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The Slave Trade Never Ended

I woke  up this morning  at a quarter to three
and  went outside to pray a prayer for thee
My heart was light and my Spirit felt free 
as I walked optimistically down nostalgic street
The cool morning sprang from the residue  of hope
And penetrate my lips with a  heavenly kiss                                                          
Faith kept me strong  and long
marching courageously around the  petrified  land
I peeped at the morning sky resting  heavily upon us
with  patches of white clouds saturated in deep blue 
running in the dark and shouting out loud
Bright stars swept quietly over the sky 
as dawn crashes down and subdued the murderers cry.
Morning is smiling upon me  as I  wait patiently for the grand Jubilee
when everyone will be free from the heartache and misery
I walked along the silent street thinking about heaven on earth 
and how to solve the  acute mystery 
that has humiliated me throughout the centuries 
The empty streets greeted me with glee while everyone
tucked  away quietly in their bed 
with pillows pressing on top of their bleeding heads
Two cars passed me along the tranquil  way
looking for the early morning preys that went astray
I stumbled down the intersection in an unspoken rhythm
 and as I  was about to cross the road  
"Holy Holy Holy" came  shouting up down the street
I went in the bushes and kneel down in-front of a tree
and  sing  the words of this  hymn "Holy Holy Holy" quietly
Suddenly I heard a rumbling in the bush 
It sounded like I a big deer foot accompanied by a bleating sound
I wasn't afraid because a powerful presence is always around
I rose up and shine my flash light in the bush 
but the sound subsides  and there was no trace of life inside
I stood there for a while and the shaking and rambling continues
Forcing me to look carefully around but nothing was brewing on the shore
I crossed the street and went over  to the other side  to get some peace of mind
I knelt down behind the wall and tried to pray but I  struggle to get the word out
 An oppressive spirit was wandering and flirting about  intruding in my privacy 
and suffocatin  His will
The distraction  floated around and cars began to speed up and down
disturbing  the angels around me and  strangling the message they had for me
Suddenly  an unseen voice spoke out loudly
"As I rise up the whole neighborhood rise up as  villain on call
I couldn't pray, I couldn't sing, so I had to  listen to the silent voice within
It is Sunday morning for heaven sake what is everyone doing up so late
patrolling and disrupting my formidable faith
The turkey has settled the score in their sour guts 
and the liquor is  still raging  havoc in their fragile head
lashing out at everyone who dear to confront them
without warning psalms twenty seven start speaking
dragging the oppressive spirit off the tree
back to its home in the middle of the sea 
I whispered a short prayer thanking the master for answering my prayer
And at last the Angels start to sing 
"I serve a risen savior he is in the world today"
I sang along with them  and I could  finally hear what the master  has to say
His  anointing is upon you  the way is clear and you have nothing to fear
Heaven will watch over you and no harm shall come to you
I continue to sing the Angel song and returned home with full hands
I felt a strong power upon me and at last I could pursue my destiny
But just as I thought everything was over something else came rolling over
When I turned the corner to go to my house another voice spoke out
"The slave trade never ended".
What is this all about?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2017

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