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the end of a relationship, or a debilitating illness or health condition.
financial problems, the death of a loved one
a family history of violence or suicide
a family history of child abuse, neglect, or trauma
a history of mental health issues
a feeling of hopelessness
knowing, identifying, or being associated with someone who has completed suicide
engaging in reckless or impulsive behavior
a feeling of seclusion or loneliness
identifying as LGBTQIA+ with no family or home support
not being able to access care for mental health issues
a loss of work, friends, finances, or a loved one
possessing a gun or other lethal methods
not seeking help due to fear or stigma
stress due to discrimination and prejudice
historical trauma, such as the destruction of communities and cultures
having attempted suicide before
experiencing bullying or trauma
exposure to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide
exposure to suicidal behavior in others
experiencing legal problems or debt
being under the influence of drugs or alcohol
bipolar disorder
traumatic brain injury
conditions that involve chronic pain
alcohol or drug dependence
borderline personality disorder
post-traumatic stress disorder
The last time you felt good, you played along with them, and they were fooled The feeling inside was blue and you always considered the suicide rendezvous It’s when you can’t laugh or cry, and feel it’s all over, it’s a sick dry Place one tries to avoid, a last tear drips, alas, you’re annoyed Wailing, laughing, sobbing, all of it stops even the throbbing Some people call that crazy, I call it a bad case of *rolly polly hazy It has become a revolving DeJa'Vu, Thoughts too many to count are far and few The pills stockpile is probably the thing A romantic, gentle sleep, most desiring Like the rock stars, I know ‘bout fentanyl Go all out in style like a sentinel If the signs are there, don’t judge, be fair There are signs we may see at play, that gives it away Some may have depression, personality traits, such as aggression Suicide ideation, extreme hatred that can foretell, life-weary people—Incel Find themselves emotionally ill-equipped for life Overwhelmed, depleted, marginalized The active-intent group, and this is not a lie Is an innate will to live and a desire to die Here is an ongoing internal conflict, bleaker They are categorized as the "death seeker" Having a physical illness or chronic pain, can manifest a reckless train Things aren’t going well, mustn’t complain, nag or dwell Should let somebody know, that you don’t want to live anymore A choice we do have a laud, it may not be right with God But He just might understand, maybe even lend a hand It’s just too painful today, and you want to go all the way You’ve given into the cancer, you want to go, this an answer The end of a relationship, is like an endless bad trip Another lover broke up with you, said you were possessive, strangely And once again had felt matched, you see, in their world you become attached Reborn, they are like avant-garde gods, nothing in common, against all odds Go straight to denial of disbelief, a mental state where there is no relief Aching doesn’t describe the pain, all the knives seem to lacerate the brain And well, who am I to say that my love wasn’t enough, for them to stay Time out, I need to, on their behalf, tell you that they made me laugh They don’t warn you from the start, that they are going to break your heart The seductions are always successful, feeling wanted, sexy, even sensual It is clear to all debauching more like it, persuasion of the flesh so easy to submit
Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it –Rumi
The “cry for help” explanation, may help us with this fascination Some suicide attempts are planned with care, but we must be aware With the goal of getting rescued, all are misled and misconstrued Setting a staged performance, one can only give in to the dance Thereby getting attention, it is a form of extreme psychosocial communication You’re not alone, for many suffer to this tone This is an attack on the heart, more like a dagger than a dart Family and friends only enable, you’ve shown them that you're not stable No matter where you’ve been, you've had your share Nothing help's, nothing compares No matter what you do, there is a gutting void in you It's all you ever wanted, a place where you belong It’s all you ever needed, a place to play your poetry song Where people know your name, where things stay the same And when you're feeling low, where someone says hello Avoid the void not easy, it will consume you Once you know it, it knows you too All the poems of doom, warning of the bitter-sweet gloom That promises would be broken and all that’s left of the words spoken Are there set in stone and as true as the chill in your bone They knew you would come undone, without any doubt they were done, They’d come back just to regret it; when you were ready to forget it Convince you they were wrong, used you again when you got strong Gave into with a finesse and now you're floating in your own emptiness The toxicity has a gagging effect, misery has won this elect Try to remember just one day when you were without disarray And you are made to believe, there are new drugs that’ll alieve Like women to men, why should men ever believe in many layers That a woman is the answer to their problems and their prayers Last line directed to: To His Coy Mistress--Andrew Marvell Enclosure is recognized only in the grave (a fine and private place), which is too late – and by definition, failure *Bipolar There are more reasons why one chooses suicide, and it’s all devastating. This is universal Suicide ideation can occur when a person feels that they are no longer able to cope with an overwhelming situation. symptoms: Too many to list!

Copyright © | Year Posted 2022

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Date: 10/4/2022 12:23:00 PM
Not only well stated, but an urgent tract in this time of great uncertainty and anxiety. Robert
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 10/22/2022 8:28:00 PM
Thank you, my dear Robert, for your visit and meaningful words.
Date: 10/3/2022 7:18:00 AM
The myriad of issues that people face to day are sad. We need more mentors to help us deal with trauma.
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 10/3/2022 1:28:00 PM
So true Team, I'm glad you were able to comment! ~Anaya
Date: 10/1/2022 11:18:00 PM
Anaya, your poem is almost a treatise on suicide. There are so many suicides in this world. Weakness of character is the main culprit. Prayer could also avert such destiny.
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 10/2/2022 8:54:00 AM
I was concerned, a few poets were crying out, (why am I here, I can't take the breakup. etc.) Yes, I was more about investigating or exposing the principles on the subject and its conclusions. GOD LOVE is what's missing in many lives absolutely, I expressed in the poem about the weakness. Your depth in the subject of hurt is clear that when it hurts nothing else matters. Who am I to judge. Thank you, Victor for your visit, God Bless!
Date: 10/1/2022 4:55:00 PM
Anaya, your compassionate poem contains so much useful information, which could aid in the crucial task of recognizing signs of suicidal tendencies, and understanding some of its causes. I join Michael in applauding your fine effort. Evelyn
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 10/5/2022 4:22:00 PM
Thank you, Evelyn, I didn't see you down here! :) I appreciate your kind words, and applause! Blessings
Date: 9/30/2022 11:33:00 AM
No one would commit suicide if they understood life is just like school, i.e, if you fail a grade, you must repeat it again and again, until you can pass, and who wants to live a miserable life over and over again? Aloha!
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 9/30/2022 2:14:00 PM
Not me, Rico I don't want to repeat it. Although I played hooky, and I was a naughty student. You know why they call it hooky? Kids skipped school and went fishing with a line and hook! :) Thank you for your visit! ~Anaya
Date: 9/30/2022 10:36:00 AM
Anaya I hope this makes POTD those that are experiencing these symptoms can be helped by this thorough Poetry of yours giving samples of dark places that may lead to the ending of one's life. Magnificent research and effort by youto convey this so important message. God bless you for sharing so, and I am surprised not more writers have seen this magnificent Rhyme and Narrative of yours. A favorite and again I applaud your effort in helping souls that are pained...
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Anaya Avatar
I Am Anaya
Date: 9/30/2022 2:04:00 PM
Thank you for the fave Michael Tor, my efforts were not in vain. The information needs to get out there, you made my week! Thanks again:)

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