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Tribute Documentary Zimbabwes Forgotten Children

New draft Zimbabwe’s 

Tribute Documentary Zimbabwe’s Forgotten Children

Mama will be left behind when I die
I’m too sick to survive
My education was put to an end
When papa had no more to spend
We walk over sewage water
And sell plastic bottles for cents
We eat leafy greens and maze meal
We had some money
With our papa’s slum shop
But they wiped it out
I’m afraid to talk
Can’t speak out against the boss

I fold the blankets 
Make the fire 
And clean out mama’s bucket of poo
Papa is gone 
Died from HIV
And mama is trailing behind 
I’m sick, too

Baby sister needs my care
My daughter, I pity you
A girl your age should not have this much to do
My heart breaks 
Oh deliver me, God the creator 
I feel the tears my mother cry
I cry a silent terrible cry
When she dies 
I’ll jump right behind

Cardboard boxes and blankets keep me warm outside 
I came here when my mother died
I beg for food 

I’ve slept in a wrecked car
I use plastic to keep out the rain
The baby cries when the food runs out

With no other choice
I dig for gold
Got to watch my back
It’s illegal 

The farms grow weeds
If I look dirty, 
I get beaten by police 
They hit me too, 
When they make me work on the farm
Get fed once if at all

Me and grandma have one meal
Beans and maze meal 
The beans are poisonous 
And must be boiled plenty
And the skins must be removed 
I go to bed hungry when there’s no food 
I have no time to play
Me and my friends struggle together 
Climb trees
Harvest sticky berries
To trap small birds 

Grandma ate ants first
After she fainted of hunger 
Broke off their heads 
And ate their  bodies
Cholera  kills some
Hunger stalks the land 

My tummy , throat and ears hurt
Hunger has been the worst 
I can barely talk
Mama has diarrhea and vomits 

Police and soldiers 
Made us destroy our  houses
So we did
And we packed our bags 
And resides in wastelands 
We ate until it disappeared 

I’ve suffered too long
A year without my daughter 
You’re wrong 
I went to beg with other girls
And never came home
The church women accompanied me
And helped bathe mama 
HIV scares me
But I don’t always use protection 
It’s been long since mama bathed
Her feet attract flies 
My heart is sore
Our food will arrive 
Through foreign aid 
What will become of my children ? Mama says 
My brother beats me
How will he raise them?
Mama took a deep breath and died 
Take care of yourself she said
Big sister gets hit by him, too
She is back on the street begging 
He looks after us
But he’s barely around
My infant sister cries out for mama 

Mosquitos and flies surround open sewers 
So we head to the bush or under a tree to potty

Papa taught us how to dig for bones 
We shall never be beggars , on our own
I’m sick of people laughing at us 
And telling us to leave 
We collected several sacks of bones
to sell
It retrieves and bleach sugar 

The waters have few fish
And the sticky berries are not trapping birds
Grandma will have her child schooled 
Even if it kills her and you
Grandma begged and pleaded for me to go to 
They say pay at least fifty cents 
So I can enroll
This bright child  
Is raised in filth
Because grandma can’t afford it

Daddy grows cotton 
To finance our school fees
He speaks English , too

If I were president,
Schools and jobs would be universal 
And I would fix broken things 

Nearly 90 percent of us students were turned away
We were not taught anything new
For tuition and smarts come at a cost 

I was made in Zimbabwe 

Marckincia Jean



Copyright © | Year Posted 2019

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Date: 6/12/2019 12:16:00 AM
This is such an eye opener! How can we help? What is being done? Is this a true current situation? You are such a terrific advocate. How can we help these children and their families?
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Jean Avatar
Marckincia Jean
Date: 6/12/2019 7:23:00 AM
It is difficult to see families suffering over basic necessities . This documentary is sad and disturbing. It just reminds us that we far got fortunate than we actually think. The world is suffering because of those who thrive on greed and power. I hope those families all the best.