtle that is really slow
Beautiful miniature horses and elegant ponies
Border collies herding sheep to earn their trophies

Little kids pig scramble is stunning to see
and a little fawn as precious as can be
Cow’s hair that needs braiding is fascinating
With the most assortment you’ve ever seen

Come to my view with me youtube channel
If the kids are being hard to handle
Just start it up and walk away
To get your housework done for the day

By : Doris Anne Beaulieu
At :

Copyright © Doris Beaulieu | Year Posted 2014

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Besides Love Men Need Fishing,


Besides love men need fishing, 
And for both, most are wishing, 
Catching trophies chosen best,
To be envied by the rest.

Fishing is a game of sport 
Loved by all, both tall and short.
We must fool the fish’s eye, 
If we plan to stir and fry,

Some use boats while others wade, 
As they fish the sun or shade. 
Ice-cold drinks help pass the day, 
While life’s troubles fade away.

Most men feel they've everything, 
With their rod, hook, cork and string.
Be it river, pond or lake, 
We all pray our line won't break.

By Tom Zart 

Copyright © Tom Zart | Year Posted 2007

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Grandma's Garden


Apples.. beetles.. caterpillars..
daisies everywhere.. 
fertile ground.. hollyhocks.. 
Ivy jumbled kegs..
leafy mint.. nematodes..
quiet rest sunsets.. tomatoes under vines.. 
wheelbarrows.. xanadu yearning zeal!

Copyright © Patricia Sawyer | Year Posted 2010

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mind of a soldier

 my heart is cold my mind is blank it feels like I have no gas left in the tank.
the war took over I don't feel a thing is there someone out there that can revive me? On the inside I have so much pain but on the outside there is a smile on my face.I am a soldier until I die their is no retreat I will ride until I die. Don't take this poem thinking I am big and bad I just don't know how to ask for help were the area's that I lag

Copyright © jayson gargiulo | Year Posted 2017

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Copyright © Alyssa Marie | Year Posted 2013

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Alone and bored

Alone, bordeom creates devious, elemental fantasies. Giants' hands, jerky knives, leave moanig nmphys-opposing paladins quests rsign-stricen, tormented, useless; vicious warlocs, xenopus's ... *yawn*...ZZzzzz

Copyright © Rebecca Larkin | Year Posted 2012

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The Lady Who Liked Mangoes

Down by Monash Street where the frangipanis bask,
And the Goddess of Love has put up her tent,
Lives a lady with fire in her eyes and cats in her kitchen.
Oh of course I will tell you she's an angel if you ask,
And her magic lies in the making of enchantment,
Why then do dark clouds cover my silent sun?

We will sing together and dance in a fury of touch,
Like the wind does when a storm comes passed,
We will laugh and joke and taste wine in gentle sips,
And that won't matter much,
Because as you might have guessed,
Love has taken me and kissed me on the lips.

Time has curled up on her couch like a Siamese cat,
Yet she still loves mangoes and a foot massage at night,
Perhaps God finally got it right,
When he touched her finger and tipped his hat,
And she walked out into the light,
Why then do dark cobwebs trap me in fright?

By the sea of blue and the grass so green,
She will lay her head on my shoulder and hum,
And all the dark clouds will drift away,
The cobwebs will vanish forever,
In the dark I will find my way,
And finally..finally...finally,
The bells repeating in my brain will cease,
And I will be able to breathe again.

Oh lady of Monash Street dance for me once more,
Before the candles in my lonely church are lit,
Come with me and sway upon the dance floor,
And I will read a poem and gently massage your soul,
And the red fire of enchantment will burn forever more.

