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The Sum Of life:

Between the earth and the
sunset is a Grey matter,
between your skull and your brain
is a Grey matter,
at times I feel like gray matter;
Everyone speaks and recognizes...
OZONE, or the black hole,
they speak of space,
time, and dimension...

But me, Grey matter
I am the most important matter,
the substance that form-fills,
conforms to any space it occupies.
I am always with you in many ways
I am omnipresent.

Who knows why I continue to shield you.
Sometimes I am mucus or gel-like,
I am despised on sight,
I am gray -matter...
I cause beauty to happen though.

I am not beautiful.
Unless you train your eyes
to see things differently,
see with an all-seeing eye.
You see my insides.

Did you know there's no life without me?
for I am the" embryonic sac”?
I may even be God; The Deliverer.
I am Grey matter, you turn up your nose at me,
shun, and ignore me; Slime I am.
Life-giving, lifesaving, Grey Matter.
Human beings you are full of me like it or not.

I may even be the God in you.
There's nothing wrong with grey,
Gray Matter saves "Hallelujah".
Gray matter, I want to thank you right now,
I praise you right now I never recognized you
but know my 3rd eye is open right now.

Thank you, Grey Matter,
for your slime producing snails,
research revealing cures in the
Grey Matter of their slime, worthy is thy gel...
"Hallelujah" Gray Matter... Gray Matter:

The only matter that matters.
The fact of the matter is
without you, there would be no matter.
The only matter that matters is Gray Matter;
No matter what's' the matter,
for any matter, no matter what.

I will always remember what, matter, matters.
Blood is red, and we see it occasionally,
some even worship it;
It is good to see blood every now and then
because we know it sustains.

Like the sunsets on the seashore,
the unsettling dust of the "Grey" the great gray,
the greatness of grayness is performing.

Copyright © Vicki Acquah | Year Posted 2016

Copyright © | Year Posted 2016

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Date: 3/10/2016 12:11:00 AM
Just checking out your latest poem. Vicki, this is a stunning poem. LINDA
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