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The Plot

From whence did you come?
With your cherry picking plum?
From whence did you come?
When everything is done?
Which door did you come through?
With your unrealistic deja vu?
Who invited you to come here?
When you have nothing pragmatic to share?
Go back through the door that you came through 
With your shabby worldview because your story is not true
From whence did you come with your arrogant crosstalk?
and gallivanting around the town looking like a clown
You hold up your dirty hands scandalizing the motherland
You gather around the table and pretend as if you are able
You have secret meetings under the basement like the devil’s secret agent
Mustering up your secret plans to create havoc on the land
But let it be known you shall be kicked through the door if you hang around
I loathe your shabby attire and your hair that is always on fire
Your deep unconventional accent and the way you deport yourself
Isn’t this enough to set off another bombshell?
From whence did you come?
You make up ridiculous stories and it makes my heart weary
You try to sway the crowd with your uncanny vision
Creating a fire storm and more divisions
Go home and spend time with your children
Teach them while they are young 
And tell them what is right and wrong
Tell them not to pick up the gun when they want to have fun
Your dream is over you are not the chosen leader 
but you can be a good father to your own children
From whence did you come?
We have never seen on the hemisphere 
When the Holy Spirit has something to share
If you continue to belittle me you are going to be very sorry
I will mash up your underground plans
And teardown your stupid and arrogant straw man
I will put you on a caravan and ship you off to a distant land
Big eyes are watching you and big ears are listening to you
So whatever you do, you must be true
From whence did you come with your lying tongue
You have been doing the same things since you were young
But now the time has come when everything will be undone
There are many things that you don’t understand and will never understand
 But one day you will understand when you grow up and start acting like a man
You still believe that this is a game 
But I must warn you all of you will be put to shame
Every day you get up with an agenda to get back to the alter
You gather and gossip under  treed and have gin and tonic for tea
You gamble with your friends and company and criticize me at dinner
Be careful 
The birds will have you for supper you better do what is proper
The plan was to put me there for a short while then push me aside
To pack the bench with your cronies to continue the same dirty games
oh what a  terrible shame!
You had everyone lined up on the bench, even my best friend
But thanks to my spiritual friends and all my prayer warriors
For tearing down that vicious barriers with powerful prayers 
Never, ever play this game with me again all plotters will be put to shame
Let it be known that I am going nowhere so all of you better beware
I have been around for a while and politics can be unkind
I have had my share of the pudding so stop your useless bidding
I will be stirring the pots and doing all the cooking
From whence did you come?
I have seen everything from a distance and I have seen it close up too
This journey is not for everyone so you better break it up 
Don’t cook up any half baked story for the electric chair is waiting for you
Turn away from your wicked ways and stop leading the people astray
All of you who are fussing over positions
Do you think you can do any better? 
There were many others before you and all of them have fallen through
Leadership is not a joy ride or a victory march
 It is sweat, blood and sacrifice 
It is not to make your friends and family wealthy!
 It is to help and incorporate everybody
The times have changed and this is a new day
Submit yourselves to the woman 
or prepare for the gallows
From whence did you come?

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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