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I have an outside RightBrain dominant thalamus to watch and listen to, to feel confluent and resonant with, to love, as parent with child, yet this is more of a mutual-mentoring of notsad-notsad sustainable bliss within our normally limited nutritional sensory environment. My speechless, yet often charming as also charmed, son probably has no conception of how tomorrow could be any different than today. This today he is ecologically expecting to become as regenerative, and notnot degenerative, as possible. Now, if I understand A. Damasio correctly, this BrainStem with Thalamus primal RightBrain relationship is a polypathic oneness we all have, regardless of genetics or gender. Here we find central communication and locomotion relay networks between the WinWin PolyPathic Cerebral BiCameral Cortex, normatively LeftBrain DeductiveElite Dominant, and the "RightBrain" inductive feeling synaptic (+,+) and aptic (-,- double-bind, reverse timedspace) [please see J. Jaynes for more on the aptic-normativity of ethological mindbody temporal-dipolar positive/negative as regenerative/degenerative nutritional development trends] As a Taoist might become ecologically conscious of notnot defines Yin-squared, Yin-fractal-spiral-tetrahedral [please see Buckminster Fuller on RNA-fractal thermodynamic balancing tetrahedral-holon-boson-spiral bubbles] so that it is normatively best when Yin-squared equals Yang-iconic LeftBrain WinWin nutritional intelligence. That is, ethologically speaking, RightBrain is not only secularly-historically-culturally older memory function, but also what Gregory Bateson might recognize as double-bind dipolar co-arising mutual 'degenerate'-'degenerate' coarising-acclimation messages of sacred-revolutionary bilateral CerebralCortex (+,+) = BrainStem (+,(-,-)) ego/eco-logic confluent closure. Mutual aptic-bliss for my charmed son and I is (0)-Core BrainStem regenerative more than degenerative as healthywealth and safety, both health-secular, internal, ego-shortterm and wealth-sacred, external, eco-environmental-longterm. My speechless son remains entirely unconflicted about who controls his sounds and sights, and smells and tastes, and digestive/nutritional feelings of his embodied days, and disembodied, free to roam, BrainStem memories of climate and landscape, communication and locomotion, chemistry and hormones, rights and wrongs. He knows, beyond capacity of doubtful climate pathology, that he lives in a lavishly WinWin YinStemFlow-EQUALS-Yang's CerebralDeductive SelfEmpowerment co-arising abundance, co-balancing regenerative OVER degenerative, for now, which is where he always RightBrain feels as Home; until it isn't, and then he becomes someone else again with some capacity to respond with WinLose competitive humor, although he is incapable of negative-intended humor imagination, only capable of positive-coarising humor resonant anticipation. Yet even at his WinLose strongest, he is limited from struggling against mutual acclimation, so his are all struggles with suffering together with his significant environmental supports, allies, co-mentors, co-mourners, caregivers. Not for one moment is he capable of choosing to see and hear that other LeftBrain Dominant possibility, that he might live amongst WinLose cheaters and sub-acclimators, antipathic distrusters, paranoid sociopaths, nihilistic LoseLose ecopolitical players. My son has no nightmares, and always flies through his Left-Right balancing thalamus, laughing eco-messianic, humane-divine boddhisatva angelic, amongst others of his Beloved EcoPolitical WinWin Community. So, this is why my speechless son is the happy and warm nurturing center of each room and outside space we enter. Where he is, that is my center, as his. And this is why I try to also see his WinWin-Only RightBrain PolyCulturing World, through his balanced thalamus inducing co-arising nondual joy within, and mirrored through my own joy at his NewLeft-WinWin with OldRight-Win-NotNotLose BrainStem-SpiralFlow. It's not hard, really. In fact, I find this co-empathy humorously therapeutic. I simply review those moments when I have felt healthiest and happiest, safest and most comfortable, yet also resonantly triumphant, some blissful form and nutritional function of positive regenerative performance and outcomes of celebration, diastatic, full climax, full bloom, agapic and erotic co-incidental co-arising nondual eternally sustainable ecstasy of memory, inductive-feeling only, but continuous with this length of memory, not discontinuous from this environment right now. Whose faces and what songs and dances and romances do I remember, what rich-nurtured feelings, which tastes most resonant and poignant, whose and what's fragrances fill my WinWin moment mind and body? I am never alone in these moments. These moments of greatest polypathic climax, or, if I am, the only way these solitary memories could be imaginatively enhanced, is if this were also again now, and also now for all my extending family and friends, fellow pilgrims through regenerative life and degenerative loss, fellow bicameral heart-beaters, fellow breathers, in-Yang and out-Yin, back through time and species and RNA digesters/co-nutritioners until YinYin double-bind notnot (0)-soul re-acclimating, polypathic cooperative ecopolitical thermodynamics of Yang/Yin equivalence, becomes my Climate Health and Safety, our Original Left-Right Thalamatic-Nutritional Intent. All nutritional multiculturing roads lead toward ego/eco-centering PolyPathic Home: NewNatural-EcoLogicalLeft WinWin with OldSacred-Nurtural. In Self/Other-ReGenerative Game Theory, EgoWin YangLeft, short-term, never lies outside EcoWin YinRight, long-term; just follow our WinWin Golden Rule with all breathers and spatial locomotions, and temporal (+polypathic=(-,-)polynomial/binomial) communicators and multicultural healthwealth ecopolitical-geomathematicians, like my speechless charming son plays and co-mentors.

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