War Is For Fools

I turned over the channel
to come in on the end 
of a documentary
Islam a chant flowing 

through the town
we hate america 
we hate the jews
it was like a football match

where you're chanting
for opposing sides
yet evil grows from ideas
a city taught to hate

the anger and the strength
radiating from the face of a youth
a child growing on the path of revenge
reminded me of the hitler youth

taught to dob in the parents
reminded me of the raised arms
to Hitler when he trained his people 
for war

the world stood back
and watched as he attacked 
the country's surrounding him
society to the left stood back

not wanting war
yet the thought 
went through my mind
a whole country like that

how do you stop it
how do you stand against a tide
I sat a table with different people
some old some young

The young people came 
from that area 
complaining of the past
complaining of a story

A blond girl had been 
promised to a sheik
promised to one 
but given to another

The young people 
said with anger
that caused a war 
between the two sheiks

The young people indignant
were angry against the injustice
yet the elderly stated thats good war
use your enemies to fight each other

Ideas are like a seed
they start in one man
and grow to become a nation
I hate war

It would be better if people 
would decide to live in peace
to forgive the past
yet sometimes people are fools

If a man throws a fist
I'm not going 
to stand their and take it
I would throw a fist back

Nobody wins from the wars
England is still paying for the cost
of the second world war
America has already taken on

twenty trillion dollars of debt
thousands of Muslims have lost 
children arms legs and lives
nobodys wins from the wars

all are just fools 
going around on a circle of pain
fools hurting each other
with no end in sight 


Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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