Copyright © Lachlen Smith | Year Posted 2017

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Fairy Tale

A glittering glowing vision,
When you walk into the room,
Sparkles here,
Rose petals there,
Aroma filling the air,
A sweet vanilla,
With a touch of cinnamon,
Bubbles in the bath tub,
Filled up to the rim,
Candles lit on the sides,
Champagne in crystal glasses,
All beautifully waiting, 
Just in the other room,
Walking further in,
The significant other on one knee,
Going to pop the question,
Wish for you to be with thee,
Tears fall from your eyes,
As you want to say yes,
But everythings all of a sudden,
Why couldn't it just wait?
A deep breath,
And a leap of faith,
The words that comes out is a yes,
While they sweep you off your feet,
In this fair tale,
Of old school,
Never before,

Copyright © Tera Brown | Year Posted 2017

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curvy girl

Don't be intimidated by my curves
my swervy loveliness
my mocha skin glistening in,
the moonlight inviting you in
don't be shy when you see my thigh
how silky and thick, long and slick those legs are
And that dip in my hip
Are you scared? Do you like the texture of my hair?
don't be intimidated by my voluptuous bosom
see how they hang, look how they swang
Chocolate globes with the fudgy peaks, more than a handful
thay speak, for themselves
my round rump but not too plump
sexy it is as it walks away
my gorgeous build should have you filled with
pride, lust and admiration
So show appreciation for the full figured diva
who stands before you
my swervy loveliness glistening in the moonlight
Inviting you in
I'm lovin the skin i'm in

Copyright © Jamila Strong | Year Posted 2012

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A Veteran

I am what others didn't want to know
I went where others feared to go.
My training in violence was nothing new,
But I did well what they were afraid to do. 

I don't hate those who refused to go
I did it for my country, not for show.
An eternal loneliness beyond the pale
Was my certain reward should I fail. 

I have seen terror's deathly face
And feared to go, but kept the pace,
Enwrapped in the cold sting of fear
I fought for buddies and those I hold dear. 

I've known sweet love and a moment's kiss
And wished for all the world I could stay with this.
But I was committed and I knew my lot
To live out death and dangers best forgot. 

Shrouded deep in the stink of death
I've cried aloud and tried to catch my breath,
While my soul screamed out to God where I'd been
To just once more escape the living pain, again. 

Going where others wouldn't go
Knowing what others wouldn't know,
I am the stuff of legends and lores
I am a veteran of my nation's wars. 

I ask only a moment of your day.
A moment of silence out of the way,
Ask only that you honor the debt
Of freedom bought: don't forget.

by E. Marshall Evans

Copyright © Ed Evans | Year Posted 2014

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Sometimes flowers smell
the essense of love

Copyright © Eva J Tortora | Year Posted 2006

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above pain

Above pain

He has been stepped on
He has been hated on
But he still stands and rises above pain
Wars came, left relatives dead
He cried, he trembled
But he still stands
Once regretted his birth
Once thought of taking his life.
Thunder strikes and that’s enough
To make him gain strength
To aim higher and rise above pain
He is now rising above pain
Trying everything to clean his brain

If he was created in God’s image?
Why can’t God take care of His image?
Questions he couldn’t find answers to
Friends all gone,
The only family he has ever known
Streets become his home,
Starving to death,
Could not hold his breath
But still standing strong
And promises to rise above pain..
                                                       By, ino29

Copyright © ino29 music | Year Posted 2012

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trust yourself

trust yourself !
and don't fall down
trust yourself!
and you will be happy
trust yourself!
and be yourself
be yourself!
and be happy who you are
be happy!
and you will grow wings and fly
fly to your dream
of something big

Copyright © kay alexander | Year Posted 2014

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Being a twin

     every where i walk i get picked on                                                          
          just for being me sometimes i feel alone                                                  
                but with my twin i feel never gone 
           were one in the same 
                          and can always know each others pain
                        being a twin is a gift from above
                   we have each other and what's not to love 
                           we share common goals    
                    that never gets old                                                            
                                   we live our life normal 
                waiting for life to unfold
                                     and that's being a twin 
                        our story never gets old

Copyright © monica bradley | Year Posted 2015

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Burning fire,
And solid rock,
Gas fuming,
Shooting and so hot,
Twinkling, I'm not.

I'm bursting flames,
of high degrees,
Moving clouds of methane,
And cold breeze.

