What You Are, What You Mean To Me

What You Are, What You Mean To Me...

Oh Wife! You are my life, 
around which I spin my daily axis -
My work, dealings, obligations, routine is as a nexus,
Interacting connecting life with gratified emotional plexus...
You are my means of enhancing worship of my Creator,
whose pleasure I daily aspire,
You are my Jannah's access...

Keeping you happy, my Lord renews my happiness,
For you I sacrifice personal partiality
to open between us meaningful ecstasy,
Your heart spurred to do things for me joyfully,
born of sincere love & not just bound duty,
In this my heart finds tranquility,
Knowing Allah & you are with me happily...

I preserve your treasures fastidiously, 
For you are my companion in life & next destiny,
In my providence You are beauty engraved into it's text,
You are peace through me flows as my eyes upon you rest,
You are speech when I have nothing to say,
You are warm infusions in my mind as saved snippets browse you each day,
You are quencher of my desires,
dousing my fires,
You are whom my heart has won distinctively,
By just upholding your respect & God-given dignity,
simple warmth, & sunnah courtesy,
Caring for your being as loving responsibility,
to maintain your happiness my priority,
Succumbing not to any hardness born from undue authority...

Winning your love has been extremely worthy,
Graces you've colored my life with so beautifully,
So much that a fearful ache rouses considering separation even temporary,
Until we meet again in aakhirah's endless journey...
You are my support, my comfort,
feeding my will to live beyond,
My inner strength upon whom I often lean on,
Your mirror I use to reflect back light you fill around us so unreservedly,
As each day my aim to be as you are to me, though unconsciously...  

You've taught me a lesson I teach others duly,
To enjoy woman she must be taken care of warmly,
Her love-blossom to scent life's garden sooOo incredibly,
when she is dealt with generously & not authoritatively,
A fine line within woman defines love from bound duty,
Man's success lies in winning her love to flow through everything uninhibitedly,
By being kind, compassionate, amiable, considering her agreeably,
Understanding her needs & passions befittingly,
Delivering her pleasures within sensible boundary,
Priding oneself in upholding her respect & dignity,
Adhering this advice, Jannah will unveil in life duly,
as it did in mine so magnificently...

Its soft hands that glide wisps away from hampered beauty,
Women as emotional beings radiate light when carefree,
Their equilibrium transforms into love when dealt with gently,
If only man understands & complies this intricate make-up of woman duly,
to unlock all her treasures that be,
Tasting delectable nourishment of true love & harmony,
Whilst enjoying musical symphony,
of two beings living in congruent synchrony,
Understanding, compromising, accepting each other's personality...

My wife, you are my friend whom I love & trust,
A soulmate specially created for me from special dust,
My love to whom I'm empathetic & just,
My desire who protects me from sins of lust...
When worries plague me your solace is a must,
You are my queen, Jannah's gust,
While we enjoy each other in entwined truss,
I'm grateful for you, my beloved wife,
To have you grace my side in this world & afterlife.


Aakhirah = Arabic for After-Life

Allah = Arabic name for “God”

Jannah = Arabic for Paradise

Sunnah = Arabic term for complete role-model teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) regarding every aspect of life including mannerism, behavior, dealings, worship, ethics, values, morality, etc.

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