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When I Consider Life With YOU

Poet's Notes

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As the poem states, many, many times the LORD saved my
life and kept me from dying.  What a wonderful LORD!  If I
had died earlier in my life, I would have gone to Hell for I 
didn't come to know HIM until I was 29 years old. 

Praise GOD!


When I Consider Life Without You

As a baby, I was laying in my bassinet when a rifle bullet was shot through  our living room window and passed through right under my bassinet not hitting me. 
Was that Your Hand, Lord?

As a young child around three or four, I was riding in the front seat of our car on my mother’s lap.  We had a car wreck that day and my head broke the windshield, I was not badly hurt.  
Was that You, Lord?

When I was a young girl around 10 or 11, we went to the beach and a friend of my mother’s and her young son went with us.  We stopped by the side of the road for a picnic.  I wanted to go across the road and I asked the boy to come with me.  I was unaware a car was coming and we ended up running in front of it, the driver swerved to miss us and went up on two wheels.  He was so upset with my parents but, we were not hurt.
Was that also, You Lord?

When I was 16 years old, I was a high school cheerleader.  I used to do a string of back flips across the gym.  One night during a game, I did a string of five and on the fifth one, my arms gave out and I landed on the gym floor on my head.  I was badly hurt but didn’t know how bad for years.  I was not taken to the Dr.  I had broken 3 vertebrae in my neck and was not able to turn my head for several weeks.  
Again, was that You, Lord?

On summer day in July, our family went to a dam where there is swimming and picnicking.  Several members of our family went that day.  I swam out to the dock because I wanted to do some diving.  I was on the dock when a boy I knew who was 19, asked me to go out with him.  When I told him no, he picked me up and threw me off the dock.  I didn’t have any time to take a breath before this happened.  So, when I came up, I was out of breath and
he pushed me under again.  I came up again, and he pushed me down again.  This time I was in serious trouble.  I knew he would do it again so I had to make a quick decision otherwise I was going to drown. I stayed under but, my lungs felt as though they would bust, but I swam under the water to the shallow end where the little kids were playing.  When I came up, I almost felt
as though I would pass out but, I revived.  I told my parents what had just happened.  I am sure my father was irate but, he kept his cool.  Funny thing though, this happened 56 years ago and I have never seen this him, again!  
Was that also You, Lord?

And one more time, it was when my youngest was a just a little baby.  It was November of 1971 and I was bit by a mosquito.  I thought at the time, a mosquito in November?  But I ended p with sleeping sickness from it and one other man in our little town had the same problem.  I then had four children
to take care of and my father was dying from pancreatic cancer.  I could not stay awake to take care of my children.  Their my husband their father  would go fishing and leave me alone, sick with the kids.  I would tie the two doors together in the hallway and leave my bedroom door open and have the baby in bed with me.  The thing that happened though, after I was over that part, 
it left me with a severe migraine headache that didn’t go away day or night.  I went to my Dr. but he put me on valium  and didn’t check into the root of the problem.  As it ended up about five years later, I was born again and heard of a lady that had a healing prayer ministry.  I called her and asked if she would pray for me.  I told her what the problem was and she prayed and fasted about a week before she had me come up and lay hands on me.  The Lord showed her that I had a bulging blood vessel in my head.  As it turned out, I could have dropped dead any time and would go straight to hell but, the
Lord kept me alive.  She prayed and I was healed.  Praise God.
This time Lord, no doubt, Your Hand was in this!

I know the answer to the other questions.  I know that the Lord has had His hand on me from the womb.  My mother rejected me from the womb because of personal problems in her life.  When she rejected me, the Lord took me up and at 29 years of age, I came to know this God Who saved my life these many times as well as other times.  I thank Him every day for Who He is and the fact that He saved me many times before I knew Him as, I would have ended up in Hell for an eternity!  
Praise God.

Written by:  Marilyn S. Jennings
July 3, 2018

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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