Bluer that Earth's cloudless skies,
Questionable living,
And countless why's.
And wonders of my atmosphere,
Millions and billions of years,
Hundreds and thousands of orbits I've witnessed,
Like wood rings of living oak,
My burning gases,
That'll never smoke,

Copyright © Whitley Fields | Year Posted 2014

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SEvEN STonEs in my CRoWN

My Hunt was for the sonnet gems.
My complacence was absolutely stunning.
Wiping out my fake dreams,the key to my 
happiness was setting a realisable goal.
On the island of luzon, a beautiful scenic 
province is well established.
Our poor people wer imprisoned in the 
backyard of the Asheville.
To save dem frm getting jailed life long, 
those slaves must be rescued.But the 
devil's demanded fr the sonnet gems n 
den only those people can be abandoned 
frm our custody.
Provoking the quarrel between mind n 
heart.Wat to choose?My aim or love?
Finally decided to focus on those colourful 
gems to save their lives bt also didn't 
wanted to loose my love.
Age of warring empire's hack.Sailing in the 
sea,After few seconds, Large prolonged 
noise came from the thunder mugs.
Buzzing the ear's, Indicated the danger 
signals came from the other team of our's.
We took a safe measure for a while n 
followed by some othr route making us 
undecipherable,imperceptible from the 
entire military troop.
After reaching to the desired destination, 
of vellore island.We all spinned a fine web.
Counterfeit prince n his entire kingdom 
was wrapped with many soldier's all 
Darkness gloomed at the entire 
Flinting a stone, igniting the spark.
Obtained Mystic symbols which was left 
Later following footsteps of soldier, Got 
the clue to go through a secret passage.
Playing a role of hide n seek with 
soldiers,We reached on to a Castled 
mansion which was ornamentally 
There wer Clone of those sonnet gems 
stored in the transparent dessicators.
To identify them was difficult.Bells can 
rang loudly as soon as we choose the 
wrong gems.
So I used Magic eye transmitter to put 
some radiating warmth on all those 
gems.And if its true gems, sparking beam 
appeared in my eyes.
Thus we got the true gems.
After Visually observing n rubbing a pearl, 
we got entranced with its Colour, shape 
and luster.
So we took all those sonnet's in our 
sack,Keeping a Vigilant eye at the entire 
surrounding, we escaped.We saved the life 
of those who were put in jail for life long.
In between, I Still remembered her hazel 
eyes.Wood engraving I did it for my true 
love.Precluded happening came in a 
positive way.Interlocked heart gelled with 
each other again.And after winning those 
seven stones n wen she said Yes, that 
was the grand moment of my life.
Round of bloss echoed everywhere.
Thus both the Diamonds in the socket got 
me in my pocket.
Thanks almighty for blessing me With 
your unlimited power.

Copyright © Madhavi Sarjare pagare | Year Posted 2014

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ABC doodle

**ABC  FUN**

Funny vs' Rude~~
agrestic bugaboo creeps, dandle 
other', footle  gleeking,
happy, izzat...jillick, kibitz, ludic, 
maffick, nothosonomia, 
osculating, proudly,  quizzing, riant, 
to unstable void, whelm, Xanthippe, 
yodle, zingy. 

Dark Death~~
aphotic burnt cardinal debris 
everywhere,  flammeous, 
growing haematic,  igniting, 
jeopardizing, killing, lava, 
madness, numb, 'Oppositional-
pulse, quantity, 
rage, staged, tempered, under, 
virescent, watch, XXX, yield, zero. 

Dream a little Dream~~
Accelerator, beating, captivating 
dreaming, eruption, 
fingerprints, ghost haunting, 
'keebler-keeper', labyrinth, magic, 
nightmare, odyssey, 
path, quarantine, rainbows, snakes, 
unconsciously, vertigo, 
'wakening2wetness', x-rated, 

