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Waking in Dubai

The call to the East,
a low deep murmur,
a tune of sombre dulcet tones plays out - non-invasive,
A surreal hum through the air 
as the crescent moon hangs low
A spiritual beacon for the faithful,
Prayers, as the day begins,
a blessing for all - unknown.
The gentle breeze plays its part, 
a welcoming coolness before the heat arrives.
It's warm, a prelude to the dry heat to come
Not stifling, just hot
that sits still around you 
bringing the moisture to your skin lightly
to change the colours of winters flesh to honey.
As my companions sleep,
the sun begins to wake, 
the hubbub of commuters begins to escalate and grow
drowning out the 5am serenity - shades of pink a glow.
The space is alive, traffic moving, 
breeze is cool, yet the air is warm and comfortable, 
pollution rises where I sit watching the commuters. 
Airport hotels, freeways, no hint of spice or salt from the sea,
just a metropolis as I wait for my friends to wake. 
The view of walkways and lights,
an Emirates tail fin slowly moves between.
From this perspective it seems surreal, 
lacking the space and depth to land a plane, 
yet there it is, taxiing its way through the glass jungle of illuminated buildings.
Lighting a cigarette - no concept of time 
as I luxuriate with both coffee and tea, 
on the front balcony area of the waiting space - 
an external cafe style seating - alone. 
Security wanders through, 
an occasional traveller for the shuttle bus 
heading to some unknown destination waits, 
and with the hum of cars there is a peace, 
a silence and stillness - unhurried morning serenity.
It is time to move, to pack, to travel for the savannah, 
as Nairobi awaits our next adventure.
We left Sunday, 
I have slept thrice but only one day has passed. 
It is Monday

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 12/6/2018 9:03:00 AM
Once again, like I am traveling with you, the sights and sounds are mesmerizing.
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