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The Squirrel's Day

It is a lovely Saturday afternoon
The sun is shining the trees are smiling
And fall is closing in
Bright golden leaves hang proudly
from  tall slender trees
They stand at attention on top of the hill
Waiting patiently for me
I feel like running I feel like shouting
And I feel like dancing
The fresh air flows through the trees
and soaked  its passion all over my skin
blowing its breath upon my flesh
and  touched my nerves with a sensational thrill
I wish if I was a bit taller I wouldn't
have to look up to the tree
we would hold each others hand and
and fly all over the land
I continued my journey  in the park
with an open and relaxed mind
inclined to delivered what is required of me
I paused for a while and observed
the setting around the park
Cars filled the parking lot
and white chairs neatly  arranged on the grass 
It seems as if they are  setting up for a wedding
I walked slowly along the trail
listening to the rumbling  in the bushes
Everyone was having a special day
The squirrel were all at play
people chatting and walking  up and down the trail
family riding their bicycles  and a grumpy  man cruzing with his dogs
The white man ran speedily along the path  his shirt soaked with sweat 
I could hear him gasping for breath
I walked past my usual spot and found another place to relax
I secure a cozy spot on top of the mound in front of the running stream
and sat on the cemented stones planted in the  ground
My heart is filled with gladness 
It is so nice to escape from the county madness
The noisy traffic and  corrosive energy dissipate in nature
The sadness quickly disappeared and nature rapped 
me in its  bosom and whisper sweet words in my ears
I was not alone I could hear the water trickling beneath the rocks
and the sound of the wind stirring behind  the block
Nature is healing  nature  is exhilarating
Oh it  gives me a wonderful feeling
I sat on top of the stones enjoining this second round
The birds were resting the crickets were fast asleep
Just me and the squirrel were enjoying the afternoon feast
Just as I thought of it a sudden wind start blowing
through the trees shaking off all the dry leaves
and woke the silent birds then it suddenly clamed down
I jumped on a rock and cross the stream
and stand among  the  trees with bright golden leaves
and become one with them
They listened carefully to my  soul 
and they tell me that I will never grow old
They calmed my spirit and invited me  join them in  the chorus
I  could hear them singing  and I could feel than hugging me
The squirrel raced up and down the trees
gathering nuts and taking them to the hole
Winter is knocking at the door
The squirrel are  not  just playing 
they are storing up food for winter
The trees are smiling and nature is glowing
it gives me a wonderful feeling
I felt like gathering fire woods and camp out in the woods
But the ranger would bark and screamed at me
On my way back  a man and his puppy dog was jogging on the track
He greeted me politely and disappeared around the bend
I felt a warm feeling inside as if the entire world was by my side
And someone special was waiting for me
Yes there she was waiting for me
And so  a deer came out of the bush and greeted me and vanished
Nature is filled with mystery 
Nature is warning me
Nature  will determined my destiny
Today is the squirrel's day.

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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