Dedicated and inspired by; Yasmin 


Copyright © Poet Destroyer A | Year Posted 2011

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The Vent

im livin in a world, where all eyes on me.
trying to curve my own route.
but route 66 keeps finding its way to me.
ive been plenty sick, in all the events layed before me.
even when i reflect to my lowest points
i dont regret any of the choices
That I’ve deployed in my era
A lot of it by error, but hey
We live in hell conditions and there ain’t no air condition 
Or any guidelines when life throws you in the sidelines
But when hindsight twenty twenty hits
You’ll begin to understand life’s a bunch of equations and you in the mix of it
An you’ll have to think twice, before running into a situation and becoming the best of it
it’s what got me here, it’s what got us here
Ran with my thoughts blazing up to her place and
Guess what happened next
She opened up heaven’s gate
And just before late I slipped out
Simply put 
I’m a Grown ass man
Doin his thing, waitin to blow up like an old land mine
In doin what he drools over
But time after time 
Something decides to creep up and cover the light
Lost my way
Then I revoked to ever know, I ever thought that way
But in the in between time, that in the mean time 
Spent a lot of time
Gettin pissed off just to medicate and lift off
Don’t need Don Perion to sip off
Already had my way with the bottle
Even thought to get back with the trouble and rejoin the hustle
That’s just what happens to a man who really knows his old ways
Whos tired of making ends meet and ponders getting back to the streets.
Memory sets in and he remembers an O.G. saying
No matter how tall your pockets stand when you ball
Eventually times gonna make you fall
And I as I pull myself together 
I don’t wanna end up like the twin towers rubble
I mean no offence to nine eleven but at that time I probably could have used a reverend
But all that’s irrelevant now
because i live with a different perspective now

there you go you made it to the end :-) comment if you like, constructive criticism wanted as well.

Copyright © pat roswell | Year Posted 2013

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Africa the continent…of incredible wealth …?
Through exploitation, corruption…and stealth…attrition felt…?
Called the mother land…are you a fan…?
The significance of tribes…the subject of their lives…
The stark of their marks…to the ranges in their talks…
From the spears that some bear…to the people who cares…
Reflections of hate…significance of faith…
The origin of slavery…where is your bravery…?
Colonization in nations…for western distributions…
With forced migrations…the development of other nations…
Transported in ships…landed on the tips…
Areas like North America…to Jamaica…and the Caribbean…
With barrels and cans…how to explain the master plan…?
A nation in fusion…an education in illusion…?
The mining of gold…many stories untold…
The illegal extraction of diamonds…is there any lies man…?
Large deposits of oil…is this a spoil...? 
Several dictators…who are the creators…?
The mind of the people…limited in steeple…?
The statistics on crime…no nursery rhyme...
Scars of many civil wars…like tumors…no rumors…
The bases…to the places…and the faces…
Some children…god's help them…
Spawned in the games…where is the shame…?
With rifles…their freedom stifles…
From Angola…to Nigeria…to Zimbabwe…international reports say…
From time immemorial…is this a constant ritual…?
Take stack…majority blacks…what are the lacks…?
How many states…do we have to wait till late…?
What is my date…is this what culture creates…?
United States of Africa…?
America…the Mecca…
How can you copy…the era of the floppy…?
Is it not gone…how to eliminate the scorn…?
Let bygones be bygones…move to the lushness of lawns…
Look beyond the dirt…search for your true worth…
Try to look within…and live without…
The violence…so intense…does it make sense…?
Africa…to whom will we call…

Copyright © Michael Robertson | Year Posted 2015

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Sleep Is The Cousin Of Death

I stay up through the nights
Will I get to eat tonight
Will I see the day I turn 21
One-Day will I feel the pain of a gun
Will I die young

Am I asking to many questions
Does everything happen for a reason
Is everything I go through one of Gods lessons
Will I go to Heaven

I stay up through the nights
Will I reach new heights
Lord tell me everything will be alright
Now I think I want to be in love with the lights
I just don’t want to fall to a Price
Lord tell me everything will be alright

I stay up through the night
My eyes are getting heavy
Am I ready to sleep
Because Sleep Could be Deadly

Copyright © Malcolm Brooks | Year Posted 2013

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Push Up

i could sit here. day in and day out
thinking of the most proper way
to let the ink in the pen spill out
but as of late im feeling prehistoric 
so much weight on my shoulders 
and i dont know where to go
resuscitate my soul
look back up and head to the goal

so much evil around. i feel like the devils workin double shifts just to bring me down.
on the road to redemption
you can take a seat up in the front section
just so you can feel the emotions
in this electric notion

