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The River Has Receded

Everything is just like yesterday
Same boat, same coat, same joke
The river is receding and deeds are reveling
This morning I got up with an uncomfortable feeling
I was longing for something that was not there
And it leaves me cold empty and bear
I reached out my hand to touch you
But I was standing in the open air
I grabbed my bike and hurried through the door
Looking for something more so I began to explore
With heavy heart I wandered towards the shore
I rode upon the bridge and look at the water within
I circled around and turned about
And went under the bridge
The smell of stagnant water
Circulates the morning air
Filters its residue everywhere
Day is breaking and the morning is shaking
And I could smell something foul baking
The cool air blows passionately across my back
And the dim lights shouted out on the tracks
Inquisitive old men parading up and down the street
Coughing and spitting, howling and growling
Goodness gracious it was so disturbing
It’s good for women to abstain from old men
I can’t imagine sitting in their laps
and taking off their stinking socks
Oh that was a terrible flash back
I gazed at the receding river in front of me
And stared at the muddy river bank
That looked like a sink hole with wiggling tadpoles
The boats are gone, the floats have disappeared
And the light festivals are over
The big Ferris that took my fifty Yuan for one turn
Was nowhere to be found; everything is seasonal
And the show is definitely over
I wonder when the cars will disappear
And the streets will return to its normal queue
This city looks like its under investigation too
It’s a pity that it is affecting me and you
I just sit hear absorbing the stinking smell
Old men jogging and growling behind me
Then I heard a familiar sound and I quickly turned around
Not  the bleating sheep or the chirping bird but
The croaking lizard like the one in the house
Oh how I detest that horrible sound
I can deal with the birds but that cold blooded thing
It keeps jumping on the string
I stared at the lights around the river
Searching deep within for an answer
The message was shouting from the top
And there was no doubt about that
I looked deeply into your soul and
Your heart is pure as gold
The burden is getting lighter, the morning is getting brighter
And people sprang up  and start sipping from my cup
Morning comes alive and they crawl up by my side 
looking at me with curious eyes
I wanted to soak in a bath tub to get out of this terrible mud
So I walked across to Vienna three best hotels and inquire within
The young woman with sleepy eyes greeted me at the desk
But she could not fulfill my simple request
She picked up the phone and call about
but they did not have a bath-tub dugout
How much I longed for a soak and a scrub
A few days ago the water was at the top of the bridge
But now it has receded
I am not your guinea pigs or Dr. Mengele experiment
I lived alone on this settlement, that was the agreement
I looked into your eyes and welled up tears are flowing inside
You have the courage and wit to preside
The water has receded so let me go in peace
My journey has complete
But the thirst for blood must cease.


Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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