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Trump's No Longer Tweeting

Poet's Notes

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Wake up America. Trump is not the only problem in the United States of America. We the People should find ways to help grow this country and not blame everything on him. It was on its way down when he arrived on the scene. If you don't like him, and/or his ways, vote him out next year or impeach him out now if there is reason, Otherwise, try to help, not hinder. By the way, the late night show hosts are not funny,  and Congess is not helping, they are both contributing to the problem.

Trump's No Longer Tweeting
By Franklin Price

Trump's no longer tweeting
He has given up the wall
He is welcoming illegals
It's much better for us all

Encouraging big business
To once again build over seas
For those who want to hire here
There's a presidential freeze

Removing tariffs and restrictions
Foreign products are the thing
Outlawing guns for citizens
Will help our freedom ring

Everyone should have the bomb
Trump sees the error of his ways
To make America Great Again
He knows no longer pays

A welfare state is best for us
Free everything is cool
This isn't from the president 
It's an early April Fool

I hope that I upset you
As you read this “Fool”ish verse
You may not like Trump's methods
But you could be doing worse

Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 3/17/2019 3:41:00 AM
The USA was not going down before Trump although it surely is now. No Country is perfect, there is plenty of good and bad to go around, but before Trump the USA was a Country to look up too. Is sad to see such racism, such greed, such blatant bias infect the American political system. You are correct in that is not only him, is those that enable him. Sick.
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Date: 3/17/2019 3:40:00 AM
sorry have to disagree on this one and stick with the facts. Since in the USA you hate socialism, don't worry, other western nations that fare way better for the people have it, not propaganda but a better life. ( my God how terrible is that!!!!!!!! )
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Date: 3/17/2019 3:40:00 AM
Trump is not a leader of course he is a con man, by any definition and a little research. However as he was elected by deplorable's ( not a majority I might add) he is a defacto leader, to insinuate he does not lead is illogical. So of course he is to blame, that doesn't mean deplorable's are not to blame too, but he is enabling them and white racists.
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Price Avatar
Franklin Price
Date: 3/17/2019 9:14:00 AM
You don't live here, and only see what the media provides, but you do have the right to say what you believe. As for the popular vote thing, Trump was elected per the Constitution and the electoral college, whether you like it or not. Like my poem says, there are ways to get him out that are Constitutionally appropriate. To whine, piss and moan about him, and not do anything, doesn't do anyone any good. It only serves to divide us further.