i've done a lot of things that hide the halo
let it all collaborate when i medicate 
now look at me, mind workin like plato
formulate a new path to take so i can
maneuver through all the mistakes 
we all know we cant change what we've already made
but we can change the next thing we create
startin to sound like a serenity prayer
5 steps till im thirty
and the twenty four before i was never a player
found out when the lights came back on im strictly a lover
its the strongest drink for your soul, when its thirsty
so careful how much you intake or be left hungover
even worse be the one she ran over

i dont mean to come off like im too deep
but the obstacles made there way through just to scrape through
and leave me suffocating
just for me to re-invent a new way to breathe, re-decorating

is your life so complicated 
you rather wet up your pillows and revoke from the life you live
just think of your kids mourning 
theyll never see that pretty face in the morning any more
cheer your self up
you got a lot to live for
your a gem and im that friend
trynna appraise the value 
that you dont see inside of you

just another day for him
goin about
searchin wonderin what his purpose is
running in circles 
till he found a way through all the turbulence

Copyright © pat roswell | Year Posted 2013

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Africa! A land of many nations,
Full of cultural heritage,
Endowed with untapped attribute,
Has been present since the stone age.

A continent built on a strong basement,
Gifted with natural endowment,
The Niger river of Nigeria,
The Kilimanjaro Mountain of Tanzania.
Africa! Rich in mineral deposit,
The oil wells of Nigeria,
And the copper deposite
Located in north Rhodesia.

Nile river of Egypt,
Orange River of South Africa,
Indeed Africa is blessed,
What an awesome craft of God.

Copyright © MARVIN UGORJI | Year Posted 2016

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“Some other time, I’m not in the mood
Why cant we just cuddle and watch TV”?
When couples drift into the celibate zone
It’s not long till someone will flee.

Sexual fulfillment helps preserve love,
 Parenthood, marriage and self-esteem.
Those who maintain it avoid saying no
To be blessed by its pleasure and gleam.

While dating we tend to be more romantic
Putting forth the best of our charms.
Sharing dinners, long walks, and lustful weekends
As we spend more time in each others arms.

How many times have you said “not tonight”?
Exposing your happy home to harm.
Today’s crushing deadlines leave little time for love
Leaving partners with sorrow, sadness and alarm.

So share one another with red wine and time
Dial your own number and leave the phone off the hook.
Enjoy some romance, sex and laughter
Improving your mood and the way you look.

By Tom Zart


Copyright © Tom Zart | Year Posted 2007

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As war is fought it takes charge 
And events spin out of control.
The madness of men can alter the soil 
Which nourishes the roots of their soul.

Many things will forever change 
Far more then wished to be.
As the wrath of war starts to destroy 
Those things we fight to keep free.

War is the greatest plague of man, 
Religion, state and sanity.
Any scourge is more preferred 
Than the one which disables humanity.

When war breaks out, boundaries change 
And all who die are a token
Of the rage that must run it's course 
Before words of peace are spoken.

War I hate, though not men, flags nor race 
But war itself with its ugly face.
When we lose faith in the brave, which die 
Then we're not fit to greet those who cry.

What distinguishes war isn't death 
But that man is slain by fellow man. 
Crushed by cruelty and injustice 
With his enemy's murderous hand.

War tends to punish the punishers
So the losers won't suffer alone.
The essence of war is but violence
Till the survivors come marching home.

Sometimes it's hard to defend what's right, 
Sometimes we're forced to rise up and fight. 
Sometimes we survive, while others must die 
Sometimes never knowing the reason why.

The rush of combat is a natural buzz 
Caused by fear, leaving nothing as it was.
Hunting one another like wild game 
Without a shortage of those to blame.

Sometimes victory comes too slow or quick 
Sometimes the cost on both sides is sick.
Sometimes God is asked to intervene 
To help stop the savage from being so mean.

War is a hell we visit before death 
Fueled by the whisper of the devil's breath. 
There must be a reason man destroys man
But why it is so, I can't understand.

