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Whether the glass is « half full » or « half empty », what counts is WHO « drank" the "other half », the « better half » ? Lucky Devil !

« By hook or by crook » always drag the virgin in to read your book while you devise ways to make her your life-long cook !
This’s probably what the French mean by the phrase: « défrayer un territoire vièrge » (i.e., « open up virgin territory »), say, in reference to fundamental research.

When preachers want you to be the epitome of « milk of human kindness », do they want you to suck or suckle breasts ?

Don’t make a fuss about not wanting to receive presents of not much value, for you can always give them away to the poorer cousin clan residing in hutments down the road.

If you « croc-a-dile », even once in a while (depending on whether the tile was made of mud, concrete or platinum), you risk being fed for the rest of your life with infusions via tubes.

Why « make hay while the sun shines » when you can simply free all the caged herbivorous animals we raise to feed ourselves, and after they would have supped to their hearts’ content, just shoot and slaughter and devour them ?

True, « the dog is Man’s best friend », but only so long as he continues to feed the dog; otherwise, as in the recent case of a dying recluse in the States, dogs will feed themselves on the Master (it’s not clear whether he was alive or dead) — clothes, flesh and bones to boot ! (Anthony Burgess described in one of his novels a case of having to traverse at one’s own risk a monkey-infested forest. One great big-hearted man carried bags of nuts to appease their hunger whenever he had to gain the other side of the forest. One fine day, he clean forgot to haul the bags of nuts, and he just dldn’t make it across the wild in one piece ! )

If you « cast pearls before swine », know that they would lap it up  without compunction and expel the same with the habitual choruses of grunts, together with the abominable swill husbandmen feed them, and you would have a hard — if not a beastly - time extracting them from the nauseating quagmire of sties, that is, if the abattoir-butchers would not contest your rights to the pearls ! If you don’t believe me, go see "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" (1974): you, too might get your head caved in with a sledge-hammer, your twitching body dumped in the deep-freeze or hung on a steel hook against the wall awaiting carving to supply the local butcher right round the corner ! 

To catch a monkey, all you have to do is to bore a small hole in a coconut for it to get its hand through to the luscious kernel: the monkey will grab as much of the kernel in its submerged hand and be trapped. It wouldn’t occur to the monkey to let go of the kernel to extract its hand free ! The case of « Freedom Fighters » always wanting more territory than they know they can legitimately aspire or lay claim to.

And what do « freedom fighters », who have been defeated by the overwhelming forces of the State, do after the rebellion or revolution ? The few surviving leaders will write poetry or cultivate their philosophic image for posterity; the rest - the rank and file and cadres - deprived of civil-life training or upbringing and a general education turn to « organized » crime for a living, to wit, theft, drug-dealing, sexual exploitation for personal gain, money-lending and the  nefarious international remittance business, trafficking in the lucrative migrant « slave-trade » and also the legitimate catering and grocery trade — all coming under the umbrella of the respectable IMPORT-EXPORT business nomenclature !

After the lost revolution
Even the failed rebellion
Remain collected funds bullion
Cash stashed by the ??? million
Make "them" bourgeois onion
To pay politicking henchmen- minion ! 

(c) T. Wignesan - Paris, July 17, 2019

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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