Where are the children

Where are the children?  Where are the children this night and day? In the African nation of South Sudan, there is a horrible famine.  Their families,
and their children are perishing because they are starving to death.

World television pastors, such as Rod Parsley, are pledged to help provide assistance.  The Daystar and TBN networks really providing: fresh water and wells, medical, and dental care, food and of course shoes.  

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America has our world hunger fund, The Baptist, and charismatic churches sponsor missionaries. Professional athletes and entertainment industry's  actors and musicians sponsor their own non-profit organizations.  The Red Cross, and Salvation Army and Habit for Humanity etc. The list could go on endlessly.  Yet photos of starving children we constantly see.

Many people have wondered why? Is there really a God above us in heaven's lofty skies?  And if he does exist, does he even care about us? "The poor you will always have with you, you shall not always have me with you." He was addressing Jesus.  Yes, God really does care!  His ministry welcomed the little children and denied them not for such is the kingdom of heaven.  We must have the faith of a child to please him and enter into the kingdom of heaven.

Where are the children?  They need responsible people to care for both their physical spiritual needs.  The secular world addresses their physical needs from cradle to the grave. The unborn children and their mothers need special treatment and care. What happens to an unborn child from conception if it dies?  The child is immediately welcomed into the presence of Jesus Christ in the kingdom of heaven. It is their grieving mothers, fathers, and families needing both spiritual and emotional tender loving care TLC.

Just suppose the unborn child would have been severely disabled from birth?
God knits us together in our mother's wombs.  The physical conception process with a male's sperm fertilizing a female's egg.  The sin nature of mankind is responsible not God. When Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of the Knowlege of Good and Evil--sin entered into the DNA of people.  Death and destruction also entered in.  Where are the children? Under the shelter of his everlasting arms.

Love in Christ Jesus!
Roxanne Lea Dubarry
aka Roxy Lea 1954
August 05, 2017

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