By Tom Zart


Copyright © Tom Zart | Year Posted 2008

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A perfect world From A TO Z

A perfect world
From A-Z…

Actually addicted attitude apologetic they assume while I'm angst in my room
Bold not blameless but blame shooting out like bullets
Critics just quit it, calculated moves, claim to have your back until you move, characteristics question your character, clear as a mirror but you forget what you looked like when it’s removed
Delicately determine your path, masters diligently try until they pass, watching for the dilettante that move like snakes in the room, digest ridicule and criticism wisely, discussions to the point yet smooth
Eventually working on the spiritual being, endless is eternity, and the heart of life begins with the trinity, effort, education, motivational state enormous, for what’s at stake. Equality still taking shape pray to God every day for Travon’s sake. Jesus the epitome of love unconditional and endless
Fiasco of this world today, fatal attractions, police and firearms, the fatalities of unarmed black life’s, furthermore the division between the rich and poor, fingers pointed in all directions but no one wants to take accountability for self, just watch TV’s realities what a fallacy
Good deeds go unnoticed to the world, Godliness is getting harder to observe, gratitude and graciousness is unfamiliar words, gentleness is shown as weakness, greatness is fixated on dollars signs but those dollar bills can’t save your soul
Haven’t you heard of having a heart, symbolic holding huge weight that’s not heresy, you can say what you want but all that matters is what you display. Hero’s, honorees, happiness, you have to read your history
Idealistic fixations on the wrong things, ideally they envy what they can’t engage, intentionally intimidating the weaker for self-gain, insecurities are mounted up inside just the same.
Jackasses get jacked eventually, just do it like MJ explained, justice gets harder to obtain the darker you are the courts don’t explain, big bodies juiced up not Jamba…broke people need to stop asking for money and ask for a job, if I give you money how great am I if you’re going to need it again tomorrow? Jealousy is ugly, Jamaica’s lovely, jewelry is glorious but a soul that lives forever is better than a soul turned to dust
Kill them softly like the Fuguees, my kindness they can’t rob me of, I spit words like knockouts from a boxer’s glove, I read books daily from my kindle, kneel and pray by myself, untying challenges like knots, I will not stop, nope I will fly like a kite over dark clouds
Laugher is the best medicine, forgiveness needs to be asked for to erase sin, let me never lower my standards, looking out for panthers, lacerations from broken dark times, healed, ladybugs make me smile, I'm laced with the bible, I steady learn from the best, one love
Math was never my favorite subject but I get an A for common sense, musically inclined nothing more calming, like relationships that are mutual, my mentality is to treat others how I want to be treated, mistreated is life, how I react is my responsibility, I never believed in magic, only God performs miracles, in my eyes, my motivation moves me
Negative people don’t come near me, not the one. Neat can still be a mess underneath, nothing last forever, notorious BIG rest in peace
Opposition only wins when you give up, oppression gets knocked down when we stand up, and opportunities need to be available to everyone 
Popularity is worldly, we all poses gifts and talents, you are no one if you’re not yourself, passion is priceless, police brutality we need more than discussions 
Quality and peace are beautiful, quantity comes and go’s just the same, to be the best you have to qualify, experience and the quest that made you who you are
Relationship are hard at times, rainbows come after the storm, and I reminisced on the past had to shake it off. Robbers get free loot but it’s never worth the bars that eventually cage them in. keeping loved ones in remembrance
Solitude try not to break the rules, special thanks to all that believed in me, I'm thankful I believed in myself too. Surely trials and tribulations will come, sin is testing, stop the madness and the sadness will dissolve, shake off the haters don’t give into stubbornness it will drown you and keep you stumbling
Test are necessary, triumph is the goal, transition your mind and a new perspective on life will take form, treasures are best stored in your heart truly the best treasure isn’t here in this world, triggers be aware of, most people are their own worst enemy
Ultimately peace and love is what we seek, understanding and humility takes experience to obtain, I don’t just udder words I'm spitting game, usually it’s the usher that seats you but where will you sit when your eyes close and your soul leaves, and that soul bleeds?
Virtually we all should mature, to be drinking milk like babies when were grown is not a victory, violence never solves a thing, vitamins are good for the body, venomous snakes crawl waiting to destroy, demons look for vacancy, I kill them vocally, I visibly spot them before they have the chance to reach
Won’t stop willingly, wrong is wrong there is no in-between, witches are not just in books, wicked people with vicious plots roam around the world watching, waiting
X-ray vision I spot crooks like graphs, line them up on x-axis, never needed Xanax but I x out negative 
minded characters, 
year yearning for you and those with truth
Zig-zagging people are phony, I rather watch zombies, go to the zoo and feed zebra’s free therapy
A perfect world from A-Z…

