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The People of the Enchanted Forest

The People of the Enchanted Forest 

In times of folklore where many a tall tale told
The town folk spoke of mystic stories so bold
Of a forest, never seen by the likes of any man
Where mystical beings lived in this forest as a clan

A place so very far away, though no one knows how far
A place somewhere, due east from the most brightest star
A place that is seldom ever travelled, never ever known 
A place within the universal womb and mother natures throne 

As a mere mortal man, I wonder, should I seek this unknown 
As a  mere traveler, shall my will carry me on my quest all alone
To find this enchanted forest, and the mystic people that reside
To be the one, find this magical place, in some far off countryside 

As I begin my solitary quest to examine if these legends to be true
All these questions in my mind and all queries that I can construe 
Do I seek these mystics for knowledge, or for the glory of my own
Do I understand the damage I may inflict, if I truly find their homes

I travel so far and wide from all I know and who I am
To many forests and woodlands, in many foreign lands
As I continue on, unsure of where my travels may end
Not knowing if I find them, what will I truly comprehend 

While walking in a forest, seemingly like the ones I've travelled before
I notice an intricate path, leading out through the fauna and forest floor
From the main path, many smaller paths jettisoning out through the trees
As if they were veins that carry the life's blood to the trees and its leaves 

Hearing in the distance a faint haunting song
As if lost in a whisper, where memories belong

“Oh gather yea young woodsman”
“Tis time since all began”
“At home, er in caravan”
“From whence all began”
“From earth and soil”
‘‘Tis where we toil”
“From Mother Earth’s spoil”

Examining the forest floor, looking up I see two silhouettes in the shadow
Two beings step out into the sunlight, stare and stand ever so shallow
Short in stature, long flowing gray hair and beards, earth soiled clothes
Looking at each other, with a look of bewilderment of what I may disclose

The one to the left, perhaps the elder spoke to the other, turning to me
Glaring at me seemingly for an eternity, not sure of what he truly sees 
A booming voice, he exclaimed "Are you here to cause my kin and I harm?
Looking ever so long into my eyes, he says "No my friend, I sense no alarm”

“Are you of the many that walk these forests, though seem to go nowhere?
“Silly ones that come to look, to find, though seeking nothing anywhere”
“To find this forest, our home and life blood and leave their mark behind”
“To come and destroy our forests, all they say for the benefit of all mankind”

In silence, feeling shame for my race, compassion for what they see
Saying nothing, just to bow my head in respect to the beings before me
When I gained the courage to raise my head to speak in my races defense
I could not find the words to speak to ease any worry and strife against 

I dropped to one knee, raised my head and gave my solemn vow
That I will never speak of what I have seen and heard right now
The two gave a deep loud exhale, as if this were their goodbye
Now I know what divulging any of their secrets would truly imply

Copyright © | Year Posted 2018

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Date: 5/22/2019 1:11:00 PM
I LOVE it. Magical.
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Baker Avatar
Charlie Baker
Date: 5/22/2019 1:23:00 PM
Thank you so very much Lady Labyrinth
Date: 9/19/2018 11:46:00 PM
Very enchanting, charming story! Excellent writing and tale! Thank you for sharing.
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Baker Avatar
Charlie Baker
Date: 9/27/2018 11:51:00 PM
Thank you for your inspiring comments