You Always Knew

You played the game of thrones
with devious glee and amoral passion
Nothing was too low for you to stoop to
Your career-cutting teeth were honed
in staid institutions of medieval bastions
Ruling class initiations helped toughen you,
made you understand
the necessary things you needed to do
But, it was only part of the game,
you always knew
On graduation day,
you were thrust into the political arena
against an old, crafty pachyderm lion
He had tough, scarred skin,
and you had to fight dirty for your first win ...
but it's a different world,
now that you're an incumbent
Some say you were looking rather presidential
A few years have now rolled around,
and your party's touting you for the crown
It seems easy enough ...
you're going up against an unseasoned rookie
So you start off by giving him a sound byte cookie,
hoping he stick his greedy hand in the jar
Then you put a couple of honeys around his hands,
and sent the curious media bees after him, buzzing
That made the amateur millionaire boiling mad,
then you talked trash about his wife and his dad
You was slinging the mud, often and fast,
loaded with plenty of ammo from his dirty past
Made your arch-rival raise the white flag of surrender,
and the path to the throne littered with so many pretenders
Now you're the king sitting high atop all alone,
with all your enemies vanquished and subdued
Cast off to the wayside,
as you penthouse gaze with a panoramic view
Having satiated thoughts of conquest
It was never personal ... it was only politics,
you always knew

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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Date: 2/22/2017 12:00:00 PM
Well, here's hoping the end result is nothing even close to politics. Hopefully this king will think about us, at least a little, which is a whole lot more than not at all. :) Hey, it is what it is. Well said my friend.
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Date: 2/22/2017 11:26:00 AM
Only politics:)
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