© Gutierrez, Stephanie 2016

Copyright © Stephanie Gutierrez | Year Posted 2016

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Comfort Zone

A Feeling That Gets Me Feeling The Greatest 
Flipping Through Songs That Make me Feel like I'm Going To Make It
I CAn Sit Back, Chill & Relate With
The Sun Goes Up & The Moon Goes Down
Everyday I Know I have Not YEt Reached The Rooftops, But I'm Sure Not Touching The Ground
Have Much To Believe In, But Do I Believe it or not
My Mind Keep Racing While My Face is on Stuck
Then My Eyes Close Shut
Zoning In & Out of Conscious
Deep Thoughts on How I Was Born Into The Worlds Sickness
Will I Sit Back & Die from it or Live Past It
I'm Feeling It
The High I Get from  Life
That Grew Into My Life 
Feeling Like Everthing is Alright
If I Die Tonight My Soul Will Be Already Dancing Around The Stars Lights
I Had A Cruel Summer, But I'm Going to Enjoy My Chill Winter Nights
Reaching New Heights
The Comfort is Just Right
My Mind is in the Clouds
My Body has Slown Down
I Lay Gently Into a Dream & in My Dream I Never Wake Up From My Dream
Lost In It All
The Sky, The Galexy & Everything In-Between
-In My Zone

Copyright © Malcolm Brooks | Year Posted 2013

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This is the Day

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
But we rather be sad in it
We rather hate in it
Kill, Steal and Destroy
Boast about our joy
Money, Cars and Cloths
Tell us you got all the hoes
Why do are women want to be hoes
Why we dancing on poles
Men don’t you know women are a key ingredient to our souls
Women don’t you know, your worth more than pure gold
Platinum, Crystals, and Diamonds

This is the day which the lord hath made;
We will rejoice and be glade in it.
That is the only way we are going to save our planet
We have to make our way, because we are here to stay
Hold on to what is right, believing in your rights
Love is the only weapon you need to fight
Because This is the Day where everything change
This is the Day where we are only calling on one name
This is the Day where we all get to see them fancy things
This is the Day where there are no more nightmares and only dreams
This is the Day where you will see greener pastures and blue streams
This is the Day where we all are announced kings and queens
This is the Day Heaven begins to sing

Copyright © Malcolm Brooks | Year Posted 2013

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Will I turn back? No, why?
Cuz this is my path, in life.
Will i stop, and wait for death?
Or will I live life, Breath by breath?
I choose to live day to day, with this life,
Cuz death can take us at any time.
Why not make the best of what we have now?
I REFUSE to keep my head hanging down.
I will try to live life to the best of my ability,
With peace, love, and tranquility.
i choose to be and think positively,
If I dont, I'll be self demolishing.
I chose the path I walk, Whether it be with someone or alone,
I'm pleased with myself and maybe a place to call home...
Who knows?
I will mature even wiser than before
Don't be jealous because YOUR decisions were poor.
Happier more than I ever was, now uncovered,
A life out there, WORTH being discovered?!?!?!?!?
Will I turn back? No, Why?
Cuz this is my path, in LIFE.

Copyright © brandi foote | Year Posted 2013

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I met her on my way to earth,
Few seconds then, just after my birth,
The woman who introduced me to her,
Left her for her sister earlier,
Having nobody to hold my hand,
So in her I could have a tall stand.

Despite being her guest, she was cruel,
Meeting her I cried, that I remember well,
Unfair she was to me compared to others,
Making me question her love for my brothers,
I asked her how many sides had she,
Answer she gave me, was wait and see.

I realized she had both good and bad,
And could foretell I had to work hard,
My name to gain some meaning in her in future,
All these I think but I'm not mature.

Still she uses me in my prime,
Leaving me to her sister for rest of the time,
Though for her sister she has no love,
Between them I'm the only linking nerve.

Copyright © Lazarus Ombai | Year Posted 2015